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i feel it coming | M

“He smelled… different. Powerful. Thirsty. Ready to fucking pounce.”

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pairing: werewolf! hoseok x reader
genre: smut
warning: a/o/b dynamics, lots of sexual tension, low-key frottage and mentions of impregnation!
word count: 2,524

01 | 02 –– soon!

“Why am I here again?” You frown, eyeing the alcoholic concoction that smells more like a molotov cocktail than a drinkable party punch.

“Because you love me,” Joy whispers in your ear, and you roll your eyes at her silly antics. “And because you and I both know you need some dick, or else you’ll drive everyone at the dormitory insane. Myself included.”

“Excuse me?” You bark quietly, drink forgotten as you watch your best friend saunter away to give some other hybrids the time of the day.

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Winter Wonderland

A/N: A continuation of The Nutcracker. I don’t know why my internal clock has skipped Halloween time hype and has gone straight to Christmas mania but it has. So expect a couple more Christmas smut’s after this one. I’m on a roll, ya’ll

Word Count: 7k… Damnnnn sorry guys. I got carried away.

Warnings: NSFW, Fingering, Oral sex(female receiving)Alcohol consumption. And until I earn to control my sailor like mouth, all of my stories will contain strong language.


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Otabek is so weak to Yuri wearing his outsized sweaters and nothing else, and Yuri knows. Boy, does he ever. All long, pale legs and a teasing smile, and Otabek's already on his knees in front of him.

Yes, clothed sex is my favourite!

- Yuri happily walks around their house with just an oversized jumper and no underwear beneath it. They all tend to be around the same length, long enough to sit just below Yuri’s ass, but short enough that if he stretches his arms up, he’s on full display. 

- Otabek loves pushing Yuri back against the kitchen counter and sucking his cock in those stupid sweaters, watching Yuri’s fists curl into the too-long sleeves and wrapping them around his hands, or watching Yuri trying to grab fistfuls of the fabric to lift it up for Otabek. 

- Rimming Yuri like this is particularly nice, too. Otabek can easily push Yuri over the side of the sofa and slip his hands under the jumper and up his back. Yuri’s skin is always deliciously warm under them and he always ends up making a mess inside the front of the sweater, where it hangs infront of his crotch. 

- Yuri riding Otabek and hiding his cock beneath the jumper, letting Otabek see the hard outline of it as he fucks himself. This one is particularly messy, but equally as fun, especially with Otabek’s broad hands shoved up the front and tugging at his nipples. 

- Last but not least, Yuri fucking Otabek. The way Yuri eventually gets frustrated and too hot in the jumper and tugs it up to his mouth and places it between his teeth always makes Otabek stare and moan. He likes watching the way Yuri’s abs clench and how pink his skin is from the heat.



Dusty rose silk charmeuse having cream embroidered net high-neck bodice insert and long sleeve, pleated silk wrap-front bodice with heavily embroidered short chiffon sleeve, inserts and center oval, draped and angled skirt, self tassels at back and ends of self chain suspended from waist, trained skirt decorated with net inserts and Celtic knot appliques, satin under-skirt with pleated hem ruffle.

Rise Up

Chapter Four

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 4872
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, angst

Song: Game of Survival by Ruelle

The original team had, again, gathered off on their own away from the compound within the bunker (Y/N) had been stashed in during her training exercise with Garry so many weeks ago. This time, however, it was not a training exercise which had them all milling about, but a demonstration, one a few of the team had decided to insist on, and one Matt had been, if not eager to be involved in, at least highly agreeable to.

Steve watched the man known as Daredevil from his stance beside his girl, arms crossed over his chest while Bucky warmed up a few feet away. He wasn’t quite sure what Matt was doing, but he was very still, his chest barely rising and falling.

Black cargo pants, combat boots, a fitted long sleeve t-shirt, and wrapped knuckles completed the look, that was until he reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a skull cap he tugged down over his eyes.

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Not Wanted - Void Stiles

 Prompt: Can you do a Void Stiles where the girl gets abused emotionally and physically by him and she has to learn to move on from it?

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late but something came up. Hopefully you enjoy it. My ask box is open so feel free to request an imagine!

Word Count: 1,517


**Your P.O.V**

I remember being at a pack meeting at Scott’s house and stepping outside to get fresh air because of all the arguing about what was going to happen with Stiles. It was peaceful outside besides the pack inside still arguing. There was a slight breeze and then I saw him… Stiles, he was standing right across from me.


“Y/N what are you doing out here”

“Come inside I have to let the pack know you’re here” I said smiling and getting up.

“Oh no I wouldn’t do that if I were you”

“W-What do you mean, I should go inside and tell them you’re here”

“Why are you going to go inside and tell the pack, who don’t even like you by the way, that I’m here” as soon as those words came out of his mouth I realized that it wasn’t Stiles is was the Nogitsune who had possessed Stiles. 

“You’re not Stiles” I said 

“Yes I am”

“No you’re not, Stiles would never say that”

“How do you know that? are you in his mind” he asked with a smirk “come with me”

“Scott” I yelled turning around attempting to run inside but I was pulled back by Void and he covered my mouth with a rag that had chloroform.I slowly felt myself becoming unconscious. 

