long sleeve red dress

Psychedelic long dresses, Mademoiselle Magazine 1967.
Three models stand close together wearing brightly colored maxi dresses; from left to right: sleeveless dress with swirl pattern in green, orange, red and black by Fifth Avenue Robes; a long sleeve dress with paisley print in pink, purple and red by Chezelle; and a kimono-style dress with floral print in green, yellow, purple and white by Gigette. Photo by Didier Dorot

ice skating with Bucky Barnes would include

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  • you met Bucky on a cold winter day
  • the numbing weather was cruel even to him, to someone who had survived countless russian winters
  • you worked in a local coffee shop and were almost closing up when you heard door open
  • looking up you saw a man, probably in his 30s, dressed in a red long sleeved shirt, a jacket and gloves
  • when he saw that there were no people in the shop, he turned around to leave, disappointment evident in his green eyes
  • “we’re not closed yet, you can order if you want”
  • him turning around and, after composing himself, ordered a hot chocolate
  • he took the furthest seat from you
  • you made his drink and served it to him with 2 chocolate cookies 
  • “but i-i didn’t order this”
  • his voice was hoarse and croaky
  • it seemed like he hadn’t talking in a long time
  • “it’s okay, it’s on the house. you look like you need a bit chocolate in your life”
  • putting on some music to fill the awkward silence
  • “what-what music is this?”
  • “uhm it’s fortyfive by bootstraps. you know it?”
  • “no, to be honest i’m more keen on the older music”
  • “if you want i can change the so-
  • “no no it’s okay, it’s different, good different, i think i like it”
  • starting a small talk about music
  • then changing the topic to books and art
  • soon he was almost finished with his drink
  • but, not wanting to go to his “apartment” and be alone with his past and his thought, he was saving his last sip
  • “you want more?”
  • “no it’s just very nice in here”
  • nice - he hasn’t used that word in years
  • “don’t wanna go home?”
  • you asked as if you read his mind
  • him shaking his head bot looking up
  • “problematic roommate?”
  • him shaking his head yet again
  • “do want to go to somewhere magical?”
  • magic - he remembered the same word coming out of different, much thinner lips
  • he remembered a honeyed voice talk about magic
  • and it felt good, it felt like home
  • “i do”
  • closing up the coffee shop 
  • heading to your magical place
  • him keeping his distance from you
  • “what’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking”
  • him tensing at your question
  • “Bucky, i think”
  • and yet again, the same honeyed voice rang in his head
  • “you think?”
  • “no, i’m Bucky, i know it, what’s your name?”
  • “y/n”
  • “yeah, right, you look like a y/n”
  • chuckling at his comment
  • “what’s that supposed to mean?”
  • “nothing bad, i promise”
  • continuing your “journey” in silence
  • taking him to a tall dark building
  • “this used to be an ice skating rink, but it shut down 9 years ago. i used to come here a lot, as a child”
  • he was wondering why you took him to a place which held so much sentimental meaning for you
  • and then he remembered - magic
  • this place was magical
  • him following you
  • putting on some skates
  • “but i don-don’t really know how to skate”
  • “it’s okay, i’ll guide you, just hold my hand”
  • him being hesitant about letting you touch him
  • “hey, i won’t hurt you, pinky promise”
  • and yet again, he swore he heard someone else say that to him, a boy
  • him holding your hand with his right one
  • it felt so odd (but good) to touch someone
  • to have someone touch him without causing any pain
  • his first step on ice was a little wobbly
  • and when he was about to lose his balance, you held his hand even tightly
  • “it’s okay, i’ve got you”
  • soon, after ten minutes of going in circles, he got a bit cocky and thought that he could do some tricks as well
  • him falling not-so-gracefully on his butt
  • laughing at him
  • “you hahaha you should have seen your face, Buck”
  • him looking at you with wide eyes
  • but then, a shy smile appeared on his chapped lips and he silently chuckled at himself
  • and, honestly, he looked so pretty smiling
  • offering him your hand to help him stand
  • him taking you down with him
  • landing directly on top of him
  • looking into each others eyes and laughing loudly
  • after an hour of attempting to skate, you both left your magical place
  • Bucky telling you that it’s his duty as a man to escort you home
  • “you’re different, Buck, good different”
  • and at that moment, he fell in love with magic, again

Heyy! I’m Roxy, 18, pre-everything. I love taking selfies (even though I’m not smiling here!!) and cute dresses!! ❤️❤️❤️

[Two pictures side by side of the same girl with long red straight hair, glasses and wearing a sleeved black dress and boots.]

