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DARP OC Week: Day 1 - Physical

FIRST DAY OF OC WEEK!!! Today is dedicated to your character’s physical self - their health, their appearance, and their attitudes toward those things. If you have anything extra you want to add, go for it! 

(questions taken from here!)


1. Is your character physically healthy? Do they have any physical disabilities? Any chronic illnesses (minor or major)? Allergies? How do they deal with them?

     mio is very hardy. her body is naturally resilient, especially against illnesses, so she can do things like take a “bracing” dip in a mountain stream and suffer no repercussions. the nature of her job (getting hit hard, and often) guarantees that she experiences joint and muscle pain, which is sometimes exacerbated by wearing armor made for larger frames than hers. please massage your mio on a weekly basis.

2. How do they deal with pain? With illness?

     she has a strikingly high pain threshold. she is made up of so much hardened muscle and calloused skin that on occasion she will not even notice she’s been struck until someone else reacts. pain is something that can be adapted to and embraced – her thought process is; if she can survive detailed needlework on the squishy parts of her face over several hours, she can do anything. illness is a different story: because mio doesn’t get sick often, when it does happen it knocks her on her ass. 

3. Do they have any scars? Physical flaws or imperfections? How do they feel about them?

     most immediately noticeable is a long, deep notch in her left cheek, right below the eye. she wears it with pride, as she does all her scars. and she has many beneath HER armor; countless! aaaall over her body. gashes, bite marks, claw scrapes, burns, etc. each one houses a tale, cautionary or otherwise, and each one marks a hurdle passed. in terms of physical imperfections there are her ears, which she sometimes think make her look gawky. she also has an odd body type for an elf; her thick arms and thighs make her appear more dwarvish than dalish. more on that in the next question.

4. Is your character considered attractive? Do they consider themselves attractive? How do they feel about that?

     mio is the picture of humility, so it is with creeping reluctance that she accepts the mantle of “cute”. most often, her appearance is not something she puts a lot of thought into. though she occasionally feels put-off that she is thick where she’s supposed to be lithe, that she steps heavy, and noisily disturbs branches with her ear tips. she might also wish her skin was smoother, not quite as marred, or that her breasts were a little bigger. she does not particularly think herself attractive, especially when compared to elfy standards, but she is proud of her body in that it serves her well. basically she doesn’t really look at herself in terms of sexual attraction, but she is very comfortable in her own skin.

5.  What is your character’s diet like? How often do they exercise? How much sleep do they get per night?

     they are more than fine with the simplest and blandest foods – it’s what her body is used to. mio will eat berries and vegetation and whatever she can catch and put on a spit. she’s recently enamored with fancy, richer stuff, but it’s hard on her stomach so she can’t eat it often. all in all a basic, fairly healthy diet. she leads an incredibly active lifestyle and trains at least once a day if she isn’t already out in the field. she’s a deep sleeper and gets a decent amount. you can try making noises around her when she sleeps and watch her ears swivel and tilt.

6.  What’s the first thing other people notice about them?

     most likely their very long, very wide ears! the vallaslin is likewise hard to miss. or perhaps the indomitable politeness.

7. Would they change anything about the way they look?

     mio has always been curious about how she’d look with long, flowing hair. but it’s simply not worth the trouble. another foot or two in the height department would be useful, but… truly she’d rather not change much – her body is reliable.

8. How do they smell? What does their voice sound like?

     i answered this in another hc meme, but mio smells smokey and earthy. like sweat and rain, and occasionally floral if she’s been prancing in the foliage. her hands smell like crushed elfroot. as for her voice, it’s clean and clear, bright, with that typical dalish welsh-y lilt. there’s power beneath it. this is my go-to voice hc for mio (it’s a beautiful song pls listen!). 

9. How do they dress? Any tattoos or piercings? Is fashion important to them?

     fashion is ????? mio is drawn to high fashion in the same manner one feels compelled to stare at a particularly colorful bird. she loves the colors, the details, the feel, but couldn’t coordinate an outfit to save her life. if one were to put an outfit together for her, or stick her in a flattering dress, she’d be the happiest elf in the world. otherwise, she’s super content to put comfort and functionality above aesthetics. she is seen most in tunics and furs she’s skinned herself, loose gowns, heavy armor when duty calls.