**Lydia’s P.O.V**

The pack meeting we were having was becoming stressful. We were all so tired, none of us had much sleep. Sheriff Stilinski kept coming by to see if we had found anything about Stiles or if we heard anything from him. 

I noticed Y/N from across the room rubbing her temples from all the arguing. She looked like she got less sleep then most of us, she looked exhausted and like she was in pain. Stiles was one of her best friends and most of us think she might even like him. 

“Guys we need to figure something out”  Scott said frustrated

“We kill him” Isaac suggested

“We’re not going to kill him” Y/N said 

“Well then what are we going to do? Lure him into the house and knock him unconscious tie him up and do what” I said

“We’re not sure Lydia” Kira said from across the room finally speaking up.

“I’m going to step outside, let me know if you guys figure something out” Y/N said to me and Allison and we both nodded

We kept arguing after Y/N walked out, then it got quiet inside the house”

“Scott” we heard Y/N from outside, but once we got outside she was gone

“Where did she go” Scott said looking at me 

“She said she was going to step out to get some air” I replied looking shocked

“Do you think it was Void” Allison asked looking worried and scared

“Most likely, we need to find her” Isaac said behind Allison

“Okay Lydia, Allison and Isaac you both go look for her in town, go to all the places where we’ve gone before like the abandoned bank and all those abandoned places. Kira and I will go look in the woods, call us if you guys find anything” Scott said and we all split up.

** Your P.O.V**

I woke up in a basement that I had never been in. I was sitting in a chair with my hands and legs tied to the chair and my mouth was covered by tape. 

I looked around the room and saw a couch, stairs leading up to somewhere. I tried to wiggle my hands free but in the process I heard a voice.

“Don’t even try because you’ll fail” he paused for a second “like you always do” he walked towards me and said “I’m going to remove the tape if you scream I’ll torture you” he said and I nodded as he removed the tape I whimpered in pain.

“Please don’t do anything” I said

“Shh shh don’t say anything, I do the talking here” he said putting his finger to my lips all I could do was nod

“You know Y/N, I never thought that I would have to, what’s the word, kidnap you, but you’re so pathetic you know that right” he paused again “No one in the pack cares about you, they won’t come look for you because they think you’re always in the way of everything”

“that’s not true” I said a bit loudly with a tear coming down my face

“What did I say about not talking” he said angrily “I don’t want to have to do this” he picked up a knife and shoved in in my left leg. Before I let out a scream he covered my mouth..”shh they’ll hear us” he smirked 

Tears kept coming down my face I had never experienced so much pain in my life. He soon reached for the knife and pulled it out of my leg which made me yelp and then he brought it back down to the same leg just above the other scar.

“Please Stiles I know you’re in there just stop please stop” I whispered 

“Y/N do you ever shut up, god you’re so annoying” he knelt down in front of me “Did you know that no one wanted you to join the pack, they all said they didn’t want you there because you were so immature” 

I knew he was lying yet every single one of those words hurt so much. I had to try and ignore what he was saying to me. I felt myself get light headed once I looked down to my leg I noticed ho much blood I had lost and it was a lot. I sat there hoping someone from the pack would find me by catching my scent.

I woke up and it was still dark but I noticed that I wasn’t tied up anymore. I was lying on the couch with my long sleeve shirt wrapped around my left leg. I heard people and voices come down the stairs. I tried getting up but I failed.

“Guys she’s down here” I heard Scott’s voice 

“Scott” I asked

“Yes I’m here, we’re all here Y/N” He came to me and hugged me while I cried a little bit.

“We need to get her to the hospital” Isaac pointed out

“What did he do to you Y/N” Lydia asked 

“We shouldn’t of let you go outside alone” Allison said helping me up 

“Guys we need to get out now, the security is coming” Kira whisper yelled from upstairs.

* hours later *

I woke up in the hospital with an IV on my arm. I tried to get up but winced in pain because of my leg. I turned my head to look at who was sleeping on the chair and I saw Isaac sitting there surprisingly

“Hey how are you feeling” he asked me getting up and coming closer to me

“I’m feeling better but my leg does still hurt, a lot” I laughed a little 

“Hey sweetie how are you feeling” Mrs. McCall  walked in with my chart

“I’m doing okay, a bit better” I said smiling lightly 

“I’m glad, we had to do some surgery because there was too much damage to your nerves because the scars were deep, but we fixed it, you will need to stay off that leg for a while so we suggest you use a wheelchair for a while and then switch to crutches” 

“Okay thank you so much”

“No problem sweetie, are you hungry? I can go out and get you some food”

“Allison is coming with some food she just texted me” Isaac said bringing his phone up 

“Thank you Melissa” I said 

“It’s okay feel better” she smiled and walked out.

“Thanks for staying with me” I told Isaac 

“Don’t worry about it, what are friends for” he said with a small smile

“Void was telling me that you guys didn’t want me to be in your pack and that I was just some immature annoying girl who got in the way of things, a part of me knew it wasn’t true but it just hurt a lot”

“Y/N don’t ever think that, you’re actually the one who’s more mature than all of us, don’t ever think that we didn’t want you in the pack, you deserve to be here and you’re not annoying either” he hugged me and went back to sit down.The door opened to reveal Lydia, Allison, Scott, and Kira.

