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Wirt/Dipper?? i dunno the ship name soRRY

pinescone!! yaa

- when they first met it was like,, pretty awkward but greg and mabel are heroes so they got em to talk

- they got a hang of it and at some point they started talking so much they couldnt stop

- dipper would be all heart eyes when wirt recites poetry fucking fight me

- wirt likes to see dipper ramble about gravity falls and mysteries and things he likes in general because he gets so giddy and happy

- wirt teases dipper for his small stature a lot, though he doesnt mean it in a bad way

 - dip is just cute when hes mad

- piggyback rides all day long man

- one time they were supposed to be watching over greg and they fell asleep in a really awkward position

- greg didnt mind but mabel walked in and freaked out

- theyre just!!! the biggest dorks what the fuck


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uraraka!!! for the ask game

  • sexual orientation headcanon

lesbian (uraraka/soft butch x-gender izuku endgame anyone? anyone ?)

  • gender headcanon

trans girl!

  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon

somehow i have no idea … is uraraka … neurotypical ??? surely not… but i dont have a specific hc for this

  • 3 random headcanons

i have too many little ones haha…

she says horoscopes are stupid but reads them every day and if told someone’s birthday she will internally go “oh, he’s a libra. that makes sense because he…” 

she secretly loves breaking the rules and telling white lies.

she can’t stand to be inside all day and if given a day off will run 3 hour errands just to give herself a feeling of productivity.

she doesn’t care much for tv or movies, she prefers just to spend time talking with people or doing an activity together.

she can stay mad about little things for a long time.

my 2 current fav non-canon relationships for her are, as always, vitriolic best friendship with bakugou wherein they will literally just start shoving each other full force until one of them falls to the ground indignantly, and, new development, good friendship with mei with a side order of friendly rivalry.

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I'm late to the party, but I guess I can bribe my way into the waiting list. Here's the Tarkrennic prompt I was supposed to give you a long time ago: Krennic gets kidnapped by the Hutt Cartel as they are mad at him for monopolizing the sex toy market via his "Uncle Krennic" business. Tarkin has to rescue his spoilt prince and crush any Hutt that gets in the way.

Not long after @festeringsilence submitted this prompt did we both get propositioned by @eustacefrog with the infamous SlugAdmiral ship (Jabba x Piett). As such we realized that this prompt also presented me with a perfect opportunity to present when Piett and Jabba actually first met. 

We also decided to add SlugAdmiral into our BlueberryCoconut AU series called Operation: Galactic Gambit

So here it is: A Bargain For a Prince (3k words) - Mildly NSFW (brief discussion of Uncle Krennic adult toy company), Humor, Sexy Dancing, Fluffy

It is a prequel to: The Twin Suns Set Together (SlugAdmiral NSFW)

I hope you enjoy!

the signs when they're mad
  • aries: doesn’t make eye contact with you every time you try and talk to them and when you finally ask them what’s wrong they make death stare eye contact that could rip apart a soul, while they tell you how you fudged up

  • taurus: makes you know that they’re pissed with you, they yell and scream and will make your life as hellish as they can until they’re no longer mad at you

  • gemini: barely everrrrr gets mad but if they do they just get mad about it at home and vent to their diary, they may tell one or two people and though the anger fades away quickly they won’t forget what happened
cancer: they only get mad at you if you’ve actually done something wrong and will really sternly tell you about it but they won’t be mad for tooooo long

  • leo: gives you three thousand eye rolls and won’t take any of your crap, they’ll just pretend you don’t exist and get on with their life 

  • virgo: makes everyone around them know that they’re mad and doesn’t hesitate to tell anyone what it’s about and will probably be mad for quite a long time

  • libra: will confront you about it in private and may cry but will get over it pretty quickly as they’ll want to invite as many people to their next party as they can, even if they’re kinda mad at you

  • scorpio: summons their personal demons to haunt you

  • saggitarius: will distance themself from you but will be an icy polite if you make conversation

  • capricorn: you’re dead before you can realise what happens when they’re mad

  • aquarius: if you did something that reallyyyyyy made them mad to the point they don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore, they’re really skilful at drifting from people and making it seem like it was natural (even thought it was their doing) lol u slay
pisces: if they’re mad they’ll vent to people but if they’re frustrated mad then they’ll cry

Ey it’s the dork squad! I’m putting them both up because I’m still liking my lineart way too much to not do so. XD I grew up with BTAS as I’m sure you can tell.