10. What are their physical strengths and weakness? Are they strong? Fast? Agile? Graceful?

     STRENGTH! mio is a tuff little flower child and she will benchpress you as a team building exercise. she’s fairly speedy, but not particularly graceful nor agile. she can actually be quite careful with her hands, although they shake sometimes (especially after battle). she’s kind of a klutz; she just makes it looks graceful ‘cuz honestly frolicking does not require much coordination.



           okay. so . I have just been feeling really bad. Like, I know I 
             shouldn’t maybe?? But I do. I just, feel really bad about how
             this blog is becoming a total mess and. It’s genuinely making
             me really sad. Which is making me doubly sad because I don’t
             want to feel sad over something like this. Honestly feeling sad
             is so far off the beaten track for me I feel like I walked through
             like ten bushes and into some obscure path like I don’t feel this
             way very often but it’s spanned a week now, basically and I 
             am just really hating it. See. I have no muse for writing. Not even, 
             no muse for Peter because I feel Peter hard. I feel Lydia. I feel
             George. But I don’t feel writing. I open something even somewhat
             lengthy and I flop. I can’t think of what words I need to put down
             to create some meaningful language.  I feel so shitty, to the point
             now when I / do /  write something I don’t even like it because the 
             effort it took me to write that makes it feel artificial – makes me 
             feel like I forced those words out, or wrote what was expected 
             rather then something that I legitimately felt Peter/whatever muse
             would do. I don’t know how to explain it. But it’s got to the point
             where I don’t even trust my portrayal anymore. I mean this is a 
             week old thing and I’m confident it will go away but – man I just
              feel gross. I just can’t write. I don’t know why. But I can’t. Dammit man. 

              and the worst thing is I owe so much, want to write WITH people
              so much, have so many ideas and feelings and things but the words
              to make all this happen just isn’t coming. I owe too many people. I’m
              letting too many people down. I feel like all I’ve posted is ooc and my
              god you all must be like “SHUT UP AND DO MY REPLY” and like I feel
              and I’m sorry about it and then it just all stresses me out much more then
              it should but I can’t take a hiatus because I couldn’t deal with it and I love
              this blog and the people and Peter but why be here if I’m not even writing

              idk. yeah. short form. explanation = I have no muse to write and I suck srry

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.

i swore i wouldn’t do this to myself

i swore

so anyway welcome to gay sports anime hell. 

i have been reading thich nhat hanh’s book ‘peace is every step’ – it has been wonderful so far – but the middle has been the very sweetest. i could feel my heart was like a warm nougat, just melting like caramel at the thoughts of mindfulness, of how as we start to feel a ‘knot’ beginning to form, we can gesture lovingly towards it and untie our hurts with honesty and truth. how healing is it to think that our pain, once felt, can bring us a deeper sense of joy. 

the part that almost brought me to tears was a tiny paragraph about his friend, leaving home for the first time, and his mother told him, “when you miss me, look at your hands.” and in that, he found simple peace. in our hands is everything we are, were, everything that came before us. thich nhat hanh also talks about our body – bringing it into an entirely new light by describing it as “a gift” from our ancestors. think of that! a gift given to us by our ancestors. a ripple of the universe, reaching out it’s hand to us. i think it’s a very beautiful thought to have been a light in someone’s eyes, or a color in a painting they once loved. it makes me feel very small and peaceful, being a little ripple in the universe, like watching rain fall from a doorstep with the quietness of earth around you – making time feel very long and very short all at once.


Reggsy/Roxwin social media/faking dating AU (insp)
When Roxy learns that the other recruits from Kingsman training thought both she and Eggsy had a thing together, she wonders how everyone would react if they actually began dating. They begin to fake date, trying their hardest to make it look as believable as possible on their social media (more importantly, as to piss off Rufus). But what happens when Eggsy starts to realise he might have stopped pretending? What happens to their friendship when his own doubts begin to make him withdrawn from her? 

this is just a random thought i came onto today and i dont know if others have thought of this, ive seen a couple fics, but tis been a while since ive dug down deep into the phandom’s fic list. but

like, for all those post TUE everyone-dies-anyway au’s, like. i dont care how you go about it, but. why the FUCK would he go to Vlad?

