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Has anyone ever thought that maybe Sarah knows her books are problematic in some ways but keeps them that way bc it shows that the world isn't how we want it to be and even though the book could be written to make life equal and perfect but it isn't because it's not that kind of story and that's not how the world is and Sarah knows that so she leaves it problematic and frustrating to show that this is what life is like face world or not?

Listen. You seem nice, but I’m getting ready to go off. I’m sorry if this seems aggressive, but it’s going to get serious and no fucks given (ok I do give fucks bc I do love all of you). My short answer is no.

I don’t care why Sarah wrote her books the way she did. It doesn’t make it any less racist or homophobic. That’s also a short answer. Her intention doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s racist and homophobic. And why write it when you can just… not?

And who is she educating? Who is she telling racism and homophobia exists? Let’s for a second just think her fandom is 100% white and 100% straight… which it’s not, but let’s imagine for a second.

Sarah J Maas, a white woman, is writing about racism and homophobia, to teach her white and straight readers? What is she teaching? What does she know about it? She obviously doesn’t even know it’s bad if she sits down and thinks “yo let me write this”. And she obviously doesn’t know it’s racist or homophobic if she decides to keep it.

When I open a book I don’t want another white author to give me their take on racism (or homophobia, but I’m questioning so I don’t want to speak for the lgbt community) Honey. I live with racism every day. I wake up in a racist world and I go to sleep in one and it’s exhausting. Do you think I want to read about one? I know racism exists. You don’t need to prove it.

But imagine being able to write your own world and it doesn’t have to relate to the “””real””” world, but then you say to yourself ‘Mhm, yes, let me make this world racist and homophobic’ ???

Maybe she should show a world WITHOUT racism and homophobia if she wants to “””””teach””””” someone. News flash - I know, it’s hard to grasp and honestly it’s not your fault or mine but - a world without racism and homophobia wouldn’t cause us all to go up in flames. Just… write everyone as equal? 

We were born in a racist and homophobic world and we’ll die in one. One day I hope that changes. Why would we write about a racist and homophobic world when we can give someone as escape route to get away from the struggles they face every day if only just for a few hundred pages? 

I think I know. You don’t care. Here’s where it gets harsh: SJM doesn’t care about her readers of color or the lgbt+ community. If she did she wouldnt write the way she does. Tokenism /=/ rep. Short answer: they get killed off and/or are mostly stereotypes and they’re only there for the “diversity” stamp.

It’s hard to grasp that, but as I said before: SJM is white and straight. What in the world is she going to teach me about racism? What views does she have? It doesn’t affect her at all?? There’s no reason for her to even address the topic and I can assure you I’m not asking her to.

Writing characters of color or lgbt characters does not mean you have to include racism and homophobia. WE ARE NOT OUR PREJUDICES.

I’m asking her not to kill off her women of color. Why? Because I see it enough. Every show, every book, every movie there’s a token woman of color. I get attached because finally, finally I have representation and then… bam. Dead. Boom. Deceased. Totally for the plot, of course. If you need a woman (or man) of color to die to further your plot that honestly says a lot about your plot. But whose fault is that? It’s not the character’s fault they’re dead. That’s all on the writer.

I’m asking her not to use the slutty bisexual trope. It really is NOT THAT HARD to write a bisexual character and not make them sex-crazed. She did it twice. Aedion and Helion. And I’ve seen the argument “if I lived in a world full of beautiful males and females I would sleep with them all too” ?? That doesn’t excuse anything?? Also… why write a world were f/f and m/m relationships aren’t accepted when you can… easily not have homophobia exist?? Why??

These are just the big things. But don’t you think we want to read about characters who haven’t struggled like us? Who are black, latinx, asian, biracial, gay, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, non-binary, but havent struggled? Haven’t suffered from racism and homophobia? I’m not asking to read about their struggle. I’m asking for them to be treated just like every other (white and straight) character but still be a character of color and part of the lgbt community.

Guys. Remember when I said you can help so much by just listening and giving us a voice? Give us the microphone. Sit in the crowd and listen. Yes, you can ask questions, but no you can not make excuses for racism and homophobia. Just as I said before, if you’re white or straight (and I’m not attacking anyone, just stating a point), you don’t experience racism or homophobia and you can’t tell us or teach us anything we don’t know.

You also don’t see things. You MAY not see the racism. You MAY not see the homophobia. Ask questions but also be ready to receive the answers. And be an ally instead of pushing us down. 

I’m so sorry to the anon if thought this was aggressive. But at the end of the day racism and homophobia is not a “””opinion””” it’s a fact. 

