long rice

Going/staying vegan in college.

(update to this post, it’s three years old after all..)

Think about investing in some things that help in the long run - like a rice cooker, slow cooker and/or a blender (all under $50)

Eating vegan cheap.

(Rice and beans! hummus veggie wraps/sandwiches! pb sandwiches! Buy staples in bulk. Make larger batches (think chili, rice and beans, veggie burger mix, pasta, soup, stirfrys) = Leftovers for the week. Freeze what you can. Shop deals. Know when to buy fresh/frozen. Avoid vegan replacement items.)

Magical Hair Growth Mist

Ingredients: Rice

Rice water has been used by many in Asia for centuries! A great example of those whom use rice water in there beauty regimen are the Yao women of China. It is said that the AVERAGE hair length of a Yao women is 6 feet long! Not only that the average Yao women does not get greys until 80+

Rice water contains something called inositol which is a carbohydrate! Inositol prevent and protect hair from damage. Studies have shown that inositol stays inside the hair even after washing the hair which keeps in all the goodness!

How to make water: Pour ½ of white rice into a jar or spray bottle then fill up with water. Let sit overnight and refrigerate. It last up to 1-2 weeks. It’s ok if it goes a little bit sour fermented rice water actually packs more nutrients than regular rice water. Add 10-20 drops of lavender oil or Rosemary oil for more stimulation and longer shelf life

Dear E,

I guess everything about us wasn’t that bad after all. It’s raining hard tonight and it brings me back to Christmas. Back to small talks and shy smiles and warm beds. Way back before the screamings and the feeling of being left out. We had great stories before us, do you remember? The rainy acoustic night of Urbandub. The long wait at Sev’s. The fried rice. The long walks. The longer talks. The drunken taxi rides. The reggae music. The strawberries. The city view running before our eyes as we quench our thirst with cold beer. I guess there were good stories after all. It just happened that we left the knot untied, our bodies wet, our shelters burning. I guess all good things come to an end. Even ours. I guess even the gods have bad days and fed up moments. I guess the sky does really cry when it rains. I guess those songs were really meant for us. I guess the sound of good bye is really silent and wordless. I guess sometimes we have to surrender in the fights we have thought we would win. I guess not all epic stories end well. I guess we were happy but some things are better left as it is. I am going north. You are going south. It just happened that we met at a certain intersection and found a temporary refuge for our weary bones. I guess we are flowing in different paths now because after all, we are never meant to flow into the same ocean.

I wish you comfortable nights and good food and lots of strawberry jam. I wish that you meet someone who would be able to assure you how it felt right to be in loved. I wish that you don’t doubt anymore so you would leave the doors unlocked and the bed ready for another storm. I hope that you find someone who can survive the wars with the demons we leave under our beds and whisper to our pillows. I wish you good life. I bid you fare well.

Quick and Messy.

This week flew by. 

New York City is flying by.  Plans for the end of the month are made.  Boston is fast approaching.  The weather was gorgeous today, breezy into a light, beautiful, grey rain.  

Fall is fast on our heels. 

My heart keeps beating, constant and lonely. I’m leaking loneliness and pleasure in 4/4 time. 

I worked at a Farmer’s Market.  I ate lots of pie.  Too much pie.  Free shots of Jameson.  A drunk yogi adjusted my shoulders and I’ve felt great ever since. The High Line.  We walked the Met.  The Devil Wears Prada.  Catfish.  The sacred and the profane, but mostly the mundane.  It’s shocking how ordinary and beautiful each day is.  

I’m trying to remember everything. 

My friends are anchors, in constant contact, updating me on their accomplishments, their falls, and their day to day.  I’m proud of the people in my life.  I’m honored to know them, and to be cared for by them.  

I cannot wait to see them in time.  In each city.  In each home. 

I’m trying to imagine what this looks like six months from now. 

I’m trying to imagine next year. 

I cook beans and rice in a daydream.

I chop veggies and blink away the onions and the fears.  

I wish I could say more. 

I think of Ferris Bueller. 

And it’s true. 

I love you.  I miss you.  I hope to see you soon. 

anonymous asked:

hi hi hi um I'm making a mixtape for my friend and I was wondering if you had any mellow/mood/pianoy songs that you could recommend? thanks

sure! I hope this isn’t too late! here are the first songs that came to mind:

• paper mache planes by nova & the experience
• i forget where we were by ben howard
• long long way by damien rice
• cap diamant by cœur de pirate
• city of black and white by mat kearney
• angels by the xx
• let it go by james bay
• infatuation by liu bei
• moon river by audrey hepburn
• saturn by sleeping at last (also this entire album p much)
• american honey blonde by woodlock
• small memory by jon hopkins
• if I had a boat by james vincent mcmorrow

hope this helps! xx

arken-stones  asked:

Question about raw egg! Do you personally like the whole egg or just the egg yolk? I can't eat the solid part of egg white bc I hate the texture but want to know if I still do it "right"


Personally I like my egg white to turn slightly white at least, like in a half-boiled egg stirred together with dark soya sauce, unless I’m drinking it in a soup or in stout (don’t ask). I also want to but haven’t had the chance to try a really good steak tartare, but I think that’s only the egg yolk?

If you’re talking about the tamago kake gohan, as long as your rice is steaming hot, and the egg is at least warmed to room temperature, the egg white should cook a little. If not, just separate the egg white from the egg yolk, and cook the egg white with the rice, before mixing it with the raw egg yolk. And enjoy with soy sauce and toppings!

i’m never making that lemon coconut rice again

at least not with nasty brown rice ugh

it’s gotta be made with short grain white rice or long grain basmati and i’ve gotta let it go for longer and probably add in the lemon later on so it doesn’t cook to the point of bitterness and only use slices for garnish and not for steeping in flavor because i reheaed it and had it for lunch today and boy was it NASTY

i tell u smth when i’m good in the kitchen i’m good but when i’m bad i’m just bad

anonymous asked:

Is long grain rice better for weight loss than white rice/basmati rice ?

Sounds like you might be a little confused about rice. There are different forms, varieties, and lengths. The main different forms are wholegrain (like brown, red, black) and white. The different varieties are basmati, jasmine, sushi, abborio etc. The different lengths are long, medium, and short. Wholegrain rice is the most nutritious. The variety and length are simply preferences.

I like this flat. It’s shabby and small and old, and if you leave for a few days and come back it always smells like soil in here for some weird reason, there’s not enough hot water most days because it only heats up over night and my best friend and I don’t even have a living room so both of us can have a bedroom. It’s still home though. But I swear if my neighbours don’t stop shooting porn for hours in the middle of the night, I’m going to live of noodles and rice as long as it will take me to afford getting into another flat. They are using handcuffs today. I know that because those handcuffs are fastened on the heating pipes that run through my room too. I’m not amused.

anonymous asked:

If I am going to try being vegan, what are some things I should buy as staples? What do you normally eat for meals? I'm worried it will also be really expensive.

i love these questions ahh! *u*  good on you friend! 

ok soooo i have found it not that expensive at all, as long as i’m not buying linda mccartney pies or angel food cheese all the time. i’ll put more details under the cut.

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