So I know I haven’t posted in a bit but since it’s a whole new year now, I’m gonna try harder to get more stuff up on here; even if they’re silly things like this. Here we go!


Sans got so scared he opened his mouth


Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson portraits for the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion” by Entertainment Weekly.

The angels – they don't care.

I think maybe they just don’t have the equipment to care. Seems like when they try, it just… breaks them apart. 

- Dean 7x21.

This, in the same episode as:

This is to me when Dean hypothetically gives up on whatever he had thought were his feelings towards Cas. 

He believes these kind of feelings if they were ever potentially reciprocated would break Cas and not only does he have his own baggage but this is not what he wants for Cas. 

This is where he starts really repressing it, while at the same time coming to really truly LOVE him over time rather than the initial overwhelming crush and intense, unwanted feelings.

It’s amazing to watch him simultaneously repress and develop this feelings over the years, we see less physical indications of attraction and throwaway flirty comments but heaps more emotional indications of love and affection. 

All leading up to this moment in 12x12 where he sees how far Cas has fallen, how much he is broken and, tellingly, Cas tells Dean it is his doing.

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Of course Dean is upset and angry. He’s upset and angry with himself.

Now he needs to accept not only Cas’s own decisions and desires but to accept that he himself is worthy of those decisions and desires that apply to him it in order to reciprocate. 

And of course there’s a lot more stuff that is already being addressed as everyone has been meta-ing about like mad since, well, a long time, but this has all become hugely more textual and more resolved this season especially.

Now there isn’t much left in the way apart from Dean’s own emotional baggage, which is also being addressed this season in a BIG way.

Exciting times.

I also think that for a beginning artist, it is important to not start a blog right away and post their first works on there to get feedback or something. Showing your art in public, especially on a platform that works wih the amount of notes, can be really pressuring and stressful and frustrating. I drew a long time before I even considered posting my art online. People get mad and sad when people don’t reblog or like their art and it makes me sad, that it makes them feel bad about themself. Like. You shouldn’t draw for others if it’s just a hobby. You shouldn’t draw for a number. You should draw because you like doing it.

Will there be a new season of Rwby Chibi???! I need it!

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Jungkook (bts)


smut, a bit fluffy


You had to clean the house. Jungkook was asleep. That was good. You didn’t have him to distract you from actually being productive today. Except…When he woke up….Well, you couldn’t really complain.


You and Jungkook dating & living together; hickies (y/n receiving); fingering (y/n receiving); groping (y/n receiving); dry humping; leaving scratches down Jungkook’s back

A/N: I really wanted to use this gif because his scar is sooooo cute. Especially here. Okay, bye-bye. Have fun.


You’ve almost cleaned up the whole house. Next, and last, on the list was the work room. You and Jungkook were pretty much always working on something. With that being said, you two needed an extra room in the house where you could still work without leaving out so much.

You had already straightened up everything on his desk, now you stood above your own; you moved things to the right place, organized the papers -made sure everything was fine. While doing that, you could hear Jungkook wake up, stretch, and groan in the bedroom; just a few rooms down. You could hear his footsteps coming to the room you were in. It wasn’t long before you could feel his warm body press against your backside with his arms wrapped around you.

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Why they didn’t text you back

ISFJ: They aren’t sure how to respond or how they feel. Instead of answering “too fast” they will think it over and then answer you when they feel more certain.

INFP: Like the ISFJ they have withdrawn themselves and need some time aone to figure out how they feel. Fear holds them back from making a mistake or they’re are trying to prove a rather competitive point that they can be independent.

ISTP: Either they fell asleep and forgot or they honestly just don’t care enough to text you back because their too busy dealing with their own lives. Doesn’t have to pretend to be independent because they already are.

