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How to Develop Resilience

1. Work on developing a positive self-image, and accepting and loving the person that is “you”.

2. Develop a network of friends whom you can trust – who’ll be there to support you, and give encouragement.

3. Work on developing a positive mind set. Be grateful, optimistic, and focus on success.

4. Believe that you can change things, and make a difference. You’re not a helpless victim; you can take some control.

5. However, don’t waste your energy on things you cannot change. Walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations.

6. Take a long term view of things, and try to maintain your perspective. We all encounter obstacles and challenges in life.

pure | one

Originally posted by bangtan-life13

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, fluff (maybe some smut in the future, who knows?)

word count: 2.3k

heir au

summary: she was the purest being he’d ever witnessed in his pitiful life, yet he was the responsible for ruining her.

author’s note: hola hola (stan kard guys, you won’t regret) your good sis smile is back at it again with a guk fic! i actually posted this on my wattpad account a few months ago but unpublished it because of a huge writer’s block but here it is, freshly rewritten (barely lol) and only on tumblr.

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Hey :D can you do the crush thing on INFJ please?

Generally speaking, INFJs do not handle crushes very gracefully. The combination of Ni-Fe-Ti will often make them overthink things and inferior Se makes them blind to the realities of the situation. Mature INFJs who are more in touch with Fe/Se will trust their intuitions and, as a result, be more bold to pursue crushes even if they feel some anxiety about the outcome; they will feel confident in their own ability to deal with whatever happens. Less mature INFJs who are more aligned with Ni/Ti would probably have low self-esteem and a much stronger fear of getting hurt/rejected. They could get stuck endlessly analyzing or obsessing about the “truth” of the situation, never reaching any conclusion because there are simply too many unknowns. This can leave them paralyzed and torn between the fear of missing out and the lack of confidence to take action. They might unconsciously fill the void of knowledge by idealizing the crush, only to end up incredibly disappointed when the person/situation does not match their expectations. INFJs value privacy and can tend towards secrecy because Ni has a natural inclination towards self-protection and managing consequences. Compared to other inexpressive/introverted types, INFJs generally possess a greater capacity for masking emotional turmoil, so their “poker face” is often impenetrable; Fe prevents them from disturbing the status quo and they can utilize Ti to harden or detach themselves. This makes it easy for them to hide their true feelings and suffer alone in silence. As a result, it is not unusual for INFJs to miss the opportunity to start a new relationship because, by the time they feel prepared enough to take action, the other person is already beyond reach.

From the other person’s perspective: Mature INFJs will send out more obvious signals, but less mature ones can be extremely subtle because they need to proceed as slowly as possible in order to manage any anxiety. They will find opportunities to be near you or chat with you. The more anxious ones will investigate you from a distance or through mutual friends. They will want to know all about you, your family, your past, your future goals, your inner most thoughts, etc. They will try and take advantage of every chance to know you more deeply without being too obvious. However, it is important to note that people often feel drawn to INFJs because they are generally helpful people and very good listeners who can carry on quite lengthy conversations without ever sharing anything about themselves. Thus, it would be important to make sure that their interest in you is for personal reasons and not motivated by a selfless desire to help you out with some problem/issue. Generally speaking, INFJs are not so outgoing as to want to know everything about everyone, so if they take a keen interest in you for reasons that are not entirely obvious, it is usually a good sign. Mature INFJs generally appreciate honesty and the courage to be vulnerable, so you should probably just be direct with them if you are unsure about how they feel. No matter how they feel, they will likely discuss and process all your feelings with you until both parties feel a sense of closure. However, less mature INFJs can be defensive, oversensitive, and easily overwhelmed, so proceed with caution where they are concerned because there is a possibility that you could get door-slammed. It is probably a good idea to form a close friendship with an INFJ (by getting to know them better) before pursuing anything romantic because many of them take a serious and long term view of relationships. They want a lasting and deep connection which requires some time to build up trust and understanding, so it is usually not a good idea to try and push or rush an INFJ into anything.

current theory for the conflict at the end of the stolen century: it was primarily a conflict of morals between davenport and lucretia

by that point they had figured out that by splitting the light of creation they could make it untraceable. the items they had turned it into, however, became maelstroms of destruction if left unchecked (ironic for items born of creation). lucretia probably thought that they were directly responsible for far too much over the years, and that they were powerful enough to destroy the hunger if only the ipre harnessed the power of the light. davenport would have had more of a long-term view and insisted that the incidents with the relics were a worthwhile trade for the hunger never finding them.

so lucretia took matters into her own hands. if she couldnt persuade the others, shed remove them from the equation and find the relics herself. barry knew the mind-wipe was coming - from his narration in ep. 58 (?) about falling to the earth, it sounds like he made himself into a lich and then straight up jumped off the moon to ensure that he kept his memories. lucretia then set up the protective measures against him to make sure he couldnt interfere.

lup was closest to barry, so she might have access to some of his necromantic power - she apparently anticipated the wipe as well and transferred her soul to her staff. thats why her skeleton seems so old while her robes are brand new when they find her: she was only a decade dead, but sucking her own life force out of her body would have destroyed it completely.

as for davenport and the thb, we know what happens to them: lucretia takes the responsibility of babysitting their captain while the boys are scattered across the continent to live their lives, until lucretia needs them again.

the biggest unanswered questions to me right now are how barry and lup knew what was coming, and why they didnt warn the others; and whether everybody really was on davenports side of the issue, or if it was a mixed group and some of lucretias more drastic actions were unnecessary.


