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OKAY. Long post alert. So this is my story of meeting Taylor.
Taylor Nation contacted me on Tuesday just saying they’d love to meet me this weekend and I honestly didn’t know what to think of it. I got a call on Thursday saying it was a get together with selected fans and they were giving us merch and just having a little party, but not to say anything because not everyone could be invited. Yesterday right after boarding the plane for Austin, I got the final call which was saying we were going to get an exclusive backstage tour and she told me I would get an email with details.
Soooo today we met TN at the meeting spot at 5 and none of us knew what was going on. They checked us in and gave us upgrade wristbands to be in front of the pit and then a purple wristband. The radio MG people were in the line next to us and TN kept telling us we were doing separate stuff from them (even though we all had the same purple wristbands 👀) WELL. Once we got back to this exclusive area with tents and trailers, we were waiting outside a tent with TN and the radio MG was inside just standing. At that point, TN was still saying we were separate from them. Finally, they started letting us in to give us our merch bags and then we all just waited around and talked. THEN after a little bit Andrea and Scott walk in with some other people and everyone LOST IT. Scott obviously gave us guitar pics like the gem that he is and Andrea started talking and said “hey guys! I was wondering….actually taylor was wondering if she could say hi to you all?!” AND THE ROOM LOST IT. Honestly, it was the best moment to experience.
A few minutes later, we lined up in this loft 89 vibes trailer thing (got to hug Andrea on the way in and she’s the sweetest) and waited our turns to meet her. I was by myself, so when it was my turn I walked in and Taylor hugged me and was like, “HEY BUDDY!” FIRST OF ALL. She gives amazing hugs like whoa. And second of all, she smells incredible. She looked so beautiful and I was completely in shock that this was actually real. After we hugged she was like, “oh my god! I love the color of your dress I’ve never seen that one before! I have the white!” And I said, “oh my gosh! Me too! I actually wore the white to the 1989 tour so I figured might as well just wear this one tonight!” And she was like “yeah! You just switched that right up!” And then I asked how she was and she was like “I’m kind of sick, but it’s fine! I’ve been sicker. I just hope I don’t go out there like *makes a strained noise and pretends to hold a microphone and flails her other arm* and I laughed and said “it will be so great, you haven’t played a show in so long!” And she was like “i KNOW!!! It’s been forever! I was sound checking last night and i was just like wow, i forgot how much I love my job!” And I died inside. Then I said something about being so excited for tonight and she was like, “I hope it goes okay!” And I was like “I don’t know, I think you’ll nail it!” And she was like “I hope so!” And then Erika was like “ok you need to take your pic!” So then taylor pulled me into the best hug and we took the pic and then she grabbed my hands and said “thank you so much for coming!” And I squeezed her hands and told her I loved her and started to walk away and then I stopped and was like “thanks for letting me come!” And she laughed at me and I told her I loved her again and walked out.
Note: I gave TN a watercolor for taylor with an emo note on the back and since I knew she would see that I wanted to have a fun, chill conversation with her since I knew I wouldn’t have very long. It was more than I could have DREAMED


If this is to end in fire,

Then we should all burn together.

Some things to keep in mind about Japan’s third-best ace.

Ushijima Wakatoshi is:

  • Powerfully built, physically and mentally strong, and intimidating. 
  • Very good at volleyball. 
  • Rightfully confident in his abilities as an ace. 
  • Earnestly arrogant about his skills, in the sense that he knows he’s good and isn’t afraid to invoke his skills, but his arrogance has no trace of malice. Oikawa and Iwaizumi note this precisely (which is actually why they get more irritated at him). 
  • Blunt because he is naive and socially awkward. 
  • Straightforward and honest. 
  • Quite literal and not well-versed in social intelligence or interactions. 
  • A good captain. 
  • Enduring and patient. 
  • Usually calm, reserved, and focused. 
  • Motivated by two things: the desire to be a player other people can rely on, and a fantastic player that makes his father proud. 
  • Loved very, very much by his doting father. 
  • So earnestly awkward it’s adorable and kind of dorky - like, the guy uses weird metaphors, takes everything literally, doesn’t know anything about pop culture but answers Tendou’s questions anyway, and drinks out of juice boxes. 
  • Loved and admired by his team. 
  • Friends with Tendou Satori, even if he’s often dragged along in his wake. 
  • Formal when he speaks. 
  • Keen and perceptive when it comes to his own weaknesses. 
  • Knows what he needs to work on to improve. 
  • Keen and perceptive when it comes to his other teammates and can pick out their individual strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Actually pretty motivating and encouraging, much to the surprise of … everyone. 
  • Good at maximizing the efficiency of each player. 
  • Fascinated, confused, and enraged by the uniquely brilliant skills Kageyama and Hinata display. 

