long sleeved mini dress


Favorite Fashion: (Imogen Hassall as) Jenny Grubb’s yellow mini dress, tied at the bust, with long capped sleeves and a slightly exposed under-bust in the film, “Carry On Loving,” 1970.

A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 17 -C*NT

A/N: This is the final chapter guys! I really can’t believe how much love this story has gotten so thank you so much. I’m going to be completley honest, I never pictured this story going on for so many chapters, but after awhile I became determined to finish it. So here we are at the end. I have gotten so much encouragment from the people of this community, and it’s really helped me out in real life as well so thank you. Thank you to trixies-padding for betaing, Splatt & Taurus for the kind words and encouragement, everyone who has messaged me on my side blog with praise and encouragment, and all of the others who have loved and enjoyed this story from begining to end. I dedicate this final chapter and epilogue to you ALL. I’m like getting emotional, this chapter has been done for a few days now and I’ve been holding off on posting because that means it’ll really be over. No real TW as far as I know, just fluff and a tiny bit of angst. Thank you so much again and please, without further aideu, enjoy the FINAL CHAPTER! ❤️ xoxo C*NT

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Katy paid tribute the 22 victims of the Manchester attack at the One Love Manchester concert by wearing an outfit covered in photos of the victims. Katy wore a white long-sleeve mini dress that featured photos of the 22 victims along the collar, bottom of the sleeves and formed the shape of a heart across the back of the dress. She also wore a feathered Sonia Rykiel cape and white stacked-heels🎀 Such a lovely thing to do❤