Context: In our homebrew campaign in the session prior we ended up in an underground mushroom forest in order to avoid a goblin-infested keep. Inside we meet a shambling mound with a baby myconid on its shoulder. One of our rangers shoots the myconid while the mages hurl magic missiles at the plant monstrosity. Long story short, after much running we are knocked out by sleep shrooms and are brought to the myconid colony. Only one of our druids (a drunken human) and thief/mage (a half-elf and me) resist the knockout.

DrunkenDruid: *uses Commune With Plants to discern a leader, which turns out to be a fairy*

DM: *as Fairy* “You have killed one of their kind, and they plan to devour you  as recompense.”

Me OOC: *to DD* “Uh we need a plan”

DD: “Well we have a keep full of goblins and a hole in the cave, why not try to feed them goblins?”

The deal is struck that if we can get a sizeable stack of fresh goblins for the myconids we would be released. DD and I, as keepers of the shrooms for the group, have the brilliant idea of the druid eating a shrink shroom and riding a moth after I cast Faerie Fire on them, to make them look like a fairy.

Long story short again they manage to lead at least twenty goblins to their deaths through the hole in the cave ceiling, and we’re allowed to leave.

DD: “Now I want to ride in his pocket!”

Me: “I put DD in my pocket”

DM: *gives us a strange look but nods, then says as the fairy* “But the one who killed the child must stay and be consumed.”

Myself and DD: “Yes, by all means.“ 

*Magical fairy teleportation* 

We’re all at the end of the cave minus our ranger (who had been absent for this session) and we all go on our merry way.


💫Uranus in the 1st house:

Highly independent souls who strive for freedom over their personal behavior and actions. They often hold little regard for others’ opinions as they simply want to do their own thing. This can be evident in how they come across to others, how they dress, and how they regularly approach life. Desire for personal freedom could prompt them to seek unusual activities and meet unusual people. There can also be an indifference to personal appearance and in how they dress, or they could even be eccentric and unconventional in dress. There’s usually one thing about these persons that stand out to people whether it’s in how they dress, how they look, or how they approach situations. There can be sudden changes to the appearance and style. Their strong self will can manifest as leadership qualities or rebellious tendencies.

💫Uranus in the 2nd house:

Priorities and personal values may be considered strange or unusual in the eyes of other people. These persons attain money and possessions in sudden and peculiar ways. Can treat personal items with indifference and are likely to lose things often due to this attitude. Money is often earned through ones’ ingenuity and intuition and comes and goes on impulse, sudden gains followed by sudden loss.

💫Uranus in the 3rd house:

Despite strange and unusual thinking patterns, natives display speed and genius in thought and speech. Personal experience as well as empirical and scientific evidence is how you generally arrive at conclusions as you neglect the opinions and beliefs of others. Interests usually lie in science,technology, and even mystical subjects like astrology. Relationships with neighbors and siblings are usually friendly and often have some unusual quality to them but these relationships can also be prone to sudden changes. Objective and unbiased in thought. Definition of thinking outside the box.

💫Uranus in the 4th house:

Likely to be pretty rebellious at home. The home life is often prone to many changes, some unsettling. There can be sudden changes of residence, especially in early years. You’re likely to feel like the odd one out in the house, if not then your family itself could be described as odd or unusual in some fashion (maybe in relation to societal conventions). Some with this placement could be indifferent to family members. Some unusual quality about a parent (usually the mother figure). The house itself is also likely to be unusual in some fashion maybe in its structure or where it’s located. This placement can also bring friends into the home somehow, may live with a friend for some time, or the house could be a meeting place for ones friends.

💫Uranus in the 5th house:

Wants freedom in pursuit of pleasure. This could cause these people to disregard accepted norms in the realm of sex/romance, games, and partying. They are also likely to have strange hobbies for this reason as well (think of things related to technology, or peculiar subjects like astrology). The love and sex life is often considered unusual. Experimental attitudes towards love and sex. Romances are electric; often sudden and very alive but tend to end as fast as they begin and there’s often an unusual quality to their lovers. Lovers can be considered weird, eccentric, or stand out in some way. Genius and innovation is shown in art and creative expression. If these people have kids, there is likely to be some unusual situation in connection to them. Some with this placement are indifferent to children and see them as a burden when it comes to their personal freedom. It is said that Women with Uranus in the 5th house can have sudden and unexpected pregnancies if not careful.