Ushijima Wakatoshi is not:

  • Cruel. 
  • Mean or malicious. 
  • Deliberately scary. 
  • Not obsessed with Oikawa despite what literally everyone thinks. He admires Oikawa’s skills to the point that he thinks Oikawa can contribute to his team, but he doesn’t want to stalk Oikawa either. 
  • Hateful.

I don’t know why it is, but I think before the Shiratorizawa match took place, people had this perception of him as a tall, cruel, looming giant who’s confident and suave with his words and hellbent on stealing Oikawa away from Seijoh. He is, in fact, literal and blunt because he doesn’t know any better, pretty encouraging, and kind of like an overgrown cinnamon roll who needs to learn how to interact with his friends and teammates and opponents properly. He loves his dad and his team, and obviously he’s going to want what’s best for it. He doesn’t mince his words, but when he told Oikawa that his skills were “wasted” on Seijoh, he wasn’t trying to be cruel. It is in Ushijima’s nature to be earnest and straightforward. I think it’s important to distinguish between Ushijima, who is legitimately just earnest, blunt, socially naive, and encouraging, and people who genuinely believe that they’re superior to everyone else, cruel, and dishonest. Let’s stop seeing and portraying Ushijima as enemy #1, Oikawa’s stalker, the cruelest dude to ever exist, or the source of all of Oikawa’s angst/unhappiness (because let’s face it, Oikawa’s source of potential unhappiness is the entirety of Shiratorizawa, not just Ushijima, and Oikawa beautifully overcomes that). 


Personality adjustments. I thought it might be interesting to get a glimpse of how Perceptor’s friends and colleagues reacted to him erasing his personality. This is super simple and there’s a lot more to do with this, but for now, this is what I have. Why was there no season 4.

This is from last month and I finally decided to finish this this week because why the hell not! I hope this comic is somewhat understandable ;w;

Found this on TV Tropes
Under the Fridge section.

It’s actually pretty horrifying and sad because while Hiro might see this as honouring Tadashi’s memory since he looked up to and admired him so much, becoming Tadashi’s clone means he will never step out of his brother’s shadow. His entire self worth would be tied up in how “like Tadashi” he is, and this is incredibly unhealthy behaviour.

It means he will never let go, never move on, never stop grieving, that he will start thinking people only wish to be around him because he is Tadashi’s younger brother and “just like him”, and therefore not worth knowing just based on his own merits. Hiro is a wonderful, snarky, sweet character- a kid so similar yet so different from his big brother in numerous ways.

Imagine him suppressing his own personal growth and taking on ALL of Tadashi’s characteristics. Imagine him becoming obsessed with becoming exactly like Tadashi. Imagine him going for plastic surgery so he can have Tadashi’s face shape, smile/ teeth, nose or eyes ( I see future Hiro as having similar facial features to Tadashi but his eyes would be bigger than his brother’s and his face a little softer). Imagine “Hiro” ceasing to exist and “Tadashi 2.0” appearing instead.

I know there are headcanons that Hiro will look and dress exactly like Tadashi when he grows up but I always thought he would be similar to him in certain ways only. They both share kind noble hearts, snark, and intelligence among other traits but Hiro’s so different from Tadashi in other aspects too. It’s what sets the brothers apart.

(When thinking of an older Hiro intend to think of non-fatmilk or sorarts ’s older!Hiro art, which has become my headcanon for older Hiro… They both draw such amazing art so it’s very much worth checking out!)

Sorry for the super long rambling…

So since the manga is coming off hiatus, the dark continent arc will go back into full swing. And since we know that the dark continent arc will be even more hellish than the chimera ant arc, I’d like to remind everyone about the purpose of Togashi’s writing, specifically as it relates to the main four. 

I think a lot of us either don’t understand or forget exactly why Togashi chooses to put the main four through such peculiar, brutal hell. And we know that Hunter x Hunter is not a typical shounen manga at all - it’s one reason why we love it so much. But I’ve noticed that the fandom asks for complex characters, and when actually given complex characters, reduces them to a single trait or single mistake instead of looking at them holistically. Which is a shame, given that Togashi’s put a lot of work into developing his protagonists. The point of each arc is to develop the protagonists. 

I’ll start with Kurapika. The Yorknew City arc showed Kurapika in his most ruthless, single-minded, bitter light. That turned a lot of people off - there were comparisons between Kurapika and Sasuke, even though Hunter x Hunter came out before Naruto, and even though there are significant differences between their characters. People lambasted him for killing Uvogin (even though Uvogin is not a hero and not a good person) and began sympathizing with the Genei Ryodan (even though the troupe specializes in murder and robbery, including murder of innocent people). That aside, a lot of people forget the critical thing that the Yorknew City Arc revealed: no matter how angry Kurapika is, and no matter how focused he is on his goals, he will never sacrifice his friends to achieve his goals. Chrollo himself said this, when he realized that “Kurapika’s weakness is that he’ll save his friends before killing me”. The whole point of Kurapika’s revenge is for his massacred clan. What ultimately drives Kurapika, besides revenge or anger, is the strong love he holds for his friends. Togashi shows us that even though Kurapika can be completely ruthless and reckless, he still maintains a core of love for his friends, logic, and rationality. But, he’s also shown us that Kurapika has a long way to go before he truly calms down for good and stops recklessly pursuing revenge. And that’s okay. He’ll get there, with the help of his friends. Kurapika is someone who needs to be with his friends. When he is alone, his morality and mental health are at its lowest. 

