long relathionship

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I may have missed something but why is everyone so against Alicia and Kristen?

oh dear anon… okay long story short, kristen had a long term relathionship with alicia for over 2+ years (i think) for the first time (EVER) k talked about her relationship with her, and she said she was very much in love.. like two weeks after that interview was published k is seen with soko and they kissed and stuff (and soko was posting super weird snaps on k’s home) so okay, they lasted like 1 month and then k and alicia were back for like 2 weeks idk? but then k started dating stella and ditched alicia, and k and s were together for some months but now stella left L.A and one day later, pics of k coming out of alicia’s house so…

ETA: i forgot about annie clark lmao ok so after k & a were back after soko, kristen started working on the music of her short film with annie clark, and they dated for some months and then stella happened