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im a little late to the party but fuck rhaegar targaryen amirite


do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition


It’s the beginning of the bkkweek too!!!! First prompt was New which was kind of yelling at me for bakunari fluff I’ll be honest with all of you


I adopted aro ace ritsu hc literally only to make this joke

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hc that trans peter has days where he doesnt feel like talking, and when he's fighting crime, Karen will say some shitty one-liners that always make him laugh, and confuse the shit out of the Bad Guys (which gives Peter an advantage).

sometimes peter waits by the criminals he’s webbed up until the police arrive, mostly bc he’s trying to heal his relationship with the police and show them he’s a good guy too (probably way gooder than them actually but peter won’t push his luck)

and some days he’s just in shit moods, he’s tired and grouchy whether it be from school or dysphoria or both, and sometimes he just wants to be quiet rather than risk the weight of sound come crashing down on him. it gets overwhelming, all the new sensations firing around in his brain only amplified by his spidey sense. suddenly he understands why fidget toys are so praised, spinning them around in class and at home is one of the few things these days that can just calm him down almost instantly. it’s almost as if it can get his mind to just lull into a hypnosis full of quiet.

but he forgot his spinner at home today, and even if he didn’t he isn’t sure he would want these bank robbers to see him sitting off to the side playing with some toy while they all wait for the cops. he feels like his head is falling into an ocean of black ink.

“peter, your breathing is becoming erratic, you are beginning to hyperventilate,” karen chimes happily. she’s in his suit so he’s the only one who can hear her, but he forgets that and speaks to her loudly as if she’s sat right next to him

“i think i’m going to have a meltdown or a panic attack or something everything feels so loud and bright and –”

“peter, you will be okay,” karen supplies, the same calm and cheery tone. “the authorities are only 2 minutes and 57 seconds away, until then i ask that you focus on my voice. in addition, i shall supply more oxygen to the inside of your suit.”

peter instantly felt a rush of cool air stream over his face, and his mind became slightly clearer. slightly. “okay, karen, just talk to me.” he didn’t notice the webbed up criminals gawking at him wondering if he was crazy, he tried to gather all his haywire thoughts and focus them all on karen. he’s thankful for her, she tries this sort of thing a lot and while she isn’t the best at it he will always appreciate it. over time karen has become almost like an artificial sister or cousin

“knock knock”

peter huffed. “really, karen?”

“knock knock,” karen said more persistently

“who’s there?”


peter groaned, laughing slightly. he didn’t notice that his chest no longer felt as tight. “oh my god. orange who?”

“the orange is the fruit of the citrus species citrus crossed sinensis in the family rutaceae. it is also called sweet orange, to distinguish it from the related citrus crossed aurantium, referred to as bitter orange.”

peter burst out laughing, not really because it was funny but because karen said it all without even a chuckle

“karen you’re so lame, i know you can tell jokes!”

“it is important to have a balanced supply of humor and information on citrus fruits, peter”

peter rolled onto his side on the dirty pavement, chuckling and feeling immensely exhausted – but he felt okay enough to get home

when the cops arrive the criminals don’t put up a fight or even make a fuss, they just climb into the back of the police car muttering “anything is better than being around that kid and his imaginary friend, thank god you got here”

Hear no Bendy, See no Bendy

(So this started off as a short, dumb follow up to Beady Little Eyes, but then it got longer, and I mean waaaay longer.  So uh, yeah.  Fanfic inside @squigglydigglydoo ‘s Toon Henry AU.  I liked the idea of a gag not working out right and wanted to explore how that goes down.)

“Hello?  Is someone out there?”

The familiar voice caught Alice’s attention.  “Bendy?”

“Alice?! Oh boy, are you a sound for sore ears.”  The imp sounded more lighthearted than she’d heard him in a long time.  “Say, could ya be a pal and help me out here?  I think Henry put something in front of the door.  I need you to move it.”

“I suppose that’s one way of putting it.”  Alice replied as she stared at the several wooden boards than had been nailed over the door.  “This might require more than just moving.”

“Whaddaya mean?”

“You’re boarded in there.”

“Ooh.  Wait, what?!”

“Yep, there’s about half-a-dozen two-by-fours between you and freedom.”  Alice gave one an experimental tug; it didn’t budge.

“How did I not hear him puttin’ those up?”  Bendy sounded incredulous.

“I was about to ask the same thing.”  The angel put one hand on her hip and one on her chin.  “I’m gonna need a crowbar.”  She stopped and added with a smile, “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, listen to the comedian over here,” the words had a tint of good-natured sarcasm.

“Well, one of us has to be funny.”

A genuine laugh came from the other side of the door.  “Alright, alright, credit where it’s due, that was good, sister.”

Hearing the little devil sound like his old self was plenty motivation.  “I’ll be back.” She was almost suspicious with how laid-back Bendy was acting, but with how he’d been recently, she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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I haven't been able to watch the new season yet since im from europe but coming from from what i've heard, something has been bothering me. If quintessence corrupts, how come keith got doused in it in season 1 without consequences? Do you think thats coming back or nah?

