long time no see mark

defenders of the universe


word count: 2270

a/n: this is a collab with @versigny and a couple other authors! also, this is my first time writing for another group, so please go on easy on me ( ´△`)

|| What starts with F and ends with Uck?

> Fratboy! Mark [NCT]


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Y/N had never really been to a party, let alone one held at a mansion as expensive as this. There wasn’t as many people as she anticipated, but that wasn’t a problem at all. Whoever owned this house must’ve had some sort of trust fund – marble floors with columns holding up the second floor paired with an east and west wing.

How luxurious.

There was even an indoor – and heated – swimming pool in the back. Some people had gone to the back to drink and wade in the water. Y/N had been dragged to this party by her group of friends, but at the same time, she wanted to experience a nice house party at least once in her life.

It was obvious who ran this party – they all wore similar styles of clothing and everyone seemed to fawn over them. Y/N could only recognize a few, like the blond boy named Mark and his friend Johnny. It was rare to see the group of boys ever separate. The lights were dimmed and the music was loud, the crowd of people in the first floor just swaying and mingling. The signature red Solo cup was in almost everyone’s hands – everyone except Y/N.

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Got7 Reaction to Running Into Your Ex



You turn your head to see your ex. “Oh god..

What?” Mark asks looking to where you were looking. He sees a man jogging towards you. Mark puts a hand on your waist to pull you closer, feeling weird about the whole situation.

Y/n, long time, no see!

Excuse me, who are you?” Mark asks. You can feel his muscles tense up.

Oh, didn’t see you there buddy!” Mark’s eyebrows raise. “I was just trying to catch up with y/n. We are old friends.

Exes.” You interject.

Yeah.. I think we’ll be leaving.” Mark gives an irritated smile and pulls you along.

*Pretend JB isn’t in the gif

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Salty~ Yeah, he would’t really bother trying to be nice.

Ohh, you’re her ex. Well, sucks to suck!

Jaebum!” You slap his arm.

Sorry.. couldn’t help myself.” He lies.

Anyways, we have to get going. We have things to do.” You drag JB along with you.

Looks like you got an upgrade honey!” JB taps your butt.

Did I really?

His face drops. “Yes!

Shush. I’m messing with you, but you acted like a two year old. Which is weird for you, grandpa.

I know.

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When Jackson saw that your ex was trying to hit you up on your instagram, he couldn’t help the disgust shown on his face.

Ew. Baby, gross. I..

I know, I’m just going to block him. Apparently he doesn’t understand the fact that I have you and that the only man I want, is you.” You wink at Jackson.

Jackson grabs onto you and attacks you with wet kisses.

Ew, Jackson. Stop!” You giggle, trying to pull away.

You hear a ding, and your phone lights up. You both freeze.

Block him.

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Honestly he wouldn’t really do anything. Maybe he would have an expression, but he’s not going to say anything since he knows you are definitely not interested in talking to your ex. Another reason he won’t be talking, is because he’s not going to bother with some dumb ex of your’s.

Mhm.. Well this is my boyfriend, Jinyoung!” You turn to him, hoping that he will help you get out of this. “Yeah, he’s amazing! Best boyfriend I ever had!

Jinyoung was cringing at how obvious and weird you were being, ready to leave when you are done being awkward.

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He would be annoyed and kind of sad about it. Your ex acting like he wasn’t there, flirting with you in front of his eyes, would really set Youngjae off.

Hey baby, come with me-” Your ex starts to rub your arm ignoring Youngjae.

He can tell how uncomfortable and annoyed you are. Youngjae’s face grows red, and he finally cracks. “She’s NOT coming with you. She has me, you dog.” He takes you away from him. You are shocked that Youngjae stood up to him so aggressively.

Let the lady speak for herself.” Your ex stands up.

She has told me how much of a prick you are, I think she’ll pass.” He pulls you along to avoid further conflict.

Later you would have to remind him how much you love him, as he starts to feel like maybe you would rather have your ex.

Youngjae, that’s ridiculous. Okay? I love you. I’m proud of you, just be careful.

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He would get annoyed, but tried his best not to show it. Though, his voice would have slight irritation in it.

Oh y/n, how have things been going?

You turned your head to see your ex. Your eyes widened, but you recovered quickly. 

Uh hi ___.. Things have been going great. This is BamBam! He’s my boyfriend.” You put your hand on BamBam’s chest. “BamBam, this is ___.. my ex.

Huh. Hello ___.” He hesitantly shakes your ex’s hand, putting his other hand around you.

So, how are things going?” You ask.

Well, I got a girlfriend. So, I guess you would say good.

I bet she’s not as beautiful as y/n.” BamBam says, face in shock after realizing what he blurted out.

Hah, funny BamBam! He didn’t mean it, he just doesn’t think at times!

You guys finally got done interacting with your ex. 



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You saw your ex. Your mood changes, and he immediately notices.

What? What’s wrong?” Yougyeom asks, with a lace of concern in his voice.

Huh? Nothing.” You look down.

Y/n..” He drops his head down to your vision, making you smile. “Just tell me.

I saw my ex..

Well, you’re cute and have a boyfriend. So, I think you win.” He smiles.

Yeah, well he has a girlfriend. Not to mention, she’s a freaking model!

Y/n, don’t you dare compare yourself to some skank of a model. Okay? You are beyond gorgeous and the best girl I’ve met by far.


Of course!

