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Motivated by command, caps, or curiosity, each companion found their own reason to investigate the vault that loomed over the ruins of Sanctuary Hills. The gear-shaped platform screeched as old mechanisms carried it deep under the earth, to a vault entrance still mostly untouched by time. Rusted, yes, with a few bullet holes here and there, but it still reeked of the Old World.

Passing through hallways full of overgrown roaches and grinning skeletons, the silence seemed eerie. Oppressive, even, the unnatural hush from being so far below the surface sending a shiver up the companion’s spine. Past a still-sparking engine, they found rows of frosted pods, the bodies within them a pale blue, and their eyes dull and lifeless.

The companion stopped at the far end of the pods, peering through the plastic window at the young figure within. They fiddled with the control panel just beside the pod, and the adolescent tumbled out.

Cait: She jumped back, breathing curses and jerking her fists up over her chest. “Whattaefuck.” There weren’t enough Pre-War valuables in the world to make this creepy feckin’ Vault worth the trouble. As Sole lay frozen on the floor, the brawler paced, debating whether or not to make a run for it while she still could. Then, she met Sole’s eyes as they feebly lifted their head. A shiver went down her back. “God damn,” she swore, inwardly berating herself for what she was about to do. With a sigh, she knelt down, and extended a hesitant hand. “Y’alright?”

Codsworth: “My word.” His claws flew up over his torso in a human-like gesture, jets propelling him back with a swell of hot air. The warmth from his engine made Sole melt faster than normal, the teen coughing and shuddering back to consciousness. “Are you all right? Are you… Sole?” The lenses of his eyestalks widen. “Er, Mx. Sole, I-I mean. I- Oh, dear.” He flutters, waving his claws, finally settling on hovering low beside the teen and letting his jets warm them, one claw rested on their shoulder for comfort.

Curie: Without Sole’s intervention, she’s still a Miss Nanny bot, locked deep within her own Vault. But, through a stroke of luck, her terminal manages to connect to Vault 111, to patch into the security cameras still overlooking the room of cryogenic pods. She sees Sole’s face, sees the way they stare out the window of their pod, and wonders. Wonders why Vault-Tec would run such experiments on children. Wonders if she’ll ever get to meet them.

Danse: As his team goes through the room, the Paladin opens Sole’s pod and catches them as they fall into his arms. Life support on all the other pods had failed, so he’s surprised when Sole starts shivering and stuttering. “We have a live civilian!” he calls, when Sole coughs and gasps for breath. “I want heat packs and fresh clothes. On the double.” He hands them off to the Scribe, letting them be ushered away and taken above ground. Of all the Pre-War relics he’s recovered, a living child may be his most fascinating find.

Deacon: For a Vault supposedly interfered with by the Institute, this place sure was barren. When he came to Sole’s pod and pressed his fingers to their neck to check for life signs, his mouth felt open as a faint pulse drummed against his fingertips “Whoa, kiddo,” he said, helping ease the teenager from the pod when they lurched forward. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around their shoulders. “Take it easy.” He kept rubbing the kid’s shoulders to try and comfort them, since for the first time in so many years, he had no idea what to say. 

Dogmeat: Paired up with a scavver trying to loot the Vault, the dog protected the teenager when they fell from their pod and hit the ground. Dogmeat’s current master wanted to harm the kid, the canine could tell, but this human seemed good. Dogmeat could tell a human in need when he smelled one.

Hancock: He had to be high. He had to be. The ghoul stared blankly at the defrosting kid at his feet, taking mental stock of the amount of chems he’d consumed that day. When they breathed a weak plea for help, Hancock shook his head clear, and knelt down to help them to their feet. A smoothskin vault dweller, huh? Their eyes widened when they saw him, but were too weak to recoil. Since they were the only survivor here, Hancock figured they’d need a little help, and guided them out of the Vault with his arm around their shoulders.

Nick Valentine: A lead on one of Kellogg’s cases brought him to this Vault, but the last thing he was expecting was to find some Pre-War squirt, melting like an ice cube on the Vault floor. He didn’t trust them not to be an Institute plant - too many fishy things going on here. Had to take things with a grain of salt. He did his best to bust up the security cameras, brought Sole to the Overseer’s office, and interrogated them there, asking them questions and making them a cup of hot coffee to warm them up before allowing them out into the wasteland.