Actually, I think that’s definitely coming back. 

Haggar says that quintessence is life, and for all intents and purposes, it does seem to have the ability to unnaturally prolong life. Even after death. Zarkon tries convincing Alfor that if they harness enough quintessence, they can effectively become immortal. But this is not without a cost; both Haggar and her cat Kova look like their energy has literally been eaten away, their lives drawn out to the point of them being little more than corpses. Haggar and Zarkon also become obsessed with obtaining more quintessence. 

Yes, Keith was only exposed to quintessence once, but he exhibited no negative side effects. He doesn’t have any urge to absorb more quintessence, nor does he appear weakened by it. Keith healing himself seems like a very innate process, like it just comes naturally to him. Now, here’s where stuff gets…out there. Like, more bizarre and far reaching than anything I’m used to, but season 3 was so bizarre and out there that I feel like I just have to try something totally out of left field now lmao. 

So, take all this with a bag of salt but, what if Keith isn’t actually from the same reality as everyone else? heero-yuy has this neat theory about how Keith is actually from another dimension, and maybe even has something to do with the shadow creatures that attack the galran home world. 

Anyway, if Keith were say from the same dimension as the lions, that would at least explain why he’s so drawn to them and can even sense them like a druid:

So far he’s been able to sense Blue and link with both Red and Black. The funny thing about gravitating towards Blue like a druid though is that…well…we know Honerva was a scientist, not a witch. The quintessence is what gave her all her mysterious super powers. And Keith inherently having those same abilities–even being able to connect with Red over a longer distance (which Zarkon was unable to do without druids) is…very strange. 

Keith is also shown to be very interested in quintessence. I don’t think the fact that he was the one who decided to chase after that druid and find out more is a coincidence. This is also shown as curiosity, not obsession like the case of Haggar and Zarkon. Keith gravitates towards quintessence, and yet remains uncorrupted by it. So, you kinda have to wonder–is Keith similar to the lions and the quintessence from their world somehow? Is he maybe even from that same dimension? 

The problem though, is that even if you can cross from the lions’ dimension into ours, you might not be able to take your physical form with you.

Now, here’s a question–what exactly is the astral plane? An alternate dimension, right?

Now, the lions are made from a comet that can travel between dimensions. However, the “creatures” put into the lions couldn’t manifest as a stable physical form in our world. Instead, they look kinda…ghostly and wraithlike:

To me, this seems very similar to how Shiro and Zarkon can appear in the astral plane as these ghostly spirit projections, but can’t take their physical form with them. So yeah, theoretically, Keith being able to maintain any physical form here without being put into a robeast like body might be impossible (unless things there worked more like Sven’s dimension instead). 

Going ahead with other weird dimension stuff though: both Black lion astrally projecting and Haggar’s magic also cause an exchange of shared memories–we see this between Shiro and Zarkon and later with Zarkon and Haggar. So, we can assume that ability’s inherent to quintessence and the lion “creatures” from that dimension. And I think it can be argued that Keith knowing what a galra invasion looks like–seeing it both in his dreams and in the BOM trial (which reads as kinda like repressed memories)–maybe that’s something similar? Does Keith have visions or other people’s memories because he’s from this strange dimension?

Who knows?? Cause I sure don’t, lmao. But yeah, there seems to be a lot of weird shit still going on with Keith and quintessence at this point and I’m hoping season 4 will expand on it. Given that those episodes are basically just supposed to be “the rest of” season 3, I have a feeling that the whole thing about Keith “unlocking new powers” will actually happen then.

Unpopular Opinion?

I think Finn was actually an extremely well-written character (especially in light of Kim saying Finn was, to a certain extent, intentionally meant to be received by us in the way he was). Totally despicable and self-centred and obsessive and ultimately not cut out for the world he was thrown into, but well-written.


Because he’s real. 

People just like Finn actually exist. They pretend they’re a Good Guy and a lot of the time, we believe them, but that’s just not the case and eventually all their bad qualities start to come out and reveal themselves and at the end of it all we’re left shaking our heads wondering - just like Clarke - how we could be so short-sighted not to have noticed it right from the beginning.

I think that’s part of the reason why so many of us hate him so much. He’s not a typical villain. He’s not even an anti-hero. He’s that guy you know. The one you thought might actually be different. He’s that guy you thought you liked … the one who turned out to be everything he told you he was not. He’s the guy that broke your heart, and the entire time tried to pretend he didn’t by covering up the wound with a flimsy little bandaid that falls off with each movement. 

And then does it again, all the while sporting the complete and utter lack of self-awareness required to wonder why your cut is still bleeding. 

Finn’s so real, so realistic, so plausible, that it’s honestly unsettling. He’s the kind of character that makes you wonder how many Finn’s are wandering around in your life right now that have yet to reveal themselves. 

