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h ey guys i know we’ve already unpacked how tragic and sad THIS PHOTO is

because. yeah it’s pretty much the one time we see fukawa actually smile. but. can we please just look at ishimaru for a second i mean jesus christ

he got fourth place and he’s SO MAD ABOUT IT


chapter 200 made me love alibaba again, here's why

Seriously tho can i just talk for a second about how GLAD i am to see gesubaba i.e. the alibaba that ran away from his responsibilities in balbadd i.e. the alibaba that gave cassim like 20 chances to fuck up his own country i.e. the alibaba that spent his last night in Sindria going to a brothel with a 12 year old instead of chilling with morgiana i.e. the alibaba that has fucked over himself and his friends and the people who count on him in so many ways

this is the BEST version of alibaba, because he’s the most flawed, excitingly realistic protagonist in a magical shonen adventure ever. I have rooted for this boy more often than I have rooted for pretty much any shonen protagonist, because he’s so insanely, realistically flawed. He’s selfish, he’s arrogant, he makes the same mistakes over and over again, he vows to get better and only SOMETIMES does, he can’t see what’s in front of his face, he loves his friends but desperately craves admiration instead of just the affection they give him, and i couldn’t fucking be happier.

the flashes of brilliance, courage, and self-sacrificial bravery we get from Alibaba in the manga are a hundred times more exciting than the ones we got in season one of the anime, and more exciting than other shonen protagonists in general, because you DON’T always know he’s going to do the right thing. You DON’T always know that he’s going to take a stand against evil. You know he really wants to, and that he would if it were at no risk to him, and sometimes he doesn’t have a choice. He adores his friends, but he’s far from the first one to throw himself into danger. 

And now we see in chapter 200 that he’s so desperate to be loved that he makes up a girlfriend. more than that, he rationalizes it by pretending he was talking about his fucking ape pet. That rationalization, that desperate pathetic attempt to look cool and think that he’s not betraying himself, is one of the most endearing things he could have done for me. 

Alibaba’s just not very GOOD. He’s worked for 200 chapters to get to a level (with his djinn equip) that most dungeon capturers HAVE ALREADY ATTAINED. After all that failure and work, he’s still barely entry-level to the big leagues. He wants desperately to be noticed by girls (my analysis of his fascination with prostitutes like his mother will be saved for another post, alibaba u weirdo), but he does literally nothing to try and attract them. He is surrounded by people who are naturally talented and gifted, and he does work hard to get there, but he’s not above becoming that slimy, pandering creep that we saw way back in the first chapters, selling his dignity to avoid going to prison and slapping on a big fake smile, being a wine merchant’s dog when he’s a king’s chosen heir.

this post went off the rails i just really love alibaba and i had thought that the anime killed my love but boy howdy it is back

All this stuff about about Neil Armstrong has had me kind of bummed all day, but I just realized something


not as a group, or a country, or even a race, but as a planet

went to the FUCKING MOON





Do you know how hard it is to get to the moon? Spoilers: it’s PRETTY FUCKING HARD.

We used an EXPLOSION to get three DUDES to the FUCKING MOON


And the first guy on the moon didn’t say anything like “oh wow” or “I am on the moon, Houston” or pee his space suit or anything

He said “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

One of the most poetic, awe inspiring moments EVER in the HISTORY of MAN and he pulls out THAT





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Dear Tamara, [For TMI monday] I need a crash course in why Boa Hancock is [one of] the bestest One Piece characters. Can you enlighten me? ;33



She’s a major bitch when you first meet her after Luffy lands on Amazon Lily, the island of women. She’s the fucking Empress/Pirate Captain and if you don’t think that’s the coolest shit gtfo. 

Anyway when I first saw her I was like “Are you kidding this chick is that awesome person I’ve heard about? She’s AWFUL!”

Back up like 20 years. She was fucking enslaved by the celestial dragons along with her sisters Marigold and Sandersonia. They were given devil fruits as ENTERTAINMENT (and I’m sure they were nearly drowned along with that). Fortunately Fisher Tiger was on that shit and freed them along with lots of other slaves in Marie Jois.

