long rice


“We are home. We live everywhere and anywhere we choose. The world is our garden.”

gif request meme; favourite villain, requested by @archeryalec
Queen Akasha in the movie “Queen Of The Damned”, 2002

ok but can we talk about how @vinnie-cha and i are going to meet up in just a few more days though???? can we do that??? can we discuss about how ABSURDLY HYPED AND EXCITED I AM that i’m going to finally meet this wonderful, brilliant, AMAZING art senpai?? and possibly her family too?????? 2017 IS OFF TO SUCH A GOOD START LADIES AND GENTS AND NONBINARY PALS


Months of planning, a full day of bumping along the roads of southern China, 3 hours of hiking up these mountains, and once we got to the top, I only had 5 minutes to capture what I could on my camera before it POURED. It rained so hard you couldn’t see 2 feet in front of you. For some reason, I just sort of laughed hysterically. Nature doesn’t give a hoot if you want to see Her in a certain form. The very next morning, at the crack of dawn, the clouds opened up, and Long Ji Ti Tian unfolded in its absolute beauty. Funny the way it is

Okay so I REALLY love it when my mom gets mad at me for things I can’t really control