long term contraception

thefuckingcomebackkid  asked:

we have a presentation this week on long term non invasive contraception for dogs and cats, and so much of your stuff helped me create a basis slide for de-sexing and the pros and cons, so we can set the stage for why alternates might be desirable.

Not a fan of non-surgical contraceptives generally myself, but glad my posts have been useful.

It’ll be interesting to see whether a blog like mine can be considered a suitable academic reference.


Pretty sure I want to have another baby already.

Oh my God this is the same kind of shit I said last time and I did end up getting pregnant straight away, which was not the plan by any means.

This time I’m thinking 4-5 years from now would be a good time to get pregnant again. I need a good break and that would give us both time to get our careers underway. Ev’s not sure if he still wants to change considering he’s in a really great situation with a government job and a management position with plenty of room for advancement but we’ll see.

I don’t really want more than 5-6 years between them so I’d imagine if it doesn’t happen as quickly as it did with Aurora and Opal we’ll probably just call it quits and be happy with our two.

But I have such baby fever again already. Even just writing this is triggering my letdown.

Let’s imagine a girl, 17 years old, living in a poorer area of the U.S… She doesn’t have access to long-term contraception, and falls pregnant with her boyfriends baby (let’s say they’ve been dating for 7 months). She tells the boyfriend, and he takes off without a second glance.

If you ask a pro-lifer about his choice, they will spout nonsense about how his actions were justified, because he wasn’t ready to have a child.

If you ask the same pro-lifer about the girl choosing abortion, they will throw a tantrum about how she is abandoning her child, and how awful she is as a person.