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Let’s talk about Isak’s reaction to seeing Even again shall we?

  • First it’s shock, ‘oh my god he’s right there’
  • Then relief, ‘oh my god he’s right there, he’s okay (physically at least)’
  • Then suddenly all he can think about is being close Even and so he goes to him
  • Then from that point every single little movement is gentle and light, Isak wants Even to know he’s there but is still distancing himself enough that Even doesn’t feel trapped
  • Once he gets over the overwhelming relief, he looks Even in the eyes and tells him he’s not alone, that no matter what, Isak will be there and you can hear in how he says it, he puts his whole heart into those three words because nothing is more important to Isak at that moment than for Even to know he’ll never be alone again (and you can tell from Even’s reaction, he really needed to hear that)
  • Isak is holding his face like that as if to say ‘I’m not letting you go again, I’m here, always’
  • He’s still hesitant to kiss him, still giving Even the option to walk away from this if he wants but letting him know he doesn’t have to, this doesn’t have to be how his story ends, because he’s not alone.
  • (This one may just be me over analysing and is not about Isak but…) When Isak kisses him, Even kisses back like Isak is bringing him back to life, as if in that moment Isak is his only reason to breathe, to live at all, and I think Even believes that’s true. You see him take a deep breath when he pulls away, as if he’s alive again…
  • Isak holds him so so tight because he almost lost him and he’s never going to let him slip away again and my god does Even need it, he needs someone right now to hold him tight, to be there when he falls apart, to put him back together with love and care. Isak is that person, Even knows that now.
so,you like yurionice?

THEN PLEASE CONSIDER READING AGAIN!! ,BY MITSUROU KUBO ,the creator of yuri on ice!!!!!!

ok,like i have been wanted to do this post a long while ago since i read Again!! 

The story goes like the mc, Imamura graduated as a loner and have unfulfilling high school life. Imamura wonder how his school life would turn out if he join the cheers club and so he decide to check out the club one last time.But then,a girl saw him climbing out the window and thought that he,a delinquent tried to damage the school property on his last day of school and calls for help. unfortunately,when she runs down the stairs she slipped and fell down.and….died?? 

i have to say this manga has the greatest character development, plot and more importantly,great art by the greatest KUBO SENSEI. 

also,im not good at analysis or meta or shit but let me point u out to things that i love in this manga SO I CAN DRAG U ALL TO READ THIS

#1 intimidating teacher but is actually super kind and supportive

#2 Imamura friends in class is just bunch of girls 

#3 this guy only swears in english


#5 that feels when people read your story?


#7 AND IT WENT VIRAL (..i see kubo loves this viral thing)


,also ok someone please add to this post w more important scene that you love bc this post just isnt enough to show how great this manga is

How many rings did Yuuri buy???

Everyone seems to have different opinions about this…. And I know everyone’s probably had their say in this matter already, but still. I wanted to add my opinion to the lot.

(I’m by no means saying that I’m right and everyone who thinks otherwise is wrong! This is just how I interpreted this scene, and it’s okay if you guys don’t agree with me. But still, here’s what I thought.)

Okay, so let me say this upfront: I think Yuuri bought two rings.

I have seen many arguments that Yuuri only bought one ring, based on what it says on the receipt, and also judging by the look on Yuuri’s face when Victor presents the ring to him.

The problem I have with this argument, however, is what Yuuri actually says in the scene in the jewellery store, and what “a lucky charm” actually means.

Yuuri says that he has always wanted a lucky charm, so that he can do his best in the Final. This implies that he wanted a lucky charm for himself. In Japan, a lucky charm (omamori) is supposed to bring good luck to the bearer on particular occasions, tasks, or ordeals. It’s something you carry around with or keep close to yourself for your good luck. (for more detailed, better explanation on what an omamori is, take a look at this post.) 

Yuuri’s words here imply that he wanted to buy something (a ring in this case) that he could carry around with/keep close to himself as omamori, for his performance at the GPF.

But he also adds that it’s also a thank-you gift to Victor for all his help. This would imply that he’s buying something to give to Victor as a gift as well.

