long sleeve knit shirts

- chapter one: part one -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there’s one reason why it should…”

7 Weeks

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe...just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

The air cinched from my lungs as I plopped down on the toilet seat of my bathroom, the test barely dangling between my loose fingertips over my bent kneecap. Shit. I flicked my head back and forth, shutting my eyes as the heat began to travel from the warped pit of my stomach up to my cheeks, filling them with a sickening flush. Shit, shit, shit. How could this have happened? How could I have let this happen?

My shaken thoughts quickly juggled between ‘what the fuck am I gonna do’ and ‘holy shit….I gotta tell him’. Him. Him being a guy that would probably want nothing to do with this, a guy that had a whole entire world of speculation and scrutiny to deal with considering he was…famous. Him being a guy that I didn’t even really know, a guy that I hadn’t even spoken to since the night he…well, apparently impregnated me. The mere thought of having to speak to him, to tell him this news when we literally didn’t know a lick about each other, made the nerves start to creep up my spine.

I popped my eyes open and tentatively peered down at the little stick of death that was in my hand. Maybe I don’t have to tell him, I innocently thought with a tiny shrug, the idea being swiftly washed away by my own good conscience.

Letting out a loud groan, my upper body tumbled over as I let my head hang down between my parted knees, my arms dramatically slumping to the floor.  

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

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Fall Essentials/Must Haves (Clothes Edition)

Here’s a quick list of closet staples I feel you just can’t go without during the fall:

  • Plaid/flannel shirts
  • Long sleeve shirts 
  • Oversized sweaters 
  • Turtlenecks
  • Cable knit sweaters
  • Bodysuits
  • Suede Mini Skirt
  • Skater Skirts
  • Fleece lined leggings 
  • Jeans
  • Jogger style pants
  • Cardigans
  • Drapped sweaters
  • Bomber jackets 
  • Leather jackets
  • Puffer Vest
  • Princess style jacket 
  • Tights
  • Knee high socks 
  • Scarves 
  • Fedoras
  • Beanies 
  • Knee-high boots
  • Booties
  • Ankle Boots

anonymous asked:

I would like to dress like Noora but I don't know how to start? How can you describe her wardrobe?

let me think. she has this kind of clean preppy but still hipster like style, with a lot of retro? Maybe a bit masculine? so think one coloured key items, and “less is more”.  

Some of her key items: 

  • turtlenecks (all of them: long sleeves, 1/3 sleeves, knitted etc)
  • one coloured or striped shirts (all buttoned up)
  • long coats that reaches the knees in basic colours like grey and black
  • mum jeans in a light colour or a bit nicer black trouser (both high waisted)
  • she also has some nice basic sweaters for fall/winter

in stead of a lot of accessories she likes to use a belt to finish her outfits. (i know they have som nice not too pricy leather belts at H&M). 

you can go through the tags here for inspiration, but i think the easiest (and best) way to “copy” her style is to do it your own way. so get inspired and buy stuff you like on yourself. but think clean cuts and looks. and not items that’s too much or over the top. 

some headcanons for my girlfriend, annabeth, because surprisingly there’s not many for her? anyway,, 