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how to actually create a safer space

IF you do not want to see derg ever again, here is a cool easy way to create a safer space for yourself without all the wretched vexing bulljive I am direly sick of seeing.

Chrome extension:

Word Replacer - If you’re bothered by derg, you can put it into this customizable filter to automatically replace it with “dragon” or “birb” or whatever word you want it to be. Likewise, you can filter out any slurs that may trigger you, so aside from images with text in them, you will never ever have to see the word ever again.

Tumblr Savior - Allows you to make custom whitelists and blacklists that will hide posts from you that contain words you don’t want to see. You can further customize it so that it won’t show you blacklisted posts at all, so you don’t even have to be tempted by the little “this post was blocked because it contains x” thingie.

Xkit - Has a lot of outrageously useful features for browsing Tumblr tbh and you can add on useful features like blacklisting and blocking individual posts you dislike

EDIT: turns out xkit guy was run off tumblr and isn’t updating Xkit anymore, get New Xkit instead: 

Chrome link

Firefox link

Firefox add-ons:

FoxReplace - As far as I can tell, works like the Chrome extension. Be sure to check the option to auto-replace words on page load. I couldn’t find a universal word filter as easily for FireFox, but I’m a Chrome user so I’m less familiar with it.

Tumblr Saviour - It comes in Firefox Flavour too

On Mobile?

Washboard - Tumblr Saviour for mobile devices. Lets you blacklist keywords, compatible with tons of browsing platforms.

I don’t know much about IE, but Chrome and Firefox are both free to use and compatible with PC or Mac

Don’t know how to block users on Tumblr itself?

Copy “https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/” and then add your tumblr username to the end of it. (example: i would end it with /settings/blog/snapdragon-fr) Scroll to the bottom, where it says “Blocked Users.” Click the little pencil icon. Add the username you wish to block. SUCCESS. 

Additionally: on this page, you can toggle anon asks on/off by clicking the little “Allow anonymous questions” switch.

THAT’S IT YOU DID IT YOU ARE FREE. You have created a safe space for yourself without creating a blatantly unsafe space for everyone who disagrees with you through blatantly misogynistic slurs, anon hate, death threats, public ostracizing, or telling people to kill themselves. Wasn’t that so much easier than trying to make it into a war on the internet?

If you want to help create a safe space for other users too: reblog this post so that people have the resources to make a space for themselves because they are independent capable human beings who are able to handle their own self-care 

reposting a comment i made on fb here because i feel like it’s something that you guys might appreciate more than my dad, all over whose logic i have just shat. (his point, basically, was that he doesn’t think stevebucky needs to be canon. like he’d be okay with it if it did happen, but he doesn’t think it’s necessary. and, for obvious reasons, i took issue with that.)

sorry for getting a lil academic. college has still got its claws in me, it seems.

I don’t think that every strong homosocial relationship should necessarily be read as homoerotic, or that every loyal friendship should be read as romantic. I like Steve and Bucky as romantic, though, for two major reasons.

Reason number one is that it sets a precedent for onscreen relationships to come from genuine loyalty, affection, and – the big one – equality, which is the vast majority of my motivation behind any male/male ship I have. Male characters are already set up as equals, and if one or the other is in distress at any one time, it’s not because he’s a damsel and needs help, whereas in an explicit male/female onscreen romance, it seems to me (as a woman watching for relationships where females have equal footing with males, and finding very little to satisfy my expectations) that the woman must always be a damsel, must be less powerful, must be inferior, and that’s somehow at least part of what makes it romantic. Frankly, that’s bullshit. A healthy relationship is one of mutual respect, mutual sacrifice, and mutual compromise, and not one defined by big romantic gestures or the overwhelmingly prevalent salvation of one party (female) by the other (male). I love that Steve and Bucky were best friends first; I love that their relationship has grown out of a long-standing reverence for and devotion to one another, and I think making something like that explicitly romantic could change the whole paradigm of Hollywood romance for the better.