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A Date with Darkiplier (pt. 2)

“I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again, Mark.” Dark leans forward, tracing his tongue across his upper lip with another open-mouthed smile like he’s ready to devour them. “You promised you’d let me in. Don’t you remember?”

Mark feels Amy tense behind him, and he shakes his head at the snarling Ego that is getting closer and closer. “I was at a low point then, Dark. You were just trying to take advantage of me.”

As Dark stalks closer, the ringing noise intensifies. He employs his full, gray aura against them now, and Mark can taste the power in the air like electricity in a thunderstorm. It saps every bit of his energy.

Dark cranes his neck farther to the side. “It’s my turn now, Mark, and I’m beyond tired of giving you a choice in the matter.” He straightens and looks past Mark to Amy. “And you… Miss Peebles. I’ve been waiting a long time to get some… personal time between us.”

“Not on your life,” Mark growls back. “I’m the one you want! I’m the one standing in your way, so take me and let her and the others go!” He takes a few daring steps forward, and now the Ego and Mark are mere inches from each other.

Dark reaches up and strokes the knuckles of his left hand down the side of Mark’s face. “Strange, isn’t it? How similar we are? Like mirror images.” Dark suddenly surges forward and grabs a handful of Mark’s hair. “How about it, Miss Nelson? Don’t you think we’re the same?” He turns Mark around so Amy can get a good look at the two of them standing there together.

Amy’s heart pounds wildly. She can see the fear in Mark’s eyes and the desperation to get her out of there and as far away from Dark as possible, but she refuses to run and leave the others behind. “Yes,” she says coldly, “mirror images. Except one of you is a good man, and one of you is a coward.”

Dark’s shell cracks and a shadow version of himself wrenches out of position, screaming. Amy flinches, but once Dark has composed himself again, he looks almost cordial. He isn’t trying to seduce her now or trying to get her on his side. No, now he wants her cowering at his feet. Well, let him try to make her, Amy thinks.

Mark feels his vision fading and is almost too exhausted to even still be standing.

“You,” Dark shouts at Bim who’s still trembling on the floor, “take our lovely guest to her accommodations while I deal with this one.” Dark, hand still firmly grasping at Mark’s hair, kicks the backs of Mark’s knees so that he’s kneeling on the floor. “Don’t get too comfortable, Miss Nelson. It seems that I owe you a date.” Dark reaches forward, takes Amy’s hand, and brings it to his lips. “I can’t thank you enough for bringing Mark here to me, after all.”

Amy rears back and slaps him hard across the face. She’s sure Dark is about to retaliate when Bim jumps to his feet and starts pulling her towards the elevator. Amy fights against the Ego, reaching for Mark or trying to escape. Anything but let this happen.

“Please don’t try to fight, Miss Amy,” Bim blubbers dejectedly. “You’ll only make it worse for both of you.” He pushes her into the elevator, surprisingly strong. As strong as Mark, she thinks. “I’m so sorry.” He presses the button for the basement, and Amy’s heart sinks because she’s never been down there before. But she can only imagine what awaits.

The last thing she sees before the elevator doors slip closed is Darkiplier looming over Mark and saying, “Let’s get started now, shall we?”

To be continued…

Exo Reaction (Requested) Idol s/o talks to other male idols

jonginsbaae said:-Hey, can you do an exo reaction when s/o is and idol and talks to other boy idols?- 😊


You quickly rushed to hug GOT7′s BamBam, greeting him with a “How have you been?”

Baekhyun’s heart filled with jealousy as you talked to the other idol, leaving him with the feeling of being disregarded.

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“RapMon!” You squeal, running to greet your idol friend.

Chanyeol sat back in shock, watching you smile as you talked to the boy.

‘What if she thinks he’s better than I am? I have to do something.’

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The two of you were laughing together, trying to find your seats for the awards show, until you left quickly to speak to Jackson Wang.

Chen immediately grew jealous as he saw the way the idol looked at you.

‘They’re just friends. Stop freaking out, Jongdae.’

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His heart sank as you left his side to talk to Jungkook.

‘What if the public likes the idea of them being together more? That’s my jagi, he can’t take her.’

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Would become quickly agitated when you dragged him to watch you greet SHINee’s Lee Tae-min. Jongin would endure the two of you playfully chatting, occasionally shooting the boy a disapproving glare if he became too flirty. Because you’re his, not some other idol’s.

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He watched you hug V from BTS, trying to process what was unfolding before his eyes. It was just friendly talk, but it hit Lay abruptly, making him feel a pang of jealousy.

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You would leave his side to quickly greet Mark Tuan, leaving him angry. He would walk up behind you, waltzing in on your conversation.

“Long time no see, Mark. I’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend, Sehun.”

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“Suga, this is my boyfriend, Suho.”

He would smile at Suga before you continued to speak, mostly staying out of the conversation afraid that he would let out a snarky comment out of jealousy.

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J-Hope approached the two of you and immediately asked how you were, almost ignoring Xiumin’s existence for the moment. Xiumin was shocked as the two of you talked, him staying silent in the conversation until his jealousy became too much for him to handle.

“Hi, J-Hope, I’m great. Thank you for asking.”

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Jackson was all over you that day. Not sexually, but just in a Jackson way. He kept making you laugh, bothering you, and talking about the other members to you.

Mark on the other hand was so jealous at this. He couldn’t take it. His insides were twisting and turning at the sight of you two.

Jackson was a loud handsome funny guy and that was his biggest asset: making girls laugh.

