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The First Date. {Charene}

Part 1 of my new mini-series, which will cover the milestones of Chaol and Yrene’s happily ever after, starting with their first date. I love this couple, and I cannot wait to read more about them! So, naturally, I had to write about them, first.

I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think! :)

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Chaol’s hand trembled as it reached for the doorbell.

She was too good for him, that much he knew with what little he knew of Yrene Towers. She was beautiful, with her curly, brown hair and tanned, slender frame. She walked with a confidence Chaol had never seen, even with the scar that draped across her neck.

So, naturally, he was nervous as he stood on her threshold.

He had worn his best jeans, the only pair he owned without any rips or stains, and a fitted button-down shirt that he had purchased only hours before, along with some cologne he was hoping he didn’t put too much of on.

He thought he smelled pretty good. As for his appearance? Well, at least he’d brushed his hair.

With a deep breath, he pressed the doorbell, sending a buzzzzzzz into the air around him.

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and you drive me wild

(You can read the previous chapters here!)

PART SEVEN: Game Night, Part One

“In short, tonight is going to be lit,” Peggy said as she led Alex and Laf into the living room.

Angelica, Eliza, and Hercules were already there.

“Where is he?” Angelica asked as soon as Alexander came into view.

“Wow, hi to you, too, Angie,” Alex said teasingly.

“You better have come through with your end of the deal, Ham, or else I might just have to––”

“Relax, mon ami,” Laf interrupted. “I was there when our dear Alexander invited him. All is well. He will be here.”

Angelica visibly relaxed at that. Alex noticed that she was dressed up–– a peach colored dress, beaded dangling earrings and a matching necklace and bracelets.

He then turned his attention to Eliza, who was more dressed up than Alexander ever remembered seeing her outside of a formal event. She had on flawless yet subtle makeup, a white collared shirt, and a high-waisted teal skirt that she tucked the shirt into, some of the fabric puffing out, hiding exactly where the shirt ended and the skirt began. She also had a long necklace on a silver chain with a single teal teardrop shaped stone dangling on the end of it. Alex couldn’t help but stare for a moment.

Eliza tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear and looked Alex’s way, as if she felt his gaze.

“You look beautiful,” he said before he could think.

She blushed, smiling shyly at him. “Thanks. That sweater looks really nice on you.”

“Laf chose it.”

“I figured,” she said with a laugh.

“So,” Alex asked, sitting down on the couch next to her, “you suddenly got really dressy on us. Are things different at that fancy school of yours?” He was clearly just teasing her, but he was also curious. Eliza had always been more of a tomboy–– a t-shirts, leggings, and converse kind of girl.

Eliza blushed an even deeper shade of red. “I, well, first of all I discovered that I like to wear dresses.”

Alex beamed at her. “And you look gorgeous in them, clearly!”

“Thanks,” she said with a nervous laugh. “And, well, Peggy may have invited someone here tonight that I have a crush on…” She began to fiddle with her hair anxiously.

“Peggy is quite the handful,” Alex said with a sigh. “But who is this mystery person?” He gently nudged her in the side with his elbow, eliciting another soft laugh from her. He always thought that Eliza’s laughs were the audio version of fairy lights–– soft, gentle, and beautiful.

“Her name is Maria,” Eliza whispered.

Alexander grinned at her. “She’d be silly not to like you, Sweet Lizard.”

Eliza’s laugh appeared again, widening Alex’s smile. He always felt warm inside when he managed to make Eliza laugh. It was such a glorious feeling.

The two friends were distracted by the sound of more voices filling the room. From the way Eliza froze and her face turned a brighter red than Alexander had ever seen (and that was saying something), he figured the girl he didn’t know, who was dressed in what looked like an incredibly soft red sweater and dark blue skinny jeans with a few gold bangles around her wrist, and who had dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders in luscious waves, was Maria. The other girl with her was Adrienne de Noailles, the other ⅓ of the Laf-Herc-Adri trio.

He was about to ask Eliza if she wanted to go over and say hello when a third new person walked–– no, sauntered–– in.

The boy was tall, dressed in a deep purple cardigan with black jeans tucked into golden high-tops converse. His puffy dark brown hair bounced as he made his way over to the couch and smirked down at Alexander.

“Hamilton,” he said.

“Jefferson,” Alex grumbled.

“Thomas!” Angelica exclaimed, conveniently coming in from the kitchen at that exact moment. “I am so glad you could make it!”

He leaned down and they air-kissed each other on each cheek. Alexander rolled his eyes and Eliza gave him a look.

“I would never miss an opportunity to be in the presence of the dazzling Angelica Schuyler,” he said smoothly.

“Ugh,” Alex muttered. He motioned to Eliza, and the two of them made their escape as Angelica and Jefferson started flirting with each other through an exchange of witty remarks that neither Alexander nor Eliza had any desire to overhear.

“I’VE GOT THE GAMES!” Peggy hollered from the hallway. She then entered the room with a stack of games that was almost larger than she was.

Eliza and Maria rushed forward at the same time to help her, and, from the look on Peggy’s face, it was evident that that had been her intention all along.