“ Y/N you feeling better?” everyone asked and I nodded

“Well you know what would make you feel better” Lydia asked

“What would that be” I asked curiously

“Food!” Allison said handing me a box from ihop with pancakes

“Thank you guys” I said laughing a little bit.

I looked over at Isaac and he gave me the I told you so look which meant that they don’t feel like I shouldn’t be in the pack. They were my friends and they cared for me.


Sometimes You Just Gotta Sit In Traffic // Mission: Semi-Automatic

whats up I actually finished another chapter … damn….. who is she

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shoutout to my lovely mutuals who cheer me on with my writing, i promise things will start happening soon.

Annabeth didn’t wake him up the next morning. It had been hard enough for them to go to sleep. Percy only slept alone, and having someone who was almost a stranger right beside him as he slept wasn’t exactly a comforting thought. It wasn’t like he could hold her, that would be weird. However, Annabeth had fallen asleep almost as soon as she crawled into the sheets. Percy was glad that his partner was a stomach sleeper, though, because her face turned away from him as she snored into the pillows.

It took Percy what felt like hours to get comfortable, and only a few minutes to fall asleep afterwards. The night felt too short, with a sleep that wasn’t quite deep enough. What only felt like twenty minutes was roughly ten hours.

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[Image description: three photos of a woman standing indoors, two full-length shots and the other three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, shaved on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears glasses with frames that are tortoiseshell on top and clear, pink-tinted plastic on bottom. She wears a long-sleeved wrap sweater, tied at the waist, in teal-blue, a teal and cream-striped top, and a knee-length red skirt with two rows of black buttons on the front. She wears a long gold necklace with two chunky, geometric pendents, dark tights, and grey and brown heeled mary jane shoes. The background contains a light wood-colored dresser, a pale teal bar cart with glasses and bottles of alcohol, and a pale green wall filled with many pieces of framed art.]

This skirt feels hard to match with things in my wardrobe, but I’m so in love with this combination! 

Sweater: Made by me | Top: Target | Skirt: eShakti | Shoes: Seychelles | Necklace: Madewell

beyond scared.

summary: you think there’s something coming after you so you go to the counselor to get some help. she ends up introducing you to a new world turning you into a fearful hunter. getting to know the members you realize you’re not alone.

love interest: unknown x y/n

note: this will have chapters / parts.

Walking down the hallways of Beacon Hills High, which your hands attached to the handles of your backpack. You were walking to the counselors office, the halls were empty. After what you witnessed you scheduled an appointment immediately. You were at the hospital one night getting an emergency inhaler. Being the wanderer that you are, you found yourself in the morge – which is pretty morbid if you think too much. Some voice in your head was telling you to open the tray. Your feet glided toward the voice calling you. Sending off a little prayer, you opened the tray. A being was laying in the metal body fridge. The skin looked raw, blood must’ve stained. There was no face shadows, just flat.

All it was doing was laying there, but your heart rate increased. You couldn’t do much about the situation. The creature endured so much fear in you, you were in shock. A small tear ran down your face. A older woman in scrubs rushed inside, trying to take you out. “Miss. Y/LN, you shouldn’t be in here.” The woman closed the tray. “What the hell was that?” You stuttered, struggling to cope with what you saw. The woman had a gorgeous aging face buried in dark waves. “Something you shouldn’t have seen.” The woman pushed you from the room.

After she pushed you out of the morgue, you’re inhaler was ready.

After that thing you saw, you couldn’t sleep. It’s like you saw it everywhere. The dark skinned woman in front of you nodded understandingly at what you told her. Your fingers tangled with eachother, as you told your story. “I have a proposal for you Y/N. That scary thing you saw – there are more of those. There are a lot of scary things and Beacon Hills. And we can fight back.” She persuaded, touching your arm. You wanted to revoke your arm from her touch, but it seemed too natural. It seemed as if broken puzzle pieces were coming together. This could be your way of getting closure for what you saw.

Leaving the office, your eyes were locked on the moving tiles. Your hands roughly clenching the nearly full notebook from your chemistry class. A body strongly collided with your, causing your dramatic thud to the floor. Scrambling to your feet you were frantic. Bones racking from the exposure of eyes. The stares. Everyone’s looking. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching were I was going.” A nervous boy about her age, handed her journal back. His maroon long sleeve was wrapped around the top of his wrists like a glove, covering most of his large hands. Your eyes blanked for a bit before you answered. “I - It’s my fault. I wasn’t paying attention neither.” You brushed a piece of your curly hair behind you ear.

Brushing pasts the boy, a smile rested shyly on your lips. Not nearly forgetting when his soft hands met yours. His lips were small but dainty. Wide optimistic but hurt blue eyes. It was like electricity ignited between your fingers, sending off waves of emotion. Lots of things are coming to Beacon Hills, but only one of them is highly unwelcome.

@softlams please enjoy this fic! You mentioned having a bad mental health week, and I feel that on a deep level so I thought I’d try to write you something. It probably won’t do much, but I hope it makes you a bit happy to read! 

