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Top 3 Aimily scenes: 2nd favorite scene is this scene in 2x13. After their fight&Emily attending Jack&“Amanda”’s wedding Aiden still comes by to show her he will never leave her, that he’s still here, to support & comfort her. This moment is SO IMPORTANT.

Future carbon dioxide, climate warming potentially unprecedented in 420 million years

New research led by the University of Southampton suggests that, over the next 100 to 200 years, carbon dioxide concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere will head towards values not seen since the Triassic period, 200 million years ago. Furthermore, by the 23rd century, the climate could reach a warmth not seen in 420 million years.

The study, published in Nature Communications, compiled over 1200 estimates of ancient atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations to produce a continuous record dating back nearly half a billion years. It concludes that if humanity burns all available fossil fuels in the future, the levels of CO2 contained in the atmosphere may have no geologically-preserved equivalent during this 420 million year period.

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// I can pretty much here every single European and Australian’s groan of utter DESPAIR!
EUROVISION IS A SINGING COMPETITION! It’s between pretty much the whole of Europe and Australia! We all choose our best singer(s) from each country and create a song, then compete! Then, after it all, the people from each country vote to give points to each country, then the countries are knocked out until one remains! It’s then held in the winning country next year!
This year it’s being held in Ukraine! Everyone’s super excited and the song previews are already out!
It lasts a long time and the programme itself is literal hours, but it is the best thing ever. No country is friends during this time.
It is a HUGE event and costs a lot, but it brings us together! Everyone is super excited for it!

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hey, since it's pride month (and because of recent events) you should draw the boys wearing dp's flashy clothes at a pride parade!!!!! come on, we need more nate in that tutu ;)

[ this got really long so heres a read more ]

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Creepypasta #693: My Creation

Story length: Super long

Being a programmer, one of my dreams has always been to create an original video game, something that nobody in the industry has done before.

After seeing Spore, I became intrigued. Here was an attempt at putting people in control over a universe. After looking at what made videogames popular, I realized the main aspect was control.

People in their daily lives have no control over their environment. They are told what to do, where to go, and how to live. Their jobs consist of standing or sitting somewhere until it’s 5 PM and they’re allowed to head back home. It’s no mystery they’re unhappy.

For many people videogames are an escape to a world where they are in control, or live exciting fake lives filled with adventure. The aspect of control is found in strategy games, the adventure in role playing games generally.

I looked at games like the Sims, and noticed what made them so popular is not just the illusion of control, but the degree of control. You have complete control over people’s lives.

Before the Sims, there was Sim Earth. A game in which you do not control individual people, but an entire Earth! I came to the conclusion that I had to develop a game similar to Spore, in which the player subtly “guides” evolution. What caused Spore to be such a failure is the lack of realistic control people had. It hardly resembled evolution.

To do this, I began by generating a physics system. I know little of physics but decided to study it, and try to create a simplified version in which certain particles can interact, in specific manners. When it comes down to it, physics is simply complex mathematics.

I simulated energy, and matter, and created a simple system, with a sun emitting energy, circled by a planet catching said energy.

I decided to create simple basic cells from scratch, that were “hardcoded” so to speak in the system I was designing. They lived of off the energy emitted by my sun, and had a “genetic” code that coded for the substances produced by the cells. I guess you could call them my eukaryotes.

My world within a few minutes would always fill with these cells, after which they would mutate, and the most efficient cell in converting energy from the sun into useful substances for division would survive. It was very boring, but it worked I guess.

I decided to expand the physics system, and force the cells to create waste products, that were toxic and would kill them. I noticed that some cells responded to this by producing less waste. Others responded by producing something to emit the waste. Yet others developed chemicals to clean up the waste products.

However, I noticed something fascinating. Running the simulation for a few centuries (a few minutes in real life), created cells that made massive amounts of specific waste products on purpose. I noticed that other cells died as a result of this, to which the other cells responded by usurping the building blocks they had created from energy. The first predators were born.

