long sleeve lace tops

DA Characters in Pajamas
  • Cullen: Sweat pants (either plaid or some deep red), no shirt (ayy BBY 😍)
  • Leliana: Her uniform (CONSTANT VIGILANCE)
  • Cassandra: Some form of tank top and shorts combination, comfortable and versatile should danger come about
  • Josephine: Cute, modest long-sleeved nightgown with lace detailing at the top because she's a sweet cinnamon roll
  • Cole: Onesie with rabbits printed on it while holding a stuffed rabbit
  • Varric: Similar to Cullen - gotta show off that spectacular chest hair
  • Vivienne: Another modest nightgown, but made of the finest silks with a 50s-style sheer robe on top
  • Solas: Flannel robe while holding a cup of tea and a disgruntled expression
  • Dorian: Long sleeved pajama set made of the finest silks; face covered in a facial masque; eyes covered by a sleeping mask, also made of silk; hair in curlers
  • Iron Bull: Naked. Pixelated dick. No shame.
  • Sera: Cute shorts and oversized, ratty tshirt combo adorned with cartoon bees
  • Blackwall: Long-sleeved plaid pajama set, but stuffed griffons everywhere
  • Morrigan: Lingerie. Black, slinky lingerie.
  • Scout Harding: something sensible, I.e. cute cotton pajama set
  • Roderick: Pajamas a la Jim Carrey's Scrooge in A Christmas Carol
  • Dagna: some rune-covered pajama set that she enchanted that helps her sleep better or something

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