It’s laflams, because I know you’ve written it (your vampire fic was very good, also very painful) but I don’t see it around too much. It’s also probably too long. Please enjoy anyways! It’s not proofread either, sorry, I just kind of started writing to see where it got me.

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Chapter Four

Another 3 days and she hadn’t seen him. She loved Junior, his voice was divine, but these days drove her crazy. 

She was just getting home from work when he called her making kissing noises into the phone. “I’m assuming you’re alone?” She held the phone between her shoulder and ear, taking off her shoes off.

 "Yes, but even if I wasn’t. What are you doing?“ She heard him rummaging through a cabinet.

 "I just got home, I’m tired. Are you coming to see me tonight?” She could use some Junior therapy to lull her into a deep sleep. 

 "I can’t. I’m just taking a break right now from practice baby. We might be practicing half the night.“ He sighed heavily into the phone. 

 "I wish I could watch.” She opened the fridge grabbing a water bottle. 

 "You’d be bored, trust me.“ He burped into the phone, laughing when she called him disgusting. 

 "Let’s have breakfast tomorrow morning. It’s Saturday, you aren’t working." 

"Ok, where?” He told her where, and she wrote down the address on a note pad. 

 They talked for awhile, saying their I love yous before hanging up the phone. He sent her a picture of him smiling, and then one of him blowing her a kiss. She smiled looking at his face going into the bathroom. Deciding to send him a few risky pics before her shower. She snapped a few pictures of her in her bra, then peeking behind the shower curtain. Setting the phone down she took a shower, and when she got out the few texts she received were reprimands for making him not being able to concentrate on practicing. 

 The next morning, she dressed in a button up tank and high waisted shorts. A long sleeve kimono wrap and sandals finished the deal. Looking at herself one more time, she checked her hair and makeup making her way to the address he gave her. The diner was small and intimate, as it was close to brunch it was nearly empty. She walked inside to see Junior sitting at a far booth in the back, waiting. He looked up and saw her, she knew he was smiling under his mask. Taking her hand, Junior moved the mask to kiss her hand, helping her into a booth. 

 "Good morning, beautiful.“ She slid into the booth, feeling the heat under the skin. 

 "Good morning, handsome.” He reached under the table bringing one of her legs into his lap, running the skin he found there. 

 The two talked a bit, Junior continuously rubbing her leg. They ordered crepes and the food had just come when Junior’s phone began to ring. He rolled his eyes looking at the screen. 

 "I have to take this, hold on.“ She sighed stirring her coffee waiting for him to finish. 

 "I just started…now? You sure? Ugh, yea hyung ok. Bye.” Junior hung up the phone, looking at her. “Bad news." 

 She took a bite of her crepe shaking her head. "Nope, don’t wanna hear it. Eat." 

 He reached across the table, taking her hand. "I have to go. If we practice now, we won’t have to tomorrow. We have interviews tomorrow and a small fan special." 

 She rolled her eyes, taking her leg from his grasp. "We haven’t seen each other much. So, I can’t see you tomorrow. What about the next day?" 

 Junior sighed. "Come with me then." 

 "To the dance studio? To watch you practice?” This was an exciting prospect. 

“Yes. You can watch us practice, and say hello to the guys. You can eat with us and I’ll take you home, and try to stay for a little after. That way we still had today. Is that ok?" 

 She tried to pretend to be upset, looking disinterested before smiling at him. "Yes." 

 Junior asked for the food to be packaged up, finishing off his coffee as they both got up and exited the diner. He put a hat on his head pulling it low as they signaled a taxi, heading back to the JYP building. Once inside, he removed his mask, taking her face in one hand he turned her mouth towards his for a kiss, leading the way to the practice room. The guys greeted her one by one. Yugyeom and Mark waving hello, JB hugging her and BamBam and Jackson trying to get her attention, making her laugh to irritate their hyung. She sat down in a corner, watching the boys start their practice.

 She loved watching Junior dance. He was so confident in his steps, moving in time to the music. He looked her way every time he could, making a kiss face or winking at her.

 It made her feel special that he even brought her here. That he was shamelessly flirting with her in front of his friends. After about an hour they stopped for a break, Jackson coming up to her. 

 "Junior is a good dancer, but I think I’m better. I know you were watching me.” He winked at her sitting down next to her draping an arm across her shoulders.  

“You are a good dancer. I like watching Yugyeom more though.” That earned a blush from the young man, a scoff from Jackson and a glare her way from Junior. 

 "Eyes on me only.“ Junior said, walking over to flick Jackson on the head. "Hands off, my woman." 

 They all laughed. JB shaking his head, as she stood up facing Junior. "Where’s the bathroom?" 

 "Down the hall, second door on the right.” He made motions with his hands. “Want me to show you?" 

 "No, rest. I’ll be fine.” She answered, walking out the door. 

 The JYP building seemed quiet this morning. She pictures it a more hustle and bustle kind of place. With many groups moving in and out of the place, or at least like her building. As she exited the bathroom, a frosted glass door caught her attention. Specifically, the sound of the voice coming from it. Was that Junior? It was, he seemed annoyed talking to the female voice inside. She knew she shouldn’t listen, but the curiosity overwhelmed her. Slowing down her pace she stopped behind the door, listening. 