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il faudrait pouvoir mettre le corps
et la tête
en machine à laver
cycle blanc 90° javel
vitesse maximum d’essorage

un programme long
pour être tranquille

—  Antoine Emaz, Plaie
The History Of The Digital World And The Storyline Of “Adventure.”

Been looking back at the original Digimon anime recently, and I find it fascinating how both it and 02 created an intriguing, well thought out history behind the existence of the Digital World and Digimon, and also just how superbly done the ongoing storyline of “Adventure” (and some bits of 02) were because of it. In fact, the true story behind “Adventure” is so thorough yet so sporadically placed in terms of hints and clues to what’s really been going on, that it’s almost hidden to many viewers no matter how many viewings they see of the show! Let me detail this:

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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are going to be the Dora the Explorer and Go,Diego, Go! of music.

Sweeran are two of the big names due to feature in a new Billboard Music Awards documentary.

“The Billboard Music Awards: An Insider’s Guide” will air on ABC on May 16, just a day before the ceremony show on Sunday night.

In the hour-long programme fans will be able to relish interviews with their favourite artists such as Taylor, Ed, Hozier, Pete Wentz and more.

The special – hosted by Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer – will give fans a look into life on the road with backstage access from our Teddy Sheeran and Irish star Hozier’s show. The documentary will also focus on the role of women in music and in all genres of the industry and their rise.

Just a reminder: Tay-Tay lead the BBMAs nominations with 14, Sam Smith is just behind her with 13. Also, Taylor’s “Bad Blood” star-studded music video premier on the opening of the Awards show.

Don’t miss out!

Just a quick heads up to Mark Gatiss fans and Sherlock fans.

On Thursday 8th October BBC 1 9.00pm Mark is the subject of
“Who do You Think You Are”
The current Radio Times promises a sneak preview of the upcoming Sherlock Special in the hour long programme.


Watch on troublemakerstorm.tumblr.com

My bebe still being upset about his flaws during his long programme. He said he was so nervous. Well he’s still freaking 19 yo boy who just stand his feet in olympics for the 1st time and he did obtain the gold medal. Wow! JUST WOW!!!

Imagine if he delivered the LP without any mistakes, what a scarily tremendous score he would get!

Once again, congratulation for your hard work, Hanyu Yuzuru athlete!

Submission by lyciaho / you can also find her on Instagram

Hello, I’m Lycia, a 22 y.o. english lit student from sunny Singapore. Right now I’m in Stockholm, Sweden for a long-awaited exchange programme and will be bringing my trusty film camera on a 6-month long adventure in Europe. I like having people in my photographs, gives them character.

Shot in Budapest, Hungary with a Nikon F3, 50mm f/1.8, Fujifilm 200.

deep key’s knowhow flea market - 150806

Key explained why each keysknowhow episode is only 7-8mins long.
Key: this programme is not aired on TV but it’s more of using your phone to watch. I recorded over 50 hours, if we were to put it all out you won’t be able to finish it even in 2 days. And it’s not only you guys (fans) watching, but the general public will be watching too. Who will hold their phone and watch for over half an hour? So for the ease of the general public it was edited like that, and you can re-watch it anytime. (cr: human-lock, zoeyyy)

Rock’n’Roll Summer School for Girls Glasgow happening in July

Rock’n’Roll Summer School for Girls Glasgow is a week-long music programme aimed at girls aged 8 to 16 taking place between 13th and 18th July 2015, at The Glasgow School of Art.

Girls Rock School is based on America’s Girl’s Rock Camp model, and aims to:

  • help girls build self-esteem and find their voices through musical education and performance
  • provide empowerment and social justice workshops
  • provide positive role models
  • teach collaboration and new skills
  •  A full week’s schedule 10am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday with a Saturday afternoon Showcase Gig lined up, which includes workshops in: drumming, guitar, bass, keyboards, singing and song writing, dj-ng, self-defense, zine-making and much more – local musicians are leading workshops, supporting us and donating instruments including Honeyblood, Chvrches, The Pastels, Tuff Love, Golden Teacher and Emma Pollock.