Reason number two is that writing an explicitly gay relationship into a superhero film complicates so many of our stereotypical assumptions regarding masculinity and queerness. Steve in particular is a character who is easy to coopt into a symbol of the Proper American Male, though I think that’s less true if you’re really paying attention to his motivations and behaviors – to the fact that he started out as a guy who was written off for being what we might call stereotypically feminine, and to the fact that he holds onto some of those feminine-ascribed values as a big buff dude, remaining humble and respectful of those around him, notably the women around him. But the fact remains that there are people out there who see him as the ultimate Manly Man, and in some ways – as a Big Buff Dude, as a crusader for justice, as someone who’s brave and scrappy and sticks to his guns – he is that man, so by taking that person and showing the world that he identifies as queer (bisexual, preferably, but I’m biased) (hah. bi-ased) you’re deconstructing all sorts of false ideas of what it means to be a queer man; if you don’t love All Women All The Time, popular belief dictates, you must be effeminate, and with that comes all sorts of value judgments associated with being feminine – you’re weak, you’re overemotional, you’re not authoritative, you’re not to be trusted. But we trust Steve. We know he’s stalwart and steady and true, and if he’s queer on top of that, that just means that queer comes in all shapes and sizes, and isn’t in itself a reason to write someone off.

Part of my love for Steve and Bucky as a romantic pair comes from the clues given to us within their relationship. But a big part of it, too, comes from what I think an explicit romance between them could do for identity politics. It deconstructs a shit ton of harmful ideologies in one fell swoop. 


Gif Challenge

  1. Open your gif folder
  2. Use every 3rd gif
  3. No cheating

1) Parent’s reaction at your birth

2) your first day home

3)Your first memory

4) Your first birthday

5) Learning how to walk

6) First day at school

7) Learning there is no santa

8) First friend

9) First day of middle school

10) First day of highschool

11) reaction to scary freshman rumors

12) How your best friend sees you

13) How you see your best friends

14) How your enemies see you

15) Learning to drive

16) reaction of graduation

17) Reaction to getting into the college you wanted

18) When you graduate from college

19) when you get your dream job

20) What you do at your job

21) Getting married

22) Reaction to having your first child

23) When you retire from your job

24) Reaction to your kids sending you to a nursing home

25) how you die

26) How people react to your funeral

27) you in the afterlife

Someday I will stop yelling about how much I love TMNT 2, but it is not this day! So let’s talk about how great Donnie was in this movie because wowee he was perfect

I mean, Donnie saved everyone

Last movie? He flipped an armored car with his bo, went shell-sledding, saved the city, and yelled about tiramisu. Like, already he’s amazing and precious and must be protected, but then, in TMNT 2, he: 

  • jumped out a plane with no parachute
  • steered said plane to a semi-safe landing (IE: NO ONE DIED) after Rocksteady blew the snot out of the cockpit 
  • came up with a retromutagen 
  • made exposition adorable 
  • two words: THE BATTLETRUCK
  • let Leo throw him under the bus re: the retromutagen and took major heat from Raph for it because he’s loyal and didn’t want to make a bad situation worse 
  • tracked Bopsteady via isotopic signatures which probably aren’t words but whatever, it’s Donnie, he can do it 
  • weaponized his puppy-dog eyes (forget Fenris, Donnie wins this contest)
  • hacked an alien war machine – like omg Donnie this isn’t Independence Day and you are not Jeff Goldblum but you just did it 
  • did a diva turn 
  • carries a peashooter in his pack because why not, he’s got everything else in there
  • busted in the front window of Police HQ and tased two cops to get Mikey and Raph out safely 
  • did a little stompy thing when his basketball team scored 
  • seven words; “when I say go, you say Knicks!" 
  • did not kill Mikey at any point in the movie 
  • used Raph as a surfboard 
  • immediately knows what April needs before she sneaks into TCRI 
  • tased Mikey when April called 
  • was the one turt who did not insult any of his brothers, and only jumped into the argument to defend Mikey 
  • did not react when he literally grew new bones (I am honestly a bit terrified to find out what his pain threshold is)
  • said the words "and boatloads of heart” with actual sincerity – like omg Donnie no why are you more precious than rubies and gold?
  • saved the world with his cute lil drone 
  • got the final blow against Krang because Raph never said he had to stop being the badass so Donnie just kept on rocking it 

And on a more serious note – the fact that 2016!Donnie has had so much success, and been able to take such a major, plot-driving role, really makes the sidelining of Donnie in TMNT 2012 stand out by contrast. It’s been so long since 2012!Donnie was allowed to be relevant to the plot, much less vital, and it’s really, really nice to see 2014/2016!Donnie get so many solid wins (because he was extremely important in 2014 too – it’s his security measures that give them any kind of warning before the Foot Clan attack the lair, and he’s the one who shuts down the chemical’s release during the final battle). I just wish 2012 Donnie was given the same chance (and not told to try harder by the one brother who should know better). 

We don’t deserve Donnie but here he is anyways, so let us love him and protect him (and keep him away from the Pop-Tarts).