  • her dad is british. will fight anyone who doesn’t respect
  • she’s always had a british accent, growing up in a english household and all
  • it’s pretty much non existent by the time she’s around 11
  • it still slips up sometimes
  • percy makes fun of her sooo much for it (but really he finds it so adorable)
  • yogurt
  • her favorite color is red
  • her aesthetic is pretty plain and homey, but still v cute
  • meaning she wears a lot of cozy knit cardigans and sweaters, basic long sleeved shirts, plaid, vans, boots, etc
  • this is kind of canon, but annabeth’s hair is really messy and gets in her face a lot
  • her hair can never seem to be tame enough to find a part
  • she wears reading glasses sometimes, and whenever someone is trying to get her attention she looks up 
  • and she does this thing where she kind of looks up over the persons head and scrunches her nose and opens her mouth a bit and squints her eyes (if that makes any sense)
  • also wiggles her nose to push up her glasses
  • idk why but i always headcanon her voice like kristen stewarts but a little huskier
  • is actually a huge harry potter fan
  • bi af
  • in the lightning thief she’s 5′2
  • by the battle of the labyrinth she’s 5′9-5′10 (haven’t decided yet)
  • she stops growing after that
  •  even though she doesn’t really like it, she wears heels just to piss percy off sometimes
  • does a lot of things just to piss percy off
  • percy returns the favor in hoo when annabeth comes to camp jupiter to find that percy is now in fact taller than her, and she’s not okay with that
  • always made fun of him for being shortish (also cuz she’s tall)
  • likes soccer
  • got h i p s
  • piper influences her a lot
  • before the last olympian, she was really close to silena
  • has a thing for aphrodite girls
  • soft hands
  • surprisingly annabeth is really quiet at mortal school
  • and she’s not super great at making friends there 
  • 93% of her blood is coffee
  • she actually works at a coffee shop
  • freaked out when she started to get boobs
  • she likes music a lot, but she kind of keeps it to herself
  • some of her favs are bombay bicycle club, fleet foxes, young the giant, geographer, arcade fire, and the shins
  • she gets a lot more into music after piper introducers her to some
  • annabeth actually likes the beatles a little bit, and one time she told piper and piper raised hell and started comparing them to nirvana and said shit like “the beatles were OVERESTIMATED and WEAK” “nirvana was the EMPOWERMENT of the ‘90′s teenage rebellious grunge era oh my GODS annebeth”
  • she thinks the beatles are okay, but comes off as obsessive because again, does it to piss piper off
  • she smells really clean
  • she seems really distant physically, but once you get close to her she’s kinda touchy
  • once her and percy start dating she does a lot of cute things
  • like kisses his cheek a lot and surprise hugs him from the back
  • puts her chin on his shoulder too im dead
  • idk what you call this but if percy has his arm around her or they’re really close atm she does this thing where she lightly moves her fingers across his skin so it tingles
  • she does it to piper sometimes too but it’s more likely that piper will do it to annabeth
  • c u  d   d    l     e      r
  • piper and percy convince her to do something rebellious so she gets a nose ring at some point
  • annabae
  • in high school she takes all ap classes and aces them like it’s nothing
  • gets really frustrated when she doesn’t get something
  • is any angry crier (is working on that because she thinks it’s really embarrassing)
  • she has this laugh that will make u melt 
  • she’s a master of all kind of gal
  • her room is sooo homey and fuzzy and stuff and sometimes when percy visits California with her he just jumps on her bed and doesn’t leave
  • she’s so smart and pretty oh my gods
  • i want her to be my gf irl
  • i have so many more headcanons but they seem to have left me rn
  • these are my personal headcanons but feel free to add on!!
  • let us come together and discuss our love for THE goddess ms. chase god bless
The Queen's Throne// Chapter 2

Prologue Chapter 1

Eisuke woke up in the morning with a woman beside him. He reached out towards her chocolate, brown hair shining brightly in the morning light. Her hair felt soft and fluffy, almost like touching a cloud, to which he wished to touch for all eternity.

The woman made a noise; a sign that she’s woken up from her slumber. She stretched her thin pale arms up in the air and began to turn towards him. Bright, brown orbs gazed onto his dark brown ones. Hoshiko, his beloved, was right by his side once more. 

“I love you, Eisuke; I missed you!” she said, smiling brightly like the brilliant morning sun.

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[INTERVIEW TRANS] Q6. The item I have the most in my wardrobe?

RM: Black, grey and white clothes. Mainly without colors. And many hats. I really like hats. Cap, beanie, fedora etc.

Jin: Big sweatshirts. I have the most 2XL kind of sizing big sweatshirts or T-shirts.

J-Hope: Jackets and sweatshirts. The top of my wardrobe is jacket and the bottom has sweatshirts, hood, T-shirts and at a glance I think I have most sweatshirts and jackets.

Jimin: Accessories, pants and big shirts. I don’t have much clothes but I have the most of these out of the clothes.

