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You know I really hope that Sanvers is ‘that’ couple who stay together for every season of the show without unecessarily breaking up or having unecessary relationship drama (like Marshall & Lily/ Monica&Chandler). The couple who love each other so much, who are completely happy with each other and have such a healthy relationship and end up getting married by like season 5 of the show. I just hope that Sanvers can be this couple because there are very few wlw relationships that last long in tv/media because the writers either kill them off or break them up for no reason. The only wlw couples who had a happy ending that I can think of is Brittany/Santana & Laura/Carmilla; we need way more than that because it’s just unrealistic; there are wlw couples who arein long and happy realtionship you know. I just really want Alex and Maggie’s love to really blossom throughout who many seasons the show may have. I don’t trust the CW & I don’t know if I trust the Supergirl writers but I trust Chyler Leigh because she is so invested in this couple and wants to do it right. She has said that the relationship between Sanvers gets better and better and I believe her, she wouldn’t lie to us (she’s too good and pure). I just love Sanvers so much and we deserve a postive lgbt ship that represents the healthy committed lgbtq couples out there. P.S. lets stop the ship wars;who the f*ck cares who you ship whether it’s Sanvers, Supercorp, Karamel or Karolsen, hell ship all of them if you want. I actually like all of these ships (Yes even Karamel, they’re okay…for now). Just stop! We have bigger problems in the world like Donald f*cking Trump and his dangerous path to facism!

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Prompt about the chocobro and the puppy, I think 33? Can I request Ignis hiding the pupper :3 the strategist hiding the dog..

 Of course you can!

Ignis was walking down the street when he found her, the abandoned golden retriever puppy. It was cold and she looked like she was in so much pain. He sighed and knelt down and held out his hand. The puppy nuzzled it’s snout against his hand. He lowered it so it was closer to the ground and the pup nuzzled into his palm. She’s so small. The action both warmed and melted his heart. “I’ll look after you.”

He picked her up gently and cradled her to his chest. He vowed that he would keep her safe and his first step was taking her to the vet to see if she was alright.

The vet had said that she was fine, that she had only been abandoned fo a few hours. Of course they kept her in for an a few hours until her temperature was back to normal and her coat was dry. But all the whilse she would remain on his lap, only curl up to him and sleep calmly around his warmth. In that sense, she reminded him of you. And it made him smile. 

He couldn’t even leave her behind when he had to go shopping for dog food and treats and accessories, so he made a quick stop to Noct’s apartment and found Prompto there, too.

“Noct, do you min dlooking after her whilst I collet some neccessities for her?”

“Not at all”

“Awwww she’s so cute!” Prompto was a lot more excitable. “What’s her name?”

“…I haven’t the slightest idea.” He said gently. “I found her alone on the street.” He then smiled. “But if you two get any ideas, write them down and I’ll have a look.”

Little did he know that those two were discussing names for her whilst Ignis was gone. So when he returned he was very surprised to find that the two had three lists of names…. 

“We just couldn’t stop… Sorry, Specs.”

“Well, I did say to write it down.” He picked up the piece of paper, and found out that they added the meanings and reasons as to why they came up with it. “I’ll examine them when I get home. Thank you.”

The boys smiled. “She’s taken a liking to Noct’s jacket.”

Ignis felt his lips quirk up into a small smile. Noct was outstretched on the sofa his jacket becoming the puppy’s blanket. He was gently carressing her snout with the back of his index finger.
“Are you gonna be looking after her?”

Ignis nodded. “Of course. Though if ___ doesn’t want to keep it due to an allergy or a fear, would you two like to take care of her?”

Noct and Prompto nodded. “’Course.”

“But we’ll help you still, right, Noct?”


Ignis smiled. “Thank you. Would you like to take her back with me? She’d appreciate it.”

“Yes. We will. Lets go Prompto.”

When he got home tough, you were already home. And he signalled Noct to keep her hidden. “I’m here, love.” 

“Welcome home.” He walked into the foyer. “Oh. Hey boys. I made some brownies. Want some before you leave?”

Prompto grinned. “Thank you, __.”

Noct also replied with a thanks. But you noticed something. “Noct, you hiding something? Ignis, have you got him hiding something?”

Ignis remained silent. “Can we keep her?”  He motioned to Noct, who brought out the puppy from his jacket. She snuggled to him, yawning.

“Awwwwe she’s so cute!” You grinned and approached Noct, who gently passed the puppy to you. “Where’d you get her?”

