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so what? we hot, we young! 🌊☀🌱

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originally i had some long-winded tear-jerker story about how i do this thing every year where i post a new selfie along side my old selfies the night before school starts and how i never thought i would live to see myself become a senior and yada yada yada but then tumblr deleted it before it actually posted

anyways, long story short, @ all my trans kids out there who feel like they’re the odd man and they don’t belong and that they fucking hate high school with all their being:

take a deep breath

calm down

listen, literally went from “yes hi i am a good catholic girl” to “sup im riles im that asshole dude who tries to makes muscles when i take a selfie despite not actually having muscles” – if i can pull off that type of transformation in less than four years then so can you

you are going to change so so so much in the next few years and even beyond that. you are literally going to spend your whole life changing. you’re probably changing on a tiny level just reading this now too.

just give it time

you’ll be okay



okay okay i’m finally charging my phone and i think i’ve calmed down a bit


and I swear to god that man must be one of THE most beautiful humans to ever walk this earth, when he walked out of the restaurant my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart first stopped and then started beating SO FUCKING FAST, it was racing so bad and i was just shaking A LOT

he is so pretty tho, it’s legit like a golden glow was surrounding him; he’s also SO SO SO SWEET, like legit a sunshine and you know how they always say “don’t meet your faves, you’ll be disappointed”?

That doesn’t apply to him AT ALL, he is everything i thought he would be and more and, even tho i thought that wouldn’t even be possible, i love him now even more than i did before

as to “how” i met him, obviously i saw his instagram story and there is only one restaurant with THAT view so i immediately knew WHERE he was, but 17 minutes had already passed since he posted the pics so i was so scared i’ll just miss him bc it takes me 20-25 minutes to get there, my dad luckily said he’d drive me tho bc with the subway at rush hour i just would not have made it in time

So i was standing before the building for like not even 5 minutes and i thought he might’ve already left but then i saw two men walking out, one with a really fancy dslr camera lmao and the other one just LOOKED like he might have smth to do with schlieri so they caught my eye right away and not even two seconds after HE WALKS OUT AND I IMMEDIATELY JUST STARTED SHAKING SO BAD

I’m a REALLY shy and anxious person so it took EVERYTHING in me to go up and say hi but i did and i am so fucking happy, the conversation wasn’t that long and honestly it’s such a blurr, i was like on more adrenaline than i ever thought was possible, that’s probably how our babies feel when they fly in vikersund or planica LMAO

The guy with the dslr was taking some pics while we were talking but like idk what they’re for so i’ll probably never see them anyway hahaha

I’ll post the selfie in a bit, i just have to find a filter bc i honestly look like SUCH A MESS, i didn’t expect to meet him today, like i was so sure there was no way, BUT I DID

anyway, yes, i fucking met my idol, my boy, my everything, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER


tsubulle  asked:

For the shipping meme, jaytim ? :3 Or if someone asked already tim/kon/Bart ? Thank youuuu ❤❤

Thank you for the prompt!♥ Someone else after you asked for JayTim so I might write the other pairing you wrote later too, but here is the JayTim one first!

·         falls asleep on the couch: Both, Jason with the full intention of taking an hours long nap that will make his neck sore and will end in probably like two of his limbs falling asleep, while Tim does it without really meaning to (though the soft pillows and thick blankets Jason leaves behind do help with getting sleepy quite a bit) and very often Tim shifts and sprawls and falls on his face but just rolls over and continues to sleep like whatever the floor is a good a place as any I mean dogs sleep on it (and he probably very sleepily tells this to Jason, too). Tim just loves sleep and sleep loves me, Jay, it does I wasn’t even tired.

·         makes friends with the neighbors: Okay, so we know Tim is a chatterbox and loves helping people but I picture this more around the Red Robin era and for some reason I feel like Tim keeps more to the community he is within already for the time being (meaning the superhero community), probably mostly to protect the civilians from what could happen to them because of him and because it’s a bit easier for him, too. So Jason is the friendlier one, the one who probably ends up being invited for tea and enjoying a chat about knitting with the lady who he asked about how to make rice pudding because he really craves it. (I also wonder if human contact with people outside of the batfamily makes him feel like he’s actually alive, for real.)

·         is the adventurous eater: Oh, boy. Tim will eat anything (in any way too, really, unless he specifically knows it’s offensive). Jason likes to think he has some dignity so he actually knows the proper way to eat food and is more well versed in food culture (probably taught himself a lot after he moved in with Bruce and didn’t want to embarrass him or himself) so I feel like sometimes it’s like Tim: *says foreign name dish* Okay, let’s go with that, whatever that is. Jason: You do know those are *insert body part, like testicles or the pig blood soup czech people actually cook and I never tried because blood soup* and Tim’s like Oh. Okay. Well. Jason: You’re still eating it? Tim: I’m still eating it.

