long realtionship

I’m daydreaming of the day when, instead of hearing you cry through the phone, I can pull you close, pet your hair, and kiss away your tears. I want to make you so so happy, and when I cannot make you happy, I want to be by your side supporting you.

if you date me then i won’t call you at 4 in the morning to tell you that i love you, no, i will let you get a good amount of sleep so that we can have fun and you don’t get tired also sleep is really good and let’s cuddle and sleep together right now

Things that fans seem to forget about Sara Lance

1. Sara Lance’s mother is a history professor

2. She grew up in a happy and supporting household and she adores her family

3. She is very intelligent. Not only does she speak multiple and extremely difficult languages but she also worked as an assistant to a mad scientists for months. She knows her way around a lab and science is not a mystery to her

4. When she was a teen she used to drink boys under the table AND be a respected babysitter

5. She is not perfect. She slept with her sister’s boyfriend. Even if it was some messed up attempt to protect her sister from the disaster that is Oliver Queen it was still an extremely shitty thing to do

6. She was in love with Nyssa and had a long term realtionship with her. This relationship was also abusive and toxic. Despite this Sara still cares deeply about Nyssa

7. Sara was one of the best fighters in the entire Arrowverse even before she spend an additional two years being personally trained by Ra’s Al Ghul

8. Sara Lance enjoys casual sex. That does not make her a slut, nor does it mean that she has casual sex because of trauma or some b.s like this. She simply enjoys casual sex. Just like so many male characters do and yet we don’t feel the need to demonize or psychoanalyze them for their love of sex

9. She is bisexual. Yes she enjoys the company of both man and woman. The fact that she has a preference for woman does not erase her bisexuality

10. She liked Snart and was attracted to him. She was not in love with him, nor was he the center of her world. If he had survived it’s likely that she could have fallen in love with him but that’s it

11. She is deeply protective of women

12. Sara Lance has many regrets and guilt but she has no problems killing villains when she has to

13. She respects ,likes and supports Rip Hunter even if she wants and does punch him sometimes

14. Jax is her right hand man and she deeply respects and trusts him and his skills

15. She adores Felicity

Distance Doesn’t Matter

Word count: 2,269

Pairing: Sam X Reader

Summary: Being in long distance relationship are hard but Sam and Y/N make it work. The little surprise visits they give one another at work making things even more bearable. 

Warnings: swearing, otherwise its just all fluff

A/N: This fic is really personal to me because I’m currently in a long distance relationship. This is my entry is for the ever lovely @gone-to-fight-the-fairies ‘s Supernatural’s Summer of Heroes Challenge. (The prompt i was given will be in bold). I got really excited to write this, hence the reason it’s up so soon.

Two years into your relationship with Sam you got a job opportunity of a lifetime. You had to move all the way across the country, from Massachusetts to LA for a job as a comic book writer. You and Sam made it work, he moved with you, got a job at an auto shop while continuing to look for a job he wanted. One year after that big move Sam got the same type of opportunity, the only issue being that it was five hours away.

After a tearful conversation, final plans were made, Sam moved five hours away to Las Vegas.

The two of you made it work, visiting one another every month or two, taking turns traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. It was hard, but it was worth it.

With two coffees in hand you enter the large office building with confidence coursing through you. “Hey Y/N,” the guard behind the security desk says. He was nice, an aging face that you have come to know over the many, many times you’ve walked into this building. “I wasn’t expecting you for another month at least.”

“You know I just can’t stay away from you, Walter,” you tease the man as you step up to his desk. Despite visiting Sam last month, you wanted to surprise him again, so he truly didn’t see it coming.

“Go on up, honey. I’m sure Sam would be more than happy to see you,” Walter speaks with a fond grin. You tap the counter top a few times in thanks before walking over towards the elevators. You press the button for the third floor, watching as it lights up under your finger and begins the journey up. After the elevator dings open you step out into a familiar hallway, walking down and glancing in a few different offices to say hello to a few of the people you knew.

As you look in to speak to your friend Charlie,you see Sam standing with his back to you. Luckily for you, Charlie spots you before he does and she is able to wave you away before your cover is blown.