💫Uranus in the 6th house:

Strange approach towards work and health. Could experiment with dieting and health. Can be somewhat scattered in approach to work and getting things done, however they can find new and innovative approaches to getting the job done. You need work that promises variety and much mental stimulation. Good for jobs related to science, technology, and possibly even metaphysical subjects. Could encounter issues of instability in the realm of work and health. Could be friendly and aloof in the eyes of coworkers or could come off as rebellious and indifferent to coworkers.

💫Uranus in the 7th house:

Highly independent persons, however this could cause problems in relationships and bring sudden changes. Close relationships have an element of instability to them. Partnerships with unusual, eccentric individuals. There can be an element of distance (mainly in an emotional sense) between the native and their partners in close relationships. You have an intuitive awareness of where you stand with others and what’s on others’ minds.

💫Uranus in the 8th house:

Naturally have the urge to explore the unusual and the unknown usually in topics relating to science or the occult. Prone to have many strange dreams. Powerful intuition. In sex, you need variety and experimentation to stay stimulated. You may have some pretty unusual ideas or interests that you most likely keep to yourself when it comes to sex. Sudden changes in finances can bring major life changes.

💫Uranus in the 9th house:

Beliefs and philosophies oppose the typical. Opportunities for travel are often sudden and for peculiar reasons. Religious/Philosophical beliefs could be considered strange or one may show indifferent attitudes towards religion. Philosophical beliefs based on scientific principles maybe. Occult philosophy. Science and technology in college. Study of metaphysical subjects. Could be indifferent to higher education and neglect it altogether. Scientific knowledge. Wisdom and intuition.

💫Uranus in the 10th house:

Career differs from the norm. Recognition could come suddenly. Sudden changes to reputation and/or career. Career in scientific,occult, or some unusual field. Highly independent and could even become leaders in their chosen career. A highly independent parent (usually father figure) with some unusual quality. May stand out, may have some unusual connection to their name. Not for the average job.

💫Uranus in the 11th House:

Many friends but don’t tend to identify too closely with one group. Attracts many friends, many of these friends are peculiar in some way. Humanitarian and scientific concerns and goals. Friends come and go suddenly. Friends over lovers. Aptitude for science and/or tech possibly.

💫Uranus in the 12th House:

Freedom seems elusive. Always feels caged in some how. Maybe fear standing out, could feel inclined to hide their unusual sides. Fears loss of freedom through large institutions like prisons, hospitals and others facilities which could make them feel inclined to rebel against them in some way. This placement often deals with handling private info in some fashion. Dreams are often strange but carry psychic information. Many ideas from dreams. Secret activities. Irregular sleeping patterns.

This guy had a lot of good stuff to say.

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And just when the will to do animatics comes back I found this…….
Now, I know internet is public and I know that everyone can SEE what I put on the internet but this does not give you the right to do whatever you want with something that I made.
This shouldn’t bother me as much but unfortunately it does. Mostly because I DIDN’T GIVE PERMISSION TO USE MY VIDEO and either I recived a request to use it. Worst of all, I came to know it nearly a month after it was made.
Taking aside the fact that the react has three times the visual of the original video (wich I forcefully hope didn’t become money in pokets that aren’t mine) but honestly I wouldn’t be so pissed if ANYONE said something about the animatic. The girl (please note this could be her like it could have been anyone else using my or anyone’s work without asking) as long as all the people in the comments hardly said NOTHING about the animatic making my work seem so much less that it actually was. The discussion was mostly about how Angelica sacrificed so much for her sister and, yes, this is true but… If you’re gonna talk only about the song then why do an animatic reaction at all?
That said, reactions on videos, especially when the videos are indipendent animations/animatic that take incredible amount of work to complete, are harmful to artists, especially the ones not popular like me. You (everyone that do reactions) are taking views away from us with your videos, a video that you made in 3 minutes while it took us MONTHS to complete. That’s not fair. Sure, the girl in question here was nice enough to give me credits and a link to the original but we all know that so few people will click that link.
I’m just…. sad it had to be like this….. If you said younger me that one day her creation would have gonna be reacted on some big channel she wouldn’t be able to belive it, but now, with all the experience (even if little) I have gained in the years I can say I am not ok with this. Maybe some people are happy someone reacted to their videos and that’s compleately fine but every artist has different thoughts on this and that’s why it’s so important to ask before you do anything. I pictured the possibility of this happening but I made the error of giving for granted that I would have recived a request to use my video and then politely denied it. A request, I remind you, THAT NEVER CAME. And if it came, a request that I’ve not responded or approved.
Sorry for the rant but I feel awful about this….. I won’t start any drama because I know how drama ends up on the internet but I really had to take this off my chest. This brings me to use the good old disclaimer at the beginning of the videos, the one that say without any mistakes that I do not give permission to use them.

