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You know what? I think things are looking up. Promo for JA is annoying but doing promo for unlikeable people isn't exactly out of the norm for any celebrity. And it also demonstrates how that teams focus is on James (long term) vs Louis (short term?). But look at all the other good things we have got recently.

“And it also demonstrates how that teams focus is on James (long term) vs Louis (short term?)”

i think this is a really important point to bear in mind. i like your optimism anon it’s always appreciated around here!

MBTI and Character Study: An Intro

Back in college, I did my independent study on the Myer-Briggs personality traits and how it relates to acting, character study, and plot development.  I took an in-depth look at each type, found character that fit this type, and studied why it impacted the choices they made.  I did this in an attempt to delve deeper into a character’s motivations, and try to gain a better understanding on how they view the world.  

Before I go into each type, I wanted to do an overview of why these traits matter, what they mean in isolation, and how it impacts character development.  This will serve as a foundation for each type analysis, and help explain exactly what these types mean!  Enjoy!

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So I’ve noticed a few people here snorting at our efforts to binge Netflix and buy YJ products in the hopes the show will be renewed for another season via Netflix. Mainly condescending “you know it’s not gonna work right” statements with no backup. I’m all for being realistic, but I’m also all for looking at the data/evidence and seeing what makes the most sense.

Reasons why Netflix would renew YJ for another season (or more!):

Basically it all boils down to profit, yeah? Well..

  • DC comics is a huge cash cow right now, and the more cows, the merrier. People are in a superhero mood! Just look at the successful DCTV shows (The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow), all the upcoming DC live-action movies (BvS, Suicide Squad, and that whole huge lineup of Justice League movies), and the animated movies as well. Look at how many new fans this is creating. Look at all the DC merchandise being sold everywhere. This is the equivalent of like, the cambrian explosion. But with $$.
  • Netflix Originals are profitable. Just look at the list, and how many of those have been renewed or are pending compared to the small number that have ended. Renewed = show is doing very well and is bringing in $$. And the more original content Netflix has that no one else has, the longer members will stay with Netflix. Basically, Netflix’s biggest competitors are HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and if Netflix can get their mitts on something that’ll keep credit-card-wielding customers from making the switch to the other two platforms, then they win.
  • YJ already has a huge, established, dedicated fanbase. What company doesn’t rub their hands together at that? And maybe with better research on the demographic watching the show, they’ll make better marketing choices on merchandise and that equals more $$.
  • I also saw a post saying this is all just the creators/producers/people involved “playing” us (but with no further description), and yeah, ok. Let’s entertain the idea that the sole reason they’re asking us to binge the show is to collect the residuals (payment they get when each episode is streamed.. although Netflix and WB may have just worked out an upfront package). But residuals is nothing compared to all the money they’ll make if the show is renewed. Short term small money vs long term big money? Doesn’t take a business major to figure that one out.

Of course, none of this matters if Netflix can’t get the rights from Cartoon Network (and/or Warner Bros? I don’t remember). But, if CN is seeing Netflix fighting for this show (and all the profit it’ll bring), then CN will probably also consider renewing it themselves. It’s like if you’re a professor at a university and you want a pay raise. What do you do? You apply for another position elsewhere. And once your current university gets wind of this, they go oh crap! we gotta keep them! And they offer you a promotion. Ain’t nuthin like a healthy dose of competition to keep the cash flowin.

Either way, now’s probably the BEST chance of showing support for the show in hopes of it getting renewed, so don’t let those debbie downers take your hope away. Remember: if you want something, it’s up to you to go get it, and even if it doesn’t go according to plan, at least you tried. because you’ll fail 100% of the time if you don’t try. /cheesy motivation

And we’re just binging Netflix shows anyway. That’s like, what we do on a daily basis. Hardly hard work, yeah?

Anyway! Just my 2 cents! 

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Call for Submissions: Hoax #11 - Feminisms and STRATEGY

We are totally ecstatic to announce that the topic for Hoax #11 will be feminisms and STRATEGY.