INFJ: Will most likely respond but if they don’t it could be because they’re mad and need time to get over it. If you really offended them, they may not respond for a very long time. When they do, they’ll act like nothing.

ENFJ: Is probably mad at you and vowed silence though eventually their curiosity will be the best of them and they’ll spill.

ENFP: Honestly they care too much to not text back. But if they don’t it could be that you’ve done something that mentally hurt them to the point where they don’t want to associate with you. Either that or you missed a clue and now they don’t want to talk to you. They may also be proud and trying to prove a point.

ESFP: Pride. If damaged they’ll busy themselves on trying to boost their ego ultimately ignoring your text until their ready to respond. They want the upper hand.

INTP: They don’t care or they figure that ignoring the text will make the problem disappear. Basically they move on. Sometimes they’re just too lazy to answer.

ISTJ: They haven’t responded yet? Take a hint, they probably aren’t interested in the topic or you.

ENTP: They’re the type to think they sent a text but really didn’t or they just don’t want to talk about it. 

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could you tell me what gorilaz is.? i literally have No Idea

it’s a band! it was created by damon albarn (the guy from blur) and jamie hewlett (he made tank girl, the comic not the weird movie) to make fun of mtv but it got very out of hand very quickly. (that’s a good thing to me though jxhjsfkj) basically the whole thing is a real life band but all of the members are fictional characters. the music is REALLY good i highly recommend it 

so getting on to the actual story, in universe the whole thing started cause this one guy, murdoc niccals, (this is him)

was Up To No Good trying to steal some keyboards from this shop, uncle norman’s organ/keyboard emporium to start a band. you can probably guess what band it is. this boy stuart pot happens to be working at the shop at the time, which will be important later and by later i mean like one sentence after this. so murdoc crashes his car into the shop, but it ends up crashing straight into stuart’s eye which fills it up with blood….;_; it ends up sending him into a coma. poor guy

so murdoc has to take care of him for whatever reason because the legal system in their universe is somehow even worse than it is in real life. one day he’s doing a bunch of tricks with stuart in his car, and goes too far and knocks stu out the window. ;_; x2 …so he lands on the ground and his other eye also fills up with blood, but it ALSO sends him out of his coma. so he gets up and he looks like this. (except presumably less happy and more covered in blood)


and murdoc is like “woah this guy is hot i’m gonna make him join my band” and decides to call him 2-D cause he has 2 dents in his head. not cause he’s 2 dimensional or anything. 

the next person murdoc decides to make join the band is russel hobbs, who is pretty well known because he’s a really good musician and also because he has a bunch of ghosts possessing him. 

murdoc decides to kidnap him because he thinks that’s a good idea for whatever reason. unfortunately this is not the last time he kidnaps someone. russel actually doesn’t really care that much though and joins the band anyways. 

by now they already have a guitarist whose name i’m not going to mention because i hate her, but she gets kicked out. so they need a new guitarist, they put an ad up, and IMMEDIATELY this fedex crate shows up at their door and this girl pops out.

she calls herself noodle because it’s the only english word she knows, and then proceeds to play the best guitar riff of all time. so they’re a band now! lots of weird things happen.

russel’s ghost boyfriend del shows up to rap and terrorize the rest of the band a bunch but like, terrorizing them in a nice way. if that makes sense.

eventually they try to make a movie and Trouble Arises when it turns out the director is literally making up everything on the spot, murdoc decides they should make the movie themselves, so 2-D starts making ideas for it.

 after a really long time spent on making ideas murdoc gets really mad and tries to strangle 2-D. :,( russel and noodle start fighting him over it and he decides he doesn’t need them anymore and leaves. he goes to jail like 5 seconds after. 

so they all go out to do gorilla things. 2-D has a lot of fun ^_^ and works at an amusement park for a little bit, murdoc is still in jail, russel tries to make his own album but demons keep trying to drag him down to hell and del gets exorcised so things are not going too well for him, and noodle goes back to japan and finds out she’s actually part of a child soldier project and had her memories erases, and can speak fluent english as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. 

murdoc breaks out of jail.

