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obligatory Pizza Boy au

  • after a long night of marathoning gay movies (frustratingly few were any good), keith and pidge want some pizza, keith fills out the order in his name online but pidge the gremlin puts “send your cutest delivery boy” in the special request box
  • “anddddd send.” “PIDGE WHY??? THEYRE GOING TO THINK I SENT IT” “you spent all night thirsting over that swedish actor and there werent even subs on that movie. you need a boyfriend my dude”
  • 29 minutes and 59 seconds later (still on time, still have to pay, my friend) the pizza arrives, pidge is in the bathroom so keith opens the door and he is faced with, as ordered, the cutest delivery boy the pizza place could offer
  • spoiler alert: its lance and he’s their ONLY delivery boy
  • leaning against the door frame with A ROSE IN HIS TEETH and his cap backwards like a douche
  • “hellooooo, beautif- oh wait youre a guy?? my bad……….hellooooo, handsome”
  • lance is uncontrollably bisexual
  • and long tan and handsome 
  • keith is a raging homosexual and channels all of his inner strength into not letting his voice crack when he pays
  • “so you requested our cutest delivery boy…any other special requests???”
  • “leave”
  • (keith “accidentally” leaves the special request there on all his future orders because DAMN SON THATSA SPICY PIZZA BOY)
  • five deliveries later lance leaves his number on the inside lid of the box
  • i hope this isnt too CHEESY but call me ;) xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • “oh my fucking god”
  • their first date is at lances work after closing, hunk works there too
Dating Mingyu would consist of:
  • okie dokie so let us all take a deep breath before we let the thoughts of boyfriend!mingyu take over our well being
  • now that that’s out of the way let’s start
  • (i’m apologizing in advance for the cliche-ness of some of this)
  • ok but anyways dating mingyu would be the absolute cutest
  • he’d cook for you all the dang time like he may not be a iron chef but he puts his cute lil heart and soul into whatever he’s making for you
  • cute lil bagged lunches w cute lil cheesy/semi crusty notes on them
  • “hey y/n, i made this egg sandwich eggs-tra special for you aka my eggs-tra special boo :) -mingyu”
  • and you’re like: boy stop with ya puns
  • but on the inside you’re like: no nO No plz don’t ur my eggs-tra special boy (-: :-) 
  • and he’d pay extra special attention to what you like and dislike in regards to everything but before i get carried away lemme keep w the food theme
  • like if you disliked crust on your sandwiches he’d cut the crust off for you and make sure he cuts it every time because you’re his special princess and he loves to make you happy :-))) (someone punch me i wanna scream)
  • and aH he’d literally eat everything of yours
  • like you could both go out for a meal and bring leftovers home and lock them up in a safe and he’d somehow manage to get into it and eat every scrap of your food
  • i stg no amount of threatening “don’t touch my food mingyu or you’re dead” notes will stop this boy from eating your sandwich even tho he probably doesn’t like half the things inside of it
  • and you’re like “minGYu why did you eat my damn sandwich i thought you hated tomatoes?????” 
  • and he’s j kinda like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “it was there so i ate it”
  • and you’re like: boy u lucky ur so damn cute or i stg i’d rip your eyes out of their sockets
  • but okay now for the cutesy stuff
  • like i said earlier i think of mingyu as the type of person who would remember the little things you tell him and sometimes they’re so small you forget you even told him them
  • like you could tell him randomly once that your favorite kind of chocolate was dark chocolate and that you prefer it over other chocolates and he keeps that in mind and buys you a lil chocolate bar one day and puts it in your lil bag lunch attached with a note that says: “a lil something sweet for my lil sweet something” and you’re practically scalped baLD