“Because at that time, I could not even apologize.”

He was 16 y.o. at that time. The youngest of Hey! Say! JUMP. On June 27th 2011, his smoking scandal was discovered, his affiliation office stated out an indefinite hiatus of his activities.

After graduating from Horikoshi High School, and went through 2 years of studying abroad, he came home.

For four years, Morimoto who had dissapeared from the world, suddenly showed up on SNS (social media). Then on December 2015, he announced that he will lead the vocal in a dance and vocal unit “ZERO”. The impact to his fans who believed in him and waited for him, was big.

Turned around from the glory, within those four years he could not see far ahead, struggling his days in suffering. He passed through the betrayal and despair, and decided to live in the present. He decided to move forward.

Is it a start? Or is it an atonement?

A rebirth, then the story of how he will grasp the glory again, it is portrayed vividly in his head.

“Redeeming ourself for those who believed in us, it’s not over yet.”

Q : How do you feel about taking the interview today?

A : In the past, there were [always] magazine interviews that was decided [for me]. This and that (magazine) every month. [Magazine interviews] had already became a usual thing for me to do for about 7-8 years, but this time, since being a 16 y.o., this is my first interview for the past 5 years, it became a new thing again, and it makes me nervous.

Q : By the end of two years ago (2015), you restarted [your life] with the dance & vocal unit [ZERO], what do you think about it after this one year?

A : Last year I tried to attack in a short period. I personally want to see it in a long-term view, so without hurrying things, I did it last year. This year, I want to convert it well and connect it to the year onward so each year will be a challenge.

Q : Why did you form a group?

A : Because I think I won’t be able to do it if I’m alone. With my friend(s) in Senior High, we talked about doing this together for some time, right after I came back from Hawaii, “How about doing it now?” and just like that I invited them. And because they have things that I don’t have.

Q : Do you think this job suit you?

A : I don’t really understand about that, but I’ve entered the entertainment world since 9 y.o., so I don’t really know about other job. It also can be said that I didn’t study at all. In junior high, I barely came to school. So, I missed out a lot in my studies during junior high (LOL). Lately, I think it’s a really serious thing, I can’t even write kanji or make a story. On the contrary, I think this is the only thing that I can do. My parents also said this to me, “Because you don’t suit to be a company employee, do your best in the entertainment world.”

Q : Was it your mother who sent the application to the agency at that time?

A : I don’t really remember it, but I remember being forcibly told by my mother to try going there. A 9 year old kid, it’s an age where they are happy by playing games, playing soccer, or playing outside, so I felt that I did complained that I didn’t want to go. Suddenly I was given a place (group), moreover I got lessons and worked with people who are older than me, it was pretty tough.

Q : Among Hey! Say! JUMP [members] too?

A : I was the youngest. People who worked with me, they were all older than me, so there’s a feeling that I always became the youngest. At that time I was loved/spoiled by them, but if I think about it right now, I should’ve paid more attention (to them), something like that, because at that time I went just like that so only regret came to me [now].

Q : How was your Junior High era?

A : It was hellish. To be in the same junior high with a person who appeared in TV, there is something like jealousy or envy that surfaced, isn’t it? It was terrible. Something like bullying was not half-assed. When I went to the classroom, my desk was not there, my indoor shoes were missing, my gym uniform too, many things disappeared. At lunch time, they glanced (at me) when our song was broadcasted, then during break time some people (noisily) gathered in my class to see me. Plus, my classmate couldn’t understand that. Because of that, I started to stop going to school. But I didn’t tell my mother about it. During my rebellious age I was hit by my mother, and it made me stray from the right path.

Q : You showed your smile on stage or TV, its unbalanced right…

A : Right. But, I didn’t mix my private issue with work. I learned to have an on-off switch during my junior high time. With that, I thought I won’t be a trouble for anyone. The whole time [I always thought that way], to the members too. I was asked, “Did you go to school?” I answered “I didn’t go” I already got some consultation too, in the end [their advice] became “Go.” Eventually, everything collided.

Q : How about your feelings about work?

A : I changed around 15-16 yo. At that time, my energy to work started to fade away. Bullied at school. Still have to go to work. I really needed an output from those stress. At that time I had a close friend, I frequently went to that friend’s house. In there, that friend offered a cigarette and I started smoking. That time I felt my stress decreased, it felt like the world had changed. I went to work, talking to the other members also became fun, but if I return back to that time, maybe my face looked stiff… [T/N: so, even though it was fun, he felt that it was all just him putting on a mask]

“There’s no point for me to live.”

Q : How was it when the smoking scandal leaked out?