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This isn't an inconsistency, but you might find it interesting nonetheless. During the Houston con in 2016, Jared launches into a story about eating sour lemons with Gen while visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy between European conventions, in response to a question about the most romantic thing he's ever taken his wife on. I've always been struck by Jensen's facial expressions during this story, almost like he's remembering it happening... It's on youtube, about 25 minutes into the panel.


first i gotta say that yeah jensen’s face is very sweet when jared tells the story, im sure it was a nice moment for them and he also gets that pensive face like he’s remembering, you’re right 

now i hope you’ll excuse me because im about to elaborate a bit more on this moment

so i found this vid and this one 

and basically jensen doesn’t give a fuck as usual and hets are the fucking worst as usual 

like literally, that girl asks her question “i was hoping that each of you can tell us about the most romantic date you’ve ever taken your wives on” and first we got the audience “awing”, just disgusting (where is that gif of jared gagging when you need it??) but the real IMPORTANT thing here is jensen’s reaction!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK

HE’S FUCKING EYEROLLING AS SOON AS THE HET ASKS HER QUESTION!!!!!!! OH MY GOD he’s so fucking DONE honestly just look at the video, you’ll see 

pics from the other angle (i couldn’t make a gif because the person is shaking, too bad) before and after the question is asked:

he’s so fucking done!!!!!

like what the actual fuck is wrong with hets, who the fuck comes at a convention about a show to ask actors about their personnal lives?????

and it’s even worse since you’re asking closeted gay guys to make up fake stories and making them even more uncomfortable because they have to lie!!


im also really annoyed because look at all those gifs, look at them!  all those gifs were taken from this video but it has been deleted!!! im so frustrated!! because it seemed like a better angle and with this vid i think we could have had a better look at jensen’s eyeroll!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!! if anyone has saved it, make gifs of this moment please!!! 


after the questions is asked jensen rolls his eyes but jared makes a joke so people laugh but jensen isn’t done showing he’s annoyed so it goes: 

jared: i can’t tell you the entire story

jensen: why not we’re already going down that road (while making this face)

he’s not joking there, he’s done with those hets 

and that reminds me of a video where someone asked them for a story about their kids (it was right after they had the first babies) and jensen already didn’t have time for this shit and he says something like “oh that’s it, there’s no more questions about the show, after 9 seasons, now the babies are more interesting” and people were laughing because those dumb hets can’t fucking see that jensen was seriously annoyed, they don’t understand his sarcarm, just like here in houston, they’re laughing without seeing he’s annoyed, just ugh

and then after that they don’t say anything for more than 10 seconds, nothing, just awkward silence because they have to make up some bullshit stories to answer 

so jared obviously uses a moment he had with jensen and says something very genuine which makes it look authentic, and notice how he starts by saying that his story applies to all types of couples and saying that the unscripted moments are the most important and he says that one day “gen” told him “if you buy me flowers on valentine’s day and then nothing till the next valentine’s day then you can shove your flowers up your ass” and excuse the fuck me but that’s jensen talking there (and you can see him nodding a lot while jared was saying it lol)

and then he talks about not wanting his personal life to be scripted like it is during work so what they do is that they go on walks. and excuse the fuck me but how could you go on walks regularly since you’re most of the time in vancouver and gen in the US?? oh i know because those walks are with jensen!! and i can totally see j2 going on walks after work together to relax and bound as a couple rather than just as coworkers just like that moment at the beginning of the show when jensen showed jared a nice spot to eat during wendigo or dead in the water. and then jared tells the story in italy because that’s the only place where gen could have also been, during those bearding trips, and just tell me how am i supposed to believe that gen would eat a lemon raw???? are you fucking kidding me jared???? if she had been there she would have rolled her eyes and dismiss him for stealing them just like she dismisses him when he’s being his goofy self. so yeah that’s a total j2 story and yeah see the gifs at the top for jensen’s sweet smiles

and jensen’s answer is amazing!!! because he doesn’t even bother to make something up, he’s like “yeah yeah the unscripted moments right” and then he just said that it was the honeymoon!!!! he says “we really hit it on the head with the honeymoon” “that was one of the best romantic times” and yeah jensen said the best romantic times he’s had with danneel was the “honeymoon” where FUCKING GINO was invited to and where jensen said at another con HE HAD READ A GOOD BOOK!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! IS HE EVEN TRYING????!!!! you guys remember that?? right?? that con where jensen remembered a book he had read during his honeymoon, that he had picked up because he was FUCKING BORED!!! DURING HIS FUCKING HONEYMOON!!!! where he had “the best romantic times”!!! oh my god jensen is not even trying i can’t believe this omg and meanwhile that dumb audience is howling and squealing like they’re wetting their panties because jensen shared a fake ass story about his fake ass honeymoon just….. it’s so fucking gross uuuuuuuuugh

and notice when he was done with the answer he IMMEDIATELY said a quick “thanks” and moved super fast to the next question!! he HATED that het question omg

it was like that other het question about knowing their “wives” were the ones, and jared was the one to fuck it up and jensen was the one to turn it into a gender neutral answer

so to end what i wanna say sincerely, from the bottom of my heart:


for putting jared and jensen in those uncomfortable situations all that so they can have their little fantasies and be comforted in their fake beliefs that j2 are straight and could be happy with women  