Mark didn’t have that he was shy and quiet. He didn’t talk much. He wasn’t funny and he hated attention on him. So how could he compete again the Jackson Wang?

You were laughing at Jackson. He was so funny and you didn’t know why or how it was even possible for a human to be this funny.

“OK so why is Youngjae doing that? He is such a follower, don’t you know? He thinks it’s cute. It’s not cute girl.” he said talking to you like a girl.

You look over at Youngjae with JR and JB, well-being Youngjae: which was an absolute mess.

“Look at him such an ugly one.” Jackson joked. “I can’t stand him.” he continued. “Isn’t that how you girls talk?” he said now in his regular voice.

You tried to would you hand over your mouth without looking like a retarded, but you couldn’t help it. It just wasn’t possible. It wasn’t possible with Jackson. He was just way too funny.

at this point your face became red and your cheeks hurt.

“Are you alright? are you going to die?” Jackson asked with a serious face which made you laugh at him more.

You started hitting him on the shoulder.

“Ow ow. ” he said laughing. “What have I done?” he said playing still.

“Jackson St…” you tried to get out. But only started laughing at him some more.

Mark continues to watch from a far. Jealousy still rising. You happened to make eye contact with him from across the room. He was getting his makeup done because they we about to get on stage. He quickly looked away annoyed.

Your heart jerked at his coldness. What was wrong?

After the unnie got done with his makeup, you found yourself going over there. He played on his phone as if he didn’t know you were there. But he clearly knew you were.

“Oppa Wae geurdae?” you asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing” he said in English.“

"Then why are you sad looking.” you said the same in English.

Finally looking up from his phone he looked you straight in the eyes. “I don’t know but I’m not sad.”

“Oh.” you had no Choice but to say.

“Okay got 7 five minutes!” a stage manager said.

“Well I got to go.” he said getting up. You grabbed his hand and mark heart started being fast.

He quickly snatched it away.

You felt your eyes water up.

You watched him walk away.

What did you do?




Back at the dorm you were by yourself. You decided to let them have their day to them self after you heard they had their first win for A. so the boys would be out for a while.

Your dorm was above theirs but you had a key. You didn’t know why you were here but you were.

You walked around seeing pictures of them everywhere in their dorms. They were big stars now. you had been with them since day one. And you were so proud of them at this point. They were like the honest band in Korea.

Going towards the rooms you stopped in fruit of Jackson’s and marks. Twisting the nob you went in. this was the first time being in their room without one of them. You went to marks side of the room to be noisy. He had pictures on his desk from his family back home in America. then you see a journal. Forgetting about his privacy you opened it without thought.

Before looking at it properly you scanned the words to see if any words in particular popped off the page, and they did. Your name. Before you could read it to see why….

“What are you doing.” and the book was snatched out your hand.

Mark stood there angry at you for being in his stuff without his permission.

“Oppa…” you lost your next words.

“I said what are you doing. "His voice was stern and scary and it made you want to cry. Your eyes started to water.

"I was just looking.”

“Did you ask permission to view someone’s privet things or do you just think you’re something special and it is okay.”

Ouch. That one hurt. And tears came rolling down your eyes. Marks face relaxed and he became guilty for marking you cry.

Dropping the journal, he grabbed you in a hug.

“Listen, I’m sorry I’m just not myself today.” he admitted.

Instead of replying you cried harder. You haven’t said anything but mark has been cold to you lately for a while now and it had gotten to you. It was hurting you in a way you didn’t expect and you just missed his smile.

“Mark.” you stuttered in his chest.


“Why are you not with the members?”

“Because, I’m not in the mood.”

And that was basically every day. Him not being in the mood, taking it out on you.

“But why?”

He sighed and let go of you and tried to walk out but you grabbed his hand.

“Mark why do you treat me like crap?”

You were bold and confident and you pray to god he didn’t break you down with one of his cold comments when you had gotten the courage to finally ask him about his current actions.

Turning around and looking you straight in the eye he said.“ I don’t.”

It was like a slap in the face because clearly, he did.

“Yes, yes you do, you did today! You treat me like trash, when I’m nice to you why have I done?” staring at you he stood there no emotion at all and it pissed you off you wanted to smack him. You wanted the old mark back. The one with the smiles, the one who knew how to laugh, the one who treated you good.

“Mark why do you do this. Where is the mark I know?! why-” you sobbed getting more upset.

And with that you were pushed on the bed being kissed by the cold Mark Tuan. This wasn’t the answer you asked for but you were not going to Complain. No not at all.

Breaking the kiss.“ want to know why I’m like this I’ll show you.” and he kissed you again. Breaking it again.“ It’s because I want you I’m so frustrated I need you baby.” he kissed your neck.“ and I’m sorry I’m so cold I’m just so jealous when I see you with him.”

you looked at him confused.“ who.”


Now it all made sense and you wanted to smack you self for not seeing it a long time ago. Mark tuan was in love with you and you were too blind to see.

He had ripped you close off in a matter of second and shoved himself In you.

You moaned with every thrust.

“Say my name.”

You tried but you couldn’t get it out through the screams.

“Say it.” he growl in your ear.“

"Ma-Ahh” you tried but ended up moaning instead.

He picked you up so you were on top of him and bounced you up and down his shaft. The sound of skin smacking filling through room. he smacked your pretty little ass as you road him.

Mark liked the way you breast bounced when you road him. FYI. It made him smile.