 "Why did you bring her here?“ 

 "She’s my girlfriend, I haven’t seen her in 3 days, and she doesn’t like when we don’t spend time together.” She heard Juniors characteristic growl when he was upset. 

 "I don’t like having an issue on my hands like last time. You were seen with her, and we had to pull damage control.“ She recognized that voice from some of his phone calls. It was his manager. 

 Junior sighed heavily speaking again. “Please don’t be so dramatic, it wasn’t bad. No one saw her face, and it was over within a week. In reality, I love my fans, but they need to know I’m human. I have a life too." 

 "You have a life that is Got7 right now. I want her gone. Do something with her. Just…take her out the back door.” The way she said the last part made her hair stand on end. 

 Take her out the back door? Like she was some sort of embarrassment? Biting her lip, she shook her head wanting to hear Junior tell her no. Instead, she felt her heart sinking. 

 "Fine. We’ll leave through the back.“ Her heart fell into her stomach, breath hitching in her throat. 

 Looking down at her hands they felt weak. She had her purse in one hand and phone in the other. Damn him, and damn that bitch. She held back the tears, walking towards the elevator. If it was an issue she could leave, that’s fine. Outside the building, she took a deep breath watching the people go by. It was cheaper to take the train and she would think while she went home. Something had to give. 

 What she didn’t hear was Junior tell the manager that he was sick of this. He would bring her again, and she would leave when he did, that was the end of the discussion. He went back to the practice room, and noticed she wasn’t back. 

 "Where is >>>?” Everyone shrugged, Mark telling him she hadn’t been back in the room yet. 

 Junior went to the female bathroom knocking on the door. When no answer came he waited, knocking again. No one came out. Annoyed he took his phone from his pocket, and attempted to call her. No answer. He called 4 times, texting her as he waited for her to pick up. Annoyed, he held his phone tight, clenching his teeth. Once she was home she looked down at the missed calls, feeling slightly guilty that she didn’t answer his calls or texts. She sat down on the couch, head in her hands trying to figure out what all this meant. Her place in this world, and in this place-with him. A few hours later a knock on her door sounded. 

It was rough, Junior’s loud voice outside the door. “Open the door. I know you’re in there. You left! Without saying anything! Didn’t answer my calls!”

 He kept banging, and she ran to the door just to get him to stop. Keeping the chain on the door she opened it enough to see him. “Jinyoung. Stop." 

 He took a step back, angry scowl on his face. "Me? Stop? Open the door. What’s wrong with you?" 

 Blinking to keep from crying she sighed. "I left to save your repetition. To keep you from having to take me out the back. Don’t wanna upset massa." 

 "Massa? What’s that mean?” Gears clicked in his head as he realized that she heard the conversation between him, and the manager. 

 "Slaves used to call the master that. I’m guessing you can see why I’m upset. Having a history of being made to do those things.“ 

 Junior sighed leaning his head against the door. "It wasn’t like that Jagi. She used the wrong words, but did you even hear what I said after that? She says the wrong things, but she means well. She was trying to stop another outrage.”  

She had turned her face away from the door, snapping back now as he said that. “What outrage?" 

 Without thinking Junior answered. "Over…I don’t care. Just open the door." 

"No. I-I need to be alone, Junior. I need to be alone right now to think. Sort out how I feel about everything." 

 Junior took a step back looking at her. His eyes pleading. "Jagi, stop. Let me in, so I can soothe you.” He reached through the door crack touching her face with his fingertips. 

 "Not today. Just, let me do this.“ He understood. Or at least he thought he did, stepping away from the door, he watched her close it. 

 Hands in his pockets. He stood there awhile wondering if she was on the other side of the door. Placing a hand on it, he sighed whispering close to the wood and hoping she heard him. "I love you." 

 With the release of a new song, Junior was very busy. He texted and called every night at the same time like he usually did. She didn’t seem to be so into their phone calls at first. but he managed to make her laugh and she still told him she loved him. She was standing with her back to the door when she closed it. She had heard him say that he loved her.He sent flowers to her job every day he didn’t see her. He signed the cards: Park JinYoung. One set of flowers contained 2 dozen white roses, and in the middle was a single red rose. The card attached read: 

I’ll stop loving you, when the last flower dies.

                         -Park JinYoung

Catch was the red rose, in the group was made of metal. It wouldn't wilt like the rest. She smiled reading the card, taking the red flower out feeling how lightweight it was. It carried the hint of some perfumed fragrance, and she set it on her desk on top of the card.

 In truth,she was a foreigner here in Korea. She had a great paying job, at a wonderful firm. That was just one place, there was still sexism in the world and yes in Korea. There was still an air of colorism and distrust of anything new. Sure, in the US there were mixed couples and no one usually batted an eye, but here? This was new and she knew she needed to understand that. Girls could be crazy for their idols. They actually did call them idols here. Junior was worshiped, all of the Kpop and Krap guys were. To her it was a bit disturbing sometimes, how into their lives these girls could be. Was this the life she wanted? Constant shows and interviews. Tours. The Korean population could erupt against Junior should they not accept his relationship, and surely his label would drop him if it became a problem. She sighed in all this thinking, nights alone to really contemplate about what she wanted. Her job was one that wasn’t on contract she should do what she want. Could she really go home and forget all this? Forget him? Would he even come for her? A sexual harassment case erupted at her job, so she was on damage control trying to sort that out, and next thing she knew it was 2 weeks before she saw Junior in person and not on face time. 