Highlights from a local spring awakening production

-wendla came onstage super happy! She was dancing in circles and playing with her dress when she started singing but slowly got sadder (very different from any versions I’ve seen)
- mama who bore me reprise had soo much energy compared to past shows I’ve seen
- okay, when the boys come onstage i like to guess who is who, and i was mostly right except i switched melchior and hansen bc melchior seemed way more smug than other interpratations ive seen
- i loved moritz so much!! He was smol and had long super curly hair and had a headband to keep it back, it was really cute (he was also also the first black mortiz I’ve seen live and looked a lot like how headcannon him)
- the actor playing melchior really made me want to hate him, much more than other Melchiors have
- he seemed like he was trying to correct the teacher for the sake of talking back than to actually help moritz
- bitch of living was great!! That was the point where my mom was like uhhhh what am i watching?? Most likely bc there were a lot of jerking off motions happening in the dance
- there was also a pole onstage that people were leaning on and swinging around on during the dance which was cool
- the achilles & patroclus line was delivered perfectly!!
- anna and thea were definitely a thing no one can convince me otherwise
- The hanschen was perfect in his desmoda monologue but i felt so awkward with my mom next to me
- i got chills during touch me wOW
- dark i know well was suuuper well done, they had all the boys onstage playing the father of all the girls and showed them beating/being sexual with them and it made the song super powerful
- the teachers didn’t have german accents which i actually liked
- the beating scene wasn’t as intense as i would’ve liked… after he said the “I’ll beat the hell out of you” line he stopped and ran off before actually punching her and stuff
- there were no microphones until half way through And Then There Were None when motiz had a microphone and stand, and at the end the stage went black except a spotlight on mortiz and he dropped the mic stand and it was hella dramatic
- honestly in other productions, mirror blue night seems like it has no purpose (i mean like wtf do the lyrics mean) but the actor playing melchior had a clear reason for singing it in his mind and it really showed
- the hayloft scene was way too consentual, it didn’t seem like rape which is the author’s intent…
- i really liked ilse, she was the perfect mix between obc and dwsa ilse
- i liked how she was trying to show how great her life was but you could really tell she hated it and was scared
- ( also the lighting in that whole dont do sadness/moritz suicide was a+++)
- wendla was happy during guilty one’s?? Her and melchior were like cuddling and being super domestic and stuff it was wierd
- melchior overall just seemed like an asshole… i mean he kinda is but i didn’t see the other layers of him like i have with past actors
- melchior was playing guitar at the beginning of left behind which was kinda cool
- moritz’s dad was the focal of the song rather than melchior, he was center stage clearly coming back from getting drunk and was breaking down, and at one point melchior came up and tapped him on the shoulder and he just crumpled to the floor crying
- okay I’m gonna talk about woyb reprise for a bit
- it wasn’t comic relief at all i was so glad!!
-hanschen at first seemed to be interested in what Ernst was saying before he was like … are you kidding me
- hanchen seemed so hurt during “so are you sorry we…??”
- Hanschen looked into ernst’s eyes and grabbed his hand as he said the “and so you should” line and i think it was the best I’ve ever seen it
- the the rest of the song hanschen seemed so vulnerable!! Like “oh shit I’m falling for this boy whay do i do”
- the kiss at the end of the song was way more tender than the other ones and a few people laughed at the previous ones but thankfully no one did the last time
- the reformatory scene was the only one were melchior didn’t seem as much of an asshole tbh
- MORE PROOF THAT THEA AND ANNA WERE GIRLFRIENDS was in song of purple summer, all the characters that were couples were next to eachother (like hanschen/ernst and the parents and stuff) and thea and Anna were holding hand and at one point they sat down and thea put her head in anna’s lap it was so cute you guys
- overall i really loved the choreo in the show

i was literally yelling at my phone with my sister when i was watching the leaks bc of all the possibilities for lars having lions powers like. hold on im gonna rant

