long red socks


                  (   so I started my first round of museums today. Walked 15km it total, but Gods was it worth it to see these giants. Honestly, this museum is so small, but you can just literally sit down wherever you want and just observe them in awe for hours. Not to mention, the gift shop was absolute torture, my littler sister had to drag me away from it before I would start buying books that don’t even fit my suitcase …   )

transboybatter  asked:

Uf sans needs to put on the Big Brother Pants and at least insist on some stockings for his edgy lil bro lol

I considered stockings because they’d look SO GOOD with that skirt.

I regret not adding them..

What about long socks with red stripes to match the clothes/scarf D:<


Hands- Alex Galchenyuk

words: 730

A/N: again, isn’t edited and didn’t read over so I hope it doesn’t suck too bad!

“Y/n, it’s just a barbecue! You don’t have to get all dolled up for my idiot friends.” Alex was getting frustrated. You had been dating for six months already but with the busy hockey schedule, you hadn’t gotten a chance to meet many of his teammates. Today was the day. Gally, the only teammate you’d met before, was having a barbecue to celebrate the season and you were going along. You were nervous and you were only getting dolled up in case the other wags did. Wouldn’t want to look like a hot mess in front of, practically, super models.

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