MacCready: Some folks wanted this Vault cleared, in case any baddies were waiting to kill whoever tried settling in the rusty neighborhood downhill. When a teenager not much younger than him started coughing for mercy as melted ice pooled around them, the merc started questioning the wisdom in taking this job. “Jesus,” he breathed. “Hey, uh, kid… who the he- heck are you?” Too bewildered to be gentle, he avoided physical contact and gave them something to eat.

Piper: A failed Vault might have made for a mediocre story. But a cryogenically preserved survivor from two centuries ago? Man. The reporter did her best to comfort the teenager, helping them into the other room and sitting them down with a towel around their shoulders, observing their appearance and actions with a critical eye. She knew an interesting character when she saw one, but  this kid didn’t seem that much older than Nat, so she stayed as friendly and comforting as possible, trying to play the role of Good Big Sister as she got some food into the teen.

Preston: While everyone else started settling Sanctuary Hills, Preston took it upon himself to investigate the spooky Vault atop the hill nearby. While he couldn’t say he wasn’t surprised when a 200-year-old teenager fell into his arms, he handled it well. “Hey, now,” he breathed, pushing their hair back and holding them in his arms. “It’s gonna be alright. You just breathe.” He even took off his thick Minuteman coat and wrapped it around them, staying by their side until he was sure they were okay.

Strong: Without getting into details, if a tribe of Super Mutants - including an unconverted Strong - got into Vault 111, with Sole at their mercy? That would not be pretty.

X6-88: Father wanted this particular ‘project’ checked up on. The synth couldn’t help but grit his teeth at the thought of the tongue-lashing he’d definitely receive when he returned to the Institute. Sighing, with Sole struggling to wake up beside him, he placed a hand on the teen’s shoulder and signaled to be teleported into the medbay. If they were awake, they were awake. Now X6 just had to deal with the consequences.


I FINALLY FINISHED THESE. So happy with how they turned out! (You are free to use them however you’d like, just don’t erase my watermark please.)  

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Why the TV show Timeless Deserves More Attention

Okay everyone listen up. This past year (meaning 2016 going into 2017), NBC seemed to have a good batch of new TV shows that have gained critical acclaim (This Is Us, I’m looking at you). But one that seemed to fly under the radar was the show Timeless. It was created by Eric Kripke, who is also known for creating the show of Supernatural which is on the CW, and Shawn Ryan.  

Now just a gist of what it’s about. It’s about a man who steals a time machine to go back into critical points of United States and early North American history to try and take out this organization called Rittenhouse, which seems to play a major role in basically every turning point of the historical timeline. The government takes over control of the industry who made the time machine and gets a trio of people to go back in time to stop the man. 

It seems that time machines and time travel seem to be an up and coming theme in media (Doctor Who reboot, Legends of Tomorrow to name two). But this one I found stood out in ways that deserve the recognition it’s due. 

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video game posters : fallout 4

Fallout 4 Companions As Parents

- Cait is the token ‘hot mom’, would definitely burst into the school like a hurricane if she found out her child was being bullied and demand the principal got up off their fat corporate funded ass to do something about it, if they didn’t she’d go to the kids houses and ask to fight the fucking parents, wouldn’t be able to cook to save her fucking life so your prime source of nourishment would be pizza she ordered (she’d be cool about it and let you pick whatever toppings you want), bedtime would be nonexistent and vague and she’d pretty much just tell you to go to sleep whenever she figures out it’s actually pretty late, you’d find her the next morning passed out on the couch with a bag of pretzels tucked into her side, ‘sex ed’ mom who all your friends come to for help even before the actual sex ed teacher or their parents, everyone’s kind of scared of her so you don’t really have to worry about anyone bullying you, let you have your first sip of alcohol, once you get older lets you have some drinks as long as you stay in the house bc she knows kids always find a way to drink, when you wanna try out for a sports team she helps you work out and trains with you, when you go on your first date and they come to pick you up she glares a hole into their head but tries to be polite bc you’re her fucking baby, gives you the coolest hand-me-down clothes