  1. steven could use lars as a portal back to earth thru lion(bc a leaked image was steven next to lion like he just came out of him) and he could gather up weapons or the crystal gems or like anything to help them
  2. also on that note he could just pull those new gems thru and they could be crystal gems 
  3. this is unlikely but he could run to the bubble room and start pushing thru the bubbled gems and they could possibly help them and he could heal them(ALSO COUGH COUGH BISMUTH BISMUTH COULD HELP)
  4. LITERALLY he not only has the weaponry in bismuth’s forge but also roses armory
  5. im bringing up the weapons on earth bc in the leak it was demonstrated that the new gems do not have super strength and were surprised that steven could push the boulder so easily, and they seem to be like. younger as in born in era 2, ++theyre “defective”. all this means that they probably dont possess all the gem powers that steven+the cgs do (like peridot) so they most likely cannot summon weapons or at least would have difficulty summoning weapons so. if they had to fight they would need to be given physical weapons(WHICH THE STEVEN HAS A PLETHORA OF…THE CG’S TOO PEARL HAS THOSE SWORDS SHE HOARDS IN HER ROOM)
  6. can lars make portals like. if he yells loud enough will he make a portal? how fast is he gonna learn about and master his new abilities like is he gonna immediately learn how to use them to his advantage or
  7. ALSO. this opens up for a nice way for steven and lars to bond bc now steven isnt the only human with magical powers anymore and i really dont want this to be wasted or ignored or handled badly but i know its gonna be
  8. i dont like that now lars has light pink skin bc theres already art whitewashing him and now theres gonna be even more like. they could have made it tinted brown a little but no its gotta be super light pink.
  9. okay so is there a room inside lars’ hair now? what is it gonna look like? how does the portal between lars and lion work? if rose just randomly brought a lion back to life then that means that most likely theres more animals/possibly humans out there that have been resurrected too, can lion/lars have portals between them too?
  10. is lars just gonna become a plot device for steven to have a portal back home like samurai jack did with ashi. please dont do that to him lars is one of my favorite characters and his personality and dynamic to the other teenagers is interesting ans relatable PLEASE dont waste his character and dont just forget about his new abilities after this ark

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Okay so I have kinda gotten obsessed with the idea of what 2D and Murdoc would do while on plastic beach. Not rlly in a romantic way and besides the abusive shit, what do you think they would do. I can't stop thinking about it

  • 2D spent most of his time holed up in his room, but when Murdoc would let him up, he would just lie on the greasy beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
  • Murdoc would go down to 2D’s room more often than he cared to admit (or remembered) when he was drunk and lonely
  • Most times Murdoc would tell him about some person he had crazy sex with or tell a really long and complicated drunk story that 2D didn’t understand.
  • Sometimes though Murdoc would start talking about his childhood and get choked up over it
  • 2D learned a lot about why Murdoc is the way he is during this time
  • Occasionally Murdoc and 2D would get high on the beach 
  • Murdoc would be cutting up and causing mischief but 2D just liked to sit and feel the breeze on his face and skin
  • Murdoc is very much a perfectionist when it comes to his music. If 2D didn’t do exactly what Murdoc had in mind one too many times, he’d probably get in trouble. Every so often, 2D would perform perfectly and Murdoc would shout with satisfaction and almost congratulate 2D before he realized what he was doing and resumed his grumpiness.
  • While Murdoc wrote the songs himself, 2D was always stunned when Murdoc would ask for his opinion on a sound or a lyric or a chord.
  • 2D grew to understand Murdoc more than even Murdoc does. He understands but cant put how he feels into words, only into music
  • Murdoc tried fly fishing but wasn’t very good. He shipped most of their food in from the mainland.
  • 2D got sick a lot. He never saw Murdoc during these times. He didn’t force him to sing and 2D always woke up with a fresh glass of water next to him and some crackers.
  • In turn, 2D talked Murdoc down from his drunken emotional spells. Murdoc didn’t always remember but even when he did he never brought it up.

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Do you think that there should have been more arcs in Part 1 so that way we could have learned more about the other members of the K12? Also I feel like we lost our on world building moments too.

Kishimoto wanted to do a mission based storyline originally, but instead SJ forced the tournament storyline, which eventually became the inciting incident to one of the two (IMO) overarching themes of the series: bringing Sasuke home. (The other was “becoming Hokage [and realizing what kind of Hokage he wants to be]”. In the ending both superficially succeeded, but failed in spirit.)

I think SJ were right that a tournament turned out to be cool as hell, and who knows, maybe that’s why the manga really took off and if they had let Kishi do the original plan, Naruto wouldn’t have become the powerhouse that it became. But I think one or two more missions would have been good. But I would say that they would more need to be focused on Team 7 development pre-exams, actually.

 @thatshinobilife points out that part of the reason why the Sasukeeeeeeehhhhh montages always include the same five moments is that’s all there is. Like, the bonds between the original team 7 would have been more meaningful with more times. In a world where Studio Pierrot could be trusted with writing (/Don LaFontaine voice), then yeah adding in more arcs to do this would have been a good thing. They did try to add in more arcs in the period between the end of the exams and Sasuke scarpering, but #1 that’s a really awkward time in the manga to be saying they’re going on missions, and #2 they were really stupid, or at least that’s how the synopsis looks (I haven’t watched much filler tbh).