A : “I’m over,” was what I thought. I just thought [about wanting] to die. More than half of my life was spent in the entertainment world. If this thing is gone, there’s no point for me to live, many times I’ve tried to kill myself. I’ve tried many ways.

Q : You didn’t consult to anyone?

A : I couldn’t. My mother was told by the agency about the scandal. That time my mother cried so much. When I saw it, I thought “Aargh… What have I done…” all of my regret came out. I fully realized about my weak determination. But it’s too late to regret it now. I’ve ended my life once, so I thought about how to restart again.

Q : Because of that your family became sad.

A : I didn’t think of that. All this time, people said to my mother “Your son appeared on TV, it’s great,” but starting from that time onward, “Your son is a smoker, right?” So I thought if I’m gone, everything would be settled.

Q : Then you were put in an indefinite hiatus, did you know that instead of you, the members faced the media and apologized?

A : Honestly I didn’t see it. After that (scandal leaked), I couldn’t bring myself to watch TV. But naturally it should be me who apologized, but the other members did it. Honestly, that’s the only thing that I regret until now.

Q : How about senior high school life?

A : [The scandal] leaked out on June during my first grade of senior high school, but after that I normally went back to high school life. It was the time I could forget being in an [idol] group. But there was always a feeling that I couldn’t see anything after that. Every day felt like it just hangs before my eyes, after a day had passed, “I didn’t die today…” that’s how I kept feeling. When my birthday came, I thought “Ah, I’ve spent one year.”

Q : You didn’t think anything about the future?

A : I have lot of things in the past, “How should I do?” even if I thought that way, I still end up thinking that it was impossible. I didn’t look [ahead] towards future, but I’m always looking at the past. I felt there was always a wall in front of my eyes.

Q : When you looked at the past, there’s regret?

A : I regret everything. As a result, I felt I betrayed everyone, “At that time it would’ve been better if I had done that… It would’ve been better if I didn’t do that…” every time I kept thinking that way. Moreover, ever since the indefinite hiatus was announced, I couldn’t take any action.

Q : After senior high school graduation, why did you study abroad to Hawaii?

A : I never knew how to start moving [forward], so I thought about getting out of Japan, then I started to make my move. The reason why I chose Hawaii was because I had traveled there (for a school trip) once when I was in senior high. At that time I thought that [Hawaii] was really nice. There are Japanese people, also it doesn’t have a dangerous image at all. Because of that I went to Hawaii, and then my nature and way of thinking also changed. Because I met other people who didn’t know anything about me at all, I could talk about various things.  Like when I talked about what kind of work I was doing before, I was able to talk about such things naturally in Hawaii’s unique air, so I felt relieved. Maybe if I didn’t go to Hawaii, I might still be a useless human like before.

Q : What did you do in Hawaii for two years?

A : Because it was a language study exchange program, I always got subjects in English. Then I also became a volunteer. I often worked for [helping] other people. Because of it, my way of thinking changes 180 degree. When I was still in Japan, I always thought only about myself. Like “I didn’t die today” or “Other people talked bad about me again”. But when I was in Hawaii, when a day ends and I went to sleep, “Tomorrow what will I do to [help] other people?” I thought about that. After that, rather than [doing things] ‘for my own sake’, I thought [about how to] ‘work for other people’s sake’ which makes us human. If other people became happy, I thought it will be my pleasure too. A particular thing that I felt most in Hawaii is their way of thinking in respecting older people.  When in contact with the grandpas or grandmas, then they said “Thank you,” it made me happy. Ah, respecting was a thing like this…

Q : Did your English also improved?

A : Yes, it improved. Though I missed English [lessons] in Junior High, I somehow managed to be able to barely speak daily conversation. When speaking in English, I felt my character also became open. Because of that I could say what I wanted to say, I also got my interest about something [that seems] far away (the future) back, I could understand both of them.  And just like that, my painful memories gradually disappeared, I also felt that my pitch black heart was shined by a light.

Q : Did you decided to have 2 years [stay in Hawaii] since the beginning?

A : At first, I thought about going to different cities in those 2-3 years. Because of that, in my 2nd year, I came to watch Pancrase’s mixed martial arts competition in Hawaii by chance. Because I did karate (in the past), I kinda got into combat sports. There I met the representative (of Pancrase), Sakai (Masakazu)-san, I immediately became determined. By speaking [to him, I thought] our view of values is really similar. [His] heart is [like] a young boy. When I talked about my opinion, he always replies like “That’s good!” or “I also thought so”, it made me really happy. I never met a person who really matches my sense, so I can relate to him very much.

“I want to make fans happy.”

Q : Particularly to whom you felt you had betrayed?

A : Of course all of the fans. [If it’s] my family… I think I can return [to them] even if I’m not doing this [entertainment] work anymore. Because whatever happens, we only have one family. But the fans, who grew to like me by seeing me in the entertainment world, they continued to give their support for me. I’ve given them a painful memory there, so I expect by seeing me work in the same entertainment world [again,] it could make them happy. I think this is the only way to repay them. Actually, because I am still passing through the suspension of indefinite hiatus, there are people who believed and waited for me to come back. That is why I showed myself to the public, and by working in different group, I think it’s necessary to tell them properly that I won’t be returning back [to my previous group].