If Yuuri had bought only one ring for himself, the line about Victor wouldn’t make sense, since a ring for himself wouldn’t count as a thank-you gift for Victor.

But if Yuuri had bought only one ring for Victor, it wouldn’t count as Yuuri’s omamori. Yuuri specifically says that he’s always wanted an omamori so that he can do his best at the finals, which means he wants something that he can carry around with himself. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me that Yuuri would want to buy Victor a ring when he wanted his own omamori.

The only explanation would be that he bought one for himself, as his lucky charm, and another one for Victor, as a thank-you gift. This is why I’m more biased towards thinking that Yuuri bought not one ring, but a pair of rings in that store. 

+) Regarding Yuuri’s look of surprise when Victor puts the ring on his fingers… I thought that was because of what Victor said. 

In these scenes, Yuuri doesn’t just ask for “words of good luck” from Victor. He actually asks for a “spell” (呪い). And Victor also responds by saying that he will “say a spell (呪い) that will make Yuuri not think about anything”. 

From what I understand of omamori, (mind you, I’m not Japanese; but I’m Korean, and in Korea we also have a concept/superstition that is very similar to omamori), Victor presenting the ring to Yuuri and saying something special to go with it is what makes the ring an ‘omamori’. It adds sentimental value to the object, adds meaning to it. It makes the omamori all the more meaningful and powerful. This would explain why Yuuri is asking for a “magic spell” from Victor here.

And this would also make sense in light of his previous words about wanting a lucky charm for himself. Yuuri’s bought a pair of rings, presented one to Victor as a thank-you gift, and is now asking Victor to tell him a “spell” to go with his own ring, his omamori.

And Victor says that he will tell Yuuri a spell that will make him not think about anything; he knows that Yuuri tends to flop his jumps when he thinks too much. What Victor is saying here is that he will say something that will help Yuuri focus on his skating only and forget all other thoughts.

I think Yuuri’s surprised at Victor’s words more than anything else here. Yuuri probably expected Victor to give him some advice on what to do the following day, or some words of encouragement about how everything will go great. But instead, Victor tells him “something that will make him not think about anything”.

Victor’s words here are so significant. It’s basically Victor telling Yuuri that skating the way Yuuri decides he likes best, will be enough to win him the gold medal. Victor is telling Yuuri that being himself will be enough, that Yuuri is strong enough. 

This is Victor showing his complete and utter faith in Yuuri and in his victory, just like what Yuuri asked of him in the parking lot scene in ep 7.

And of course Yuuri’s ecstatic about this. This was all he needed to hear all along.

Victor’s words were just the right magic spell to give Yuuri all the power to win that gold medal at the GPF.

Okay here’s my promised Hamilton headcanons:

1: Alexander has severe ADHD. Like, this is supported by most of the fics I’ve read. Hyperfocusing on one thing to the point that he forgets to take care of himself. Unable to only do one thing at a time and jumping back and forth so he can get work done. Being generally loud so everyone hears what he has to say because if they don’t they never will because he’ll forget what it was in the next twenty minutes. Wanting to repeat stories over and over and over again because he loves telling them and wants to share etc. etc..

2: Alexander Hamilton has like no self control when it comes to the things he loves. Writing a passionate thirty page essay for a paper that was supposed to be like four pages. They’re all front and back too because the topic was corruption in the American Government how can he NOT make this long cause he has so much to say? AND THEN IN COMES AARON “WAIT FOR IT” BURR AND HE’S SO CONFUSED BECAUSE LIKE WTF. YOU LOVE IT GO GET IT DON’T WAIT FOR IT TO SLIP AWAY???

3: Aaron Burr loves to listen to Alex rant to the point that he does things he knows Hamilton can’t stand just to get the man talking. This frustrates Alex because dude if you want me to talk just ask you don’t need to piss me off.


5: Aaron needs one cup of coffee every morning. John Laurens needs three. Alex needs six.

6: These three would have a great poly relationship tbh, they work so well together. John and Aaron are able to take care of Hamilton when he hyperfocuses because dude it is really hard to get a person to stop when they start trust me. Hamilton, being the hypocrite he is, is a huge worrier when it comes to his boyfriends.