In terms of adding in more about the other Konoha 11, that would be good, if only because I want more of Naruto interacting with his peers like this:

dnd recap
  • we have set out towards the capital city to meet with the leader of anderson cooper’s elf resistance, and the king, lester holt
  • along the way, we discovered that the reason my dragonborn paladin keeps fucking absolutely everything up is because i rolled a nat 1 in the early-game and someone cursed her holy artifact and thereby brought her god’s ire upon her
  • this is the reason she made the entire house look like shit by comparison when she rolled a nat 20 to fix the sad farmer’s door
  • “are you there, god? it’s me, cursed dragon” - our ranger
  • we arrive at the city only to discover that the castle is in the middle of a fucking lake
  • given that we are here to eventually kidnap the princess, this is going to bite us in the collective ass later
  • rolled a nat 1 on perception and, due to my paladin’s curse, someone emptied a goddamn privy over our party
  • “your life is now…shitty” - our dm
  • we have decided that, rather than be straightforward about anything, we’re going to attempt to lodge a formal complaint to the king re: capitalism 
  • there is no possible way this plan will backfire
  • “the trident of fish command could always come in handy!”
  • we bought it. lord help us, we’re back on our bullshit
  • our ranger got herself detained for 24 hrs for getting into a scrap with the guard-captain over feudalism
  • complaint failed, we’re going to disguise ourselves as merchants and utilize the trident of fish command to make ourselves look convincing 
  • while fishing, we came upon a colony of oddly-colored frogs who were subjected to blowback from an illusory spell; the people casting them come around every morning, pre-dawn
  • strange elf appeared to quiet the frogs down with offerings of delicious crickets and ask them to agree to be quiet as she makes her way into the village
  • fucked up our stealth by forgetting to tell our ranger’s bear to stay behind; she fled, and none of us could catch her
  • so close, and yet so far
  • back to our fish plan. lord help us

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“So, you’ll be graduating soon. Got any plans on what to do after school?”

“Erm,” Flug picked nervously at the stickers on his notebook, trying to keep himself focused. “I don’t… Really…”

“That’s okay, sport.” The teacher said with a gentle chuckle before giving Flug a pat on the shoulder. Flug flinched at the contact, but didn’t fight it.

“A lot of students don’t have any clear ideas yet. Sometimes it takes a bit of free time before you figure out what you want to do.”

The teacher then gave a kind farewell before turning off down the hallway, leaving Flug next to his open locker. 

It wasn’t that Flug didn’t know what he wanted to do–He was quite certain, actually. He had even checked out a college that would help him get started.

The problem was money. Tuition wasn’t cheap. 

So when he turned back to his locker, which was almost barren aside from a few more notebooks, his stomach squirmed.

There, at the bottom of the locker, sat a pristine letter. 

He had received it this morning, but hadn’t bothered to open it. He was afraid of what it would contain. After all, it alone would tell him whether or not he would get that scholarship he applied for.

Picking it up in a trembling hand, he glanced both ways down the hall. It was empty. Of course it was. Hardly anyone ever stayed after the final bell. 

It’s like ripping off a band-aid. Let’s get it over with.

With one clean tear, he opened the letter and pulled out the single page inside. 

Dear applicant,–Of course. A vague template to copy and paste so the letters could be written quickly.

We at the school of  ██████ for Science and Technology have reviewed your scholarship application.

However, we regret to inform you that what you have supplied us with in terms of individual achievements and projects is not sufficient enough to be considered for this scholarship, and thus we will unfortunately have to–

He stopped reading. He didn’t need any more than that.

He dropped the letter, letting it flutter to the ground, before sliding down his knees.

His one chance… Gone. He had put his heart and soul into those devices, hoping to impress them… But no.

It just wasn’t enough.

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AU: Along with being an angel, Kaworu is a siren who was sent to infiltrate NERV. With his piano abilities and singing voice he is easily able to lure Shinji to him and put him into a dreamful sleep. The more Kaworu spent time with Shinji, the more he fell in love with him. Believing that people are undeserving of Shinji, he takes Shinji away from NERV and to his own secluded part of the cosmos where Shinji can sleep peacefully.

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I loved your Jasper and Bismuth headcanons! Can you do the other Crystal Gems at some point as well?

Oookay this is a doozy, wedding headcanons for Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis and Peridot! ***This is all implying the reader is human!! Sorry if you wanted to read this as a gemsona. You could tweak the words if you wish. Mini HCs for Steven, Connie and Greg at the end, not for marrying them but how they’d act during a wedding with you an the gems. 