She came home one evening tired, and annoyed, to see a pink box in front of her door. She picked it,up opening the card on top, to see that it was from Junior. Inside was a nightie. If that. A piece of material white in color, that was lace and a garter belt. She grinned shaking her head, hand on the door as she heard Junior’s voice. 

“I can’t wait to see you in it.” He startled her and she jumped, box falling from her hands. 

Rushing over he picked up the material, placing it back inside to stand and look at her. “Would you like to go on a small day trip with me? 2 days actually.” 

He smiled at her, lips so pink, teeth so white. She smelled his cologne and felt herself falling all over again. He knew what he was doing, hands on hers as he opened her door and lead her inside the apartment. 

“Where are we going?” Taking off her shoes she, walked to her room setting everything on the bed. 

“Starting right now, I’m on a bit of vacation. We finished a music video for the song, everything is done for awhile. I want to take you to a couples spa. Just us. Let’s forget our cares, and just relax. I need it. So do you.” He started unbuttoning her blouse, lips on her neck. 

“And if I say no?” She peeled her arms from the sleeves, turning around as his hands unzipped her skirt pushing the pencil fit material down her legs. 

“You won’t. You want to go, and you want to spend time with me.” Junior’s hands found her breasts, cupping them, he deftly did away with the material that covered them massaging the orbs. 

She turned around, moving from his grasp to sit down on her bed removing her jewelry. “A couples spa?”

Junior moved toward the window opening the blinds enough that the full moon outside shown in. He cut the lights off, moving back towards the bed removing his clothes. 

“Yes. I figured it would be something you like. Intimate, quiet, tranquil. massages and all that.” His slacks came off his legs, standing in the moonlight in his boxers. 

She looked up and down his chest, heart racing in her chest as she realized the spell he had over her. He licked his lips watching her body, as she scooted back on her bed. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are in moonlight, >>>?” 

“Only what you tell me.” She lifted her legs, giving him a glimpse of what he wanted to see. 

His breath caught in his throat he climbed on top of the bed, and over her lips meeting. She kissed him, hands coming to either side of his face, she craved this, craved him. Was this some sort of punishment? Was his ability to bewitch her like this something unique to him or just her stupidity in loving him? Either way she gasped as his hands found her sweet spot, hoping that it was the former. 

i’m going to a party tonight and i’m honestly gonna look hot as fuck i’m gonna wear my black long sleeved wrap dress w the LOW neckline and my black heeled booties, my makeup looks good as hell, and i just shaved and moisturized the fuck out of my legs someone better Give it to me tonight

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Will frowns, glancing around. “I’ll ask the nurse when she comes in again.” Nico nods. Then Will is pulling off his sweater and tugging it over Nico’s head. He feels instantly a bit warmer, both from the extra layer and the fact that Will had kept it warm. Will’s still wearing a long sleeved shirt, and he wraps his arms around Nico. “Maybe they have some tea in the cafeteria. I could get you some,” Will offers. “It might help.”

Nico nodded, his action punctuated with a shiver. He wasn’t sure where the sudden cold chill came from, but he was cold to the bone now, and he wanted it to go away. He was supposed to be here to support Naomi, not to make both her and Will worry about him. “I’ll be right back,” Will kissed Nico’s temple before Nico nodded again. He missed Will’s warmth as soon as he was gone, and wrapped his arms around himself to try and conserve warmth. Ham let out a quiet whine before he tried to climb into Nico’s lap. Nico didn’t think the staff of the hospital would like Ham sitting in their chairs, so Nico instructed him to stay on the floor. Ham let out a second, louder whine and Nico shivered harder.

Blue Eyed Babies Pt.3

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Jay had crept into your room as soon as he heard the shower start. He scanned the room looking for the baby when his eyes fell on Jay’s small form on the bed. She was in some makeshift cage. He silently walked over to her. She ways sleeping, hiding the blue eyes he gave her. He cocked his gun, and aimed it her. That’s when she opened her eyes and looked up at him. He told himself to do it now! Pull the trigger! But for reasons he didn’t understand he lowered the gun in his hand. He stared at her. And she stared at him. The corner of her lips turned up in what he thought was a smile. He didn’t smile at her instead he narrowed his eyes. Why couldn’t he just get rid of her? Maybe he wasn’t as crazy as he and everyone thought. Maybe deep down his paternal instincts were coming out to play. Maybe just maybe he wanted them too. He saw no fear in her eyes. Her eyes were his eyes and he found that very amusing. Then out of nowhere she began to cry. J panicked he hadn’t done anything to her. God, that sound was annoying. How do you make a baby be quiet? He looked down at the gun in his hand, no, no, he thought. Instead he pressed his index finger to her lips. “If you quit making them awful noises, i’ll buy you whatever you want.” He purred out.