7: Aaron, despite his beliefs, also struggles with self control. Yes he’s pretty good at not impulsively buying shit or something, but tell the man to go to bed at ten on a weekend? It’ll be three in the morning before he realizes it.

8: John actually is not a big fan of violence. Sure, he’ll fight for Hamilton but that’s because he cares about the shorter man. If a random guy in a random bar decided he wanted to try to goad Laurens into violence the most he would get is an angry glare and silence.

9: Hamilton will literally fight anybody for anything. This is where Laurens’ dislike of violence and Burr’s calm demeanor help to restrain him. Really the only time they restrain him tbh.

10: Aaron Burr does not allow cigarettes in his home. Hamilton has tried to change his boyfriend’s mind but gave up when he found out John shared the sentiments.

11: Burr struggles with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and the biggest thing that makes him panic is loud bangs i.e. balloon pops, gunshots, slammed text books.

12: Hamilton only once considered cheating. The sickening guilt he felt when he thought of his boyfriends faces made him decide against it and firmly told the person no.

13: John loves to bake. Hamilton will fight anyone who insults his boyfriends cookies.

okay that’s it for now, if you want more shoot me an ask, yeah?

Ok... I have bad news :(

[Artist: I really don’t want to do this… I really really don’t want to do this at all to you guys. I’m so sorry. But… I have to go on hiatus. :’( 

Long story short: I am going to be very busy with my life as of now, and I need a break from drawing because I am a mess. I am so sorry.

Better explanation below. (Warning, its a bit long, sorry)

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“Sorry, pumpkin. Looks like it’s going to take a little bit longer than usual. Frikkin’ bandits like a god damn thorn in my side. And Vladof tryin’ to move in on the mines in the southeast hemisphere ain’t doing much for my planet-sized migraine.” Jack sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Sucks I can’t smell ya through the ECHO. Should get some nerd on that. Make me some more millions banking off desperate alphas suffering in long-distance relationships.” Jack gave him a wry smile. “I swear though…you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone, I guess.”

Now, Rhys hadn’t even thought about that. Even though Jack’s presence was missing from the penthouse, the entire space still smelled like him, still calmed Rhys when he started to badly need his mate. Jack didn’t have that, he was stuck in whatever high-security Hyperion facility he’d been holed up in down on Pandora, full of sterile, sucked-dry scent and not much else. Rhys hummed, tapping his fingers on his chin as he thought.  

“Maybe I can send you something that smells like me? Would that help?”

“Babe, if you’re gonna send me your underwear, then I—“

“God, no, Jack, don’t be gross.” Rhys pulled a face. “I was thinking like a shirt or a scarf or someth—”  Rhys cut himself off as he noticed Jack’s eyes glittering at that.

“Scarves, huh? Don’t think I’ve seen you wear those before, sweetheart. Love to see something sheer wrapping all tight around your pretty neck…mm!”

“You keep talking like that, Jack, and I’m sending you one of my socks.”

i’m feeling better so. tentatively expect a single dad AU update sometime tomorrow. 


Ship yourself with your bias tag! tagged by @pbj-anonymous thanks for tagging and u kinda look like one of my friends irl haha! <3

y'all know what’s my ship is and i’m not even qualified to ship myself with this man but honestly thinking about this makes me so emotional and i could go on forever on this topic.
obviously i’m attracted to this man and would in no universe say no to him but honestly i would just enjoy being friends with him. i may sound delusional but sososo many things he’s said in interviews etc i can relate to so much. so much it hurts! like i’m connected to him in another level. not just omfg he’s so hot. but more like.. i like his brain?
his thoughts and his whole life story is just so… special to me. and tbh it makes me kind of sad. i think he’s kind of an enfp like myself. from being a weird kid, we are both like ‘the clown of the group’ in a sense. but honestly the funniest people are the loneliest and he’s said so himself. people have told me haha juuli u so funny u’re always so positive and u have no worries. and i’m basically going home to hug a pillow. but like seunghyun, i don’t mind it. it is simply the way my brain thinks.
i think we would have tons of fun but also maybe would be the right kind of company for each other. who knows
anyways! pinkyswear i love this man in any possible way ❤️

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Bric-à-brac de recettes !

