long sleeves are so 90s


Okay so I know a lot of people are bummed about not getting into the autograph sessions at RTX, but let me tell you kiddos about my first time at RTX. I was pretty confused the whole time I was there because I was still new to attending conventions and i didnt know how panels or the autograph sessions worked. So I obviously didn’t sign up for any autographs. Saturday, I was in cosplay wearing long sleeves in 90 degree weather so I was kind of dying. I went the food court to buy some water and while I was at the checkout I noticed Ryan Haywood standing in the corner talking to a couple of people. no one else seemed to notice him at the time and i was freaking out because wow my favorite AH member was standing right there. At this point he noticed me staring at him and he waved me over because i’m pretty sure it was obvious I was a fan ( I was literally cosplaying one of his characters) We made conversation for a few minutes and i was nervous the whole time but he was really sweet. So let me tell y’all something (especially you people who are upset about not getting into the autograph sessions). I can guarantee that even if I hadnt met ryan, i would’ve still said RTX was the best experience I’ve ever had. While waiting in lines people invited me to join their card games and included me in conversations. I had a 30 minute convo with a guardian after a panel just geeking out over the events that had happened. I didn’t know what I was getting into my first year going to RTX. Now that I’ve had the experiences I’ve had, I can tell you all that I’m going to RTX this year to meet people in the community who share the same interests as me and make unforgettable memories. I promise you it will all work out in the end. If my clueless ass can manage to find joy at RTX then so can y’all. I love this community so much and i’m sad to see that we have hit a rough patch. I hope we can all look past our differences and enjoy ourselves when RTX comes around. Just know that I’m here for you all and I cant wait to see everyone at RTX 2017 <333 ~Sage Bailey   

Monsta X Drabble #3

Drabble: 16. the one where anything written on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin as well.
Pairing: Lee Jooheon/Jooheon x Reader

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“Are you just doing this to spite me, or what?”

You looked down to your new ‘tattoo’ with eyes filled with disbelief. It was a giant dick, drawn on with bright red ink, and under it scribbled on with messy lettering were the words ‘he fell asleep, sorry!’. This made you groan out in annoyance, and you hurriedly ran to a mirror to see if it was more noticeable than you thought. It was.

“Oh great!” You growled out as you threw your hands into the air. The dick had been placed on to your, well more like your soulmates, forearm. And it wasn’t just some little drawing, it literally took up your entire forearm. Was the ink permanent? Knowing his friends it probably was. This mark was definitely going to be hard to cover, I mean, you could just wear a jacket or a long-sleeves shirt. But it was going to be in 90s today, so that was out of the question.

Quickly you ran back to your bed, picking up your phone hurriedly before you glanced back down to your forearm. You dialed his number as you stood there, and with each passing moment it was as if your new ‘tattoo’ was mocking you. For a few minutes only the dull tone of static was heard, until someone finally picked up and a groggy voice spoke up.


“Your friends are assholes, Jooheon!” You said loudly, making him flinch a bit at the noise as he pulled the speaker away from his ear. “I have an interview today, but because of them it’s a possibility I might not get the job.”

“What’re you talking about?” His voice was low as he spoke, sleep still heavily lacing his words as he sat up and ran a hand through his hair.

“Your left arm, Jooheon, look.”

Slowly his eyes traveled to his left arm, and it took him a while to focus in on what you had been talking about. But as soon as he had spotted what you were stressing about, his eyes shot open with shock. A groan fell from his lips as he ran a hand over his face in annoyance, and he brought the phone back to his ear. “I’m so sorry, y/n.”

“You don’t need to apologize, it was their fault,” You mumbled, looking back down to the red ink before narrowing your eyes. You wrapped your left arm around your stomach as you looked back to the mirror, a small sigh falling from your lips as you closed your eyes. “Next time I see them, someone is going to die.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be the one to do that.”