She latched onto his finger with her mouth as a tiny little hand came to wrap around it. She was so small, it didn’t even close around his finger completely. He heard the bathroom door open and he quickly yanked his hand away from her. She stared up at him again, as he stared back down at her.

You entered the room with your long wet hair glistening down your back, and the body that J enjoyed a little too much, wrapped in a fluffy towel.

“What are you doing?” You asked J, unable to
keep the nervousness out of your voice.

“Your goddamn job.” He growled.

“Unlike some people here I have work to do, and that’s damn near impossible when there’s crying going on.”

He gestured to the baby with his gun, sneakily putting the safety on without you noticing. If he was being honest it was the first time the gun had ever been in that mode.

“She is probably hungry, I will take care of her. Sorry.” You said, while bowing your head and making your way towards Jay.

The Joker didn’t mean to snap at you, he couldn’t understand what he was feeling, and that caused him to have mood swings. He wanted to shoot you in the head for causing him to feel things he couldn’t even describe.

“You two are going to be here a while… until I decide what to do with you. But for the time being, get comfortable.”

“Okay.” You said while slipping past him and snatching Jay up in your arms.


“What?” he growled.

“It’s just that, i’ll need some stuff for me and Jay from my place.”

He rubbed his chin, “Huh I see. You go get changed and i’ll take you there myself.”

“But what about Jay? And your uh work?”

“Don’t want to spend time with your baby daddy eh? HAHAHA!”

You didn’t answer.

“Well dolly I’ll have one, of my henchies who has kids watch her. Trust me they won’t harm a hair on her head. Now get a move on.” He said while slapping your ass and exiting the room.

You feed Jay, and put the change of clothes from frost on. They were white skinny jeans, and purple long sleeve shirt. You wrapped Jay up in the soft throw that was lying on the bed, and made your way out of the door. You crept down the stairs into the large living room where J and all his men were.

“Ah ready to go?”

“Yes.” you said hesitantly really not wanting to leave Jay.

“This my dear is Jackson. He’ll be looking after Jay for us.” He said while yanking a tall henchmen up from the couch.

“Don’t worry ma’ma. I’ve gotten 4 of them at home, i’ll look after her.”

You nodded at him, while placing Jay in his arm. You kissed her forehead when you felt J pulling you away.

“Come on beautiful, I don’t got all day.”

And with one last fleeting glance you followed J out of the mansion and into the purple lamborghini.

You were speeding down the streets of Gotham J had his hand placed on your thigh.
Neither of you said a word to each other. Other then when giving him directions to your house. Once you arrived J illegally parked, and you both hopped out of the car. You made your way up to your apartment, unlocking the door. You felt nervous about J seeing where you lived for some reason. You opened the door, and it felt nice to be home. Everything was clean and how you left it, except for a thin layer of dust starting to settle on your wood furniture. You set your keys on the entrance table, and looked at J.
He was darkening in your door way.

“Uh make yourself at home, i’ll hurry and pack everything.”

With that you made your way to Jay’s nursery. You had painted the walls a light purple when you found out she was a girl. Her crib and changing were white, along with the faux fur rug that covered most of the hardwood floor. You began by grabbing her diaper bag and stuffing it to the top with everything you would need. Next you packed up her clothes blankets and a couple stuffed animals. You then made your way to the bathroom, grabbing her shampoo and baby lotion.

You heard a loud crash of what sounded like glass breaking from the living room, but chose to ignore it. You continued on, packing up all of your beauty supplies. You then made your way to your bedroom and quickly placed your handgun at the bottom of your suitcase, quickly covering it with clothes. You looked over your shoulder making sure J wasn’t around as you scribbled something on notepad.


Jay and I are with The Joker.

Send help!


You quickly placed the note in your nightstand, you knew your boss was a thorough man and wouldn’t miss it.

“Put these in the yes pile” J said causing you to whirl around at look at him.

He was holding up a pair of red lace panties, you hadn’t ever heard him come in.

“Can I have those please?” You asked, while trying to act natural.

“What do I get in return?” He asked, while rubbing the fabric against his cheek.

“Nothing, they weren’t even yours in the first place.”

You tried to snatch them from his hands. But he was too quick and raised them above your head.

“Jump!” He laughed.

You stretched your arm above your head and leapt into the air. It was no use he was to tall.
He began laughing even harder at your attempt. Causing you to start laughing as well. Soon your were booth leaning against each other for support your stomach’s aching. Then suddenly you both stopped.

You realized how close you were to him. His smell wafted over you, that was what had gotten you into bed with him the first time. You shook your head and went to pull away. But his grip tightened on you. He you looked into his eyes, once again becoming consumed by his stare. He licked his lips, before placing them on yours. Slowly he moved on arm to wrap around the small of your back, as the other tangled itself in your hair. And then you gave in and began kissing him back.

A half hour later in a whirl of clothes and skin you were lying on your bed, naked and wrapped in his comforting grip.

“Nothing’s gonna hurt you, i’ll see to that. I am going to protect you from now on. You’re mine now, both of you.” He said breaking the silence.