  • i also see mingyu as being super affectionate and cuddly like he j loves a good cuddle
  • he’s like a giant teddy bear with great hair
  • and he loves to just pull you into his arms and play with your hair while you’re both on your phones or just watching television
  • just as long as you’re both touching in some way whether it’s your legs draped over his or his head on your lap he j loveS to be close
  • and he likes to nuzzle his face into your neck all the time and sometimes when he’s in a mood and you’re not paying attention to him he likes to kiss your neck lightly up and down to get you to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to your tall tree boyf
  • and you obvs do because have u seen him?? he’s too cute for words
  • and when you’re in public he loves to hold your hand super tightly and interlock your fingers together like it’s j so natural for you both to walk around like that
  • and sometimes the boys are like: okay mingyu i see u and they tease him a lil bit and neither of you really mind it but sometimes the younger boys *cough* seungkwan *cough* get a lil carried away and he gets a lil bit annoyed
  • and he’s like: yall can j back up this my boo call me when u got boos
  • and you’re j like ayeeeeee go bf that’s my bf
  • but uGh this is so long and idc man i’m in my mingyu feelins let me live
  • one word: clumsy
  • ok i didn’t go into detail enough with this but kissing
  • he’s definitely such a good kisser like he’s prob j really good with his lips like he knows how hard or soft to kiss when the timing is right and it j fucks you up
  • like one second he could be lightly kissing the corner of your lips and then .03 seconds later his hands are tangled through your hair and he’s slowly crawling on top of you and his hands are sliding up your shirt
  • wall kisses
  • kissing against a wall
  • kissing with a wall against your back
  • wall. kisses.
  • kiss
  • wall
  • and okay major thing that comes along with dating octavious rex (aka mr. long, tan and handsome) is that you constantly are carrying hand sanitizer and tissues around
  • i cannot stress this enough
  • mingyu is the cutest but let’s be real this boy needs 2 take a class on how to cover his mouth and not sneeze into his hands like a savaGe
  • boy use your damn elbow
  • don’t sneeze on ya hands ya crust
  • and not 2 be cliche but since i’m already doing it w the whole tissue thing dating mingyu is basically dating wonwoo as well
  • they are a package deal
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • bert and ernie
  • they are just together a lot and since you’re w mingyu a lot you’re all like a cute lil trio like the three musketeers j being lazy and hanging around watching tv and playing video games (obviously i don’t know what the actual three musketeers did but j play along with what i said)
  • he’d sing to you
  • don’t argue
  • j listen to me
  • i am convinced mingyu likes to sing around when no one’s around and sometimes you’d catch him humming along to one of his songs or one of the songs he’s been listening to on loop for the past three weeks and you’re j like “mingyu that was wonderful”
  • and his cheeks get all red and he keeps looking down at the floor and you’re like !!!!
  • and he’s like “really???” and his eyes light up and you’re screaming on the inside and a lil bit on the outside 
  • and you just wrap your arms around his torso and rest your chin on his chest and repeat the words yes over and over again until he has to cover your mouth with his hands to shut you up
  • ok 2 wrap this up nicely and neatly dating mingyu would be the cutest thing because he’s just such a thoughtful and caring guy he would literally do anything and everything to make sure you’re smiling 24/7.
  • he’s j such a sweet giant and he deserves the world 
Kim Mingyu | Highschool!AU

