long perfect hair

I had a weird/funny interaction when I was leaving my building this morning. This woman said “Excuse me, madam?” Which was already funny because I doubt I’ve ever been called madam before. I thought she was going to ask me for directions or something, but she said, well, what I THOUGHT she said, was “You’re the reason I left Portland” and I was so confused and thought she was accusing me of being a hipster or a liberal or something, because she kinda looked like she might be a Trump voter. So I was ready for a fight.

I said “Sorry, what?” and it turns out she’d actually said “You’re the reason I love Portland”. Then she went on and on about my “gorgeous” long hair and perfect bangs and chic style and that I looked like I should be walking down the streets of Paris or something. She said she was from Bellingham (a small city in northern Washington) and that most people there look like they just crawled out from under a bush, and that she loves coming to Portland and seeing beautiful stylish people everywhere.

Anyway, I love getting compliments from random women. Such a nice change from all the men leaning in close to snarl “Whore!” in my face or following me down the street yelling, “Bitch! I told you to smile!”

(BTW I looked up Bellingham to verify that it’s a small city because I’ve only been there once and it was ages ago, and the Wikipedia page says the city’s nickname is The City of Subdued Excitement. LOL, what?)