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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 10 reasons of why Eremika is canon? huehuehue

oooooh man, you’re one of mine huh? Okay *clears his throat* lets begun. But I will only make 4 bc 10 is toooo much and I don’t wanna make such a long post ;–;

1. They have a past.

I believe is more easy for a couple/ship to be connected when there is a past that ties them together. He killed for her (even when he didn’t even knew her and only had one friend) and gave her his scarf, a representation of ‘home’ I believe, an offering, a way to show her he would always protect her (he gave her his scarf to keep her warm, he offered his house because she was homeless). Basically he solved all her sudden problems that night. BECAUSE of him, she lives. Mikasa would always be ‘the girl he saved’ instead of just an 'old childhood friend’ like Armin is. They have a dark past that will hunt them forever.

2. If Mikasa dies, Eren would go MAD.

I remember I’ve read a comment out there saying that Eren would be more fucked up if Armin dies instead of Mikasa, because Armin told him about the sea, the outside world, gave him a dream to fight for etc. And even though I think Eren would be sad if Armin dies, he will completely lose his shit if Mikasa is the one dying instead. Not just because any romantic feelings but because there’s a deepest promise behind it. Eren had always been jealous because Mikasa was stronger than him and he felt useless. If Mikasa dies, he would go mad about it because 'I wasn’t able to protect her’ especially when Carla told him to do so 'you’re a man, you should be the one protecting Mikasa just for once’ he would felt like he failed to his mom, to himself as a man, to Mikasa. Because he promised to be with her for now on in chapter 50. I think it would be more traumatic for him if Mikasa dies, he would felt so guilty bc he had treated her like shit through a long time and people starts to appreciate what they has once they loose it, knowing that she loved him and he ignored her and she died and he couldn’t protect her/save her would be devastating for him. Eren had been always nice to Armin, if he dies I don’t think he’d to carry with all that guilt.

3. Eren was only able to use his coordinate with Mikasa around him.

This is very intimate. As far as we know, Eren has this incredible power called the Coordinate (the one the ape titan desperately wants) who can control titans and stuff. He’s been able to use it just once: Chapter 50. When Hannes dies, and Mikasa stared at him and started telling him how she felt.

He barely forgot about the massacre around him and start listening to her, both crying. She thank to him, she told him about the meaning of the scarf, and I think Eren never thought about how a simple scarf could be so important to her, I think in that precise moment he got to understand how powerful was everything he did in the past for her.

(Thank you for teaching me how to live.

“How can I teach such thing?”)

(Thank you for being with me.

“I’m your home, why wouldn’t I be with you?”)

Then maybe, just maybe… she leaned to kiss him. OKAY THIS IS WHEN MY FANGIRL MODE STARTS OKAY. I really have NO idea if she wanted to kiss him or what, that’s what it looks like but who knows, that’s why I want to see this scene animated so we can have a better clue of her actions. 

Anyway, she told him all this and almost kisses him (and his hand started to heal so fast) and then he promises being with her and blablabla… 



Not even when he found the truth about what Grisha did to him, not even knowing he eat his own father, nothing of that was powerful enough to make him use his power again.

Only this words.

Thank you for being together with me.
Thank you for teaching me how to live.
Thank you for wrapping this muffler on me.

That’s it. Something so simple as that was enough for him to use his power. I think this whole scene wasn’t just for showing Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren, but to let us know that Mikasa is Eren’s strength, that he needs her to keep going, that she is his home, a place to find refuge when everything is lost, he was crying like a baby when Hannes died and I doubt he would use the coordinate just by himself without Mikasa encouraging him with kind words.

In chapter 73 he starts to lose it… thinking sadly about his family and stuff…

Everything was left behind… his losing his hope. And then he looks at Mikasa.

and its kinda of 'everything was left behind… NO, NOT EVERYTHING, I’M STILL HAVE MIKASA.’ *cries* He recovers his strength just by looking at her.

4. Everybody in Snk knows Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren.


And he plays off with it, Levi is so smart is kind of dumb not to think that he knows Mikasa’s feelings. He’s older, a man with many life experiences, and Mikasa can’t hide her thoughts about it. Ackerman knows each other.

And last but not least, Armin.

That look tho.

So yeah, that’s basically it. Eremika will become canon and all the haters will burn in hell. 


Sniff-sniff. Hiff-hiff.

The Mario household was holding out on him. Though the day before he had cleared the pantry of every crumb, every morsel, a lingering scent continued to tickle his appetite. There was fruit, his nose swore to its presence. Yoshi’s little white tummy grumbled impatiently for it! So began his diligent quest to find the source of those hidden goodies!

His adventures ran him through Luigi’s garden, into the fridge, past a few pages of the plumber’s diary, and then right to his bedroom! His bouncing snout tracked with the expertise of a bloodhound, right to his dear parent’s back! That happy bulbous honker attached itself to his beloved stringbean’s head, pressing warm air to the poor guy’s neck with each sniff. It rolled up, up, until it met resistance against his friend’s cap. Promptly, he whisked the hat up and away before meeting with any connoisseur’s worst nightmare.

Fruit-scented shampoo.