I’m going to try and doodle the wedding rings later (including Jasper’s and Bismuth’s), so that’s why they’re not described in the post! -Mod Lapis


  • She’s very at-ease the whole time, but also beaming and excited.
  • The wedding was indoors, in a large ballroom looking place. There was a hallway leading to the ceremony room, and another hallway leading to restrooms and other facilities. The decorations were simple, mostly darker maroon velvet covers on things with white as the accent color. It reminded you vaguely of red velvet cakes.
  • Surprisingly, she really enjoyed planning it out, she spends a lot of time planning her vows especially. 
  • If she wore a tux, it would be a very dark plum color with blue and red wrist cuffs. She wore a tie instead of a bow-tie. She’d wear her afro naturally.
  • If she wore a dress, she’d wear a fishtail dress with glove-like details. (Something like this!), her hair would be pulled back and pinned with flowers. (something like this is what I was imagining
  • Nothing really “goes wrong” at your wedding, it has a very peaceful atmosphere overall. 
  • You don’t follow the “you can’t see the bride until the ceremony” ritual, she assures you it won’t matter. You two spend the day together until it’s time to get ready, then you separate for a bit until the ceremony. 
  • Some of your relatives make off-hand remarks about Garnet wearing her visor the whole time. It irritates you but you don’t let it ruin the wedding. 
  • Come time for the ceremony, you and Garnet have dopey smiles plastered on your faces, she even giggles a few times which made you smile wider. 
  • Her vows are short, but genuine, her demeanor changed from giggly and happy to sincere in an instant. “Today, you and I make a commitment to one another. To stay together. To act together. To suffer together. To celebrate together. From this day forth, you will always have someone to put your faith into, to share your joy and your pain with.” She takes your hands- “I love you.” 
  • She takes her visor off to kiss you, looking you in the eyes before pressing a gentle kiss on your lips, smiling as she pulled away. 
  • The after party consists of lots of karaoke, dancing and chatting. Afterwards you went home with your wife, holding one of her hands as she carried a tuckered out Steven in the other. 


  • There’s lots of nervous laughter from Ame, her jokes don’t deliver well all day and she’s very affectionate- yet quiet. It’s pretty out of character for her. You could tell she’s got a lot on her mind. 
  • You and Ame let Pearl plan a lot for the two of you, so the decor was very elegant, lacy tablecloths with lilac and (favorite color) trimming or ribbons, even the flowers were color-coordinated. It clashed a little bit with the beach simple setting, admittedly, but it was still very pretty. 
  • If she wore a tux, she wouldn’t actually wear a tux at all. She’d wear a white collared shirt with a black vest and dark purple slacks. Her hair would be up in a pony tail. 
  • If she wore a dress, it would still but on the more casual side. (Something like this!) with her hair down, but pulled back out of her face. 
  • The ceremony starts off well, but midway through Ame starts crying, she tells you she’s okay. When it comes time for her to say her vows, she grabs you by the face and kisses you. She pulls back but keeps you close and whispers “I-I didn’t make any! I didn’t know what to say I didn-” you pull her back in for a kiss and assure her it’s okay. 
  • You two keep pecking little kisses across each other’s faces. 
  • She holds your hand as the two of you walk down the isle together, wiping her tears away and looking at you with glistening eyes.
  • During the after party, Greg preforms lots of his songs as the two of you just sit and listen, peacefully. There’s lots of actual partying happening, but you two just wanted to spend time with each other. 
  • Peridot makes a big dork of herself during her speech, telling you how you’re now legally fused with the “superior quartz”. Ame giggles and scoffs at it, so do you. Garnet takes the mic from her and expresses how happy she is for Amethyst, and gives you two her best wishes. 
  • The two of you dance together to cheesy pop love songs on the dance floor, giggling to each other again.


  • You both decided to have your wedding in a chapel. (She just loved the aesthetic of it so much)
  • The decor is all white and cream colors, she really stressed that “the light shining through the stain glass might make some colors unflattering to look at”, you agreed for her sake, she was pretty stressed.
  • If she decided to wear a tux, she’d wear a similar one to what she wore in Mr. Greg (It’s Over Isn’t It episode), perhaps a different color, like pale blue. The accent colors would all be pastels, of course. She’d wear her hair normally.
  • If she wanted a dress, she’d wear something simple with elegant details that flowed well. (something like this!), she’d wear her hair normally still, but would wear some sort of hair accessory. Very pale silver leaves, pearls, something simple but lovely like that. 
  • You did follow traditional rituals with her, more for the fun of it instead of actual belief in them. 
  • There was a light drizzle of rain before the reception, it stopped quickly and left little glittering water droplets onto the stain glass windows. 
  • The reception went over well, Pearl recited her vows without skipping a beat. “From this day forward, I, Pearl, take you, (y/n) to be my spouse. To have and to hold, in peace and in strife, I will stay by your side. So long as your heart still beats and my gem still shines, I will love you.”
  • The kiss was short and sweet, with Pearl’s nose bumping into your own briefly, making you smile.
  • During the after party, you and Pearl slow danced a lot. There was a dance where you traded off partners with someone else, which was a lot of fun. It broke off into more loose and dorky dancing afterwards.
  • Pearl took you outside to the church garden to walk around and be with you in peace for a while. 
  • Greg was the one to give you two the “good luck, I’m so happy for the two of you!” speech, he looked especially happy the whole time. You noticed he and Pearl talking a lot, too. 
  • The two of you stayed until everyone had left and cleaned up together, Pearl would give you little cheek kisses when you would pass each other to throw something away.


