long pier


A short wordless Hyper Light Drifter comic, Afterlife.
Drifter reconciles with the memory of his only friend before passing away. Or however the viewer wishes to see it. :)

It was also a practice for me to paint fast without worrying for detail or polishing the shapes, so things look a little wonky.

HLD is still definitely one of my favorite games of the year, telling it’s story via beautiful music and visuals.

the third panel from the end is based on the composition of Andastea’s artwork The next pier.


248/365. by chris alcoran

Okay so the only way I can imagine any writer or storyliner justified Robert grabbing Rebecca like that which was so completely uncomfortable, gross and just so out of character, is that maybe just maybe he’s reaching his breaking point? He’s spent weeks, months, carrying this secret around, hanging onto his guilt and things getting worse and worse, with the walls closing in on all sides.

Now he’s finally told Aaron and his BEAUTIFUL HUSBAND wants to forgive him. That, which happened yesterday in the pub, was that the result of months of pent up anger and misery working its way out of Robert? And now that progress has taken a major step back are we gonna see him become even more unravelled? (I hope so. You can’t go all the way down this road and not have Robert break at the end of it.)

I don’t want anyone to think that I personally am at all justifying what Robert did yesterday because frankly it was disgusting. I’m just trying to understand the choice that Sharon Marshall made when it came to that. It was either terrible writing and understanding of the character, and all to get Chrissie to blurt out that Rebecca is still pregnant OR it was leading to something. Frankly though yesterday’s episode was abysmal and after the awesomeness which was Queen Maxine, it just feels like a massively huge crash landing.