Mark sat up and continued to bounce you up and down his veiny cock.

“Ahh baby does it feel good.” you could hardly reply but you nodded a Yes as you bounce on that meaty cock.

Getting back on top of you he pounded you with force and he sucked on your breast.

You definitely knew that after this you were done. You were going to be sore for days.

“Stop making me jealous it frustrates me.” he growled in your ear pounding you harder. “I know we haven’t made it official but your mine.”

There was no response from you but you did have a chain of screaming out his name and to mark that was enough.

And then it happened like a ball of electricity forming in side you.

“Mark I’m Cumming.”

Mark started to pound harder and there in went. The electricity shot through your body making you scream.

“Mark fuck me harder.” you screamed at him.

After you came mark came a few after.

He laid on top of you feeling better and less frustrated.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so cold lately.” he looked into your eyes.“ I just wanted you to myself and not the other guys because I love you.” he confessed.

You smiled at him. “I love you too.”

“So will you be my girlfriend?”

“I think it’s already too late to ask that.” you laughed.

“Right” he said eying your naked body. Which he found so beautiful.

A second passed and you thought about that journal.

“Hey mark why was in the journal? It had my name in it.”

Mark looked at you alarmed. He scoffs “what journal I don’t know what you talking about.”

“no.” you looked at his stiff face. “Why what did you have in there pervert?” and with that you got up. But mark grabbed it before you could.

You chased him and chased him around the house naked till you heard a door jiggle. Mark pushed your naked body towards the bathroom.

Mark tried to move from the living room but before he could all 6 boys walked through the door.

Mark quickly put the notebook over his penis. He looked at the members and the members looked at him. and vice versa.

The silence seems to last forever. As the boys tried to figure out what they were exactly seeing.

Jackson was the first to speak. “EWWWWWW IT SMELLS LIKE SEX!” he said scrounging up his nose. The other members laugh at the naked Mark.

“Mwoyah! ” JB and BamBam said

Yougeum looked at his hyung. “Hyung gwen cha na?

"MARK NOT AGAIN DON’T TELL ME YOU JACKING OFF TO ___________ AGAIN.” Jackson continued. he looked at his note book which was hiding the large tool that made you sore. “mark is this why you came straight home? Mark go write in your journal about it instead, I mean you done it before.” He said teasing him.

Jackson basically indicated that he read marks journal. And without hesitation mark chased him in his naked glory. Jackson tried to hide in the room and mark started hitting him on his bed.

“ewwwwwwww someone help I think I touched it. "He said talking about marks penis.

"Good I bet you won’t touch my shit anymore.” Mark laughed.

You had herd everything and you were laughing your ass off. You loved these got 7 boys and you most definitely loved mark.

Finally mark got off him. And put boxers on.

“Yes, keep those on matter of fact glue them all I need want to see you naked again.” Jackson said feeling butt hurt.

Mark came in the bathroom to give you some cloths.

“Come on Babe let’s go hang with the boys jb started a movie.

Yes you loved them very much. And with that you kissed mark and joined the boys.

Mark was about to sit next to Jackson” Andwae ANDWAE! Eww don’t sit by me.“

Everyone laughed.

And Jackson just eyed mark.

But then he looked at you.

"Wait, you two….” He said realizing.

Everyone started laughing.

“eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww.” Jackson screamed once again.

 @iluvexo12 from wattpad and aff aka bangmebangtanstyle on tumblr

Special Kinda Woman: Mark

You sat quietly at the table, chewing at your food, only half listening to conversation that carried on around you.

“If you ask me, too much focus is going into the lunar project. We should focus our restorers on the planet we inhabit, try to heal all the damage done by the Omnics.” Mark went on, discussing matters you had no interest in as your father listened with intrigue. He had always been into politics, a trait that had failed to pass down to you.

“I must say, for a boy your age, you are very in tuned to what’s going on in the world around you.” Your father said something to that extent every time Mark was over. You knew he was fond of the boy, your mother was as well. And why shouldn’t they be.

Mark was a decent, upstanding young man. Studying to go into robotics, he had a bright future ahead of him. He was charming and sociable, yet sincere and genuine in the way he treated people. Despite his love of the city and worldly ambitions, he hadn’t lost that small town, down to earth practicality. You enjoyed his company greatly. He made you laugh, made you think, made you feel attractive, even upon occasion made you dream of things beyond your small town.

He joined you and your parents for dinner about three times a week now, making no secrets of his intent with you. Your parents were behind it completely, your father saying that Mark would make a great husband some day. And he wasn’t wrong. Mark was a good man, the kind that could support a family and lead a happy, quiet life. The kind of many you had always seen your self marrying. But despite this, your thoughts were not on marriage.

There were times you caught yourself looking out the window, mind wondering to the fields of you town, the old torn up roads, so in need of repair, kind and simple people that filled the church every Sunday. You had no intentions of ever leaving this place, yet you couldn’t help but feel there was something more waiting for you, and until you found it, you couldn’t think of marriage.

Under the table, Mark took your hand, and you gave his a squeeze in return. A knock came at the door, and your father stood, placing his napkin on the table.

“I’ll get it. And when I get back, I want to hear your opinion on this whole Overwatch business.” Smiling warmly, your father disappeared down the hall to get the door. Mark’s thumb gently rubbed over the back of your hand as you heard your father open the door, a moment of silence following before he spoke.

“You’re not welcomed here.”