i might have gone overboard w/ this one but i cant help it!!! mingyu is so nice to write for, i love him. bulleted post bc i tried so hard to write a thing but it was too much for me to handle..

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Boyfriend Mingyu Would Include...

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  • Mingyu Mingyu Mingyu MINGYU MINGYU MINGYU 
  • Mingyu would be the best boyfriend ever okay hands down okay I’m done this scenario I hope u like
  • Jokes aside though, Mingyu would be the loving, sweet, stupid boy that you fall for
  • He’s long tan and handsome good looks
  • To his bright. bubbly personality 
  • MIngyu is the full package 
  • He does have flaws though, much like every other person, so here is how dating Mingyu would be like
  • He would take a lot of your feelings into consideration, he’d be the type of boyfriend that would ensure that your needs are met before his
  • He would always check up on you
  • He’s the type to fall hard for someone 
  • When and if you were to break up, he would take it a lot harder than you, no matter the circumstance 
  • He won’t hold grudges or anything against you though, unless it was truly you to blame
  • He likes to care of you
  • He’d make you special meals to take with you, like homemade soup or something to make you smile
  • He’d leave little notes and messages everywhere reminding you how important you are to him
  • No matter your height or age he will always treat you as if you were under him in a good way trust bruh bruh 
  • He would be the big spoon when cuddling 
  • But he does like it when you become the dominate m8
  • There would be a shit load of skinship in this relationship trust meh
  • Lots of cuddling, petting, and sweet kisses 
  • Hand holding, massages, soft whispers
  • He’d caress your hair and hold you
  • Mingyu would always hold you by the hips or waist and swing you around 
  • He likes to place his head in the nape of your neck, resting his chin on your shoulder 
  • When ever you’re busy with something, he would always bother you by messing around with something to distract you
  • “Y/N I’m bored,” he would pout, spinning around in the wheelie chair situated across from you
  • “Wait, I’m almost done.” 
  • “Ahhh, but I need you!” He would wine
  • Mingyu smells good, his hair is soft and fluffy, his clothes smell good
  • Mingyu can cook 
  • MIngyu can clean 
  • Mingyu loves you
  • He will always say he loves you
  • But there will be times where he’ll go the extra mile to show you how much he loves you
  • Mingyu will always tell you what he’s feeling, he trusts you with his secrets 
  • Whenever he’s working with his busy schedule he always updates you personally with little cute behind the scenes pictures of him and the other members 
  • Mingyu likes dogs, he always begs you to get one so he can play with it
  • Sometimes he likes to have deep conversations about the future with you, who will you marry, what you plan on doing with your life, how many kids you’d like to have
  • He dedicates things to you and your relationship, he likes to say, “This was inspired by Y/N” a lot
  • He will say things like “What would I do without you.” 
  • When you get sick or hurt he would be the first person to be by your side and care for you
  • If you needed defending MIngyu’s got you
  • He would protect your no matter what
  • He can get jealous be he knows when to let go 
  • If he see’s or notices another guy getting too close to you he’d tell you right away “Don’t look at other guys the way you look at me, I don’t want to lose the most important thing to me to him.” 
  • Mingyu would be gentile and sweet during sexy time but he can go further (that’s the farthest I’ll go sorry bebe)
  • Did i mention he likes to kiss
  • His kisses would be passionate and deep, always wanting more, he would place his hands on your hips to steady you, and run his hands through your hair
  • He loves it when you wrap your hands around his neck and hang on to him as he carries you around 
  • Mingyu likes to lift you up and place you on counters to watch you while he cooks
  • No matter what he has to do whether it would be on stage with another female idol, he’ll always say “I thought of you the entire time.” 
  • Piggy back rides
  • MIngyu likes to giggle a lot and when he does his canines show, plus when he smiles heheehehehehehehehe
  • He likes to sleep next to you, and cuddle you like a pillow 
  • He likes it when you sleep on his chest, he thinks you’re small and cute 
  • He likes it when you coo????? 
  • ^^^Like when you act like a small child because it makes him feel strong??? 
  • Mingyu rarely raises his voice only when he’s being stupid 
  • When you’re tired he would carry you and tuck you in, lay beside, hold your hand and talk to you softly until you fall asleep, he would watch you until he gets tired himself, curl up next to you like a puppy 
  • He would whisper “I love you and good night, dream about me” 

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hc that warren and zach are half brothers and young warren has pined over his big brothers cool friend(Nathan) for like ever.