With the stealth of a ninja you sneak back out of Charlie’s office and make it towards your boyfriend’s office. That’s when your second problem arises.

You wanted to get into his office and you were scared you wouldn’t until one of his coworkers passes by and sees your struggle to open the door. Luckily the man has seen you around enough to know your situation, so he opens the door for you as he passes. You throw a thank you over your shoulder before stepping into his office and shutting the door as quietly as you can with your foot.

With the coffees now on his desk you sit at Sam’s chair and spin it around so it is no longer facing the door, you pull out your phone as you wait for Sam. The wait was longer than expected, but eventually you hear the click of the doorknob being turned. Just as the door swings open you spin around in your chair, speaking in the best evil villain voice you possibly can, “Hello Samuel, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Confusion was the first look to pass across Sam’s face, soon followed by a look of excitement that appeared on his face just like it did every time you surprised him.  

“Y/N!” Sam explains as he finally comprehends what’s going on. “What the hell are you doing here?” He questions, walking around his desk and tugging you into a hug by your wrists. The kiss on your forehead was soon followed by a kiss on your lips, making you realize just how much you missed his kisses.

“I had a day off, so I thought I’d come down to see you,” you answer with a happy smile on your face to match the one on Sam’s. “I missed you,” your voice softens as you look up at him. After making eye contact with your boyfriend, you bury your face in his chest and squeeze him tightly. You missed him more than you had words to describe.

The feeling you got when you saw that goofy smile he always had on his face when he saw you. The way he makes your stomach flip just with a simple kiss. The fact he could make your heart skip a beat just by looking in your direction, it made it all worth it.

Your left hand grips tightly onto the wheel as you dig around the car for your phone, eventually finding it under the mess on the passenger seat. Sam’s personal ringtone echoes around the car until you accept the call and put it on speaker.

“Hey, Sammy!” You exclaim cheerfully as you balance your phone on your thigh as you drive. You were happy to hear his voice, as always, but it made you even more excited that you were on your way to see him.

“Turn your ass around, and get back to LA,” Sam’s words cause confusion before he begins to elaborate for you. “I just got to your apartment and Claire from across the hall said that you were on your way to Las Vegas.”

The groan you let out is clearly audible due to the sound of a chuckle from the other phone. You pull around in the next gas station you pass, starting the hour and a half drive back towards your apartment.

As you pull into the parking lot of your apartment complex you spot Sam’s car, your stomach doing somersaults as a smile appears on your face.

Feet flying up the stairs, hands fumbling with the keys, sweaty palms twisting the doorknob and a voice full of excitement as you call out Sam’s name to figure out where he was in your tiny apartment.

When you got no response you started to wonder what exactly Sam Winchester was up to. Despite the clear effort he put into trying to be quiet the sound of the floorboards creaking underneath a foot, telling you where he is. In your mind you could see exactly where he was positioned, in the hallway between your bedroom and the bathroom, the only spot that would creak in your apartment.

The grin cemented on your face only grows wider as you drop your bag on the ground with a thud and run around the corner and down the short hall to practically tackle Sam, your arms wrapping firmly around him and not planning on letting go.

“What the hell are you doing here? It’s my month to visit you!” You mumble into his chest as you take in the familiar feeling he brings you.

“You did the same thing to me the other month, I’m just following in your footsteps,” Sam taunts you with a smile that could light up a room. Of course, you didn’t see it since your head remained in the fabric of his shirt. You finally look up at him with a grin matching his own. The fact that he was here, that he was tangible instead of someone you talk to over the phone, it made you ecstatic.

Your hatred for surprises had been stronger than ever before you lived five hours from your boyfriend. Now, you live for the surprises he gives you and you spend each time he’s away waiting for the next one. Your heart would flutter in your chest just thinking about it, and when it actually happened you were scared that your heart would jump right out of your chest.

“I’m staying for the weekend, nothing to do at the office,” Sam’s words bring you even more joy than before. It was rare that you got to spend one night together, let alone a whole weekend.

“I can’t wait.”

Goodbyes were the worst part of it all but they always had to happen. Every. Single. Time.