“Never have been.” You’re heart stopped as you heard the intruder respond, eyes meeting your mothers as her face paled. Releasing Mark’s hand, you almost knocked your chair over in your attempt to stand, your mother calling out to you as you rushed to the door.

“Hunny, get back here!” As you rounded the corner, your mind went blank as you took in the man that had slipped in before your father could lock him out.

He was taller now, scruffier looking, his expression had lost some of the childish softness you had always known. His figure was broader, his muscles thicker and more pronounced. He was looking more grown up, more like a man. From his spurs to that stupid hat, you could see he was becoming the cowboy he had always wanted to be.

“Hey, darlin.” He grinned, that same old grin, still so confident, so self assure and it cemented something inside you.

“Hey, Jesse.” You’re words were breathy, as you regarded the boy you hadn’t see for five years.

“You need to leave.” you father asserted, glancing sideways at you before grabbing Jesse’s arm to lead him out.

“Yeah yeah, in a moment.” Jesse shrugged off the older mans hand easily, walking further into the domicile as he looked you up and down. “Here I came expecting to see the same old kid, but I see they are intent on making you into a woman.”

“Everyone grows up at some point,” you smiled softly, looking at those brown eyes, vibrant as they hid in the shadow of his hat. Jesse came to stand in front of you, ignoring everyone else in the room as he watched you, chewing on a cigar that hung out of his mouth. You became aware of someone moving beside you, turning as Mark stepped forward to join you, extending a hand as he waited for Jesse to shake it.

“Long time no see, McCree.”

“Who are you.” You weren’t surprised Jesse didn’t remember Mark. You all had been in school together since grade school, but even when Jesse had shone up for class, he never took note of the straight A student. Mark didn’t seem offended, offering a pleasant smile as he waited for the other to shake his hand.

“Mark Johnson. We went to school together. I’m her boyfriend.” You knew Mark wasn’t being protective or aggressive when he said that, simply trying to let your old friend know the situation he had walked into. He was always socially aware like that.

“Oh, are you now?” Jesse chuckled in amusement, putting his arm around your shoulder, pulling you to him as a large gloved hand shook Mark’s, his grip firm as the muscles of his forearm tensed. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the anger growing in your mother as she gave Jesse a soured look.

“Mr. McCree, do you really think that’s appropriate behavior for a man your age? My daughter is already spoken for. What would people think seeing you being so forward with her?”

“Didn’t bother me then,” Jesse said, his cigar illuminating his face as he took a puff, “Doesn’t bother me now.” He was loving this, his smile so full of life as he watched your mother grow irate.

“It’s alright, Ma'am. No harm done.” Mark assured, waving his hand as if to fan away some to the hostilities. “I can understand how an old friend could get a little carried away seeing someone they care about. Especially when you consider how close they ‘used’ to be.” Ok, that was a jab. Despite all the tension in the room, you made no move to distance yourself from your best friend. It was just Jesse, he was just making a show of claiming what he had always seen as his, like a child with an old toy they didn’t care about until they were asked to share it.

But you could tell, he had change. He acted older, less brash, less impulsive. Normally by now your father would have threatened to call the cops, Jesse cursing up a storm as he reined chaos upon your house. He really was growing up, even if just a little bit.

“Close enough for her to hop a train out of his shit hole to come see me.” he grinned, blowing smoke at the other as Mark faltered. He hadn’t known about that. Despite Mark’s constant attempts to take you on trips to other states, heck, even just other towns, that had been the soul time in your life that you had left your home town. “Or did she not tell you about that?” As Mark looked at you with questioning eyes, you found yourself unable to think of any kind of response, knowing that this would later lead to a long conversation between the two of you. Composing himself, Mark looked back at Jesse, the pleasant smile long since gone.

“What did you come here for McCree?” At his words, Jesse released you, shrugging as he took the cigar out of his mouth.

“I was in the area, and thought I’d stop by to see an old friend.” Grinning that wicked grin, he regarded the other with cold eyes, as if sizing him up and finding him wanting.

“Well I think it’s time you leave.”Mark stated, eyes equally cold as he looked over the cowboy.

“Yeah, probably,” Jesse hummed, moving towards the door as if it was his idea. You followed him, opening the door, not wanting to see him go, but knowing he was bound to leave anyway. “I have a mission to get to. I’d tell you about it, but it’s top secret. Need to know kinda thing.” Flicking his cigar out the door, he looked at you one last time, offering you a warm smile. “Bye, darlin.”

Wrapping an arm around your waist, he pulls you close, his gloved hand cupping your cheek as he claimed your lips, his whiskers scratching your face as he turned you so that everyone in the room had a good view. As always, it didn’t last long, and before you knew it he had slipped out the door, leaving everyone in an uproar as you watched through the glass panel of the door as the taillights of his motorcycle faded off into the distance.

Papyton headcanon:

Mettaton always gives Papyrus a shower of kisses in the morning. But if Mettaton ever has to get up for work earlier than Papyrus he makes sure to put on lipstick and plant lots of kisses all over Papyrus’ sleeping skull. That way Papyrus can know he’d still received his shower of kisses before Mettaton left, by looking in the mirror and spotting the lipstick stains.

We'll go together

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

“Can you help me please I’m so lost?” the child looked up at him and Pine could see the boy had been crying for a long time. He could also see the bruises and tell-tale marks of abuse, on the child’s arms and neck.

“It’s ok, what’s your name?” Pine understood he must seem awfully tall and scary to a kid, so he knelt down to be a little more on short stuffs level.