I mean yeah, the government would probably pick godfather(i headcanon) millionaire to be Danny’s new legal guardian after all the bullshit, but why would Danny want to go with him at all? All Vlad has ever done is been a jerk, why would he want to live anywhere near him? Yeah i know ‘halfa support’ but danny has found support from so many others come fucking on. He has so many other options, both legal and not so much.

i mean, he has friends in the ghost zone. and after all the shit he’s gone through in the human world- being bullied, being mocked, being mistrusted, hunted, shunned, put down, ect- why wouldn’t he? he’d be free. He’d be somewhere people know and respect him somewhat. He wouldnt be a part of the government system which could toss him around at will and put him wherever they think is best. he has multiple people he could go to- I mean, there’s Dora and her kingdom, I’m sure she’d be happy to help. If it’s long enough after, Frostbite and his people? I know its a little desolate, but they’d be /honored/ to help Danny, and frostbite would be hella supportive. 

Hell, depending on your headcanon, Danny could make his own fucking lair and not have to deal with anyone’s bullshit. (i personally ship iambic prose, and so he could also retreat to Andrew(ghostwriter)’s place? or if you ship him with someone other than vlad or sam, eh could go to said partner? ill get to val in a minute) Also, if post canon TUE and not just au, fucking Clockwork??? like. seriously. he cant really turn Danny away, the kid’s life is sort of his responsibility in a way (as the Observants said at the end of TUE) and Danny has gone to him for help before (Masters of All Time). That could happen. Vlad wouldnt be able to touch danny. no one would be able to fuck with the kid’s psyche, save /maybe/ the Observants being dickwads, but the point is Clockwork wouldnt let anything happen to him, both from anyone else or from Danny himself. Danny’d have a supportive, intelligent, stable place to stay until he got his shit together, not to mention Clockwork woudl probably be able to help him with any power control troubles Danny might have jsut because he knows so damn much? i mean CW would also probably be a snarky asshole sometimes too, but Danny would kinda need that sometimes because he’s a sassy little teenager and he needs to not forget that he’s got a lot of life and a lot of hope left in the future and if this old-as-dirt ghost can be as childish and sarcastic as any other teenager, then why should Danny act as if he’s old and worn when he’s only 14-15-16? It’d be a release for him, and a sign of normality to keep him sane. 

If you don’t think he’d like the ghost zone, or would shun all the bullshit it’s put him through, danny’s resilient and smart enough to go on the run. or, hell, even just bunker in any abandoned place in amity to ‘haunt’ (altho idk if he’d stay in town). if he does, why not give me val seeing danny phantom deteriorate and lose hope as Danny fenton just disappears off the map even tho he didnt die with the rest of them. show me val looking everywhere for fenton and just finding phantom and his sudden-onset depression and carelessness. you can even give me val helping phantom, with or without finding out his secret, just because she sees how broken he is and /jesus/ she knows real pain and trial when she sees it. give me val staring down the barrel of her gun at phantom just given up and out on life and begging to die and she just doesnt because this isnt the ghost boy that’s been messing with the town and acting hero and what the hell is he trying to pull.

or even just phantom on the run, like Dani. even them meeting up if it’s far enough after, and supporting each other. Vlad wouldn’t like any of this, anything i’ve said, and he’d be hell bent on getting the one thing left, the last piece of his love alive, the only person he wants to talk to after all this shit in his life because Danny should have been too distraught to turn anywhere else but the easiest, most obvious path.

But that’s the point. Give me anything but Danny walking right into the hands of the one person he knows will fuck him over, and doesnt actually care about /him/. I love Vlad-redemption, but I’m talking with more canonical Vlad-insanity bullshit that weve seen him pull. He’s lost enough without throwing himself in an abusive situation.


Hey hey everyone, I’m in need of a little help! Recently my hours at work have been cut back and I’ve been getting pretty nervous about money, so I’m opening up bust commissions for now.

I think the only thing I may have some complications in drawing are mechas/detailed robots. I can attempt them, but like I said, they are NOT in my specialty zone. 

The way I usually do commissions is, I’ll sketch out the bust first and send it to you to see if it looks okay. If it all looks right, I’ll complete the image after receiving payment (I’ll send my email to you in the message).

I think that’s all. If you’re interested, or have any questions at all, send me a fanmail/ask!