“I found her on the street. Cold and alone.” Ignis explained as he put down the shopping bags. “Noct and Prompto will help out. If that’s okay with you of course?”

You smiled. “Of course it is. What’s her name?”

Ignis went to speak but Prompto spoke first. “Goldilocks.”

“No. Sleepy.” Noctis corrected. “Because she sleeps a lot.”

“Then why can’t we call her Noctiana….?????” Prompto finished like he was unsure on the word. “Because you sleep a lot.”

“Because she’s a golden ray of sunshine.”

“Then, we’ll call her Aurora.” Ignis finished. “It means dawn.”

“But what about a nickname?”

“Goldie.” You finished. For the time being.”

Ignis, Prompto and Noct smiled in agreement. And this sealed a long time realtionship and from it a very loyal pet was made and she would stick by their side forever more.

late night walks with tae 

• him attending university in seoul, you one year behind him, but planning to go to same uni as him

• you living in small city, about 20 minutes away from seoul by car

• so basically it’s long distance realtionship, but the distance isn’t that long

• he’s with you five days a week

• him taking you to seoul in late hours to show you the beautiful city

• you telling him how’s school, him petting your head telling you how clever you are and how he can’t wait for you to come to his school

• radio playing dumb & dumber by ikon 

• you two would jam to it like beasts because you two are dumb and dumber

• opening windows and singing out loud at 11pm

• parking the car somewhere and taking a walk  

• making stop at first convenience store you saw

• buying some snacks, tae ending up eating it all even yours

• him pouting, saying that he’s the sweetest so you could eat him instead of some snack

• you turning to him with serious face, taking his face in between both of yours palms, staring deeply into his eyes and him being confused what’s going on

• you bitting him onto his nose playfully then running away from him

• “yah!!”

• “catch me if you can tae!”

• him actually catching you, lifting you up of the ground with ease, turning you around with him

• “yah kim taehyung, put me down!” 

• him doing so because he’s a good boy

• but not letting you go away from his embrace, turning you around so you’re facing him

• both of his arms are on your shoulders, his fingers are lazily stroking your neck, you closing your eyes because of the feel, rounding your own arms around his waist, pulling him closer to you

• but then him smirking devilishly, you not knowing about anything he’s planning because you still have your eyes closed

• him bitting your nose in revenge 

• your head jerking up in surprise, him having serious face when you look at him

• slapping his butt

• “kim taehyung”

• him slapping your butt too because he can

• you glaring at him 

• “you started”

• you pouting and nodding your head beause yeah, he’s right

• snuggling to his chest after that, tugging him closer to you

• “you still hungry?”

• “a little bit”

• him reaching for his back pocket, pulling out a chocolate bar he saved for you

• “you thought i ate them all, don’t you?”

Tsukki can be mean, even with Yamaguchi whenever he tells him he’s being too loud… But I absolutely hate it when people say Tsukki and Yama are not friends, simply because he tells Yama to be quiet every time Yama brags about him. Especially when there is such an obvious difference with how Tsukki treats Yama compared to everybody else on the team or any other character in haikyuu.

This isn’t even a one-sided friendship even though it started out as Yama looking up a whole lot to Tsukki when they were younger, never in the manga did you ever see him being all over Tsukki like some rabid fanboy like all these antis make him out to be. He was just a kid who had finally found the guts to thank the kid who indirectly saved him from the bullies that bothered him. He’s proud he has tsukki as a friend and he makes it a point to show that to everybody. Tsukki on the other hand, though not very much, was definitely more approachable as a kid and you can even see him actually making a conscious effort to keep Yama as his friend by inviting him to his home and his brother’s game (without feeling pressured to do so for all you jerks who keep thinking he’s forced to keep Yama as a friend) Even Akiteru thought before that Yamaguchi was Tsukki’s only friend, which means after that little incident between Tsukki and his big bro, Tsukki probably pulled away even more from people but for some strange reason he still had Yama with him, Yama still stayed with him. There is a good reason for that, there is a good frickin reason as to why, for years, Tsukki and Yama are still casually walking home together (even though it’s not such a talkative walk) and there’s a good frickin reason why Yama’s constant presence in his life doesn’t seem to bother Tsukki as much as it bothers him when his other team mates make an effort to reach out to him. Because he thinks of Yamaguchi as HIS FRIEND.

Yeah Tsukki cares too little while Yamaguchi cares too darn much but Tsukki makes up for it in his own little way and you can see how their friendship works even more as you progress in the manga. Stop assuming stuff about their relationship based on the first season of the anime because their relationship is so much more than that.