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What you were waiting(?)

I kept putting this comic off for over a year, I needed to get it out of my system. It’s short and saucy(??), maybe (????) www.

WARNING 1: Long post. More or less.
WARNING 3: ^That’s what I say but you won’t see any dicks here ok? I’m…. sorry… OTL

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I WILL do that frikkin process video EVENTUALLY– but for now here’s a teeny rundown on how I do my doobles n rough mah anatomies!
First, I’ll say my process is probably not the most anatomically accurate, I do a lot of my work just from my own knowledge bank in terms of how bodies and stuff are. I’d recommend NOT being like me and actually using proper references. Don’t just give up when u can’t automatically draw something hahaaaaa 


So, basically, what I do is I rough out the figure completely–clothing and all–and then I just fill in the details from there!
some examples featurin some of my fav Matsuno bros…

As you can see I do bump some things around while i’m working–Karamatsus arm is moved out a little more because I noticed it was just a pinch too short!
From there I just throw some colours on or line them depending on what kinda illustration I’m doing~

Sometimes I use anatomical dolls/figures to rough out positions in larger illustrations–but those are also loose and fast!

I pretty much just use a very loose, gestural style in everything I do!
Don’t be afraid to mess up your lines or whether or not your lines look super clean–that stuff can be fixed later~



(Warning: Long post and possibly rant-ish?)


If you’re reading this, it means you’ve probably read that open letter Shane Newville just recently posted on Tumblr.

Like you, I don’t know what to think. However, I am not choosing this time to pick sides. We still have yet to hear Rooster Teeth’s response (if they respond at all), and I am taking all this with a grain of salt. On one hand, we have noticed some changes in RWBY Volume 3 (which I did personally love, btw) which this letter could POSSIBLY explain. On the other hand – everything is just so extreme and places Monty Oum on an extremely high pedestal. Not that Monty wasn’t talented – seriously, I consider him as one of my heroes. But to introduce the concept that Monty was almost complete perfection and that most of RT’s prominent members and crew were mindless assholes who wanted to fuck up everything about the show he created is incomprehensible to me.

I realize that if Rooster Teeth responds to these allegations, they will most likely deny them. But Shane’s accusations seem too angry and spiteful for me to actually take them seriously. The doubts have been planted in my mind, yes; he did say he wasn’t pointing any fingers or lashing out at anyone, yes; but it all just seems like one huge conspiracy theory to me.

I’m not trying to cause another uproar (it’s already begun anyway). But let’s not point fingers ourselves, okay? As I have stated before, RWBY Volume 3 my personal favorite of the series and to be honest – just as an example – regarding Winter’s concept design, I was attracted to the official one more rather than the original. It seemed just like a more adult version of Weiss and I didn’t really feel the necessity of that.

I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me and will label me as “not a true fan of RWBY”. Listen up – I have still had a few problems with V3. I’m not a fan of a couple of its animated fight scenes (the RWBY and JNPR team fights), and I feel like Pyrrha’s storyline could have been handled a bit more delicately, but overall, V3 was just a vast improvement story-wise over the last two volumes. I’m not trying to pay lip service to Rooster Teeth or anything like that, that’s just my personal opinion.

What I’m trying to say is I think the show should still be based on what Monty wanted, but that doesn’t mean everything he wanted is perfect. Again, I don’t really want to believe everything Shane’s letter says right away. But let’s not dishonor Monty by reacting out of pure anger and acting spitefully towards Rooster Teeth. Even if the allegations are true, I’m sure it’s the last thing he would’ve wanted.