J’ai testé des recettes trop chouettes de bonnes petites choses, et je bricole des plats douteux, et parfois j’ai la foi d’en faire des photos tout aussi douteuses du coup je voulais en partager un peu avec vous ! :D

J’aime bien les recettes qui sont simples, pas interminables à faire, pas chères, facilement customisables, végétariennes voire vegan, qui calent juste ce qu’il faut, qui réconfortent, et qui font plaisir aux yeux aussi (y aura une ambiance japoniaise du coup, leurs plats sont inspirants ! ) . Voilà voilà :>

Contenu : deux plats, deux biscuitages, une boisson.

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decoffinated  asked:

[broom-service] Mingle Mingle + a duck/goose maybe if you don't get swamped with rqs :^0

@broom-service YESS!! i love ducks and geese this was a fun one 2 draw thank u

Name: Mr. Doctor Professor Gus G. Gaggle [Gus for short]

Pronouns: He / She / They [Genderless] 

Laff: 126 [Dropless]

Physical Description: A strange, lanky goose with a long neck and buck teeth [usually]. Often seen wearing very colorful suits. 


Affable, charming, and very charismatic, Gus is a somewhat popular inventor [or salesman, or scientist? Nobody actually knows WHAT he does as a career, but it’s gotta be something important with a name and a suit like that!] among the toons. Sure, he’s a bit on eccentric side, but her astounding social skills lead toons to look past their initial strangeness. Besides, he’s very fun! 

There’s just one liiiiitle problem with Gus though: They’re Actually Kind Of A Gigantic Jerk. Gus is quite manipulative and only thinks your existence is worthwhile if they can get something from it. He exploits his quirky harmless nerd persona in order to lure unsuspecting toons [and sometimes cogs!] into practically becoming his servants, because who wouldn’t want to help this friendly, helpless Doctor Professor something or other? He’s got a nasty temper, and will make your life miserable when you stop being useful to her or catch onto her sinister charade. 

Some random facts about their character under the cut:

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Cé Tú Féin? Chapter 3

Jack London once said that you can’t wait for inspiration to come; you have to chase it down with a club.  That, and binge-listening to Wardruna helps.

III: Toska

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.  I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.  I shall use my time.
               —Jack London

In Anna’s youth she’d often been entranced by her mother’s ocean stories.  On nights when the sky is alive with the aurora Idunn would carry little Anna to her room and light a candle before recounting her experiences on the open sea. Though Idunn maintained that she’d been raised on merchant vessels Anna had always privately imagined her mother among privateers, or pirates.

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Novoslobodskaya Station, Moscow and Formosa Boulevard Station, Taiwan.

From Artsy’s article 7 Unexpected Artworks to See in Subway Stations around the Globe

Stained-Glass Murals at Novoslobodskaya Station, Moscow

Say what you will about the Soviets, but they knew how to build a train station. Moscow’s metro is among the most visually stunning in the world, exuding a baroque opulence rarely found in public spaces like subways that were primarily meant for the daily grind of the working class. First opened in May 1935, the system is adorned with murals and works of art, including some made even after the Soviet Union collapsed (the still-expanding system is slated to be the fourth largest in the world by 2020). One of the most famous stations is Novoslobodskaya, known for its 32 stained-glass murals by Latvian artists. The decorations throughout the underground system also feature a fair amount of propaganda, such as a mosaic in Kievskaya station that shows smiling Russians and Ukrainians in happy harmony.

Narcissus Quagliata’s The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard Station, Taiwan

Formosa Boulevard station, located in Taiwan, boasts the largest public glasswork made of individual panels in the world. Consisting of over 4,500 glass panels stretching across 30 meters, The Dome of Light was designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. The work, which shows “the story of human life” through the ages, took over four years to complete and was shipped from Germany, where it was manufactured. The station that houses the work is named after the Kaohsiung Incident, a seminal event in Taiwanese history in which pro-democracy protesters, following the arrest of two Formosa magazine workers, gathered to commemorate Human Rights Day. The activists’ arrests—by Chinese authorities, who at the time controlled the island—are credited with galvanizing protests against China and eventually leading to the rise of Taiwanese democracy.