Alexander went up to Peggy once the games were safely in Eliza and Maria’s hands. “Hey, uh, where’s John?” Alex scratched the back of his neck.

Peggy just smirked. “He and his sister Martha are coming, don’t worry your butt off or anything.”

“Mon ami, if you worry anymore butt off you will have none left!” Laf came up behind Alex with Adrienne on one arm and Hercules on the other. They winked at Alex in unison.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Lafayette beamed at Alexander. “Are you ready to meet your, how you say, Prince Charming?”

First Christmas

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader

Warnings: Pure fluff

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A/N: I just couldn’t miss the chance to make something increidbly fluffy for Christmas! Requests are open people, don’t forget! Feedback is always appreciated!

You marked the days on the calendar, and out of a sudden, it seemed like Christmas was just around the corner. Seven days and counting until the favorite festivity of the Avengers arrived. Well, for most of the avengers; there was only one member who was completely clueless about the meaning and the reasons why people decorated everything in red, gold and green, ate men made of ginger and exchanged gifts. Thor was not used to spend Christmas with the team because it usually happened that he had other matters to attend back in his land, but it was the first Christmas you would spend together as a couple, and he decided to make it to the important holiday.

You two had not been together for long, at least not officially. It was a fact for all of you that you liked each other, but since you two lived so far away from one another you decided to make it just fun and games; that until you took the next step. You were falling head over heels for the man and it needed to stop, or at least continue as something formal. And so it did.

He arrived on the 21st when everything was set. The tree was decorated up to its highest point –and it was indeed a high tree– and when Thor first saw it, it was like a child that had a candy shop just for him. Well, this was an Asgardian giant child. He held your hand tightly as he marveled himself with all the details that decorated the room.

“I’m expecting you would bring some of that sweet Asgardian mead of yours” Steve said as he landed a heavy hand on Thor’s shoulder, “It’s finally good to have you here, especially during this time”

“Well, apparently this Christmas thing is very important for you all” he replied with his characteristic deep voice, “and what’s better than to spend it with my second family?” he caressed your arm and pulled you closer to kiss your hair. You smiled widely and leaned your head on his chest. He was at least a head taller than you, if not more. “So, what are we going to do now?”

“I was thinking that we could go out, to the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center” Natasha chimed in, dragging Sam along with her. “Maybe showing this fella over here some of the things we do here?”

“Yes!” you squealed, “ever since I got here I wanted to go ice skating!”

The morning of the 24th you woke up to a terrible stomach ache that might have been caused by that weird food Tony had you all convinced to have. You tossed in bed all night, and went to the bathroom about a hundred times. You felt terrible for ruining Thor’s first Christmas on Earth, but he was as thrilled by your sickness as he was with the whole spirit of the celebration, and besides, it was the first time that he got to take care of you the same way you did to him.

“My god, I should’ve known better” you groaned as you wrapped your arms around your body and rolled to both sides. Thor sat next to you and placed an always warm hand over your forehead. You had no signs of a fever, it was only your stomach that was in pain. “Christ almighty, if I ever survive this, I’m gonna kill Stark”

“Do not worry, my love” he patted your forehead lightly, keeping your baby hair away from your skin, “this holiday couldn’t have gone better” he smiled at you and leaned to tenderly kiss your forehead, “can I be of any assistance?”

“Uhh… yeah” you nodded weakily, “can you bring me Coke and sparkling water?” Thor looked at you completely puzzled; he may not be from Earth, but he knew damn well Coke was not something sick people drank to cure illnesses. “Thor, go get me that” you smiled at his cluelessness.

“You and your strange medicine” he shook his head and walked out of the door.

The rest of the day you were not feeling much better, but luckily Thor was around to take care of you, feed you Coke and sparkling water that turned out to work just fine to his surprise. His warm body dozed you off a couple times during the afternoon, making you miss the best parts of your favorite movies, but it was compensated by the amount of comfort you were getting. It was not very often that Thor got to stay with you for so long. You worked most of the time outside the country with Fury and Thor, well, he didn’t live on Earth so that was a big deal, but when you two got together it was like none of that ever happened.

“Feeling any better?” he hummed softly once you were awake again. It was late, about time to go have dinner. “Captain just came by to ask if you were having dinner…”

“Yeah” you rubbed your eyes and forehead, “let me get a shower” you rolled on top of him and rested a bit more in his arms. You giggled as he drew circles on sensitive tickling spots, and headed to the bathroom to get a much needed shower.

It turned out that shower and your medicine were what you needed to feel much better, but you could not eat much at dinner; your stomach was still a bit sensitive and you needed to be completely fine for later, when the team started to open the presents. It was a Christmas dinner full of laughter and reminiscence of the greatest memories with your friends. Stories of battles, enemies crying and whining, missions gone wrong filled the air but with a touch of wit and humor given by Tony’s and Sam’s storytelling ability.

