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Day 19: with their child unit (IM ALREADY SKIPPING AROUND SORRY LOL;;) 

here’s mr ‘eternal teenage angst + too serious for puns’ 
Kuusuke (he added the suke on himself, since there’s no way in hell that he’s introducing himself to someone as ‘kuu’) is a kitsune outlaw who unlike his mother, has no qualms whatsoever about showing off his ears and tail. He initially started it as a way to grab her attention, but Sora wound up encouraging it since she still has issues accepting that part of herself and didn’t want to pass that along to him. (She’s still worried about the poachers, but she also has a mamabear instinct a mile wide and is really only a pacifist until someone starts posturing at someone she cares about.)

Sora placed him in a deeprealms primarily run by merchants after establishing herself there as a savvy trader that they would not want to cross. Unfortunately, Kuusuke found sneaking out of the estate she bought for him there great fun and had a habit of running into really unsavory people. His kitsune genes made him more resilient than the average child, and by his adolescence he’d fashioned himself into some sort of robin hood figure after befriending the people who lived in the slums.

Aside from his mom complex (Sora still visited him as much as she could, but..), he’s about as well adjusted as a deeprealms baby can be. Kuu thinks his mother’s meaner sense of humor is normal and can come off as either an asshole or a bully to some, but he’s fairly quick to ‘adopt’ people and is good at providing comfort as long as he doesn’t have to open his mouth too often. 

Special thanks to @squigstuff / @squigdraws​ for helping me with the naming~ Kuu is an alternate reading of 空, which is Sora! SHE DRAWS A LOT OF CUTE STUFF PLS CHECK HER OUT

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Fantastic defending by Mandzukic! Two long-range shots are fired towards goal from the edge of the penalty area as Atalanta desperately try to find a way back into the game, but Mandzukic throws his body in the way of both to save his side with some excellent defensive skills [x] OR Mario Mandzukic “channeling his inner Barzagli” [x] against Atalanta.

Headcanon: Team Fortress 2/How to Train Your Dragon AU

Heavy: Rumblehorn

In the best of the Tracker Class, Rumblehorns are known to be stubborn and aggressive dragons, but are known to be determined when going into battle. They do care of those they are surrounded and those who are friends with as well and will protect them with their life. They shoot missile like-fire shots in long ranges; starting as white fire at first until it hits the target, ending up as sooty, stony material when it hits their target. Rumblehorns are also known to outsmart their enemies into battle as well, or just to get them off of their backs. With their brute strength like the rhinoceros, they can take down dragons that are three times their sizes

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Demoman: Hideous Zippleback 

The Hideous Zippleback, part of the Fear Class, are known to have two heads; one that releases gas while the other ignites it.  Of course, the only vunerable thing about a Hideous Zippleback is that two heads means two different personality; they will easily get into a fight in a bad situation. However, Zipplebacks are known for their loyalty and determination when fighting with the right people or dragons. And their secret weapon is known as a flaming wheel, which is when they roll down into a wheel while their entire body is engulfed with flames, taking down enemies that cross their path. 

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Scout: Deadly Nadder 

Deadly Nadders, now in Tracker Class and was formerly in Sharp Class, are hyper, energetic dragons, known to run in battle than to fly. The poisonous spikes that are on their tail will launch at will, also armed with magnessium fire, known to be the hottest fire in the dragon world, but their spiked like tails are known to be their primary weapon. If they spy a target, they will do anything just so that their target is down and make sure that the mission is complete. 

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Sniper: Night Fury 

Night Fury are powerful strike class dragons, armed with high concentrated plasma blasts and are known to never missing their shots or targets; killing them in one hit. They are also known well to hide from the enemies when in battle; blending within the clouds and night sky and then attack from above and everywhere. When you know a Night Fury, they are intelligent, understanding and well better known to communicate with another when in battle. Other than plasma blasts, they are also known well for their speed and ‘Alpha Mode’ making them more powerful with no limit shot limit, and make them more menacing as their back and their inside glow. 

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Spy: Stormcutter 

Stormcutters, Sharp class dragon, are known to have four wings unlike most dragons that have two. Not only will it helped with not only in flight, but are known to cut through storm clouds with their wings. They are known to have serious attitudes and expression; only showing their soft side to those that are very close to them. And like an owl, they can rotate their head 180 degrees, so it is impossible to sneak up on one. Not only are they filled with pride at what they do best, Stormcutters are also known to be curious of the new; trying to see what they can use at their advantage 

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Soldier: Thunderclaw

Thunderclaws are Tracker class dragons, and are relative to Snafflefangs who  are Boulder Class Dragons. Thunderclaws are known to have explosive fireballs if their enemies provoke it, but also have a soft personality to only a few people it only cares about. Not really made for running, but these dragons have best for defense much like the Gronckle. Also with their sharp teeth, they are known to crush anything that comes within their teeth. 

Medic: Hobblegrunt 

Hobblegrunt are in the Stoker class, their fire known to be Ethane Expectorant. Like the Changewing, their skin changes colors based on their mood. Purple being to curiosity, yellow for happy but if they turn red….
Hobblegrunts are also known to sense emotions within an human or a dragon or alter their emotion of those that are near it. Hobblegrunts are also known to bond well those that are close to them or those that relate to their situations or just simply understand their ways and expressions. 

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Engineer: Razorwing 

Razorwing are high and intelligent sharp class dragons. The dragon’s wing and claws known to cut through everything, even lifting a large tree off of the ground without any struggle. Razorwing will protect those with their life if they know them for so long. They are armored to the teeth, so nothing can never go through their impenetrable armor like skin. 

Pyro: Monstrous Nightmare

Monstrous Nightmares are the fiercest Stoker class dragons, known to ignite themselves on fire as an offense move and a defense move. If you provoke them in any other way, not only will you get teeth and clawed from it, it will release Kerosene Gel, a special kind of fire that will burn a tree down within seconds. The only way you can get a Monstrous Nightmare to like you is for you to show them respect. 

Once you’ve earned their respect, they will not only fight with you until the end, you will see a side of a Monstrous Nightmare that you have never seen before. Other than their temper and stubborness, they can be calm and elective when they want to be, but when in battle, they will stay determined until they win. 

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Cursed Gear || Byakkomaru「 白虎丸 」
↳ “White Tiger ” A manifestation-type demon weapon from the Black Demon series. It takes the form of a rifle. Byakkomaru’s specialty is long-range firing and it is not very effective in close-range combat. It’s materialized form is multiple white tigers. He can also fire at something and make the tigers come from behind whatever he shot at, but he can only do this once within an unspecified amount of time.

So I have a headcannon for Mica Burton (badgersinbowties) in the GTA V universe. 

She’s a bounty hunter, the best there currently is, and while she does occasionally like causing mayhem, she usually keeps her jobs professional and clean. She a no questions, does it for the money, and takes them out type of bounty hunter. But she has her morals, so if a abusive father hires her to track down his runaway child, she won’t do it, she’ll give that man to the authorities with enough evidence to put him in prison for a long time. Then she’ll track down the kid and give them the money their father was going to pay her. One of her best weapons is a fully customized tranq gun that can be fired long range and short range and almost immediately drops the target. She’s known for having either the fastest muscle car on the market or the sturdiest motorcycle. She’s also known for having awesome hair and the ability to ‘grift’ into any situation She’s also in a relationship with Blaine Gibson, who works as a ‘hitter’ in a group of conmen.