long story short people who say hook did everything he did just to get into emma's pants are full of shit

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Captain Swan Stripper AU - Killian is the stripper ;)

requested by an anon on tumblr (Thank you!) You can read the story on fanfic.net and follow me there (resident-of-storybrooke) and send more prompts please! 

Massive massive massive shoutout to @rouhn for being an absolute darling for supporting me throughout this process and encouraging me to finally publish something.

“Hook! Hook! Hook!” They all chanted for him, god he’d never tire of hearing them say his name - well his stripper name at least. The term “working hard for the money” could definitely apply here.

Killian Jones, otherwise known as Hook to the fair maidens of Storybrooke’s finest and only strip club, was proud of the work he did. It might not be much to some, but he enjoyed making people happy. To him that’s all stripping was, making people happy and paying off students loans for law school. He didn’t mind the cliché of working in a strip club while trying to make something out of himself. Until one night everything changed.

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