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Creepypasta #1073: At The Corner Of My Room

Length: Short

He always has a grin in his face - but it’s a bloody grin, a flesh wound from ear to ear. And it always seemed freshly cut, as if someone had stabbed the corners of his mouth just minutes earlier. He has no hair, and more disturbingly, no eyes. It isn’t just empty sockets though, there’s just no eyes there, as if it wasn’t even human. Just straight, hard skin where the eyes are supposed to be. 

He is tall as well, probably about 6’ 4” and very pale, white as the exposed bone of a broken leg. His thin arms end in very long, pointy fingers with dark nails, not painted, rotten. He dresses in dirty grey rags and if you get close enough, you’ll be able to listen to a faint, heavy breathing.

I was 6 years old when I first saw him. Woke up at night and there he was, at the corner of my room, long arms barely moving, the dirty white head facing me with no eyes to see. I yelled, my parents came running in. A monster, I said. There are no monsters, they told me. It was still there, but they couldn’t see him. 

As time went on, they started thinking I was crazy, so I stopped talking about it. Years passed. He would go away sometimes, for a few days, maybe weeks, but sooner or later, wherever I was, he’d appear in the corner of the room, standing, watching. That went on for years, it’s the only life i ever knew. The constant fear, the expectation for the day he’d finally do something, hurt me.

But one day I discovered a local psychic in a newspaper ad. I went to see her and, as soon as I sat down to tell my problem, he appeared. I was scared, but she saw it. She could see him as well. That was a first. So I asked her, and I begged her to help me. How do I get rid of him? 

And she told me, she really did.

What you must do, she said, is tell people. Tell them how he looks. Describe it as best as you can, really make them visualize him. They’ll imagine, and someone, someday, will get it right. Someone will come close enough, picture just the right appearance. That’s what lures him in. Once he’s inside your mind, he’s inside your life. 

She told me that when someone picture him just right, eventually that person will enter a room and he will be waiting there, at the corner, with his bloody grin, and I will be free at last.

Credits to: conffra

anonymous asked:

Hello! I have two questions and I'm really sorry of they sound dump, but I'm getting my first snake and I wanna get everything right. One: I have super long and super pointy, sharp nails (My friends call them claws) and do you think I could accidentally hurt my snake with it? Second, I sometimes smoke in my room (two or three times a month maybe) and should I stop with it for the sake of my snake? Thank you so much!!

Hi there and thank you for reaching out!

For sure don’t smoke in your room if you share that space with any other living creature. This goes double for reptiles and birds, which have delicate respiratory systems that can’t handle smoke of any kind. This includes cannabis and natural cigarettes and even sage used in smudging.
You’ll also want to avoid things like incense, aromatherapy burners, excessive perfume, harsh cleaners, and scented candles in any room where you house your snake.

You can keep your claws, though. Snakes have scales and are pretty tough critters, and they regularly climb over rocks and sharp sticks and pokey plants in the wild. If you can do things like go potty and take care of your delicate human skin without accidentally clawing yourself, you’re not going to hurt a snake. Just be mindful while you’re interacting with your snakey pal!