- Hancock, ‘the Cool Dad’, one time you came home in tears after getting dress coded in Jr. High and he was genuinely flapperghasted (’you look fine? The fuck you mean they said ‘you were distracting the boys’?? You’re eleven???), busts into the school and gives the principal AND the teacher who dress coded you the scare/tongue lashing of their fucking lives, lets you wear whatever you want within reason, takes you shopping and if you pick up something weird that tangibly no one else would wear he looks at you dead serious and says ‘i love it.’, the ‘fuck yeah stick it to old people while eating cereal in his jammies’ dad, totally respects and adores your rebellious phase bc you’re teaching yourself that the system is corrupt, always went to all your daddy/daughter or father/son dances and events and scared the shit out of all the other parents despite being the friendliest person there, picks you up from school blasting rock music and takes you to get ice cream after a game/performance/bad day, ‘auntie fahrenheit’ who comes to visit and always stays up watching true crime and law and order with you, she teaches you practical self defense as opposed to hancock’s ‘here’s a knife stab em until they drop’ take on it, occasionally picks you up from school to go play laser tag with hancock and all their friends, has an entire hanse of friends who all think you are a fucking angel and would probably die for you, he helps you clean up after a wild party so your other parent doesn’t find out, when you come home drunk as a fucking skunk he makes you a sandwich gets you some gatorade and tucks you into bed only promptly to wake you up at 6AM to mow the lawn to teach you a valuable lesson, when your first date comes to pick you up he greets them in his signature ‘hancock’ coat draped over his jammies eating chocolate rice krispies with a ‘sup dude’ no matter what gender they are much to your utter embarrassment, always the first to hug you after someone breaks your heart

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Y’all loved Paladin Danse-Senpai, right?  Then let me show you something.

This is my contribution to the Fallout 4 fandom and I hope you will like it as much as I do @smokeauditore & @bloodymarietv :D

Now everyone get ready for… The “Notice me Sole-Senpai! Squad”

With its number one fanboy… Paladin Danse-Senpai!


Followed by our loyal nanny…Codsworth-Kouhai!

«Even at the worst of times, things aren’t so bad when                                        you’re around, Sole-Senpai.»

A round of applause for… Preston-Kouhai!

«A settlement needs your help, General-Senpai. Here, I’ll mark it on your map.»

She’s square but beautiful…Ada-Kouhai! 

«Traveling with Sole-Senpai has proven to be quite…uplifting.»

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boooyy? Yes you are! Give a hug to this fluffy benediction…Dogmeat-Kouhai!

                                              «Bark! Bark!»

That girl sure knows how to get herself in trouble… Piper-Kouhai!

«Thanks again for sharing your story, Blue-Senpai. I’ll make sure no one forgets what happened.»

Let’s not forget our favorite detective… Nick-Kouhai! 

  «Well, if it isn’t my favorite former icicle, Sole-Senpai!»

That girl is an ass kicker…Cait-Kouhai!

«I know this must be difficult for you… I… I’m here if you need to talk, Sole-Senpai.» 

An angel who fell from heaven…Curie-Kouhai!

«It is so hard to wrap my head around what I feel for Sole-Senpai. Before, there was only duty. Now, something more.»

He stole many hearts and is kind of a badass… Hancock-Kouhai!

«Come on, Sole-Senpai! Let’s get this freakshow on the road.»

Is he really a synth or is it just another lie? Deacon-Kouhai! 

«This will be our finest hour, Sole-Senpai. Tales shall be told of our fight versus the rad roaches.»

He became what he hated the most as a child, a mungo… Maccready-Kouhai!

«For once in my life, everything’s going right and I have you to thank for it, Sole-Senpai.»

Gotta find that human milk…Strong-Kouhai!

«Sole-Senpai good leader. Better than Fist. Strong follow you always.»

The guy is more comfortable shooting people, than talking to them… X6-88-Kouhai!

«Yes, Sole-Senpai. Designation X6-88. I’ve already neutralized the perimeter guard. When you’re ready, we can move on the main flotilla.»

There goes our favorite raider… Gage-Kouhai!

«So far, you make a pretty good Overboss, Sole-Senpai, and it’s been fun running with you.»

He’s old but he can still kick your ass… Old Longfellow-Kouhai!

«You’ve got some grit, Sole-Senpai, I’ll give you that. Can’t say that about most folks I know.»


Elder Maxson-Senpai!

«You truly have become one of us, Sole-Senpai!» 

Knight Rhys-Kouhai!

«I can usually size people up a glance but you, Sole-Senpai…you’re different. And it’s bugging the heck out of me.»

And my favorite, the one and only one… Dovan my Sole-Senpai!

«I know my words aren’t worth nothing but crap to you, but let me give you an advice i should’ve followed myself when I was younger. Killing won’t bring your loved ones back. Killing won’t bring you peace. It is a poison that devours you from the inside until it is too late to be treated.»