·         hogs the covers at night: Neither, but Tim sleeps all sprawled out and hogs space and throws all the blankets at Jason and Jason glares from under them like a grumpy turtle because he’s hot and the blankets are heavy and he crawled out of his own grave have some consideration Tim but no, Tim just throws his leg on top of the Jason ‘n’ blankets pile, too and Jason’s being kinda grumpy anyway the blankets aren’t that heavy and Gotham is cold anyway but it’s the principle of things, okay?

·         forgets to do the dishes: What are these dishes you are talking of? Are they flying dishes is it aliens – Tim shut the hell up and go clean them it’s been your turn for like two weeks. (Tim’s too busy for cleaning the dishes okay nevermind that Jason is just as busy ((Tim just really doesn’t want to do the dishes.)))

·         tries to surprise their partner more often: Okay, Jason loves little showings of appreciation and affection and gestures that show the other that you thought of them even if they aren’t with you and Tim so knows so he makes a conscious effort to restock on Jason’s favorite tea, to leave a note here and there, to send postcards like so I was in the grocery store and they had a tropical party tent it was wild, among others. Jason over thinks a lot so he plans but it doesn’t always happen.

·         leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Tim, but he has a designated place for it it’s his bedroom Jason it doesn’t have to be spotless you don’t have to always carry it to the basket okay okay I’m going geez I’m even keeping it in one pile. (I mean really, have you seen Jason’s bedroom and have you seen Robin!Tim’s bedroom. Tim is the messier one.)

·         stays up til 2 AM reading: As much as Tim disliked school (or didn’t care for it that much, really), he’s totally the type of person that can’t seem to leave Wikipedia once they click on an article. Sometimes Jason is like what are you even doing you’ve been sitting here for hours why are you reading about snails and hypothermia at the same time but more often than not he ends up succumbed to reading too, pressed to Tim’s side so he can see the screen better. I also see Jason as the type that paces themselves with books and Tim as the type that binge reads because who knows when he will have time to read again. (Something that prevails from his time as Robin.)

·         sings in the shower: Tim probably hums and does that little swinging bit to some tune way more often but he doesn’t really sing out loud, while Jason tends to catch a song either from Tim or just from the radio and finds himself singing like a line or two out loud and then loudly shouts like goddamnit stupid song! and Tim laughs his ass off.  

·         takes the selfies: Tim continuing in the tradition of taking all the pictures of the batfamily from a young age joke but really, I think it was actually Jason who brought a camera home or started toying around his phone camera and it might have rekindled a bit of the fun of taking pictures in Tim and seriously he knows all Jason’s good angles let’s be honest. Also secretly, Jason is very flattered because being asked to be taken a picture of  is like being asked to get remembered to him, it makes him feel like he matters enough for someone to look at his pictures, even after he’d be gone and all their awkward angles selfies are hilarious anyway so.

·         plans date night: I feel like any plans they ever have end up not happening or happening half way like hell yes movie night nevermind Batman just landed on the coffee table what is it now, Bruce??? or they just wanted to chill on the rooftop but there’s someone being a sleazy asshole so they never get to eating their sandwich so they decide to plan as little as possible because it’s getting ridiculous at this point.



so anyway in honor of six thousand followers i am going to be doing blog awards. i don’t know how to do these but i’m going to do it anyway


1. u are allowed to nominate on anon

2. u are allowed to self promo urself to ur followers

3. there are no rules, kids

4. have fun!!1


  • best troye blog
  • best tyler blog
  • best youtube blog ((one more nomination needed))
  • queen of the fandom ((one more nomination needed))
  • king of the fandom


winner!!!1 u will get:

  •  a v cute and long message from me every day for a month
  • a spot somewhere on my blog if i can find one bc it’s sO CROWDED WITH STUPID LINKS. anyway moving on
  • u will get a funny SELFIE of me posted on my blog and i will tag u and everything so it will be our special thing. yes. my chins will be our bond
  • chicken nuggets. i don’t know how or if u will get them but. chicken nuggets

NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON NOVEMBER 15 ((might extend if needed))

ok bye


i was tagged (a very long time ago, i am late) by my favs liz n ply @newtsgrin and @iheartnewt to post my best six selfies of 2016!!!!! which are uh not that impressive anyway but yea i tag @losertommy @newtmos @yougotmemonologuing @sangsterthomrs @flarecured @assrah @flareinfected @tatoooine @isaacoftheinternet @assrah @spayceekaysee and anyone else who wants to do it!!!!!