I know I’ve talked about the Cresswell age gap a lot. I mentioned that it’s not illegal in most parts of the world (seriously, stop imposing American laws and norms to the rest of the world all the time - you don’t have to like the age gap but it just isn’t illegal), that their relationship isn’t sexual and hardly will be for a while and if I can suspend my disbelief when it comes to:

- a 16-year-old mechanic who only remembers 5 years of her life to become a capable queen and getting engaged at 18 while having met the guy a handful of times,

- a 23-year-old guy who has been trained to be a child soldier since age 11 with almost no damage to his mind and who falls in love with the first girl he talks to,

- or a 17-year-old girl who never seemed to have any political training of any kind become an equally capable ambassador just because people like her and who also never considered a guy other than her childhood sweetheart for her one relationship,

then ages in TLC, and YA in general, are hardly comparable to ages in our world. The same goes for Cress, despite the uneccessary infantilisation of her character the fandom seems so fond of. (I only picked Cinder, Wolf and Winter as a comparison because along with Cress, those four have the most “YA”-like experiences that makes it harder to compare their maturity to real-life people of the same age.)

[Btw: Most of the main characters didn’t go to school or had any previous relationships. For me, it seems weird to argue that only Cress should to go to school - not even college but a normal high school that would surely not challenge her genius enough  - and have her date other people when no one demands the same things from Cinder, Wolf, Jacin, Winter or Kai. If they can meet their one true love during the revolution and marry them later on without taking breaks, then so can Cress. If I apply-real-life standards to a sci-fi YA story then it would have to go for all characters. But either all of them are allowed find their one true love and stay with them forever or they all need to “grow” first.]

But I feel one of the biggest issues with the age gap discourse is that almost no one posts age-appropriate fancasts. It’s obviously easier to find cool images of established actors or models but it definitely distorts the images we have of the characters.

Sure if you put an actress who is around 16-years-old:

(Let’s take Elle Fanning at age 16)

And use 30-year-old Sam Claflin or Garrett Hedlund (33) in the same fancast it of course looks like a super inappropriate age gap:

Or if people use Zac Efron, they usually pick pics where he is at his current age, 29:

(I’ve seen Diego Luna at age 37, Chris Wood (29) or Diego Boneta at age 26 too - hardly anyone who is Thorne’s actual age, +/- one year).

As for Cress, I’ve seen people fancast girls as young as 13-year-old (like AnnaSophia Robb from “Bridge to Terabithia):

When for all intents and purposes Cress should look like Elle Fanning or her:

(That’s some instagram girl which I often see used as a Cress fancast from the year 2014 where she was 15/16 - I’ve looked through her instagram and only used pictures from 2014 when she was 16 even though she’s 19 or 20 now. You can look up Jacy Jordan/jacykjordan if you want to verify her birthday and dates she posted those pics. But yes, that’s a 16-year-old girl. A teenager, not a child.)

Compared to this guy:

(Froy Gutierrez, age 19. Oh no, a year younger than Thorne. Still a whole lot closer to what Thorne would look like than Claflin, Hedlund, or other fancast who are usually 25+ at least. Could anyone look more like canonThorne? I don’t think so. He’s the age, he has the looks, hey, he is even half-Mexican. My personal favourite for canonThorne.)

Or coming back to Zac Efron (not my pick but I use casts I’ve seen floating around a lot), you would have to back as far as 2008 to have him at the right age for Thorne (and I used a more flattering picture of him where he doesn’t have that weird Justin-Bieber hairstyle):

(That was from a High School Musical press conference in 2008. The same year he made the movie “17 again”. If you envision Thorne as Zac Efron, in “17 Again” he was 21, one year older than Thorne but still, he would be more appropriate than the way he looks now. Even if one likes current Zac Efron more, it just unnecessarily makes the Cresswell age gap seem wider than it is.)

Or you know what? Let’s include “Bieber Efron” too (after all, it’s not my fault he had that hairstyle):

(21-year-old Zac Efron. See how different he looks from his older counterpart? Or from Claflin and Hedlund for that matter? Thorne wouldn’t look like a grown man at 30. That obviously goes for all the characters but picking and older Kai, Wolf or Jacin never causes the same outcry as it does when it comes to Cresswell)

Now, compare this (16-year-old girl with guys almost twice their age):

To this (16-year-old girls with 20-year-old boys, the way it is in canon):

I feel this puts the whole thing into perspective. We’re not talking about a child or pre-teen with a thirty-year-old dude. If you saw Jacy and Froy or Elle and Zac from the lower pic walking down the street, hardly anyone would consider it inappropriate. If you use fancasts where they are the actual ages they have in canon, Cress and Thorne’s age gap doesn’t seem as wide as people make it out to be.

Basically, I feel there’s a distorted image in the fandom of how child-like Cress and how mature Thorne are when that’s just not the case. One doesn’t have to like the age gap or the ship but the reason why it doesn’t matter to so many people is because we don’t see Thorne as a grown-up man, nor Cress as an immature child. Putting the “legality” on it makes it US-centric and TLC is not US- centric. More importantly, for me and many other fans, mutual respect, trust and equality is a given in their relationship, as we have seen time and time again from canon.