Now, I am kinda curious to know what your Sole-Senpai looks like and what’s their own favorite quote. Please feel free to post pictures of your Sole-Senpai and their kouhai! :D 

Use the tag #SoleSenpai if you want to do this ^0^ I swear this is probably one of the best ideas I ever got.

***Every single screenshots in this post are mines except the Danse ones who originally belongs to @smokeauditore and I had a great time at making them more “kawaii”*** (I literally forgot to mention it. I’m sorry >o<)

Headcanons: The Companions and Marriage

For Cait, marriage is something she never considered. In her youth, she knew of some slaves who got married, with the permission of her owners, but she always said she’d rather die than willingly sell herself to someone else. In her mind, that’s what marriage is - a contract, that begs to be broken. Assuming she ever fell in love or cared that deeply about someone, she’d resist the idea of marriage. “Don’t call me your fuckin’ wife,” she’d say. “Say you love me, say I’m your partner, say whatever. But I’m not your wife. I don’t belong to anybody but myself.”

Being a Mr. Handy, Codsworth would never think of getting married himself. “Oh, no, no,” he’d bluster. “That’s quite inappropriate. A human and any kind of machine - synths not withstanding, I suppose - shouldn’t be doing anything of that sort. And machines have no business - or interest, I should say! In anything like that.” If he had to choose, he’d rather marry other people. As in, be the officiant. Being the one to legally wed two people would make him very happy, and bring a metaphorical tear to his eyes.

Curie shared Codsworth’s opinion, for the most part, up until her switch into an organic body. After that, she explored relationships with other people, figuring out what sex felt like and if she felt attracted to other humans. “I do not think I will get married for a long time,” she’d say, tapping her chin. “There are still so many people to meet! Sexual intercourse is such a varied thing, and being married to someone makes experimentation a tad more difficult. I am not even sure yet of my own heart’s desires when it comes to romance. One day, perhaps, I will marry. Perhaps not. I feel no rush to find out either way.”

Paladin Danse blushes profusely whenever anyone asks him about his thoughts on it. “Marriage is an important union between two individuals,” he’d say, fidgeting. “Children grow up healthiest when they have two parents in their lives. And, yes, it can be a welcome expression of romantic attachment.” His eyes flicker away. “I… suppose I am not against such an idea. Being a soldier, I doubt it will happen for some time. A husband ought to be with his loved one, not out in the field. Still, I… I would not refuse, if a proposal came from the right person.”

Deacon would laugh. “Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s very many people in the wasteland with a fetish for compulsive liars with a plastic surgery addiction.” The humor hides a painful truth. Deacon has too many trust issues for an honest, healthy relationship, and he’s too unique to find someone who’d understand him enough to make him feel safe. A long time ago, he was married, but that didn’t exactly work out. Now, Deacon knows he’s too old for a long, happy marriage, for a house full of kids, for pets and game nights and family farms. He stopped looking for a happy ending a long time ago.

I guess the closest thing to marriage for Dogmeat would be finding a canine mate somewhere out in the wasteland. Dogmeat’s a good pup. Maybe, when he’s done with his adventuring and decides to retire, he can meet up with some old flame from his youth and have a litter or two of puppies.

Hancock’s never been the marrying type. He’s too much of a free spirit to align himself with a single person. He likes sensation. He likes drugs, he likes sex, he likes going out and meeting people and enjoying everything the world has to offer. “Look,” he’d rasp, sucking from a smoking joint and breathing smoke into the air. “I love you, or I don’t. Hoppin’ over a broom or exchanging cheap rings doesn’t make that any truer or not. I’ll love somebody the best I can ‘til I ain’t in love with them anymore. Getting ‘married’ just makes it harder if somebody ain’t feelin’ it anymore. Don’t try to hold shit together with rings and promises. Be together because you love each other. That’s all that should matter.”

Nick Valentine likes to think of himself as a romantic at heart. “I wanted to get married, once,” he says, staring out the window wistfully. “Guess I still could, if I really wanted to. Though I gotta wonder who’d accept a battered old man like me.” The trouble with Nick is that he’s not really sure who he is. He’s been grappling with his identity for decades - and you can’t really promise yourself to someone until you know what exactly you’re promising. Nick likes the idea of settling down someday. Having someone to bring him coffee as he pours over case files, someone to dance with to old songs. He’s just not ready to accept himself as he is.