Tldr: if you’re gonna make a reaction video please make sure you have asked permission to the original artist to use their work and that they are ok with it. If you’re gonna watch a reaction video please make sure you give a click to the original too. Thank you.

“It’s 2017 nobody wants to hear Portal meta”

The prevailing ideas in the Portal fandom seem to be the following: 1. that Cave and Caroline were romantically involved, and 2. That Caroline was made into GLaDOS against her will.

I disagree.

First of all, it seems to me that Cave and Caroline had more of a father-daughter relationship than anything. Caroline is markedly younger than Cave, and Cave treats her with the sort of doting fondness one would expect from a father or father-figure. He’s more her mentor than her partner. This will become important later.

Secondly, let’s review the dialogue:

“If I die before you people can pour me into a computer, I want Caroline to run this place. She’ll argue, she’ll say she can’t, but you make her.”

Cave wants Caroline to take over for him after he dies. Now this seems … odd, in the context of the time period in which that dialogue was spoken. Why Caroline, who has been hovering somewhere between secretary and nurse for the past 20 years? Why not any of the other qualified scientists?

Because Cave views Caroline as his successor, almost his progeny. He sees her potential because she’s been working closely with him for 20 years. There’s no talk of turning her into a computer; just that Cave wants her to run Aperture after he’s gone. (Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes, etc.)

But then Caroline does take over, and it’s obvious that she makes some drastic changes to Aperture. It must have been immensely difficult for her, being a woman in a position of power in such a male-dominated field. The scientists probably fought her at every turn. She wasn’t getting any younger, and she was perhaps made wary by her mentor’s untimely demise.

So Caroline pushes the AI initiative at Aperture, and eventually makes herself into GLaDOS.

Now imagine: you suddenly find yourself an omnipotent, omniscient demigod, surrounded by the men who have been forcing you to fight tooth and nail for every inch of progress. Well fuck them, they can’t stop you anymore. You run this place. You are this place.

“The scientists tried everything to make me behave. To slow me down.”

Because despite everything, GLaDOS is still a woman, and that’s what men do to great women. Make them behave, slow them down. Still, even now, even when she’s transcended humanity, surpassed all of them, they still won’t listen, they still won’t leave her alone.

In that position, it’s completely unsurprising that she murdered all of them.



I have trouble sympathizing with Empire-based characters, because it’s an environment literally specifically designed for the worst traits in people to flourish and thrive, where cruelty and apathy are rewarded.  The Star Wars Propaganda book showed the level of just how very much that was by design.

So, getting me to be emotionally invested in an Empire character, even one who is at heart a good and loyal person, is a tough sell.  If it’s not that they’re an asshole, then it’s that I have a tough time believing that they would believe in the Empire, given what it is.


I think a lot comes down to the acting of her voice actor, who is doing a fantastic job so far (I’m just starting the Vardos mission) and that I am all for this kind of character.  She’s strong, she’s loyal, she’s brilliant, and she’s put her belief in the wrong people.  She truly thought that, once the Rebels were crushed, there would be peace.  That, if you were loyal to the Empire, you would prosper.  So, she can live with Alderaan’s destruction, but then comes Vardos.

A planet that’s their home, a planet that was wholly loyal to the Empire.  And suddenly it’s not just a temporary measure, it’s not just a brief moral decay for the greater good, but that this is the foundation of the Empire, she’s realizing.  And she’s going to have to struggle through what that means, what her options are, what can be saved and what can’t be saved.


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