Mamaaaa…“ Clamping his paws against Luigi’s shoulders, he pressed his nostrils to his parent’s mane and put it through a whirlwind! “….Are you hiding strawberries in your hairs?”

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  • 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?

This is gonna be rambly and long because there’s a story and I’m a writer, I’m so sorry I tried not to, but this is stuff I’ve wanted to talk about a lot because I love it whoops •-•

My best thing would be picking my college major. I major in Digital Media and at the college I attend that degree course has it’s own program you apply to in order to major in it (it’s called the Digital Media Institute, or DMI).

My first year of college I knew I wanted to do graphic design or something, but had no idea this community college I attended happened to have on the best digital media programs in the state. So I went through that year without a major. But a high school band friend at the college and another friend I made in band were in DMI and I learned about it from them. So I applied for the next year, got in, and started in August. 

This major everything I’ve ever wanted to do in life. It’s art! I love creative arts as much as music (playing/listening) which is a lot. The one thing I’ve been at least decent at my whole life is art/music. It’s an escape.

Like I said, we apply to be in this. The reason is because they can only allow 20 students per year into the program due to limited computer stations in the lab (so 40 total in the program total). All of the DMI students are told a code key to enter the building 24/7 since projects need focus and a lot of time. That way we always have a working place and access to the server to turn projects in. You spend a lot of time with this small group of students. (23 total this past year)

Not everyone frequented the labs outside of class because many live off-campus. But us on-campus were in there a lot and the ones who stayed latest got the closest. There are about 4 in particular that I trust with my life (one of whom I like a lot, and two of whom know and tease/encourage me), and several more who are very close to that level.

I’ve never had a more supportive, kind, and crazy group of friends. I didn’t have many friends growing up and the ones I had I was never super close to. They didn’t know much about me or my home life because I didn’t talk about anything like that much. They knew what I was at school, which was a bit different. Even in high school band and orchestra, my closest friends were back and forth and now i haven’t talked to them in almost a year really. I have a best friend, who’s been friends with me for about 8 years. She’s the only consistent one that I’ve ever been super close to. 

But in the course of less than a year, this whole group grew so close it was incredible. I got super close to a few (including my crush). There’s a group of about 6 of us. They’ve seen me have an anxiety attack. I never let people see that. I started breaking another time and two of them plopped down on the floor with me with no hesitation once they realized something was wrong. One said a joke, encouraged me to laugh (which I did, I just had my head down and she didn’t see), she poked me to make me laugh and when I laughed they both poked me because they knew I’d laugh and feel better. Which I did. 

 I’ve seen one of them drunk and breaking down, I’ve seen one break down crying and I hugged her (I rarely hug people) and made her laugh, I’ve helped another clean out a car after an interesting/long night after walking another friend to his dorm (you can assume the context), I’ve been told things no one else has heard, and I’ve shared something I’ve never told anyone (with my crush on a phone call at 4 am, no less). I’ve sang in front of these people like nothing, which is something I never do. I’ve told them my past, I’ve learned about theirs’, and I care about them so damn much. We’ve all changed so much as people this year in an amazing way. 

Now it’s summer, so I don’t see them as much. Many of us are in different towns. Of the small group, two live in my town, two are two hours away, one is three, and one is twenty minutes. We have a group chat on Facebook though. And the ones of us near each other have hung out a couple times, which is nice. 

Some of the small group graduated, meaning they’re leaving to other places at the end of summer. If I never see some of these people again after my class graduates, I know I will never forget them. The Everglow tattoo I got a month or so ago is largely about this group of people. 

Oh and did I mention the main teacher is an amazing person and a great teacher? Because he is and we all love him. 

Tl;DR: I picked my college major (Digital Media) and it turned into me meeting some of the best people in my life. 

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ah yes im the anon who asked for a tutorial !! may you please make a tutorial on how to draw a face? (eyes,ear, nose)

Dear anon I’m gonna post samples of my art style instead because I think I can’t do a standard (?) face tutorial  (´°///ω//°`) 

so this is how I do things!  ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶

_(┐「ε//’:)_  I hope this is okay… (I think my art style is really simple so… ;/////;)

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Nickname: Nat

Birthday: May 1

Star sign: Taurus

Gender: Demigirl

Height: 5'2"

Sexual orientation: ???sexual (I don’t know right now tbh)

Favorite color: Burgundy 

Time right now: 7:55 PM

Average hours I sleep: 5-7 hrs

Last thing I googled: “DMV Practice Permit Test"

Favorite fictional character: Either Pearl, Mabel or Wirt

Favorite famous person: probably Laverne Cox? She’s a goddess 

Celebrity crush: either Rachel McAdams or Adam Scott 

Favorite book(s): Harry Potter Series and Papertowns

Favorite band(s): Hozier and Panic! At the disco

Song stuck in your head right now: Heroes by David Bowie

Last movie I saw: Shindlers List

Last show you watched: Parks and Recreation 

Dream trip: probably somewhere is Oregon??

Dream job: A college level choir director/music teacher at Biola music conservatory or Chapman 

What I’m wearing right now: my glasses, some PJ pants, and a grey pullover 

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