V: Shirts, long sleeves t-shirts, knitted (clothes) and oversized tee. Oversized jacket, cardigan etc and I like big clothes. And i like styles like wearing shirts inside paired with knitted (clothes) outside and hence I have many of these clothes.

Jungkook: I don’t pay attention to fashion most of the time so I like plain shirts. And hence i have the most plain shirts.

Source: 스포츠조선
ps: Suga wasn’t present in the interview.

Ready For Anything

Prompt: Omelia are in the woods and come across a woman who is hurt / in labour.

“Come on Mia – let’s go!” Owen shouted up the stairwell to Amelia, growing impatient as he waited for her.

“Hold on Owen, it’s your fault I’m late anyway – you and your distractions,” she grumbled back, bringing a smile to the tall man’s face.

He double-checked their bags one last time, making sure they had sufficient water, snacks and supplies packed. When Owen had suggested the idea of going for a hike a few weeks ago he had expected his feisty girlfriend to put up a fight. Then again, he should know by now to expect the unexpected when it came to his petite companion. She had taken the idea in stride, excitedly researching trails and areas in the Seattle for the two of them to hike. The brunette had even splurged on a trip to the sport equipment store, purchasing a good pair of hiking boots and a comfortable Patagonia fleece in order to fight off the late September chill.  

It had been so long since he had seen her excited; the toll of regaining her sobriety and the aftermath of Meredith’s attack had weighed down on her heavily. She had come so far since then, attending regular meetings and standing up for herself and her sobriety. Even though she was not ready to move in and stay with him yet, she progressively spent more and more time at his apartment, frequently leaving articles of clothing in his drawers or hanging in his closet.

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Gear Up Guide: Immortal Guardian

“The Immortal Guardian outfit reduces Lara’s damage from Greek fire utilizing a combination of torn chainmail and ancient Byzantine armor for protection. Remnant symbols are etched onto the armor and adorn the thick fabric underskirt and buttons. As a base layer, Lara wears a red knitted fabric long-sleeve shirt and boot wraps. Salvaged bear pelts are repurposed into a fur tunic, skirt and boot accents to keep warm. Combined with brown leather pants and boots, and gloves made of deer hide, this ensemble prepares adventurers for traversing through rough terrain. Worn leather straps and a gun holster with gold Byzantine buckles finish the look by providing easy access to gear.”

- Art Director, Brenoch Adams

Get the full resolution on Flickr.

Chambray Shirts & Ties

4 ways to wear chambray shirts with ties

Reinvent the way you wear your favorite go-tos this season. Take your favorite chambray button-up, typically worn in a casual manner, and dress it up with a tie. Layer the duo under a collarless blazer, leather jacket, wool bomber or pullover sweater for a perfect head-to-toe look. See four complete chambray shirt and tie outfits below and update your wardrobe today!

Look 1

For ultimate hipster style, dare to be different in an ASOS chambray shirt paired with a silk knit tie, Kill City collarless blazer, white Bullhead denim joggers and Maison Kistune sneakers. 

ASOS Chambray Shirt In Long Sleeve With 2 Pockets

Silk Knit Tie

Kill City Crepe Collarless Blazer

Dillon Skinny Jogger Pants


Look 2

Calling all East Coasters: this is the outfit for you. Get the classic preppy look wearing this polka dot chambray button-down, striped J.Crew tie, A.P.C. wool bomber jacket, Levi’s chinos and Vince blue suede boots. 

Oliver Spencer Button Down Chambray Print Shirt

English silk tweed tie in thin stripe

Waffle-Knit Wool-Blend Bomber Jacket

Levi’s Chino Jogger Pants, True Chino

Vince Blake Sport Suede Boot, Coastal

See Looks #3 and #4, and read the full article here

spring clothing 💐🐝☁️

the lovely cawed asked for some tips for spring clothing so here it is

-halter/racerback tanks (black grey n cream) / brandy, aa, urban
-grey slouchy cardi / wilfred, urban, aa
-long sleeve crops (every colour) / american apparel
-linen oxford shirts / muji
-knit turtlenecks!! all of them!!! / american apparel
-sleeveless/short sleeve sweaters / american apparel, f21, aritzia
-white and printed boxy crops / cos, topshop, zara, american apparel
-chunky knits / topshop, zara, f21, cos