  • She was VERY excited, but terribly nervous. She’d ask you tons of questions about this “tradition” and how to celebrate, occasionally making off-hand “that’s weird” or “oh! that sounds fun!” remarks. 
  • Peri wanted to hold the ceremony in the barn after reading it’s supposed to be held in a “special place”. 
  • Lapis, Pearl, and Garnet helped remodel and redecorate for the occasion. Lapis had made a large ring of water around the barn, not in front the entrance of course. Garnet moved a lot of things outside and behind the barn out of sight, with some help from Greg and his van. Pearl and Peri took care of actual decorating for the most part. Peri made some wind-chime looking meep-morps out of tin cans and pieces of different colored glass, she hung them at the entrance of the barn. Pearl set up chairs in the barn, making a reception area in the back. A large piece of white tulle hung from the ceiling, creating a large upside down V looking shape, it was weighted down from moving by fabric flowers. There was more white tulle on the walls, mainly near the entrance, (looking like curtains) and hanging from the high points of the ceiling with more of Peri’s meep morps. It was odd looking, but very pretty. 
  • If Peri wore a suit, it would be green, with a bright green bowtie. She’d wear her hair as usual, but would make sure it was extra well kept. No pieces sticking out or out of shape!
  • If she wanted a dress, she’d wear something shorter and cuter, (ideal to walk and party in later, she planned it out ahead of time). (Something like this!) The top part of her hair would be pulled back and secured with a barrette, with the bottom still flared out a bit. 
  • During the reception, Peri kept looking at you, she’d smile and her cheeks would flush.
  • Her vows were incredibly dorky, but there was a lot of sincerity to them. “Fusion- it’s the most intimate a gem can be with another; or is it? They share their physical and mental state with each other, they become one. Here on this day, we become one, we’ll share our lives together from this day forward. Our physical and mental states combine, but stay separate, making us use honesty and communication. We don’t share a body, but we’re still one. Today, I fuse my life with yours.” 
  • Peri’s vows earned an odd look, a giggle, and an “awh” from Garnet within seconds of each reaction. 
  • She actually missed the first time she went in to kiss you, kissing you on the side of your mouth. She realized this and awkwardly laughed, you cupped her face and pulled her back in for a proper kiss.
  • The after party was a lot of fun, there was mostly dorky dancing, and a marathon of Camp Pining Hearts in a truck bed. 
  • She comes up and asks you if what she said was “okay”- of course it was, and you tell her she did great.
  • You learned Peri can’t dance. At all.


  • She suggested the wedding be held on the beach, you asked if she was sure, she said she was. “I have enough bad memories about the ocean. It’s time to make a good ones.” 
  • The wedding was held at night. Greg was kind enough to lend you his old light-up floor. (This one!)
  • Lapis heard the old saying “rain on the day of the wedding is good luck” so she made it rain throughout the morning so it would have time to dry before setting up.
  • Chairs had been set up on the flooring, the gentle whirring of Greg’s van made for comfortable ambiance while everyone else was quiet. There were flowers and flower petals scattered on the beach, but overall it was very simple, with the full moon overhead. 
  • If Lapis wore a suit, it would be a simple button up with dark blue slacks. She’d roll up the sleeves and wear a loose ribbon tied in a bow around her neck instead of a tie or bowtie. She still wouldn’t wear shoes. Her hair would be in a low ponytail. 
  • If she wore a dress, it would be simple in the front and backless with a bow at her lower back. (Something like this, the one on the left! sorry I couldn’t get a single image of it in a good resolution.) Her hair would be down like normal with the back of it in a flat braided bun, and she still wouldn’t wear shoes. 
  • She said her vows quietly, very softly. “After all this time, I’ve finally found a home on Earth. Home is being with you. So I guess I want to stay home forever now.” she laughed a bit, but she held you hand a bit tighter, you could tell she meant it. She pulled you closer into a hug, holding you there and pressing a kiss on your cheek before putting her hand on your chin and pulling you in for a kiss. 
  • The two of you half-heartedy listened to the speeches your friends and family gave, mostly just holding each other and appreciating the moment. Lapis paid the most attention when Steven spoke, recounting the day he met her and saying how happy he was to see you two together now. 
  • She took you out onto the ocean and danced with you there, smiling and pressing little kisses into your shoulders and neck. 