Q : After deciding to come back to the entertainment world, what is your action?

A : I contacted my senior high friend who said “Let’s do that together!” It’s RYO who is now doing this together as one of ZERO members.  Thanks to him being there for me in senior high, it’s not an exaggeration to say that I can live until now because I was helped by him. Then I asked RYO, “Do you have (a recommendation) for other members?” he replied “I have a friend in university!” and the members became 5 people, but now it became 4. Then, with these 4 members, we ‘bang’ the stage on December last year. Even without any advertisement, just by announcing it on Twitter “We will have a live (concert)~”, I thought there wouldn’t be that much people coming, but our show was full within about 100 people capacity. Ah, ever since I begin (to have) Twitter, there is an imposter using my name as their name, and it was very bad. Then it came to my head, so I [decided] to show my own face when I was in Hawaii and stated my objection, “this is the real one,” (LOL). But ever since I was 16, I never showed my face [to the public]… and there were a lot of comments like “You’re an imposter too!” that came to me.

Q : ZERO which started as a dance and vocal unit, what kind of group is it?

A : I think it’s a group which is like a white pallet that has many colors on it. First there is my color, then it gathers other color that is still lacking and when it is mixed, it’ll be another color, that’s what I thought. For example, because I can dance, that’s a good thing. However it’s not just about dance, because the other members have their own colors. Then there is another rap and vocal unit ‘BLACKJACK’ that I’m doing with RYO, the keyword is 21. It’s 21st century, I’m 21 y.o when it was formed, and when mine and his birthday is added up, it also becomes 21. Blackjack is a game when the total number is 21, (the player) wins. That is why [the meaning to it is like] “Let’s become the winner”.

“Whatever they say, I’m going forward.”

Q : What do you think about Hey! Say! JUMP members?

A : I’m feeling grateful [to them]. Thanks to them, I become who I am now and because they were there I can live like this now. Of course there is a lot of apologetic feeling [for them]. Through various feelings, they took care of me who was the youngest. They had always thought about me, who helplessly can’t do anything, from the bottom of my heart I’m really grateful to them.

Q : Like you’ve said, “Naturally it should be me who apologized”, but do you feel that you haven’t been given a chance to apologize?

A : Like I always say, even if I look back to the past, it won’t accomplish anything. Even if I look back, I can’t fix it anymore and I can only regret it. That’s why I think I should [start] looking at the future. Of course, I think there are some fans who aren’t satisfied/convinced because of that, or some people who are angry because the other members ends up apologizing. Because each people are different, we can’t avoid complains. But whatever they say about me, whatever I will do, I will keep moving forward. Then when I stand on a big stage, I think it would be good if I can take that chance to apologize. I want to say it with my own words, “I’m sorry.”

Q : From now onwards, what dream do you want to make?

A : My target is to become a world famous artist. But for now, firstly I want to make each of our fan entertained with ZERO. Because a person who can’t entertain the fans standing in front of his eyes won’t be able to entertain the world. With that, I look forward to spread out [to people] that “ZERO is an interesting group.” I will keep running towards that direction.

Q : What message that you want to leave for JUNON readers?

A : Even for a person who has a painful experience and a suffering period for a long time like me, I want to tell you that you will definitely see something beyond that. I don’t want to just say it through words. But I think I want to show it through my actions, or music, or a composition. You don’t have to run, you don’t have to walk fast, you don’t have to mind your surroundings, just by keep walking forward in your own pace, surely the scenery will change. I… was in a forked road between right and left, from 10 people, 9 people chose to go to the right. I, with my own will, would think “I want to go to the left,” then even by myself, I would go to the left. Because later on, I can still ask “How is the scenery on the right side?” But the scenery on the left side is a journey that only me who experience it. To go to the road which no one has gone to, it needs courage and the risk is also big. On the right side (of the road), there are 9 people’s mind, many ideas can be born, but on the left side, it’s just me by myself, so I should work with a portion of 9 people’s mind. I may also get wounded on this severe road. And yet, I keep moving forward while believing that I will definitely get something [out of it]. I think, now ZERO is still preparing to depart to a journey. In order to stuff in the luggage into a backpack, we need to see the guidebook. From here, I think step by step, we will walk without rushing [ourselves].

Translated from : JUNON April 2017 Edition

Translated by : @ichigoainosuke

Beta-Translation by : @aizawanikka

Save Our Shows 2017: Cast your vote for the 'bubble' shows worth saving
USA TODAY's 20th annual poll lets you pick which network series to keep, or drop

Nielsen ratings and network assessments of creative quality were once the primary barometers of which series survived. But in recent years, as streaming services began paying handsomely for reruns, networks have tended to heavily favor shows they own, and use profits — rather than ratings — as a primary yardstick. And the steady rise in delayed viewing, on TV and online, makes it much harder to make snap judgments about a series’ potential.