Steve stood up solemnly in the middle of the dinner, holding his glass and looking happier than he had ever done. “I want to make a toast because this year we are not only having one surprise, and that’s Thor’s arrival” he looked at his friend, “but also we have to celebrate that you two finally realized how good you were for one another” the rest of the team nodded in agreement; you sighed and had no choice but nodding too. “I personally have both a Master’s degree and a Ph. D in waiting, so I’m very glad it didn’t take that long for any of you”

“And I’m glad she accepted me” Thor conceded holding your hand on the table, “now, enough with this sentimentalism, let’s celebrate by finishing this beautiful feast that you have prepared”

By the end of the dinner, you were more composed than any of the avengers, and the present exchange was just an hour away. Thor sat next to you and fed you some tea while the rest gathered around the tree.

At 12 o’clock, the presents started to pass around and you handed Thor the one you had for him. It was a fairly small box with a red ribbon around it. His eyes lit up as soon as he started to untie it. An old copy of The Little Prince appeared before his eyes. You bit your bottom lip harshly, in fear that he wouldn’t like it, and it all indicated that he didn’t by the look on his face.

“This was my favorite book when I was growing up” you sheepishly admitted as he delicately took it from the box, “I got this copy at like… 10. I’d been walking dogs and doing the chores at my house for like two months, until I had the money to buy it myself…”

“So, this was yours?” you nodded, “and you’re giving it to me?” you nodded again, “I just don’t know what to say, I feel very honored to receive something that you cherish so much, (Y/N)” Thor said; he was rather confused, “why would you give it to me?”

“It’s one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read… And it keeps you thinking about what’s truly important” you shrugged carelessly.

“I will treasure this forever in my heart” he cupped your face in one of his hands while the other held the book to his chest, “thank you” he looked at you so fondly that it was just a matter of time until you melted. “And I have something for you too” he took out a wooden box craved with the most complex patterns you had ever seen, “I wanted to give you something that would always remind you of me, and know that I’m always with you” he handed you’re the box and you slowly opened it to find the most beautiful thing your eyes had ever seen.

It was a silver necklace. The chain was thin and long, and the pendant hanging from it was a small Y, but the stick that joined the two smaller ones together extended up to the others. You took it in your hands and examined the almost invisible details craved on the silver jewelry. Where the three smaller parts joined there was a small stone that if you put it closer to the light it shone with the colors of the rainbow.

“It is a symbol for protection” Thor explained, “so if I’m not here, you can always count that I’m keeping an eye on you and that I’m always on your side. I love you, and I’m sorry for not saying it before”

“I love you too” you replied, throwing yourself into his arms.

if ‘ifs’ and ‘ands’ were pots and pans

Not quite fairy tale au for @marcoweek​ day 1, but hey, I tried. Not all fairy tales have happy endings.

He kept his eyes open and his hands in his pockets as he wandered down the street. There was a riot of color and noise and smells everywhere, chaotic and appealing, and most importantly, easy to get lost in.

It was harder to get lost, these days, but he managed it here.

One stand was selling some kind of jewelry, strings of beads and other objects hanging across the eaves, and the one next to it was all books. He inhaled as he passed, a single moment of dust and vanillin that was as comforting as Pops’ room had always been–

Beyond the book stall was a food stall, selling some unidentifiable dark thing on sticks, and he turned his eyes away and kept on.

The other side of the fairway had a spate of games, with buskers calling out enticements and promises and prices, but none of them were tempting. He wasn’t big on games, not anymore, not when they all called up memories of sly smiles and familiar laughter–

There would have to be something besides trinkets and games, he thought, but it wasn’t like he’d read the posters or advertisements before wandering in. He’d been look for distraction and anonymity more than anything in particular.

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anonymous asked:

Woah. Just stumbled across you and your writing. Fucking blew my mind. As 9 would say: fantastic! Request? Percabeth first I love you?

anon: More diner au please!

i decided to make this an AU, the rest of which you can find here if you’re interested


He loved it when she played for him. 

When she dragged him into the empty auditorium, past rows of seats bare of an audience, up small wooden stairs onto the vast stage where she told him to sit down. He did, with his legs crossed like he was in middle school, and watched her move over to the grand piano, black and glossy and impressive. She lifted the lid, tucked her skirt to her legs and sat down at the bench. She flexed her fingers, drew in a breath and blew it right back out again, and fixed her eyes on the keys. 

She played without music sheets, like the music was coming from her very soul, written in the sharp movements of her fingers on the keys and the deft step of her toes on the pedals. Smooth, fast, beautiful. Percy felt his mind go blank. The quiz he was stressing about disappeared, the phonecall he’d had with his mom yesterday no longer worried him, the month long detention he’d managed to score went away completely. 

Because Annabeth was playing. 

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Birthday (Sherlock X Reader) One shot

Hope you like it!

Words: 700+

Send in requests!

You were walking home with your ear buds in and your music loud. It was your birthday and you had just gotten off work. You didn’t mind working on your birthday. You were just another year older. Your phone buzzed when you were about three blocks from your flat.

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.12.16

ringlefinch | vintage lucite beaded necklace by urbanlegend

EFOTD fave urbanlegend is constantly impressing me with their cool vintage bead necklaces — the color combos are beautiful, and i’m loving the latest texture variations.