  • They helped set up a lot, Greg always offering to play music.
  • Steven and Connie were always the flower boy and ring bearer. 
  • Steven wears a pink vest and pants with a white button up underneath, Connie wears an off the shoulder long sleeve mint dress with a white belt. Greg wears his tux from Mr. Greg. 
  • Greg almost always references his relationship with Rose in his speeches, saying how you need to talk to one another and be honest, communication is key, you should trust the other one to love you despite your flaws. No one is perfect until you see them as they are completely, and if you still love them as they are entirely, then they’re perfect for you.
  • Steven always says how happy he is that his friends/family is getting married, gives you the best wishes he can, makes a handful of jokes. 
  • Connie doesn’t give speeches, but she is very happy to be around and says congratulations when the ceremony is over. 
  • Greg, Steven and Connie do karaoke- Greg and Steven are happy to do back-up vocals for people, too. They all sing very well! 
  • Steven and Greg welcome you to their family afterwards.

anonymous asked:

what do you look forward to in restore me? what are things you REALLY want to happen in the next three books?

First and foremost I wanna see what exactly Juliette wants to make of the world around her. In the trilogy she wanted it to be different, but we don’t know exactly what she has in mind. I want to see her execute her vision, and her plans for the world, as the new Supreme Commander. I want to see how she decides to move forward, how she’ll make tough calls that she’ll inevitably have to make. As well as how the citizens of the sectors respond to her, and those changes. 

Aside from that, I think the thing I would want the most is to see how Warner’s relationships develop. Juliette and Warner’s narratives were sort of in reverse. He started off with no relationships, but a rather firm place in society, he was a person in charge (which is still the case), with a job to do every day, etc. And Juliette was sort of the opposite. She throughout the series established her place in life, and built her relationships along the way. 

So I’m super interested in seeing how Warner in conjunction with this extension of his duties, is to establish those relationships now, alongside Juliette since they’re together. Aside from his relationship to Juliette, he got along the easiest with Castle, and they clearly respect each other. I feel as though that’s slowly becoming the case with him and Kenji, as well.

And then there’s the fact that Warner has brothers, and how exactly will he proceed with that. He had told Juliette that he wanted to spend time with Adam, and it will be interesting to see how receptive Adam will be to that. Along with how they’ll tell James, if he doesn’t already know by the time Restore Me starts.

And James might just be the most interesting relationship Warner will get to develop, imo. James is someone who knows next to nothing about Warner. He knows he was Commander and Regent of Sector 45, and thus a place of authority in a world that was very hard for him. With the other characters, Warner sort of has to repair bridges, but with James he gets to build one. I’m probably the most excited about those two, tbh. 

And Warnette, my beautiful bbys. They were beautifully domestic in Ignite Me, which I wasn’t expecting, and I just want moreeee. I love their light-hearted moments, and I don’t want to be overwhelmed with them, since there’s a world to re-structure and stuff, but I do hope there’s a few. I would also like to see them differ on things, and see how they handle not being in agreement. I want them to be challenged, not like heartbreakingly split apart to find their way back, bc I don’t think I would make it—just challenged. 

Last but certainly not least, I want infinite amounts of Kenji. His friendships, maybe a relationship! And I’m excited to see what his role will be in this new administration of sorts. 

I’ve wanted to talk for So Long about the portrayal of anxiety in YOI but I’ve been having so much trouble putting together what I want to say in the most effective manner. I kept trying to come at this in a more analytical fashion, but considering that this is such a personally important topic to me, I’m going to try a more emotional approach. Something I don’t normally do.

So really, to start off, I wanna say that I’m so damn thankful for the way Yuuri is written. Really, seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had the ability to relate more to character; Yuuri is close to a mirror of my own experiences with anxiety and it’s so fantastic to have a model of development and growth for me and people like me. I found the portrayal to be frighteningly accurate, from types of thoughts, behaviors, mannerisms… I think the episode that stood out to me the most in terms of Yuuri’s anxiety was ep7, aka Yuuri’s on-screen panic attack episode. 

The first thing I noticed was this: 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in that exact position. I bounce my legs when I panic, just like Yuuri is doing here. Head in his hands, breathing heavily, bouncing and jostling limbs. This isn’t the Mary-Sue cutesy portrayal of anxiety–this is a real anxiety disorder. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. It can’t be fixed with a single word or a touch or a person. Quite frankly, it’s ugly and you lose control of your body. 

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