long road for them...i can wait

the roads we walk have demons beneath

and yours have been waiting for a very long time

you know why I’m here

I’d like to hear you say it

what is this

we can’t do this

is this supposed to be a game?

(it’s not a game anymore)

I thought this was some kind of



it was not a trick

it’s a plan

what’s the very worst thing you can do

to your very best friends?

tell them your darkest secret

I love you.

Extra notes for Season 2B

The show gets alot darker (to the point chloroform might be involved, but this is unconfirmed)
   *Storyboarder Matt Braly said he was surprised a certain thing got past censors that has yet to be aired, further raising suspicion on the chloroform idea.

Season 2′s next 2 episodes are confirmed not to be separated by a long hiatus, but that does not mean weeks could not be between them.

Another hiatus is confirmed down the road, most likely I’d believe towards the finale.

Wendy is to get more “interesting” screentime.

Matt (again, storyboarder, etc.) can’t wait to see the faces of the fans when the season finishes.

Mrs. Northwest’s first name is Priscilla, could be brought up in the future.

The director is likely Sunil Hall and is called “fantastic”.

“…things are going to get really intense soon“
*even more evidence the chloroform thing might be real

The big theme of the show is “growing Up” which means that applies to the ending half of the finale in a big way.

All of Season 2 has been boarded.
 *The season is not complete in production

Everyone will eventually “have a part to play” in the series.

-A character who hasn’t been revealed yet is one of Matt’s personal “funny” characters: “funniest character is a toss up between Soos, Stan, Mabel, and a character who hasn’t been revealed“

New animation styles will be used in future episodes, but “it’s not what you’re expecting though”

6 years into debut and f(x) cried during their win today.

It was seriously surprising, especially seeing Krystal cry like that since the girl barely cries on cam. Even some of the rookies seemed surprised seeing a senior group crying on their win.

You can tell they were really emotional because it was their first win as f(4) and the group seemed really pressured after Sulli left. Ever since Sulli left, I’ve always felt like the girls felt like it was end of the road for them. The fact that they were surprised that they won today shows that they thought their popularity went down, they thought that fans gave up on them after waiting for so long after the issue last year.

They were seriously touched and seeing that made me tear up a bit tbh. We gave them that #1 guys, and they deserved it for their hard work. Lets continue giving them assurance, that we will always support them no matter what happens.

Car Trouble:  mysterymanjoseph and wonderfvks

Joseph had just crossed out of Long Island, driving back to his estate in the country when he sees a small car along side the road, and obvious flat tire.  He thinks, “I should just call a truck, I don’t want to have to be driving in the dark back home.”  “Ah,…hell.”  He slows, then pulls over in front of the car, backing up as close as he can before parking and turning on his emergency flashers.  He carefully looks behind at the approaching traffic before getting out and walking back towards the car.  He thinks, “Maybe they have already called someone and are just waiting for them.