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I don’t really have a great deal to say re the Globe and Emma Rice, mostly because my brain is Not Doing Great lately, but:

not sure why a space for early modern plays is being so weird and stuffy about experimental versions of them when theatre itself was an experimental form back then


if you can’t deal with this season’s productions how the fuck are you gonna deal with Marlowe in any shape or form

Now is the time to be enjoying the abundance of locally grown squash that is available us and the possibilities are endless.

Today I filled a half of a roasted Carnival squash with mushroom wild rice, fresh herbs, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of tahini.

I used Lundberg Farmswild rice. I really like the variety and textures of the long grain, sweet brown rice, wild rice, whole grain Wehani rice and Black Japonica rice in the mix.

For the rice - sauté onions and chopped fresh mushrooms in olive oil. Add the rice to the veggies and allow to brown for a few minutes. Rehydrate dried mushrooms in the vegetable stock that you will use for cooking the rice. Season with salt and pepper.

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Months of planning, a full day of bumping along the roads of southern China, 3 hours of hiking up these mountains, and once we got to the top, I only had 5 minutes to capture what I could on my camera before it POURED. It rained so hard you couldn’t see 2 feet in front of you. For some reason, I just sort of laughed hysterically. Nature doesn’t give a hoot if you want to see Her in a certain form. The very next morning, at the crack of dawn, the clouds opened up, and Long Ji Ti Tian unfolded in its absolute beauty. Funny the way it is

Going/staying vegan in college.

(update to this post, it’s three years old after all..)

Think about investing in some things that help in the long run - like a rice cooker, slow cooker and/or a blender (all under $50)

Eating vegan cheap.

(Rice and beans! hummus veggie wraps/sandwiches! pb sandwiches! Buy staples in bulk. Make larger batches (think chili, rice and beans, veggie burger mix, pasta, soup, stirfrys) = Leftovers for the week. Freeze what you can. Shop deals. Know when to buy fresh/frozen. Avoid vegan replacement items.)


Dinner 5/18/2014: Din Tai Fung, 2621 NE 46th Street, Seattle

Shared: Pork buns, juicy pork dumplings, chicken fried rice, sauteed spinach with garlic, shrimp and pork shao mai, sesame dumplings, red bean dumplings.

So, so much better than the Bellevue location. The juicy pork dumplings here were actually juicy, and the shrimp and pork shao mai were absolutely delightful. Pork buns were meaty and the bun itself was pillowy soft. Dessert dumplings were very good, too. Sesame had a bit of a peanut buttery taste to it, while the red bean had a pleasant mild sweetness and smooth texture. Fried rice and spinach were pretty standard.

The Misleading War on GMOs: The Food Is Safe. The Rhetoric Is Dangerous.
Is genetically engineered food dangerous? Many people seem to think it is. In the past five years, companies have submitted more than 27,000 products to the Non-GMO Project, which certifies goods that are free of genetically modified organisms. Last year, sales of such products nearly tripled. Whole Foods will soon...

Some people, to this day, believe GE papayas are dangerous. They want more studies. They’ll always want more studies. They call themselves skeptics. But when you cling to an unsubstantiated belief, even after two decades of research and experience, that’s not skepticism. It’s dogma.

Twenty years after the debut of genetically engineered food, it’s a travesty that the technology’s commercial applications are still so focused on old-fashioned weedkillers. Greenpeace and Chipotle think the logical response to this travesty is to purge GMOs. They’re exactly wrong. The relentless efforts of Luddites to block testing, regulatory approval, and commercial development of GMOs are major reasons why more advanced GE products, such as Golden Rice, are still unavailable. The best way to break the herbicide industry’s grip on genetic engineering is to support the technology and push it forward, by telling policymakers, food manufacturers, and seed companies that you want better GMOs

The USDA’s catalog of recently engineered plants shows plenty of worthwhile options. The list includes drought-tolerant corn, virus-resistant plums, non-browning apples, potatoes with fewer natural toxins, and soybeans that produce less saturated fat. A recent global inventory by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization discusses other projects in the pipeline: virus-resistant beans, heat-tolerant sugarcane, salt-tolerant wheat, disease-resistant cassava, high-iron rice, and cotton that requires less nitrogen fertilizer. Skim the news, and you’ll find scientists at work on more ambitious ideas: high-calcium carrots, antioxidant tomatoes, nonallergenic nuts, bacteria-resistant oranges, water-conserving wheat, corn and cassava loaded with extra nutrients, and a flaxlike plant that produces the healthy oil formerly available only in fish.

That’s what genetic engineering can do for health and for our planet. The reason it hasn’t is that we’ve been stuck in a stupid, wasteful fight over GMOs. On one side is an army of quacks and pseudo-environmentalists waging a leftist war on science. On the other side are corporate cowards who would rather stick to profitable weed-killing than invest in products that might offend a suspicious public. The only way to end this fight is to educate ourselves and make it clear to everyone—European governments, trend-setting grocers, fad-hopping restaurant chains, research universities, and biotechnology investors—that we’re ready, as voters and consumers, to embrace nutritious, environmentally friendly food, no matter where it got its genes. We want our GMOs. Now, show us what you can do.


5 years after their separation,they meet again again at the Beacon High Girls Academy.

On one sunny lunchtime day,Weiss found Ruby taking a nap on the school roof.

Weiss suddenly got curious,

“What does she looks like without those glasses?”

I skipped a lot of years on this au!

New comic for Adopt/Orphan AU by celestialmeadows and me :D