“Are you sure J? I don’t want you to feel any obligation to me or Jay.”

“I am not doing it because I feel obligated doll face. Believe it or not, i’m doing it because I want to.”

You felt tears beginning to prick your eyes. In all your life you had never felt so safe, and secure then when he was making that promise to you. It was a little paradoxical. The most dangerous man in Gotham, made you feel like the safest woman in the world.

“Alright enough of that chit chat.” He said while getting out of bed and redressing himself.

“Let’s finish packing.”

He started throwing clothes into your bag, and by clothes you meant all your lingerie.

“These are fine, but the rest of your wardrobe will need a update. And you won’t need this.” He said while pulling out the gun you had hidden in there.

You bit your lip and stared up at him, scared for what his reaction might be.

“Don’t worry doll I’m not mad. I appreciate the precaution.”

You gave him a small smile, and put your clothes back.

“I’ll go grab Jay’s stuff.” You said.

Making your way past him, when he grabbed your arm tightly.

“I might have let it slide this time, but if you fuck around with me again. There will consequences.” And with that he released you.

You made your way back to jay’s nursery when something occurred to you.

“J?” You yelled out.

“You called?” He said popping his green head through the door, as his eyes scanned around the nursery.

“Since me and J are staying with you from now on. She’ll need uh a crib along with some other larger things that I don’t think will fit in your car.”

“Already taken care of.” He said as he picked up a stuffed clown, while raising his nonexistent eyebrows.

“What?” You asked, shrugging your shoulders.
“I am a sucker for clowns.” You finished, throwing a wink at him.

“And what do you mean you have it taken care of?”

“If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a surprise doll.” He said with a large grin.

“Let’s go darling.”

He grabbed Jays bag and threw it over his shoulder along with yours. So the muscles aren’t just for show you thought to yourself with a smirk.
You followed him back down the hallway when you saw your coffee pot shattered all over the floor.

“What happened?”

“I couldn’t get it to work.”

“So you broke it?”


You laughed out loud

“You’re quite the character you know that?”

“It’s been said to me once or twice.” He quipped.

An hour later you were back at J’s mansion, with little Jay feed, freshly bathed and quietly sleeping in your arms. You were sitting on the large leather couch watching tv. Once you and J had gotten home he disappeared. You were ordered to stay downstairs. Every now and then would hear J yelling at his henchmen as they ran around up stairs doing god knows what.

“Eh hem.” J cleared his throat as he walked in front of you, blocking the tv.

“Your surprise is ready.”

He was in his sweat pants shirtless, his hair was disheveled and he looked a little out of shorts.
“If you will follow me milady!” He said in a mock British accent.

“And where are we going good sir?” You asked playing along while standing up with Jay in your arms.

“You’ll see so enough.”

He lead you up the stairs to the bedroom where you had been staying. Before he opened the door he told you to close your eyes. You did as told. You heard the door open and then felt his hands cover your eyes.

“Just to be sure you don’t cheat, now walk forward.”

Once again you did as you were told.

“Ready?” He purred in your ear as he gave it a small bite.


“Okay, open!” He said while removing his hands from your face.

“Ohhh” you gasped when you opened your eyes.

“J! It’s incredible!”

He had turned the bedroom into a nursery. There was a large silver crib where the bed use to be. It was gorgeous with pleated ends and a large crown above it that drapes fell down from. The walls had been painted a soft creamy white. There was changing table on the wall next to it. It was placed under a window that overlooked Gotham. The other wall had shelves that were stocked with every teddy bear and toy know to man. You caught a glimpse into the walk in closet to see it overflowing with baby clothes. In the middle of the room there was a large polar bear skin rug.

You turned around to face J his eyes already on yours.

“Is this what the news was talking about when they said a IKEA was robbed?” You joked, trying to keep the tears in your eyes from escaping.

J beamed at you. “They forgot to mention the Toy’s R US. Jackson had a lot of say in where to hit.”

“Thank you.” You said sincerely.

He waved you off with his hand,

“I figured if I am going to do this whole parenting thing. I might as well do it right. Bedsides I did promise I’d buy her whatever she wants.”

You smiled at him, “Would you like to put her in the crib?” You asked nodding your head at Jay’s sleeping form in your arms.

J felt shocked unsure of what to do.
He was about to say no when,

“It’s alright, go on take her.” You said to him, practically forcing her into his arms.

“Make sure you support her head.” You said while moving his arm under her little skull.

“She’s so tiny.” He said in awe, as he held his little girl for the first time.

And boy was he right, she did look tiny in his huge embrace.

You made your way over to the crib, J quietly trailing behind you never taking his eyes off her.
He ever so gently and ever so slowly laid her down in the crib. You both started down at her smiles etched on your faces.

“She looks just like you. Ya know?” He whispered to you.

“Except for her eyes.” You cooed, “She has her fathers eyes.”

“Where will I sleep now?” You asked quietly.

“With me.” He replied, eyes locking onto yours.

He reached for your hand and you both made your way out of the nursery to his bedroom. Falling asleep in his arms that night felt nice. It all felt so nice, having your happy makeshift little family together.

But you knew it wouldn’t last. It never did.

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