In tatty jeans, a t-shirt long past its user date and trainers fit only for the bin the small boy, who Pine thought must be about eight tops, looked at him.

“My name is……” he had to really think. God thought Pine, he must have been badly treated.

“My name is Danny” the name seemed strangely​ familiar but Pine no matter how hard he tried couldn’t place it.

“Well Danny I'm…..” bloody hell I’m doing it now, still it’s not like he hadn’t had to change his name four or five times in the last six months, it was hard to keep up.

“Pine, and we will see together if we can find someone for you” 

Where was he? Looking about he realised he recognized nothing. Standing up and taking the boy’s hand he took stock of his surroundings, which turned out to be no more than a corridor with stone cold, bare walls and  no doors, except for one at the very end.

“Well Danny it looks like there is only one way to go, ready? It’s fine I won’t leave you and somebody must be missing you” he only hoped that the somebody was a different one to the person who had made the marks on the boy.

“I’m scared” came the small voice “I don’t remember how I got here”

Pine didn’t either but dithering would not help to find the answers he needed.

“Come on, forward Ho! And we will travel onward to find the end to this adventure” trying with all his might to sound positive Pine picked up the lightweight kid, set him on his shoulders and started moving off.

“Why have you got blood on you? It’s everywhere!” Danny asked in a panicked voice

For the first time Pine checked  himself out and staring down at his clothes, saw he was indeed covered in sticky drying blood. Couldn’t be his, so who had he hurt and why could he not remember.

“Killed a monster before I got here, I tell you all about it, when we are out of here. Hey fancy ice cream, what’s your favourite?”

“Pistachio or mint chocolate”

The conversation rang a bell in Pines head but still no answers came to him.

Pine started singing with the little chap on his shoulders, jogging a bit and making the child giggle and laugh. Now that was a wonderful sound! 

The door grew nearer.

“I’m really, really scared, let’s not go through the door.” Pine put Danny down and sat on the floor. The boy crawled into his lap and hung on.

“Look you, this corridor is just a way to the outside and once there we will know what’s going on. I find that with most things in life it’s the not knowing that’s scary so..” and he lifted Danny up off his lap, stood himself and place the boy on his shoulder once more.

“We’ll go together right, you and me against the dragons, yes?”

“Yes, Mr Pine” 

Pine started singing “Men of Harlech” loudly which made Danny laugh again and through the door they went into the light and somewhere an ice cream.

The corridor of the mortuary was empty even the sound of a man sing and a boy laughing went silent with the closing of an ethereal door. On the slabs in the cold M.E.s room, there lay two corpses that had come in together. A man, and the boy, he’d try to protect from too many guns. 

Pictures not mine I just played (and I know they are not in a corridor)

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GOT7 reaction to their S/O being scared of them due to the past.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction when they find out that their girlfriend that they have been dating for a year is scared of them because her past boyfriends were really abusive and she thinks they will be the same (sorry if I already sent this but my phone said it wasn’t sending) anyway I hope you have a nice day

ok i hate the gif search, its so limited. If you want me to credit your gifs let me know and i will do, please understand a gif reaction blog is going to have a hard time crediting everything from nearly 2years ago. 
also, wheres everyone gone? hope your all well ^_^
Thanks for the request, i hope you like it :)
~ahgase Omma 

he can't believe/understand, she’s been with him for a while now, but she’s scared of him, but its not him really… he tries so hard to understand her feelings, but he does spend a long time thinking it over

he can see where she’s coming from, its not something he even thought about, she always seems ok with him, but now he’s not too sure. he tries to talk about it all.

he’s always been all or nothing, and he’s always wanted to be in her heart, but after hearing this he doesn’t know what she actually feel about him. he stresses about this a lot 

he tries not to show much emotion about it, he’s trying to understand first, then base his feelings on his understanding. he takes time to understand her point of view, and tries to prove himself to her.

takes it personally in the sense that she thinks he’s the scary one, the members always called him a bit strange, but now scary, its hard for him to not take it to heart. he does try to understand but needs some reassurance  

he’s taken aback, he’s many things but scary… he can’t help but think back to her past and think about all the things that might have happened. it makes him want to help, but he doesn’t want to drive her away either 

he's saddened by it, mostly over how long its taken her to tell him. she could have mentioned something before. he wants to help in whatever way, but how can he prove that he’s different to her exs.

Gifs are not my own-will credit original where possible.

Hiccupy heart (Chapter 2)

Summary: It didn’t matter that Hiccup and Astrid used to be best friends, somewhere in grade school or middle school, back when life used to be fun, with him having plus one leg and one mother, before everyone hit their growth spurt. Until Hiccup finally got his soul mark; And guess who’s name was it? Astrid Hofferson. Soul mate AU.

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A/N: I’m really sorry for the long wait, but I’m finally back! You guys are amazing, and I’m lucky to have such great feed back from chapter one. Keep em coming! I wasn’t expecting this story to get so much support. So, I decided to continue with the story, the updates would most likely be weekly/bi-weekly on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Let me know which day you prefer.

This chapter had been really challenging for me to write. I had a lot of things I wanted to explain on Astrid’s part but at the same time I didn’t want to give everything away, plus the whole soul mate elements made her character even more complex. Remember when I asked you not to judge Astrid? So please try to put yourselves in her shoes for this chapter.

Took me a while to write it, plus me having a busy schedule. So I hope the chapter’s length would make up for the long wait.