If expensive Pre-War weddings were still around, MacCready would be staunchly against them. As it is, he doesn’t mind the idea of shacking up with someone and saying you’re husband and wife. He remembers some of the older kids, back in Little Lamplight, playing house and pretending to be couples. Then, of course, he remembers Lucy, but that’s a part of his life he prefers to drink away. Mac isn’t a romantic man. He’d like to get married, but whoever he’d end up marrying would have to be comfortable with a real low-budget wedding, and a man who’s really bad at reading sappy, romantic vows.

Piper doesn’t mind the idea of getting married. But in her mind, it’s something that happens… way off in the future. She might be a grown woman, but she still feels young. Getting married is something older people do. Even if people her age are married, you’re only really married when you’re living on a farm with four kids. Or, at least, that’s what Piper thinks. And that’s not something she’s interested in, at least not in the immediate future. She’d much rather play around and see what’s good, and she’s in no rush to have kids or settle down in one place. Piper has wanderlust - she needs to see the world before she can set down roots in it.

As you might expect, Preston has no problems with the idea of getting married. In fact, it’s something he always sort of expected he’d do. Join the Minutemen, help out for a few years, meet someone along the way and shack up with them after leaving the militia. Three kids and a farm, that’s what he wanted. And two brahmin. And a garden, out back, for flowers instead of food. Of course, his life hasn’t quite worked out that way, but he’s still got plenty of time. He’s not on the lookout for a spouse, or really dating anyone, but he’s happy to wait until the right person comes along. He just hopes it doesn’t take too long.

Strong… doesn’t really understand marriage. Super Mutants are made via infection of a virus, not through any kind of reproduction. They don’t have parents or families or couples. Just clans of “brothers.” Even if anyone wanted to marry him, he wouldn’t understand the different between being married and following someone around. Considering that Strong was once a different person before his infection with the FEV virus, and that he’s not completely mentally sound, it’s probably best no one try to make any moves on him. That’s borderline taking advantage.

Coursers do not have relationships. Therefore, X6-88 does not have relationships. Marriage suits no valid purpose. Synths and Coursers do not fall in love or get married. That is not a thing. Even if, even if he had some kind of great revelation, where he grew as a person, left the Institute, what have you - it would still take a long, long time before he considered marriage as an option, let alone something he’d be interested in. It would take a long time, and a lot of personal growth before he broke out of the Institute’s brainwashing.


Like who he tryna kid though?

anonymous asked:

Male romanced!companions react to sole dying. Bonus points if its really angsty. Thank you!

Angst! Oh my! “Bear” with me I’m not the best at writing angst.

Again another read me, cause I’m extra and the reacts are long.

Also constructive criticism is highly requested. 

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Companions react to being accidentally groped by Sole in their sleep.

(Okay apologies first of all, I still need to work on Deacon’s personality as I’m sorta unsure. I don’t want to get anything wrong, you know how it is! I have yet to go and get Deacon as a companion in the game so that’s why really… And for obvious reasons some aren’t included in this reaction. Nick Valentine as he’s kinda. Eh. You know. Also if anyone does send in an ask and you want Romanced!Companions, just say so.)

Cait: “What the fuckin’ hell do ya think you’re doing?” Cait wakes Sole up and punches them in the chest, hard.

Curie: She wakes up and begins to giggle wildly. She tries to keep the volume down to try not to wake Sole up, but ends up doing so anyway. She explains what Sole did in their sleep and watches Sole’s face turn as red as a tato.

Paladin Danse: He moans quietly but soon clamps his hand over his mouth. He questions whether Sole was awake or not and squints in the darkness to try and see. When he figures out that Sole is actually sleeping, he feels relieved nobody heard him - But he’s still embarrassed as fuck.

Hancock: Accidentally elbows Sole in shock, waking them up. “I’m so sorry!” he mumbles, jumping out of bed. Sole frowns, but soon falls asleep. Hancock is unsure whether to go back into bed or not, for fear of being hurt by an angry Sole

MacCready: He gasps and his eyes shoot wide open. He whispers Sole’s name and asks if they are awake. When he doesn’t hear anything he lays there, not wanting to move. A cold sweat breaks out and he gently moves their hands away from him.

Preston Garvey: “General…” He whispers, his heart beating fast. He feels his temperature rise, and quickly turns over to face away from Sole, inching as far away as possible. Then goes back to sleep.

Piper: She, like Danse, moans at Sole’s touch, before covering her mouth with two hands. Piper doesn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

X6-88: Doesn’t flinch. At all.