so noodle starts their next album, demon days. they have fun and make a bunch of music videos but More Trouble Arises when this weird fan named jimmy manson starts trying to kill everyone in the band.

 so murdoc makes a fake deal with him to kill noodle, and a real deal with noodle so that she can temporarily leave the band. and while they’re filming the video jimmy gets locked inside of her big floating island (that’s a thing she has.) so noodle fakes her death, jimmy actually does die, everything is going well except when the video is over noodle is actually completely gone. 

everyone is freaking out about this, and it turns out she got dragged down to hell by those same demons that were trying to do that to russel earlier…probably. 

because of this, 2-D decides to quit gorillaz and make his own thing, russel goes into the ocean to find her, and murdoc goes to hell. except not really, he was just really drunk. 

for real this time, murdoc goes to the place where noodle kind of died and made a robot out of her dna, cyborg noodle. she’s scary. 

then he gets chased away by these pirates he scammed created by someone called the boogieman who you’ll see again soon.

 while he’s trying to hide he finds this big island in the middle of the ocean away from all humanity called point nemo. he does the logical thing and spray paints it all pink, builds a really weird house (if you can call it that) on top, and calls it plastic beach.

he calls 2-D to come work on the album, but 2-D really doesn’t want to. so since murdoc is not a very good person, he…gets the boogieman to drug 2-D, put him in a suitcase and send him to plastic beach. this whole phase is really not good for 2-D.

so in case that wasn’t enough, murdoc finds out 2-D is super afraid of whales and to keep him from escaping he looks him in a room where a whale is right outside and there’s a view of said whale. ;;;_;;;

eventually, murdoc finds footage of noodle and takes 2-D and cyborg to go find her. the boogieman has started chasing murdoc to take his soul since murdoc hasn’t fulfilled his part of any of the deals he made with them. 

so after some stuff with bruce willis attempting to murder them happens, they go to the ocean and seem pretty close to finding noodle. noodle herself is now super cool looking and has a nice cat mask, and has also reunited with russel, who is now a giant after eating a bunch of toxic waste in the ocean.

unfortunately, 2-D and murdoc don’t find noodle, but they do find the boogieman killing a manatee for no good reason. so they head back to plastic beach, and the boogieman’s pirates have found it and started trying to destroy it.

somewhere inbetween all this, the evangelist who’s kinda like the boogieman’s opposite appears on the island delivering mail and being kind of a protective force. hopefully they’re being one over 2-D because he needs it.

SOOOO the real noodle and russel arrive at the plastic beach, boogieman and murdoc meet up and have a weird fight, boogieman summons more pirates, and cyborg noodle gets really messed up and starts trying to kill everyone. the whale outside 2-D’s room tries to eat him, but russel is able to get rid of it for a little bit. noodle meets cyborg noodle and it’s kinda awkward.

the whole island collapses and noodle and russel get separated. murdoc goes into a submarine and fakes his death, taking cyborg with him, and the whale gets back to 2-D and does what it would be expected to do. so things aren’t going very well. ;_;

noodle wakes up in a fishing village in japan and accidentally releases a demon, so she has an adventure chasing it until she freaken decapitates it. 

russel gets captured by people thinking he’s a monster because he’s 50 feet tall and has completely white eyes. after a while, the effects of the toxic waste wear off and he shrinks back to his normal size.

murdoc goes to jail again. cyborg noodle dies, probably.

the whale who ate 2-D dies, and 2-D wakes up on an island he thinks is deserted and has to live off of whale meat. :,( after a few months, he sees a plane and follows it, hoping it can get him off the island. he discovers there’s a beach rave going on a while from his side, and decides to take a year to find himself, which is pretty easy cause he was right there. also he really needed a break from everything that happened. he got a job making friendship bracelets.

after murdoc got out of jail again, he called all of the members back to england, and they all reunited. gorillaz are BACK BABEY

then they released their first song in 5 years and it was about donald trump and it was freaken GOOD

anyways i’m not sure if you were expecting such an in depth explanation but i hope this helps! this is actually even barely getting into it, there’s a lot more but i didn’t want this to be TOO long

anyways That’z Gorillaz