While immediate viewership for Timeless was low, it ranked as NBC’s No. 4 scripted series once viewing up to 35 days later is counted, “a stat I’ve never heard of until NBC publicized it,” says executive producer Shawn Ryan.

While networks’ ad-dollar haul isn’t as high for that long-term viewing, it indicates growing fan interest, which also helped NBC comedy Superstore earn an early renewal.

“Our show is very much a Rorschach test about what new metrics in television mean,” Ryan says. “If it’s true that it doesn’t matter when the viewers come to a show, I feel pretty confident we’ll be back. If the old metric still rules the day, then I guess maybe we might not.”

Spencer says the spring uncertainty goes with the territory: She says she’s appeared in eight pilot episodes for new series “that never saw the light of day.”

The same goes for her co-star, Malcolm Barrett: “From my very first TV show, I was already ready for it to be canceled,” with “an understanding that’s it’s not always immediately appreciated.  If the worst criticism is that it was ahead of its time, then I’m OK with that as a legacy.”

marlyslikes  asked:

In case this hasn't been asked before (disregard if it has), what would Bree's personal quest be if she were a recruitable companion in DA:I?

I did a Warden-As-A-Companion post, but it’s been two years so I’m going to re-answer this question and make some revisions.

The first quest–The Old That Is Strong Does Not Wither–is one in which the Inquisitor would be asked to scope out the Circle of Ferelden, assess the fates of those she thinks of as family (Greagoir, Irving, etc.), and guarantee the safety of any survivors by bringing them to Skyhold. I think that quest stands the test of time, and still makes sense to me.

The following quest–Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost–was intended to secure Zevran’s safety, but I don’t think my visualisation for that quest was at all logical. It makes sense for Zevran to lay low, especially considering his potential participation in the events of DA:I. To bring him to Skyhold would be to paint a nice, big target on Zevran’s back for any Crows. (And there are spies tripping over spies tripping over spies in Skyhold as it is–we don’t need to add another faction to the pot.)

The last quest–From The Ashes A Fire Shall Be Woken…–is nice in my head, but questionable from a long-term point of view. In DA:I, religion is uprooted and turned on its head. In DA:O, the exact opposite happens: the Guardians and the ghosts and the Urn root the Andrastian religion in history and fact. I think I’d need to see how DA4 plays out before I can say whether or not seeking out the Guardian & the Urn would be plausible, but as it stands it seems to work against the themes of DA:I.

Future carbon dioxide, climate warming potentially unprecedented in 420 million years

New research led by the University of Southampton suggests that, over the next 100 to 200 years, carbon dioxide concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere will head towards values not seen since the Triassic period, 200 million years ago. Furthermore, by the 23rd century, the climate could reach a warmth not seen in 420 million years.

The study, published in Nature Communications, compiled over 1200 estimates of ancient atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations to produce a continuous record dating back nearly half a billion years. It concludes that if humanity burns all available fossil fuels in the future, the levels of CO2 contained in the atmosphere may have no geologically-preserved equivalent during this 420 million year period.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think, if anything, would cause shunk to have a serious fight??

Man, a lot of things?

I think the biggest source of their fights would be long term views vs short term views.  They kind of flip flop on their perspectives, but in each case they take the opposite view.  

In the short term, Hunk tends to be more nervous of failure.  He doesn’t like doing things he’s afraid will blow up in his face.  He doesn’t like seeing an ‘F’ on the top of his paper, doesn’t like getting hurt, doesn’t like when things crumple from under his feet.  And Shiro’s not a fan of those things but he’s also not daunted by them.  It helps that he’s usually the sort of person who picks up on concepts or actions quickly, so he’s never really had a problem with short term failure.  

To put it simply: Shiro is more adventurous.  He wants to go out and do, to get messy and learn from it.  Hunk would rather watch first.  So I think they probably have arguments over if Shiro is being reckless or if Hunk needs to come out of his shell.  These don’t start serious, more gentle prodding, but eventually they can build up and bubble over into something a lot more meaningful.

Then there’s long term.  The thing about long term is that Hunk has his eyes on the prize.  Hunk is thinking ahead four or five steps, planning out future goals.  He used to have one of those massively complicated ‘five year plans’ where he’d carefully check off each step to watch his progress.  Hunk thinks that organization and focus is part of what got him into the GG.

Shiro is not.  Not for himself, anyway.  He looks, at most, a few months into the future.  He has plans for issues that are one step away (’what happens if I die?  Keith takes over’ ‘what happens if we can’t form Voltron?’ ‘What happens if someone is sick?’), but nothing beyond that.  Shiro has no plans for Earth, no plans for past the next few battles, no plans for life.

It frustrates Hunk to no end that Shiro can’t seem to care beyond a certain level. It irritates Shiro constantly that Hunk pushes him to, when he just doesn’t have the time or energy for that.  Everything he has is going toward making sure things to fail in the next few months, and keeping them alive in the moment.  Hunk thinks that Shiro is making terrible choices long term because of this blind spot (such as his eating habits, which don’t exactly scream ‘I’ll live to see 40′).  Shiro thinks that those things don’t matter in the face of not dying, in the face of what he’s come out of. He doesn’t have much of a chance of living till 30 at this point, who the hell cares about 40?

