long tailed widowbird

So the last time I drew Chari was back in March, and back then, my style was e w, and I’ve been trying to get better at different poses, so here’s a happy little Chari because she deserves happiness @midnightminuet

the bnha kids as birds!!

been workin on this post since like i woke up so imma bought to drop my bird opinions on you. post bought to get long here we go

midoriya izuku:  black cheeked love bird

uraraka ochako:  Brown-capped Rosy-Finch

tenya iida: heron

katsuki bakugou: Sulphur-crested cockatoo

ejiro kirishima:  Red-headed woodpecker

denki kaminari: canary

kyoka jirou:  hooded crow

momo yaoyozoru: polish chicken

shouto todoroki:  red crested cardinal

fumikage tokoyami:  white necked raven

koji kouda:  mountian chikadee

mezo shoji:  long tail widowbird

rikidou sato: yellow brested bunting

hagakure tooru: sand piper

yuuga aoyama: oaten peacock

mina ashido:  chilean flamingo

Tsuyu asui: Rivoli’s hummingbird

mashirao Ojiro: Golden-fronted woodpecker

hanta Sero: magpie

ok ok this post is getting long imma pause it and get back to it because i have other stuff


Never before have I met someone who smiled so warmly but sang so sadly.


(You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to talk about her.

Caroline, or Carol to friends and family, was the first and only other Long Tailed Widowbird to join her company before Charisa. Back then, her company was more gentle, under the hand of a different boss. A professional florist and jewelry maker, singing happened to be a hobby she got known for, but never really did anything with. She usually returned with one or two life forces tops, taken from group singing sessions she would occasionally join.

She was only in the company for a couple years before her gentle ways got her killed. She was attacked my another Siren of a different company, dying shortly after the battle began, having next to no fighting experience.

Charisa met her only once before her death. She wears her hair clip in memory of the deceased siren.)

warfare4life  asked:

Inb4 someone claims it as their siren.

IVE GOT TOO MANY SIRENS OK I DONT EVEN CLAIM ANY OF THE BIRDS ASIDE FROM CHARI literally the only bird I will keep to myself is the Long Tailed Widowbird. I’ll use other bird for sirens but I don’t claim them because I want others to have a chance to make their own siren

Male Long-tailed Widowbird (Euplectes progne) in breeding plumage. Because of their extremely long tails, the male has been the subject of extensive research into the function and evolution of sexually selected traits. This research has demonstrated the existence of female choice in sexual selection and indicates the trade-offs between sexual appeal and physical constraints with regard to the evolution of sexual ornaments.

Marievale Bird Sanctuary, South Africa. Photographed by Richard Du Toit.

luxlazuli  asked:

Can a characteristic evolve more than once in a species? Or maybe a better question is HAS a characteristic evolved more than once in a species? Eg; if heaps of the male widow birds with the longest tails died due to increased predation (or something) and the females had to mate with less impressive specimens leading to shorter overall tails in young.

This is an interesting and complex question.

A fellow named Dollo says no, and in 1893 he proposed a law- Dollo’s Law, in fact- that stated that once lost, genetic traits could not be regained via evolution. We’ll discuss how well Dollo’s Law has held up a bit more further down.

A trait can absolutely appear more than once in a species. In fact, certain traits go in and out of style all the time in some species based on changing environments.

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Widowbirds bouncing for glory in BBC’s Planet Earth II