pants n skirts n things:
-skater skirts / urban outfitters, american apparel, h&m maybe
-black/grey midi skirts / whitepepper, topshop, zara probably??, american apparel
-babydoll dresses in every colour / american apparel, urban outfitters
-straight mini skirts (printed) / topshop, aritzia, american apparel
-black ripped knee jeans
-mom jeans / american apparel, levi’s, rag&bone, h&m perhaps
-grey high waisted slacks / zara, wilfred, topshop, theory
-black sundress / wilfred, topshop, urban, aa, zara, reformation

other things
-thick socks / muji, american apparel, topshop, calvin klein
-thigh highs / american apparel, topshop
-sheer tights / wolford, urban outfitters
-loafers / tod’s, marni
-leather messenger bag / auxiliary, american apparel, kara
-large canvas tote / muji, american apparel
-leather low boots / asos, shakuhachi, topshop
-the type of sandals you can wear w socks / birks, lipstik,
-oversized grey or camel coat / topshop, asos, aritzia

-forest green
-every grey ever
-burnt orange


Born in 1940, H.R. Giger was a Swiss painter and sculptor whose work has achieved international recognition and fame.  Giger’s work has been described as ‘biomechanical’, reflecting the seamless visual union between the organic and the mechanic. Giger chronically suffered from nightmares, which he has stated, was much of the inspiration for his art.  The end results are wildly imaginative paintings and sculptures of surrealistic landscapes and lifeforms.

In 1977 Giger published his first compilation the ‘Necronomicon’ that inspired the ‘Xenomorph’ creature from director Ridley Scott’s Alien. Scott hired Giger to produce artwork as well as conceptual designs for the film and subsequently his work earned him an Academy Award in 1980 for ‘Best Achievement in Visual Effects’.  Following Alien, Giger’s unique eye for the odd and ethereal was sought out for other prominent Hollywood films, such as PoltergeistSpecies II and most recently Prometheus.

Over the years Giger would continue to paint and sculpt with many of his most prominent original works being housed at the H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland, which is itself an extension of his enduring desire to see his work manifest into a three dimensional living environment. H.R. Giger passed away on May 12, 2014 leaving behind a profound and timeless body of work.

For this season Supreme is proud to release a collection of items including a Coaches Jacket, a Hooded Sweatshirt, a Knit Top, a long sleeve T-Shirt, two short  sleeved T-Shirts and two Skateboard decks featuring some of H.R. Giger’s iconic artwork.  
Available in-store in NY, LA, London, and online October 9th.
Available in Japan October 11th.

Signs as Clothing Items

Aries ; Combat Boots

Taurus ; PURPLE Neck Scarf

Gemini ; Sleeveless Croptop

Cancer ; Light-Wash Ripped Jeans

Leo ; Long-Sleeved Navy Blue Oversized Knitted Shirt (Because they’re really complicated lmao)

Virgo ; Converse Hightops

Libra ; Dark Bootyshort Jeans

Scorpio ; Beanies

Sagittarius ; Abstract Oversized Tee

Capricorn ; Black Leggings

Aquarius ; Cardigans

Pices ; Graphic Tees

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky trying to snuggle with Steve but the different parts of his metal arm keep pinching Steve or catching on his hair. In an attempt to curttail this, he tries being more careful, not wanting to take off the arm because he's worried Steve would be put off by the arm stump.

steve, who doesn’t like that bucky is worrying about it so much when it’s really not a big deal, suggests that he just wear long sleeves so he can be comfortable, too, instead of worrying about hurting steve on accident. he ends up with a small collection of shirts with one long sleeve, and clint knits him an arm cozy for his birthday for, he tells bucky, grinning, when he doesn’t want to wear a shirt at all. bucky’s too touched that clint designed a pattern for him to retaliate, and it turns out to be the perfect solution.