That’s the source of most of their fights.

Pitfalls to Weight Loss That You Should Avoid

The theory behind losing weight is actually not that difficult. 

The problem is, many people aren’t able to keep the weight off long term. 

Here are some things that can ruin a diet plan, and how you can deal with them.

1. Watch For Hidden calories

You’ve followed your diet plan, you’ve counted calories, and you’ve weighed yourself on a daily basis, but the weight is not coming off. 

Why not?

You could be overlooking some foods that are loaded with calories, such as butter, cooking oils, sugar and salad dressing. 

This adds up fast!

I remember my great grandmother told me that she got up 250 pounds when she worked in a hospital kitchen. 

She said she didn’t eat huge meals, but she would nibble at food all day long.

Make sure to measure all of your foods

2. Don’t Have a Mentality of “All or Nothing”

It can be a pain to track all the calories you consume, and it is very tempting to eventually just throw in the towel. 

Perhaps you couldn’t help but splurge on a pizza or something, or maybe you forgot to track your caloric intake for a day or two. 

Don’t give up!

Be sure to take a long term view of things. If you slack off on one day, cut back the next day, or exercise harder. 

Don’t make this a habit, but don’t beat yourself up either.

3. Don’t Get Overconfident

Sometimes you face the biggest challenge when things are going well. 


Because you start to think that you can go back to your old lifestyle and not suffer any consequences. 

The problem is, bad habits will eventually creep back in, and before you know it, you’ll be back to your old weight (and pants size). Stay focused!

California city confiscates toilets from homeless, forcing them to use buckets
The removal of the few portable toilets available to homeless people at an encampment in Anaheim has been called a public health crisis
By Carla Green

The city says it prefers to take a long-term view of resolving the situation rather than investing resources in short-term needs. A local nonprofit recently received a $720,000 county contract to provide services and outreach to the community, and perhaps install bathrooms and showers, while pursuing the end goal of dismantling the encampment altogether. Even so, city and county officials seem reluctant to make too many accommodations for the riverbed residents, worried this will further entrench the encampment.

Because fuck human dignity, right? 

And you know the ‘end goal’ doesn’t involve homing people, just shunting them off somewhere else. 

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How would an ENTJ deal with a crush? Like how you did for the ESFP.

As with ESFPs, ENTJs who have a stronger sense of Te/Se will likely be more bold or proactive in pursuing a crush. Being Te-doms, it is important to consider whether the crush was expected or wanted. If ENTJs feel blindsided by the feelings in some way, they may need more time to get in touch with Ni/Fi and figure out what they really want. ENTJs tend to decide things based on probable consequences, so they would pursue a crush if they felt that the long term prospects were very certain and compatible with the rest of their goals/objectives in life. Since ENTJs tend to take a long term view of relationships, they will carefully look for any factor that could indicate a dead end or undesirable outcome. If they decide it is worth the risk, they will quickly form a plan and carry it out. ENTJs who are more in touch with Ni/Fi will probably be more on guard and proceed in careful steps because inferior Fi would produce an underlying anxiety about being vulnerable/rejected. With Te-Ni, they would likely approach courtship as a game of strategy, analyzing the other person and planning their own moves, enjoying the challenge of figuring the other person out.

If the other person shows little sign of reciprocating, ENTJs could either cut their losses quickly and move on or be even more determined to proceed, depending on individual/situational factors. They might just give it one final “surge” before letting it go. Some ENTJs are more stubborn and don’t like to give up too easily, while others can be quite ruthless with themselves in eliminating their “useless” feelings and moving on.

From the other person’s perspective: You will know if an ENTJ is pursuing you because, for them, it is all or nothing. They will probably be open with their intentions if they are confident about getting a positive response. Time and energy are precious to ENTJs, so you will know that they like you if they are investing both in you, e.g., doing things for you, going out of their way to help you out, being patient in listening to you talk about things they are not interested in, showing care, checking up on you, worrying about you, and so on. It’s usually not a good idea to leave an ENTJ hanging because, as soon as they get a sense that there is no future with you, they will want to move on. Some ENTJs have been known to nurse old feelings for someone, but that is no guarantee that they would give you another chance.

You know, I’m unhappy about the world being concreted over and all the forests chopped down and the air polluted - and the fact that the planet is in the control of mad people, you know, people who are crazy, people who are greedy, all these people who are selling the rain forests and, you know, any forests,  just selling it because they make some money. You know, I’m very unhappy about that. But I have a long term view, which is, ‘all things must pass.’ I mean, before it used to be, maybe they’re going to blow us up with H-bombs. But even that, I thought, it doesn’t really matter. They can’t destroy what’s within ourselves. Krishna says that there’s no time when we didn’t exist and there’ll be no time when we cease to exist. The only thing that changes is the body. So even if they blew us up with H-bombs, our soul will stay in our other, astral body and the only thing that won’t be here will be physically. So, you know, I’m sad about the world, but I look at it from within and without.
—  George Harrison, 1997

I saw this gifset this morning and while I have definitely talked about this before, I was once again overwhelmed with feelings about Clarke, Bellamy, and trust, so buckle up while I yell at you guys about it for a bit.

