long term vs short term

Blog Post #4 (Perse, 2001/Bryant & Zillmann, 2009: Media Effects) – Due 2/28/17

Which dimension of media effects (see below) do you think is the most interesting/important? Why? You should write 300-400 words that both directly reference your assigned reading(s) (Perse, 2001/Bryant & Zillmann, 2009) and include your rational and critical opinion.

Media effects dimensions:

  • Micro- vs. macrolevel
  • Intentional vs. unintentional
  • Content dependent vs. content irrelevant
  • Short term vs. long term
  • Reinforcement vs. change

What the fuck even is ectoplasm??? Apparently the word originally refers to props or materials used by mediums during seances to help the manifest spirits. It’s also a part of the formation of some spirits but like
Where did the idea of ectoplasm as slime come from? Is it radioactive? What’s it do long term vs. short term?
Everybody send me your ideas for a scientific explanation for ectoplasmic slime, I’m trying to explain it for a writing project

Another thing about this election, I feel like, though this is fairly simplified, we’re looking at short term issues vs. long term solutions. It’s completely understandable that people are looking at the short term issue of “must keep the creamsicle nightmare that is Trump/Pence out of office.” But it’s also true that in the long term, continuing to elect so-called progressive candidates like Hillary Clinton who reinforce capitalism and keep bombing the shit out of any country that steps out of line or has oil and continues the dominance of the military industrial complex over the entire world.

I’ve seen anarchists argue that making small, short term fixes to problems just acts to appease the masses and keeps real revolution from happening. But how do you expect people to risk their safety, well-being, and their very lives by accepting a Trump presidency that may or may not lead to actual revolution? And all the same risks apply during the actual revolution, and more. Yet at the same time, the longer it takes for people to change, the more people die from capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and all the rest that would take revolution to change before the majority of us die of old age.

Is it possible to balance short term fixes and larger, long term solutions when it comes to the big societal issues?