Those were some of the only men she’d probably met in her whole life up to that point- These cruel, awful celestial dragons who treated her like an object. It’s no wonder she hates men.

And hate men she does, and she knows their weaknesses. She’s beautiful, and on top of that, her power allows her to turn people to fucking STONE if they’re attracted to her.

BUT LUFFY. He doesn’t act like what she expects men to act like- she can’t turn him to stone (cause hey he doesn’t care about stuff like hot people), and she’s pretty confused.

And when she explains her past later, he assures her that he does not see anything lesser about her (in so much, he’s not that eloquent) and that he already hates the dragons. It’s no wonder she fell in love with him. SHE GOES THROUGH SO MUCH JUST TO HELP HIM. SHE WENT BACK TO MARIE JOIS JUST FOR A CHANCE AT GETTING HIM TO IMPEL DOWN. SHE LITERALLY RISKED HER KINGDOM AND HER OWN SAFETY JUST TO HELP HIM.



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like how do you think prussia and Japan met? what do they do on dates or how often do go on dates? what was their first kiss like

okay they probably met during wwii! though they didn’t really get a good chance to get to know each other with all the fighting and stuff so it was probably like “hello” “sup man” because prussia thought he was cute but didnt really get to talk much u kno

and after the war when he found out he was still friends with germany and really noticed him it was like “hello” “WHOA HI” and he got all flustered and tried to hit on japan which made him confused and flustered and it was probably embarrassing for all parties involved

prussia is a little less rambunctious around him i guess? he’s still just as energetic but he makes efforts to get kiku involved and will slow down a bit for him =v= japan really admires how hard he works and how even though he’s a huge ball of energy and irritating things he can settle down and they can have a nice evening together

they have little dates at home like once a month or so but it’s usually not planned much in advance, prussia just comes over with some movies or a game or paint set and goes “we’re staying in tonight” and they make dinner together and kiku pretends to fall asleep on him but he just likes to lean against him (and if it’s a sad movie gil will only cry if he thinks kiku isn’t watching)

their first kiss was probably just as embarrassing tbh. gil invited him out and they had a fancy dinner and went for a walk because he was trying to make a good impression but he was trying WAY TOO HARD even though kiku really enjoyed himself and when he took him home he looked all awkward there because oh god is he supposed to kiss him goodnight is it too early for that ??? and kiku felt bad because he tried so hard and he really did have fun so he just. leans over and pecks him on the cheek and RUNS and prussia screams internally for about ten minutes before going home

i feel like crying, like

omfg look it

like 2 weeks of things

i wanna cry

too damn happy omg aaaah



bg chara even aaaah






 holy shit i did that?

alskghalskghlaksglasgas uaaaaa


never had i made a hugging decently

ashasdglkashg baby

cute ass chibi akh


precious child and hand


best project=A= <3

Sometimes–well, a lot of times, actually–I feel like a shitty person for not giving a shit about issues that other Tunblrites seem to care about, like feminism, cultural appropriation, and reposting art without permission. Like, I’m not in the proper position to judge, and honestly, the way the more vocal feminists approach the issue literally makes me cringe when I even see or hear the word. And like I already said, I just don’t give a shit.

It’s not like I’m some racist/sexist/x-phobic nazi or something of that sort. I just hate the way people on this site turn these issues into a black-and-white morality war. Four years ago, I would have cared, or thought I cared, but nowadays, I see it as little more than sheeple lining up to embarrass themselves as they face the cruel, complex reality of the world.

Unfortunately, everyone, even friends, seem to dabble in this–pardon my French–bullcrap that’s being spoonfed to them by the overreactive users on this site, and I literally can’t avoid it, especially on mobile. I can’t get myself to care about any of it, and it sucks because I feel like a douche for not caring. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth going on this site, as the cons are beginning to outweigh the pros. But I’m a total wimp that can’t deal with the rest of the internet, and I don’t want to leave my friends behind.

I just wish there was a place that’s like Tumblr, but without all the crap that follows. But I might be asking for too much.

It took an email from tumblr to tell me that I started this crazy blog a year ago.

And I gotta say. I never would’ve imagined that I’d ever come this far.

