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Never before have I met someone who smiled so warmly but sang so sadly.


(You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to talk about her.

Caroline, or Carol to friends and family, was the first and only other Long Tailed Widowbird to join her company before Charisa. Back then, her company was more gentle, under the hand of a different boss. A professional florist and jewelry maker, singing happened to be a hobby she got known for, but never really did anything with. She usually returned with one or two life forces tops, taken from group singing sessions she would occasionally join.

She was only in the company for a couple years before her gentle ways got her killed. She was attacked my another Siren of a different company, dying shortly after the battle began, having next to no fighting experience.

Charisa met her only once before her death. She wears her hair clip in memory of the deceased siren.)

I kinda have to say that, which the amount that EMR and SL has been growing and with all the sirens coming in I guess there are a few fears of mine I have, many of which have been addressed already but like

A more personal one I have is kinda just with bird typing because I know there’s duplicates and I know there’s going to be. And I’ve said already that I’m more than ok with people using the bird types of my side characters (albino budgie, mute swan, ect) because, while I will be going into development with them, they’re mainly there to help with the story and my main focus is on Charisa.

That being said tho I’m?? Very iffy and fearful for if another long tailed widowbird comes in. I know i should be accepting but like, I’m working hard to develop her. A couple people have asked before taking another widowbird name but I just worry for the day another one like Chari will come in.

Idk, is that selfish? Because like, it’s not just for my own sake either because I’m worried if they made the siren without knowing I existed people will come to yell at them like “CHARISA IS ALREADY A WIDOWBIRD YOU CANT. USE IT!!” because people can be like that and I don’t want someone getting hurt over an accident.

And like I said I’m kinda… Lowkey defensive of the bird despite knowing the bird can and most likely will be and should be shared with another siren.

Idk I just think like, when I personally make a Siren I try to check the listing to see if it’s been made already (like Forster was originally gonna be a Snowy Owl but I saw it was already taken so I changed it) and if it has I don’t use it and I kinda feel like more people should do that? It doesn’t take too long to check.

But then again im probably just sounding selfish whoops I’m sorry.

Male Long-tailed Widowbird (Euplectes progne) in breeding plumage. Because of their extremely long tails, the male has been the subject of extensive research into the function and evolution of sexually selected traits. This research has demonstrated the existence of female choice in sexual selection and indicates the trade-offs between sexual appeal and physical constraints with regard to the evolution of sexual ornaments.

Marievale Bird Sanctuary, South Africa. Photographed by Richard Du Toit.

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FULL NAME: Charisa May-Belle
OTHER NAMES: Chari, Buttercups, Widowbird, Pie Cutie, Big Sis
TITLE: Long Tailed Widowbird Siren
AGE: 18
GENDER:  Female
SEXUALITY: Pansexual / Grayromantic
ORIGIN: America
CURRENT LOCATION: Moved a couple years ago, currently lives in a school dorm / Hazel’s home on weekends and breaks
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, basic Korean (currently learning)
HEIGHT: 5′5″
BODY TYPE: Rather average, not very muscular and more built for running and hiding than fighting.
PIERCINGS: Occasional earrings but usually none.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Currently studying literature and writing in college as a promise to her birth mother. She no longer has contact with her mother and resents the college subject and thus, has very poor grades.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Account for a siren chat (The siren legion discord woop), Tumblr, Youtube.
DRUGS: Nope x3
ATHLETICS: Extremely good sprinter and tends to enjoy joining running marathons when she can. Otherwise not very athletic.
HOBBIES: Composing and creating music, piano playing, singing, reading, creative writing
VIRGIN: Nope x4
FAVORITE DRINK: Strawberry lemonade. Strawberry milk a close second. Basically anything strawberry.
FAVORITE FOOD: Charisa enjoys more simple foods, sandwiches, cereals, anything that can be easily made without much hassle. That and she can’t cook well.
FAVORITE MUSIC: She tends to enjoy music of all times, but her favorites are anything of the electronic spectrum. Dubstep chillstep, happy core, any of that stuff.
CLOTHING STYLE: Comfort is key. She enjoys loose shirts, preferably with sleeves, dresses, and skirts. She will sometimes wear jeans though but it’s not often. She wears a primarily grey and black color sceme but sometimes will dawn something of a dusty pink or purple. She is almost always wearing boots and, when she’s not, is usually wearing flats as she’s not very good at running in heels.
UNDERWEAR TYPE: *Eyebrow wiggle* Use your imagination.

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Widowbirds bouncing for glory in BBC’s Planet Earth II

luxlazuli  asked:

Can a characteristic evolve more than once in a species? Or maybe a better question is HAS a characteristic evolved more than once in a species? Eg; if heaps of the male widow birds with the longest tails died due to increased predation (or something) and the females had to mate with less impressive specimens leading to shorter overall tails in young.

This is an interesting and complex question.

A fellow named Dollo says no, and in 1893 he proposed a law- Dollo’s Law, in fact- that stated that once lost, genetic traits could not be regained via evolution. We’ll discuss how well Dollo’s Law has held up a bit more further down.

A trait can absolutely appear more than once in a species. In fact, certain traits go in and out of style all the time in some species based on changing environments.

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