Rubs my lil gay hands together
So Warren is about two years younger than Zach and Nathan. Zach and Nathan are about… 13, Warren is 11. Zach meets Nathan at school and brings him over one day.
Warren falls in love /immediately/.
Warren is a lil chubbier- still has his baby fat. Has braces. Warren is pretty much the exact definition of “dork”. So, of course, Nathan spends no attention on him.
This continues on for about a year, with Zach shooing Warren out of the room anytime he has friends over.
So Nathan moves away, and Warren is heartbroken.
And boi puberty prob hit him like a fuckin truck. Warren got way taller, lost the braces, got contacts, and slimmed out considerably (since I HC that he is on the swim team at school).
Sooo Nathan moves back. He’s now 18, and Warren is 16. Zach throws a lil party to celebrate him coming back, and invites some friends over as well. Warren is pretty adamant that he’s gonna at least see him, so he stays out in the main room.
Nathan enjoys the party, but pulls Zach aside.
“Yo who’s long tan and handsome over there?”
Zach looks over at Warren, who’s standing on the opposite of the room. He sighs softly. Yikes. That’s his bro.
“Uh… Warren? My… Brother?”
Nathan pauses for a second, and turns to look at Zach.
“Dork brother? The ugly one?”
“That would be the one.”
Nathan turns back to face Warren, pursing his lips in thought.
“Dude. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your brother.”

Seventeen as Once-Seen Spongebob Characters

S.Coups: the Bag’N-Mart cashier who’s been working there for years and his face really shows it

Jeonghan:  Girly Teen Girl from Farawayville

Joshua:  Boys Who Cry

Jun:  used napkin (self-explanatory)

Hoshi:  That jellyfish that Spongebob captures and wants to keep as a pet but has to get rid of because he keeps disturbing the neighborhood with his constant dance parties

Wonwoo:  that big muscular guy who carries Patrick into the Fry Cook Games (for some reason)

Woozi:  those pickles that Spongebob draws ketchup smiles on and then tucks in with a cheese blanket

DK:  the fellow magic conch club member

Mingyu:  Octavius Rex (aka Mr. Long, Tan, and Handsome)

The8:  Squidwood, that puppet that Spongebob made when Squidward didn’t wanna hang out with him and then everyone ended up liking him better than the actual Squidward

Seungkwan:  the health inspector that Spongebob and Mr. Krabs tried to poison because they thought he was a criminal but then he turned out not to be

Vernon:  Jim, the Original Fry Cook

Dino:  Rocky, Patrick’s pet rock and the underdog who actually wins everything

The signs as SpongeBob quotes

Aries: “Krusty Krab is unfair! Mr. Krabs is there! Standing at the concession, plotting his oppression!”

Taurus: “Can I be excused for the rest of my life?”

Gemini: “It’s my ex boyfriend Octavius Wex, Mr. long, tan, and handsome.”

Cancer: “Do you like this one better? I made this one with my tears.”

Leo: “If I had a dollar for every brain you didn’t have I’d have one dollar.”

Virgo: “That smell, that smelly smell that smells…smelly.”

Libra: “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

Scorpio: “Goodbye everyone! I’ll remember you all in therapy!”

Sagittarius: “I hate all of you.”

Capricorn: “I’d say I’M Dirty Dan.”

Aquarius: “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.”

Pisces: “If I were to suddenly die in some firey explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, well that’d just be okay.”

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Hi hi. I was wondering what you think of the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers? What was your first impression of them?

Thank you Anon-San for the ask

My first impression of the Sakamki/Mukami brothers
Shuu: lol same. Couch potato 5 ever.
Reiji: when did Claude Faustus get into Diabolik lovers?
Ayato: woah dude chill. Nice hair
Kanato: teddy bear! Wait why are you licking people
Laito: nice hat fuckboi, seriously. Stop. Licking. People
Subaru: Albino. this dude has some pent up angst

Ruki: nice book you got there. Wait what did he just call Yui?
Yuma: long. Tan. And handsome.
Kou: pretty boy
Azusa: I have dark secret that no body will guess because of my cute face (purest Sinnamon roll)

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