I jumped into the rotg fandom full of doubts. Full of insecurities. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get Jack’s character down and end up a failure, doomed to delete this blog after like a week. And when I was about to give up, I was found. And it’s just snowballed (lol) into what this blog is today. Over time as more and more of you arrived, my confidence to rp increased, giving the courage to give Jack life.

I’m grateful for all 3,570 of you, even though I haven’t talked to most of you. And I’m really sorry for it but there’s just so many of you and I can barely handle my own self let alone so many of you and asdfghjkl just know I’m here for you when you need me~ I’m just so sorry for being shy as fuck and not having the nerve to even talk to people and I don’t even know. I’m just so thankful for all of you because I know you’re all amazing people and I’m just me. And apparently here, for once in my life, I’m good at something. So thank you all for the encouragement. For all the love. For approaching me because heaven knows I won’t start a conversation with others without thinkin I’m completely bothering the hell out of them. For all the support even though I thought I was alone.

Thank you all for everything.

ponycide's eye tutorial as requested by anon (paint tool sai)

okay so there is about a million and a half way to draw eyes, and i’m certainly not saying this is the CORRECT or RIGHT way, but its my way of making simple, cute pony eyes.

first, of course, make the sketch

dont worry too much about cleanliness right now, its not super important. tweak it until you like the shape and the direction of glance


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i decided to visit my old school friends again today and I met one of my favourite teachers and i had a really nice talk with her about life and she even asked me about what i was currently doing and that she is going to check out my artwork and cosplay because my mum gave her a business card of mine and it was really really nice.
Ah i really like that woman.

anyway, it’s been awesome to see my friends again, Laura, Sebastian and me are going to meet up a few times in their next holidays and have cosplay photoshootings, and Simon is hopefully going to have some time too finally after standing me up several times. (goddamn he built up muscles and wow)
we talked about things, school and life and everyone complimented my hair and asked me if i lost weight (yehaw).

and i bought buttons and the last bit of fabric i needed for magicastuck dave and we’re almost done with that cosplay horray
i hope the shoes are going to arrive in time.

but basically today was the first day i am not pissed off about my friends and i could drown in happyness to have seen them again.
also got lauras second half of her ice cream.

A+ day so far would totally recommend.

Wooo 2 hour sketch with pen and a shitty GIMP background. This is probably as close to a finished piece as I’ll ever get so  woo me.

((Took out the background cause it made it look like I was fucking 12 when I made this))

Text Incoming

I was really iffy about saying anything because I don’t want to hurt the people I care about, but these feelings have been haunting me for awhile. I try to be friends with everyone, I try to surround myself in people who love and support me, it helps me, it helps me realize more about myself than I could do alone. I feed off their energy and love, it fuels me and pushes me forward and lately I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

That’s why one of my biggest fears is that eventually we’ll drift apart. I know sometimes things don’t last forever, and that people change and the way we feel about each other change but I still dread the day I realize that my friends aren’t my friends anymore. I remember one time someone said “and if we drift apart, well that’s that” or something along those lines and I almost teared up. It makes me feel weak and powerless, that no matter what I do I’ll just be another memory, just another step and that for them, there’s no turning back. 

I’m so worried that I’ve passed my usefulness. I’ve given my friends all that they could get from me and they’re ready to move on. 

I feel like I could slowly drift apart and they wouldn’t really notice

I feel like if I said anything I’d go ignored

I feel like maybe I don’t matter anymore

I feel like maybe, they really don’t like me anymore

I feel like maybe I should disappear so I’m not a problem

So I tell myself that I’m wrong, that I have to believe in something else

I have to tell myself that these are all just the demon in me feasting on my insecurities, telling me all the things I don’t want to hear, testing my resolve. 

I have to believe that my friends do love me, and that my mind is just playing tricks on me, fooling me into believing something that isn’t real, that I’m blinded by something artificial and false.

I have to, I know I just have to…

But sometimes, I can’t help but think

What if all those things I felt weren’t just feelings

what if there is no demon, no tricks

what if it is all real

Because right now, I can’t help but wonder

What if I’m right?

And the answer terrifies me