Without further ado, A long chapter ahead. I highly suggest wearing seat belts, this chapter will not be a smooth ride.

No time to proof-read, and no beta for this chapter, watch out for mistakes.

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I don’t think I’ll be around much for a while.  This is a super super busy time of year for me, because in an effort to make a bit of extra cash for the summer I mark exam papers.  And you basically have to devote all your free time, and some of your not-really-free time, to doing it, because they take FOREVER and the deadlines are tight.  

Also my littlest train is 4 years old and will start school in September.  So I’m trying to make the most of my time with him, doing days out and things while we still can.  I won’t be having another, so this is my time with my baby.

I will have my laptop on ALL THE TIME for marking (gone are the good old days days when the postman rocked up at your door with bags and bags of exam papers that fill your house for a month)- so maybe I’ll try to write a few short little things when I need a break.  Like, if normally I write the equivalent of 15-mark essay answers, I’ll do things that are 4 marks worth instead.  And when I need half an hour before bed to wind down I might try to get teeny tiny felt Eros Yuuri sewn up.  

Oh and I’ll definitely be reading all the stuff, because I have zero willpower.  Obviously.

Beauty and The Beast  - Seven

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Word Count: 4.1K

Please excuse any errors.

As I was coming to my senses, I realized I was laying on something soft. Though I was partly awake, I refused to open my eyes. My ears began to tune into the sounds around me. There was water running from a faucet not too far from me. The heat from the sun that was shining through the window was warm on my face.  

I heard the water turn off before there was a light knock at the door. My eyes fluttered open, and I turned from my back onto my side, giving me a view of the white double doors. Oh yeah, I’m in Suho’s room. I slowly sat up on the big king size bed, looking to my right and finally noticing the empty space.

My eyes turned towards the bathroom door which was closed, but it was easy to see that the lights were on. There was another knock on the double doors before a small voice spoke.

“Young master?” It was clearly Nadia. She sounded slightly worried, her voice strained.

“Is everything okay? Both Kyungsoo and I received a call from Y/N. We were worried that something happened.”

I glanced at the bathroom door before sighing and sliding out of the bed, slowly making my way to the door. Without thought, I opened one of the double doors meeting Nadia’s shocked eyes. The shock in her eyes changed to confusion, before quickly transforming to anger.

“What are you doing in Junmyeon’s room?” She spoke through clenched teeth. I rubbed my eyes as if attempting to rub off the sleep that lingered on my shoulder. She stood there wearing a plain green shirt with some black jeans and sneakers. I’m not sure if it’s her day to work, but she sure looks prepared to work.

“He wasn’t feeling well.” I answered simply, “I was taking care of him.”

“Well, that won’t be necessary anymore. I’m here.” She almost snapped. I was so thrown off by her tone, that I physically leaned back. My eyes widened at her stern facial expression.

“Well, I’ll leave if Junmyeon wants me to leave,” I replied smiling slightly, “He’s currently in the bathroom so let’s just wait on him.”

“Junmyeon doesn’t like to be disturbed on weekends.” She shot back.

I rolled my eyes and begun to lose my patience.

“Ms. Nadia, he is the one who called me over. I don’t think I was disturbing him. I don’t understand why you’re acting this way. You are aware of my relationship with Junmyeon, so you should be used to seeing me around by now.” I argued.

Her brows furrowed as she glared at me.

“You’re awake?” A familiar voice spoke from behind me. 

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pls… protect bby gaara 

plxsticbeached  asked:

I swear Tumblr is out to get the mood board makers, I made a mood board for fun a long time ago and I see it's marked NSFW. The part I saw was kinda was the words "parental advisory warning". Worst part honestly is that you can't say your claim just flag for review. Jeez, Tumblr is acting an overprotective mom.

tumblr is srrsly becoming youtuber rn with those whole entire “safe mode” shit. a lot of my moodboards got marked nsfw for small things. a lot of the gorillaz fandom are minors (including me btw), so marking all these moodboards as nsfw will mean a lot of people won’t be able to see it. i’ve asked to repeal most of them, however if tumblr is going to act like youtube, then they probably wont take off the nsfw marking.

also tumblr knows that im a minor, and yet they mark my posts nsfw. it’s so fucking stupid. 

kids, if you can’t see something posted by me because of stupid safe mode, then message me. i’ll screenshot it and send it to you

Taehyung; Long Time No See

❝because bby jelly reached her 100th mark and this has been on my mind ever since I WENT ON HER BLOG flowerteahyung (go follow, gogogo)
►1394 words | scenario, fluff, based on this post 
© (photo credit)

“She is going to freak out,” The voice on the other end warns, well, not much of a warning but you’re pretty sure she’s going to either greet you with a shoe or her arms—either way, you’re prepared. “Tell me about it,” You’re chuckling, clutching onto the strap of your bag on your shoulder before you say got to go and then your phone is back in your pocket.

Releasing a deep sigh from within, you stand in front of the door, worn out and dusty, wooden and it has this vintage feel to it but regardless, it’s home. One hand rises up, two knocks, three steps can be heard from behind, four seconds of realization, five seconds of the deadly silence.

Six seconds of a tight hug—thank God arms are greeting you, not her shoe.

“H-How are you here?!” She’s clearly surprised, taken back and yes, finally, your mother is able to keep a secret.