We are eager for feminists of all backgrounds and genders to submit to Hoax #11! We ask that you read the following three links before you submit: mission statement, core values, and goalsgeneral Hoax FAQssubmission FAQspotential ideas for material on the topic of strategy include, but are not limited to,:

  • Goals: How we aim to act & who we want to become; Thinking about the future of feminism; Short term vs. long term planning; What we would ideally like to see in our feminist movements

  • Community Organizing: Indigenous organizing (working within communities) in comparison to non-profit & legislative organizing; Methods in which we attempt to gauge change (grant cycles, report cards, the DSM, journaling, etc.); Theoretical approaches to community organizing; Observing noticeable differences in our communities; Colonization & gentrification; Working within collective structures; Community organizing as as social justice buzzword; Community organizing as an academic discipline

  • Legislation: The pros & cons of legislative reform; Critiques of the professionalism of activism and the non-profit industrial complex; Does “radical” always mean a rejection of legislative reform?; Obtaining legal aid; Social factors that impact our relationship to police; When & if can the master’s tools be used to fuck with the master’s house; The process of grant writing and obtaining funding for specific projects; How receiving money for feminist organizing may prevent burnout

  • Relationships: Strategies to make relationships more equitable and less hierarchical; Discussing feminism & anti-oppression issues with people who don’t “get it”; Engaging with loved ones who are struggling; How to make feminism more “inclusive” & accommodate people of various identities & lived experiences; Peer support & mutual aid; Strategies to foster healthy community; Strategies to deal with grief, loss,& trauma; Bringing gaps

  • Sex and Sexuality: “Queering” our sexual relationships; Strategies of setting boundaries and enacting holistic consent; Strategies of enacting healthy “sex positivity”; The development of a materialist feminist lens for discussing sex work; Developing healthy & lasting means of healing from sexual trauma; Asexuality, abstinence, celibacy, & other separations from compulsory sexual interactions; Building queer platonic relationships in the age of online dating; Strategies to discuss HIV/AIDS & STIs in non-shaming ways

  • History: Feminist strategies that have been (in)effective; When and how to reinvent the wheel; Racism in the feminist movement; “Women’s only” spaces as a feminist strategy / Is it possible to create gender-segregated spaces that are actually inclusive?; Personal reflections

  • Education: Feminist parenting; Feminism as an academic discipline & the academic industrial complex; The relationship between theory and praxis; “Teaching” feminism to young people; Cross-generational feminist dialogue; How to turn mistakes into learning moments & undo “call out culture”; The pros & cons of identity-based caucusing in undoing racism, sexism, etc.

  • Visibility / Communication / Media: Strategies to effectively use social media; Zines versus blogs; Self-expression (or lack thereof) & its relation to feminism, queerness, zine making, etc; Changing nature of information-sharing as it relates to feminism; How the media changes perception of time & social justice work; Personal exposure & secrecy; How to create inclusive feminist terminologies

  • Accessibility: Reaching out to feminists who are geographically isolated; Addressing classism within feminism & how poverty impacts accessibility; Addressing dis/ability and making feminist spaces more physically accessible; The establishment of sober spaces & strategies for sober people to feel safer in drinking spaces; How to establish “safer spaces” in general

  • DIY Tutorials: Crafting; Sex toys; Menstrual products for people who bleed; Developing workshops

We also need lots of artwork that will format properly as background designs — this means fitting properly into a vertical 5.5 x 8.5 page and contrasting well in grey scale. We would strongly prefer art that does not just portray thin / white / cis / able-bodied people.

Please aim to send us yr amazing material to hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com by OCTOBER 15th, 2015. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail us yr ideas for topics & artwork! As always, we are willing to work with you during any and every stage of the writing process. The sooner you send us yr work and ideas, the better!

Thank you so much to every contributor, reader, & supporter of this zine! We are looking forward to seeing yr work!

Please re-blog to spread the word! 

In Solidarity,

rachel & sari

Another thing about this election, I feel like, though this is fairly simplified, we’re looking at short term issues vs. long term solutions. It’s completely understandable that people are looking at the short term issue of “must keep the creamsicle nightmare that is Trump/Pence out of office.” But it’s also true that in the long term, continuing to elect so-called progressive candidates like Hillary Clinton who reinforce capitalism and keep bombing the shit out of any country that steps out of line or has oil and continues the dominance of the military industrial complex over the entire world.

I’ve seen anarchists argue that making small, short term fixes to problems just acts to appease the masses and keeps real revolution from happening. But how do you expect people to risk their safety, well-being, and their very lives by accepting a Trump presidency that may or may not lead to actual revolution? And all the same risks apply during the actual revolution, and more. Yet at the same time, the longer it takes for people to change, the more people die from capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and all the rest that would take revolution to change before the majority of us die of old age.

Is it possible to balance short term fixes and larger, long term solutions when it comes to the big societal issues?