Let’s take the first column, where Bellamy and Clarke discuss Murphy’s return from exile/captivity.  They have only recently solidified their partnership as co-leaders, and Bellamy in particular is still trying to feel out where they stand.  He already knows that Clarke is big on second chances, since that was the theme of her plea to Jaha that lead to his formal pardon.  He also wants to be worthy of her faith in him, but Bellamy is at his core someone who doubts his own self-worth.  And at this point, it is clear that Clarke trusts Bellamy, but what Bellamy is trying to figure out is if he should trust her judgment.

What he’s trying to ask her in that scene (masking his fear with sarcasm, because that’s what he does) is “Do you see Murphy and I the same way?”  He says “Don’t tell me you trust him now,” but the subtext is actually “I’m worried you trust the wrong people.”  

But what I want to talk about with that scene is not so much Bellamy’s self-doubt, because we as a fandom (myself included) bang that drum a little too hard.  What I want to talk about is the fact that in this scene, Bellamy is trying to decide if he can trust Clarke.  He already trusts her to a certain extent, but now he’s worried that his first impression of her– naive, too ready to believe the Ark party line, unable to make the tough decisions the ground demands– might have been right.  If she’s willing to let Murphy back into the camp and trust him, then Bellamy can’t trust her judgment.  Deep down, Bellamy knows there’s a massive difference between his actions and Murphy’s.  He’s afraid, however, that Clarke doesn’t see the difference, and that’s what he’s asking.  “Are you really that naive?” he asks, and what’s important is that Clarke draws a clear line between trust and second chances.

Clarke doesn’t trust Murphy the way she trusts Bellamy.  She doesn’t even really believe in him, especially not in the same way she believes in Bellamy’s goodness.  What Clarke is doing is taking a pragmatic, long-term view: they are outnumbered on the ground, and anyone who is willing to help them fight and survive might be necessary.  She’s giving Murphy a short leash not out of naivety, but out of practicality.  

I think for Bellamy, that was the moment when he completely put his faith in Clarke.  Clarke has a much more open, trusting heart, largely because of how she was raised– until the oxygen crisis, Clarke had no reason to distrust people.  She had, as far as we know, a warm, open childhood, filled with love and a loyal best friend whom she loved in return.  Bellamy knows this about her– or at least suspects as much– and contrasts it with his own guarded, suspicious childhood.  He couldn’t trust anyone, couldn’t risk even needing a second chance, and couldn’t open himself up to anyone who wasn’t his mother or sister.  He worries that Clarke’s trust is too easily given, and it’s only when she flat out rejects the idea of trusting Murphy that Bellamy is able to fully trust her.

And now, we have the s3 scene with Roan.  Once more, Bellamy is asking “Is this someone you trust?”  He’s again trying to ascertain who Clarke is, because he thought he knew– that she is someone who trusts absolutely, but not lightly– but since 3x03, he’s been doubting his assessment of Clarke.  At this point in the season they are well on their way to patching things up, but while Clarke is very much an “Okay, I forgive you completely; now let’s start fresh” person (and shout out to @metastation for putting that bit of character analysis into the world), Bellamy takes a little longer to come around.  What Clarke did in 3x03 and 3x05 (and to a certain extent in 2x16, although he has mostly come to terms with that one) damaged his faith in her judgment.

So in this scene, Bellamy is not just worried about Clarke’s safety– he’s worried that once again, he’s wrong about her.  He’s worried that she’s trusting people she shouldn’t, because for Bellamy, trust is a sacred, rarely given gift.  To see it bestowed lightly terrifies him (because until the ground, the stakes were always much, much higher for him and his family than for hers) and so even the mere suggestion that Clarke might trust someone Bellamy fears is untrustworthy sends him into a little panic spiral.  But Clarke recognizes this, and while I actually think she’s lying a tiny bit (she does trust that Roan has the same goals they do, and therefore trusts that he’ll carry out the plan effectively) Clarke answers the question Bellamy is really asking.  “I trust you,” she replies, because she understands that right now, Bellamy is a giant pile of self-doubt.  He doesn’t trust himself (his plans got Lincoln killed) and he wants to trust her but isn’t sure he can.  By re-centering her trust on him, Clarke reminds Bellamy of where they stand: together.  That was what he needed to hear, so he agrees to her plan and that’s that.

“I didn’t get married until I was 50. I think it finally happened because I stopped thinking it was possible.”
“How do you mean?”
“Before I gave up, I was putting so much pressure on myself that I’d immediately be considering and measuring every man I’d meet. It’s not natural to begin a relationship with such a long term view. When I met my husband, I wasn’t looking past that afternoon.”