“Well, I have good news,”

“Come in first!” She laughs, her mood skyrocketing to the heavens and at this point, no one can rain on her parade. She brings you to the island in the kitchen, flicks the kettle by the stove to boil some water because tea is your favorite and she remembers. Then she takes her seat opposite you, hands in yours and she always has this glint, a spark in her eyes when she smiles at you; “What is it?”

“Good news or bad news first?”

She frowns, creases appearing on her forehead but she answers with the good one first…


“I’m sure you know that I’m done with my first year,” she nods, “And for the second and third year, they’ve finalized my scores and it’s much better than expected so, I’m transferred here,” her jaw gapes, “But the bad news is that now that spare room up there has to be empty for me—“ words get stuck in your throat when she attacks you literally with a hug, tightening her grip around you when she dashes around the counter to bring you into her arms. You’re smiling wider than the sun, she’s glowing brighter than the moon and the atmosphere is burning hotter than the fourth of July.

“You’re staying here with me?” She questions, trying to get her facts right and you’re nodding, poking her cheeks that are always soft, “Yes, ma’am,”

She goes on rambling about how she’ll finally have someone around here for her to talk to, share her stories, create memories with because ever since the car accident, the colors in her life seem to have faded away like her age. So when you had a decision to transfer, continue on your final years elsewhere, you couldn’t possibly reject a golden opportunity served on a silver platter when here is just a bus away to where you’re studying at—indeed, you’re making her very happy.

“Oh! Just wait until you meet Tae!”

At the familiar mention of a name, your eyebrows raise at her just as she turns her back on you to pour the hot water into a cup, “Tae…?”

She gives you a look that throws you off, as if you’ve commit a sin, “You forgot?

“Excuse me, I’ve been away for years—

“He still remembers you!”

“Then I guess it’ll be easier when we meet again, then,”

She rolls her eyes at you but serves you the cup of tea anyway, “You better be nice.”


“I knew this would happen if I stayed here,” You snort, taking the basket from her hands and she huffs at you, “I am sixty-four years old and I’m not complaining so you,” She points with her eyes, “Better not,”

Zipping your lips, you wave a hand, “Yes madam,”

“Now go collect the strawberries. Remember, the nice ones—“

“—to the right, not-so ones to the left, I remember,” You mutter under your breath, already steps away and you’re surrounded by nothing by two colors—the mix of green and red that it should make your head spin but it doesn’t. Instead, you’re smiling, returning back to your roots and you’re remembering of how things were back in the day, collecting strawberries in behalf of your grandmother that you’ve lost the direction around as you walk, picking through what’s good, what’s not, what can be sold in a packet and what would be down in your stomach for tonight.

As you reach for one, another seems to do the same. A hand appears by yours and you’re tracing to who it belongs to that your eyes widen when you meet with a pair that seems… familiar.

He clearly recognizes you, gaping as he drops his basket, opening and closing his mouth but he can’t get any words through. You’re staring at him with pressed lips, wondering what kind of sorcery is happening when you’ve not done anything wrong but then he says, “I-It’s you!”

“I… It’s me?” You’re pretty sure your face says it all that you don’t get what he means but then he pats himself on the chest, “M-Me! Tae! Don’t you remember?”

Your eyes do a quick job in scanning him from head to toe but nothing rings a bell. Yes, he’s good looking with eyes that seem to sparkle, lips that spread out into a smile so wide, he reveals his perfect set of teeth and his hair is brown, dark brown and hey, it’s your favorite color but wait, who is he? Then he frowns and the happiness, the joy from his face fades when he picks up his basket, clear solemn all over, “Y-You don’t remember me…?”

Biting your lower lip, your fingers are playing with the bracelet on your left wrist as you shake your head before your eyes trail down to his other hand, hidden by his side and then it fucking hits you.

“Tae… you… you don’t have to,” You’re objecting him with words, but you allow him to wear it on your wrist and wow, it’s really pretty. He grins and shakes his head, his smile is warming your heart like how it should on a summer night, “But I want to—plus,” He reveals his other hand, “I have one too! That way, at least… we’ll have something to remind each other of the times we’ve had.”

Your fingers are stroking the silver heart charm before your eyes meet his and the moonlight is making him look like an angel, it aches you to ask, “Are you going to forget me?”

He shakes his head almost too soon, as if it’s a question that’s asked often and he’ll have the same answer all the time, “Never.”

“Possibly… Kim Taehyung?”

He drops his basket again.

He claps his hands and he’s laughing because he’s happy, he’s relieved, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes! You remember me!” He swipes the basket away from your hands and sets it aside, then tugging you into a hug that knocks the air out of your lungs as his long arms snake around your waist to pull you in close. He breathes by your ear, your arms naturally pull him in and you can feel him smiling, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting…”

Your hand seems to have a mind of their own, soothing small circles on his lower back as you whisper his name, “T-Taehyung…”

He leans away despite wanting to bask into your warmth, his eyes meet with yours again and this time, there’s more sparks shining from within his eyes, “How long will you be here?”

You shake your head and at first it deflates his heart, but then it lifts him off the ground, “I’m staying,”

Then he lifts you off the ground, spinning you in his arms and he hears that laughter, the tiny squeal in your voice when he rises you up and the way you’d hold him for support brings him back to the days where the little you would clutch onto him with your dear life, afraid of falling and the present you is no different. Your breath hitches when he stops, mischievously lifting you up higher to hear you wince but then the world seems to have taken a break in spinning when he asks, “Did you miss me?”

And the world continues to spin when you answer, “Yes.”