long sleeve silk blouse

We went our separate ways at the party; I danced with Ted once or twice and noticed that he seemed to be having a good time, talking with several women. He seemed to be completely entranced with a young woman who belonged to Seattle’s Junior League, a Crisis Clinic volunteer whom neither of us had happened to meet before. Since some shifts never coincided, it wasn’t unusual that volunteers’ paths didn’t cross. The woman was married to a young lawyer with a “future,” a man who is now one of Seattle’s most successful attorneys. Ted didn’t talk to her; in fact, he seemed in awe of her, but he pointed her out to me and asked about her. She was a beautiful woman with long dark hair, straight and parted in the middle, and dressed in a way that spoke of money and taste. She wore a black, long-sleeved blouse, a straight white silk evening skirt, solid gold chains, and earrings. I doubt that she was even aware of Ted’s fascination with her, but I caught him staring at her several times during the evening. With the others at the party, he was expansive, relaxed, and usually the centre of attention. 

Since I was the driver, Ted drank a good deal during the evening, and he was quite intoxicated when we left at 2:00 A.M. He was a friendly, relaxed drunk, and he settled into the passenger seat and rambled on and on about the woman at the party who had impressed him so much. “She’s just what I’ve always wanted. She’s perfect- but she didn’t even notice me…” 

And then he fell sound asleep. - Ann Rule talks about a woman Ted was fascinated by at the crisis clinic christmas party in 1972. 

Source- The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule


Thank you to everyone who voted in Harry’s 2016 fashion survey. We’ve got ourselves quite a mixed bag of looks in the top three, which makes sense given Harry’s lowkey year. Despite his elusiveness, Harry was still able to give us some distinctive outfits. Special shout out to the Randy’s Donuts sweatshirt. You didn’t rank here but you’re the real MVH (most valuable hoodie) in our hearts. Details for each look are below.

#1 - October 6 - Another Man AW16 Launch Party - London

Dior Homme Tuxedo • Saint Laurent Velvet Wyatt boots • Rockins Black Embroidered Skinny Scarf

This look received 33.1% of the votes.

#2 - January 22 - Out visiting a friend - Los Angeles

Cream silk long-sleeve blouse • black skinny jeans with rips • Saint Laurent Wyatt harness boots in nut suede • tortoiseshell sunglasses

This look received 9.18% of the votes.

#3 - December 7 - Out shopping - London

Gucci wool sweater with contrast trims • black skinny jeans • Saint Laurent Wyatt fringed boots in tan suede • black round-frame eyeglasses

This look received 9.09% of the votes.

Another Man survey results to follow…