Carl Schmitt is right in rejecting the liberal view of politics as the neutral ‘administration’ of the state. But in limiting the essence of politics to the identification of one’s enemy, he only goes halfway and forgets an essential point. His definition of politics lacks a positive dimension, both spiritual and anthropological. The essence of politics also includes the identification of one’s folk and who is part of it. It implies an answer to the question: why are we fighting – for what values? This is an affirmative view of politics: a constructive, organic and long-term view, not a merely critical and mechanistic one. Politics are not a football match: it’s not simply about defeating an enemy team, it’s about developing a positive project
—  Guillaume Faye, Archeofuturism
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - Naruko and Zaou Route (1)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Naruko ver. Zaou ver. Friend ver.

Thanks to the lovely mindsebbandflow for your help & support with this chapter :) As always, I apologize for any errors - please let me know when if you find any.

I’ve tried to keep it fairly generic, but MC’s name is Yatsuhashi Ramune, so if you see that anywhere, that’s what it’s referring to.

Intro courtesy of Ryuu’s ‘[LONG] Zaou, Happy Birthday / [ロング] 蔵王、誕生日おめでとう’ from the special voice collection box:

Zaou: Today’s your birthday, right? Happy birthday! Eh? Is it that odd for me to remember your birthday? I’ve already inputted all your information into my brain! I thought about it a lot, nothing really struck me as right. Bouquets, places with a beautiful night view, and things other girls might like came easily to mind, but you really are the most important person to me, so I don’t want to give you anything normal. I want to give you something you actually want, so let’s go shopping together for something you like.

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Imagine that society treated catching a cold as something that could only happen at an airport. That, you know, you could still catch a cold elsewhere, but that every time someone with a cold showed up on TV, they’d been to an airport. That every time they mentioned colds they also mentioned airports. That they never, or only very rarely, mentioned daycare centers, surrounded by small children, some of whom are sick, as another place you could get a cold.

And imagine that you /worked/ at a daycare center, and you woke up one day and had a terrible cold. You tell a friend ‘hey, maybe we shouldn’t hang out, I think I have a cold.’ and your friend says ‘hey I didn’t know you were at the airport! Where did you go?’ And you say ‘I wasn’t at the airport, but I think I have a cold anyway.’ And imagine she calls you a liar and says you can’t have a cold if you’ve not been to the airport and that if you don’t want to hang out, just tell her that. And she hangs up.

You go to the doctor, because you want to feel better. You tell her ‘Hey, doc, I think I have a cold’. But the doctor lives in our world too; she’s not some god from on high who can magically separate herself from the culture she lives in, so she says ‘oh, when were you at the airport?’ You tell her you weren’t, and so she doesn’t believe you, but she does see some of your symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, and says ‘Well, you weren’t at an airport, so it can’t be a cold. It must be allergies’. And she gives you allergy medicine. It doesn’t work, because it isn’t allergies. 

See, this, to me, is what PTSD is like? Like, a lot of people, women and people of color especially, who haven’t seen combat are given a different diagnosis than PTSD, even if they’re experienced long-term trauma. Because we view PTSD as something only combat veterans get. Because nearly everyone I’ve seen in media with canonical PTSD, are white men who’ve been in combat. 

How to Develop Resilience

1. Work on developing a positive self-image, and accepting and loving the person that is “you”.

2. Develop a network of friends whom you can trust – who’ll be there to support you, and give encouragement.

3. Work on developing a positive mind set. Be grateful, optimistic, and focus on success. 

4. Believe that you can change things, and make a difference. You’re not a helpless victim; you can take some control.

5. However, don’t waste your energy on things you cannot change. Walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations.

6. Take a long term view of things, and try to maintain your perspective. We all encounter obstacles and challenges in life.

The desire to elevate a woman into the select pantheon of Americans on our currency is altogether laudable and I, for one, would be thrilled to see Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Susan B. Anthony grace the twenty-dollar bill. But to pounce on Hamilton as the victim of this long-overdue change is to correct one historic injustice by committing another.

And talk about bad timing! What makes Lew’s decision so woefully ironic is that Hamilton’s standing has risen sharply in recent years, assisted by a slew of favorable biographies, my own included. And now, with its vibrant young, multiracial cast, the magnificent new musical “Hamilton,” created by the brilliant Lin-Manuel Miranda, is introducing a new generation to his manifold accomplishments. Miranda has done something miraculous, making early American history hip, cool, and erudite. Oddly enough, I received the news about Lew’s decision as I headed out for the first rehearsal of “Hamilton,” which is inspired by my book and is now en route to Broadway in July. Lew’s action threatens to undo the show’s splendid work in rescuing Alexander Hamilton from the historical shadows and restoring his luster.

For a long time, Hamilton was a misunderstood and overlooked figure, consigned to a curious limbo. Among the major founders, he was, aside from Ben Franklin, the one who never made it to the White House and therefore lacked the reverent attention we bestow on presidents. He was also reviled by a succession of political enemies—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe—who made it to the top and conspired to slant our long-term view of him. As a result, Hamilton’s face was never chiseled on Mount Rushmore, nor did he receive a fancy memorial in Washington. The statue of him outside the Treasury Department is risibly small. The one distinction he could claim was an honored niche on the ten-dollar bill, lifting him into the rarefied company of political immortals.

—  Ron Chernow (Save Alexander Hamilton!)