A message about messaging.

Right now I have 537 unread messages. But I want to talk about a particular one that appears in at least half of these. The second message. Something along the lines of “why aren’t you talking to me?”

There are a lot of reasons why I don’t talk to everyone and anyone on here, but making the assumption that I should talk to you is a pretty big red flag for me. This is my blog. At the end of the day I created it because I wanted somewhere I could express these things safely, explore new things, and have an archive of things to get off to when I need it. Basically I made it for fun, and don’t get me wrong I’ve had great fun talking to a fair few of you but the majority of you? I’ll give you a list of the reasons I might not be.

1. I get a lot of messages. I’m a woman with a consensual non-consent porn blog, go figure.

2. I’m busy. I have a full time job and I have chemo every other week. I’m sick, I’m tired, I come here to relax. My blog is my me time.

3. You use a pet name. Any pet name, degrading or otherwise. I am not your babe, bitch or slut unless I give you permission to call me that. Unsurprisingly a lot of the best conversations I’ve had on here are with people who can recognise that I’m also a person. In fact the longest conversation I have going on here has been just over a year and we haven’t talked about anything sexual once. I’m not a dirty talk machine, there are hotlines for that.

4. Dick pics. Just no. See the clause of this entire thing that relates to consent. I don’t want to see it unless I specifically say so and most of the time that’s gonna be a no.

5. “Hey do you do/have xyz?” No. If I wanted to give out all my personal contact information it would be on here. Also no, I don’t take face pics. I work in child services and I’m not an idiot.

6. I don’t want to. This is in a way the most important one, because when I’m on here most of the time I’m wanting to be alone and take some time to indulge myself. Most of the time I’m on here I just don’t want to talk to anyone.

There are other reasons of course. Daddy kink, unless I’ve specifically chosen to view it, is not something I involve myself in at all for the sake of my own mental health. If you’re relating to that in any way I’m absolutely not talking to you, personal preference, not shaming. If you are under eighteen or I suspect you are then that’s also a no as I’m not a paedophile.

This is just a run down of a few things that have been irking me whilst going through my messages. Consider it a venting session. Basically when messaging anyone you want to try a simple thing called respect. Fantasy is fun when it’s agreed between the people involved but a lot of my messages are the opposite. I’m just trying to enjoy myself guys, if I want to talk to you then I will, but don’t expect it. I suspect there are plenty more people on here who would be more than happy to talk to you about those things, but most of the time I’m not going to be the one you’re looking for.

I hate that I don’t remeber all my dreams and all their details. It’s like losing experiences, knowing that I’ve lived a certain life but not remembering it. I just really love dreaming so much it’s probably not even normal.


cephaloplod replied to your post “((@cephaloplod I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with guinea…”

Something the rspca and every rescue I’ve come across is against?

((I do understand that, but at the same time, often that’s a precaution. Those often assume that the people trying to house pigs and rabbits together are just going to fling them into a cage together and assume everything is going to be hunky dory immediately. I know that isn’t always the case. I know it can be risky. Thing is, I took precautions. I introduced Connie to Jelly very slowly. I did it in a space that wasn’t either of their territories. I have a cage on hand for Jelly if things go south badly. I’m supplementing their water with vitamin C to allow for the fact that rabbit food doesn’t contain it and guinea pigs need it. Their cage is spacious enough for them to not have to see each other if they don’t want to. Connie has a pigloo he can hide in if Jelly gets too much for him, and she’s too big to fit into it. If things get really bad and Jelly goes for Connie, my sister or her friend can take Jelly. My sister has three rabbits herself, and has also housed guinea pigs and rabbits together for extended periods of time. Personalities are so important, they have to mesh well together for the two to live happily. And, as all roommates tend to, sometimes there are squabbles. But these things I can deal with. I have prepared for as much as is concievable, and I am confident that Connie and Jelly will be okay. I didn’t even mention Jelly here until I was sure she might become a permanent fixture as Connie’s cagemate.))