Taehyung Scenario: Go to You.

Request: Please make a scenario with Taehyung….Where they have a concert but he doesn’t know if you & your daughter are coming to their concert…  

Genre: Fluff / Family

Taehyung always liked to invite his two girls to dinner dates, after a long day working and rehearsing like a madman being able to enjoy a nice meal with his daughter and his wife was like a splash of water on a hot day, he felt refreshed even though he was still tired of the hectic day.

Nami loved thai food, his daughter had a refined taste for such a young girl, so almost every time you brought her to her favorite restaurant Thai Nam. The restaurant wasn’t too fancy but you didn’t like to dress too informal on dinner dates, Taehyung was looking stylish in an all-black attire, you wore high wasted black pants with a long sleeves red wine shirt and for Nami you decided to dress her with a cute violet dress.

Taehyung was currently on preparations for a few domestic concerts as a closure of the promotions of the group’s latest album. They would perform at Seoul, Daegu and Busan. The first concert was going to be at Busan next Friday.

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1. How tall are you? 5′4 ½, last time I checked, but it’s possible I’ve gotten a bit taller since then. 

2. What color and style is your hair? Blonde, usually straight, almost to the small of my back.

3. What color are your eyes? Blue

4. Do you wear glasses? I do.

5. Do you have braces? I do not.

6. What is your fashion sense? That depends on whether you mean what I like to wear or what I do wear. I’ll answer both. Lately I’ve been wearing just lounge pants and either one of my flannel shirts or similar things. However, I’d rather wear things along the lines of flowy skirts/jeans and button-ups/long-sleeved t-shirts/tanktops or dresses in black, grey, dark red/green/purple, or any shade of blue. And shiny things. And leather. 

7. Do you have any siblings? Yes, one sister. She’s good at photography and music.

8. What kind of student are you? I procrastinate, but tend to get pretty good grades when I actually do my stuff.

9. What are you favorite subjects? English, Drama was fun last year…does karate count? History’s okay, depending on the time period.

10. What are your favorite TV shows? Agents of SHIELD, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Addams Family, Clone Wars, Firefly

11. Favorite books? Lord of the Rings, Gwenhwyfar, Dune, Dracula, Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, The Silmarillion…I’m sure there’s more.

12. Favorite pastimes? Writing, karate, swimming, dancing, singing.

13. Any regrets? That I didn’t do very good in school my freshman year. 

14. What is your dream job? Author. That’s the only one that’s stayed concrete over my entire life. Professional mermaiding sounds fun. I think I’d like being a Psychologist. 

15. Do you want to get married? I don’t know.

16. Do you want to have kids and how many? I don’t know.

17. How many countries have you visited? I’ve never left the US, but I want to go to Russia, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, and Scotland.

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So. I’ve been basically marathoning Deadliest Warrior for the past few days, and during the Joan of Arc vs William the Conqueror episode I think I found my mental image for Laindawar.

[Image: Jason McNeil, medieval combat specialist, in a workshop. He is holding a sword in front of him. Jason is blue-eyed and blond. His hair is long and tied into a ponytail, and he is wearing a long-sleeved red shirt.]

I mean damn.

[Image: Same man, same workshop, same clothes, just from the side and holding his sword up above his head.]

He even does that “tilt my head to the side and frown while I listen to you” face.

[Image: Same man, same clothes. He is now out in a grassy area, tilting his head and frowning while he listens to someone speak offscreen.]