long stubble

If you’re a nonbinary person and you have typically masculine or feminine features - full lips, lots of curves, long eyelashes, stubble, a broad jaw, narrow hips - and that makes it harder for you to pass, then I’d like to tell you that you’re still wonderful and valid!

Your features do not determine your validity, and even if you don’t pass, you are not bad for not doing so!

I just realized that I have a type.

Long haired, stubble, angry murder strut, who look like sunshine and rainbows when they smile, who have done unspeakable things and do not believe in redemption for themselves because of what they’ve done but will do anything to protect their families, who buy fresh fruit, ex-military and could probably kill you just by looking at you, very familiar and comfortable in Slavic countries

example: see Bucky Barnes and Eliot Spencer

who have a sarcastic friend with the best one-liners, who initially don’t get along but now have a secret handshake, both are underestimated, but are the kind you want backing you up in a fight, will crack a joke while saving the world and often the voice of reason

example: see Sam Wilson and Alec Hardison

and their blonde crazy friend getting into fights too big for them, lack impulse control and have both jumped off a building/plane with no safety net and/or parachute, can handle it on their own but forget that they don’t need to

example: see Steve Rogers and Parker

since I’m super slow and I still have 4 pages to draw from my something old,something new fanart, I thought I’d post another little sneak peak!! This time it’s the (mostly finished) lineart for the breakfast scene where all your favourites are wearing pjs and looking Sleepy As Hell™ (except for scarlet and wolf cause they’re used to getting up early like normal adults do).. enjoy! (ノ °٢° )ノ*:・゚✧♥

Boy has it been a long week. A very long week. A weeeeeeeeeek, if you will.
Two separate Filming projects, two separate filming days, a pre-production last minute nightmare for one of those, running around making sure the right people had signed the right forms with the right amount of time before we began shooting.
But it’s done now. Shooting has ceased. Now it’s time for me to get rid of Stubbly McStubbleface, whack a pizza in the oven, grab a beer and binge watch Iron Fist.