The morning Sam had to leave you woke up and sat in bed for an hour, not a single word leaving your lips. You eventually twist out from underneath his arm and untangle your legs before straddling his waist. Your lips leave soft and gentle kisses on his face, waking him up in his favorite way.

Despite his early morning runs and his early rising to go to work, Sam hated mornings with a passion, just like you. The groan that left his lips was raspy and tired and the look on his face was clearly unhappy. The chuckle you let out is quiet as you continue to kiss his face. Now that he is awake you end with one small kiss to his lips.

Sam whines softly and tugs you down to his face once again, your noses brushing against one another’s as your lips press against his. Sloppy good morning kisses were always your favorite. They were slow and gentle and sweet, half squinted eyes and crazy hair, warm and cozy under the covers besides one another.

“I have work at four,” You whisper softly to him as you lips ghost against his skin.

“Fun work or not fun work?” Sam as always referred to your job as a comic book writer as your fun job, the part time job you took at a bar just down the street being the unfun one. But it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, you got to meet a lot of fun people, and the times you weren’t being relentlessly hit on were enjoyable. Watching drunk people was always fun.

“Not fun work,” you reply as your body falls back against the mattress and you tangle yourself back up with Sam, loving the feeling you get from being close to him. “Are you going to leave when I go to work?” Your voice is laced with sadness as you speak of him leaving; you never looked forward to saying goodbye.

The next few hours went by fast. The time was spent eating poptarts, watching lame videos on YouTube, and cuddling one another under warm blankets.

When it came time for Sam to leave things didn’t go as well.

“One day we won’t have to do this,” Sam promises you as he hugs you tightly to his chest.


“Cross me heart.”

You try to delay him from leaving, just like you do every time. He eventually makes it to the door, his hand on the knob as he turns to watch you.

“Goodbye, Y/N,” your head shakes quickly at his words as you attach yourself to his torso once again.

“Don’t say goodbye, goodbye’s are forever. You know what,” Sam knew exactly how you felt about that term, but from time to time he let it slip accidentally.

“I’m sorry babe. How does, I’ll see you soon, work?”

“That’s better,”

“Then I’ll see you soon.”

“How’d a nice girl like you wind up working in a dump like this?” The voice that speaks this is a familiar one, but the drink you were making preoccupied your mind and you were unable to turn around to see who it is.

“What can I get you tonight?” You ask, clearly ignoring the man hitting on you.

“You can get me an answer,” after walking the other way and giving the margarita to its rightful owner you turn to see him.

Sam Winchester stood on the other side of the bar with a grin on his face. You were at severe risk of dropping dead on the ground right now, there was no way it was healthy for your heart to be pounding that fast. You practically run around the bar and throw your arms around him. You saw him an hour ago, but it felt like forever,

“Seriously, I need an answer,” Sam speaks up as he presses a gentle kiss to your lips.

You look up at him with confusion on your face. Why was he here? You were glad he was but you were a little bit worried. “What is it? Is everything okay?”

Sam’s head nods quickly and the smile on his face made it obvious that he was up to something. He takes a step back, his hand reaching into his pocket and pulling out something you couldn’t quite see.

Your brain didn’t comprehend what was going on until he was on the ground on one knee and asking you the question that would change your entire life.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”

The words your boyfriend speaks leave you speechless. You have always teased Sam about getting married. Always saying how you were going to be the one to propose, how you were going to do it at the bar because you’ve seen it happen before and the reaction of all the drunk people is priceless.

“You asshole, you took my idea!” You tell him as you pull him up and hit him lightly in the shoulder, causing him to wobble.

“C’mon Y/N, it was bound to happen,” he smiles innocently before standing up slowly, the ring box still in his hand, “you still haven’t answered me.”

“Of course I’ll marry you, I’m not a dumbass,” you pull Sam into you, standing on your tippy toes to press your lips to his as the entirety of the bar are set off into a drunken applause, whoops and hollers filling the building.

The grin on your face couldn’t be contained as your fiance slides the ring onto your finger, taking place of the promise ring he had given to you four years ago.

“I love you Sammy,”

“I guess I love you too.”

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