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more quick doodles since i really shouldn’t be drawing right now;; this time the characters from carry on! just getting a feel on their designs cause i wanna draw them for realsies sometime.


Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up


Rei + being worried about Nagisa (◕‿◕✿)

while Aquarius are known for moving on quickly and not getting very attached, they do mourn over relationships. they don’t mourn for very long, especially over short relationships, but if they truly loved or cared about a person, they will be feeling hidden emotions. they won’t show them or talk about them, but they do mourn that relationship and feel sad about it. they just won’t show it. so even though it appears that Aquarius has moved on quickly or gotten over it, they are just trying their best to and trying their best not to show it.

Jumping on the bandwagon. Drummer!Laura from @laberintodeofelia‘s AU is my jam. 


            jasper & octavia
( “i’d walk into   h e l l   to find her.” )

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BTS MtL Likely to value commitment and prefer really long-term relationships over short-term relationships TQVM & luv you!!










Bee Mine

@whelvenwings figured I’d return the favor with the whole fic thing.

@collectionofdestiel thanks for the prompt.

Castiel Novak knew his job was a calling when he was fourteen. Now, nobody in their right mind would say he was anything close to a romantic. Sure, in the right situation his dark messy hair and striking blue eyes would be something to make someone swoon, but more often than not he’d taken to wearing thick sweaters and large glasses, making him look more like the awkward homeschooled kid than the star of the freshman class.

What’s more, Castiel was incredibly awkward around everyone. He wasn’t pop culture savvy and struggled to connect with anyone. Which was why his talents came as a surprise.

“I can’t blow this!” Gabriel, his sixteen year old brother, paced the living room, “I just asked Kali out on a date, you don’t get that chance every day!”

Kali was a grade above Gabriel and way out of his league. She was captain of the cheerleading team and the debate team, and was drop dead gorgeous enough to be homecoming queen for three years running. She also happened to be kind, kind enough to accept a first date with a guy known as the school clown, which meant Gabriel was right. He only had one chance to woo her.

“I’ve got an idea,” Castiel piped up, peeking up from the book he was reading.

“You?” Gabriel was incredulous, “Cas, no offense, but I’ve never even seen you get close to going on a date before.”

Cas shrugged. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Gabriel paused for a minute, mulling over his possible options. He paced a little more and Castiel resumed reading. Suddenly, Gabriel was ripping the book out of Cas’ hands.

“Fine. I’m desperate. What sort of date would you do?”

Castiel glanced up at his brother’s face, mere inches from his own, and smiled serenely. “You’ll need a canoe, a reasonable meal, candles and possibly a violinist…”

That week, Gabriel took Kali on the date of a lifetime. By the end of the month, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. After Gabriel’s success, news traveled fast throughout the school. Castiel Novak might be odd and awkward, but the dates he planned always worked like magic and his services were constantly in high demand.

It wasn’t until senior year that he even thought to charge money.

He called his business Bee Mine, complete with its own logo with a heart as the flight trail behind a small honey bee, and it helped put Castiel through college. Turns out, people were more than willing to pay for his “miracle dates.” As time went on, the 100% success rate he touted grew more and more impressive and as soon as he graduated college, Castiel went on to make it his full time job.

He never thought “date planner” would be a full time business. But it was. And, despite a few near-bridezillas and stalker men he immediately turned away, it was something that ran rather smoothly. Castiel had never dealt with any drama.

Until Dean Winchester.

Read the rest on A03.


Hello hello!! It me ft. the one and only + my favorite shirts :^) // the 1984 one is actually h u g e and I plan on getting a smaller size and giving this one to my bro but I couldn’t resist twinning with gyu + stripes ftw :D

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Update on flower crowns!

Y’all, it’s been hard times hotel over here. Long story short I quit my job to support an ill family member, most money went to helping her, paying bills and, you know, eating bahaha

I have the vast majority of the crowns complete! I just need to scrape together the change to actually send them to you pals! I’m sorry that it’s taking so freaking long, but then again, I’m giving them to y’all for free, so, ya know :P. 

My goal is to ship half of them off by the end of the week.

Thank you for your patience!

Mistakes and Fiberglass

When I was younger, my mom was fixing a whole in our ceiling and as she was cutting through the plasterboard and everything else that makes up the walls, a fine powder kept piling up on the floor. And me, thinking I was super clever, gathered a bunch of the dust and started making a little pile of my own. Then I rubbed the white dust all over my legs and arms and face to be like one of those cliche ‘American Indians’. This was a grave mistake because most of the powder that had fallen was made of fiberglass bits and I had just rubbed it all over myself…. Long story short, I was miserable for days and super itchy and it was made worse because back then, I slept in onesies… You get the picture…

Fic Recs pt 1

I promised a fic rec list this weekend and I’m not actually at home, but I don’t like breaking promises so here is a very short list that I will update/make longer asap.

A Connotation of Infinity
Lie To Me

-by mermaidandthedrunks

Don’t You Want to Claim My Body Like A Vandal?

-by nicdbroc

In the Time of the Bells

Sex Tropes
-by pterosounds

I’ll Never Hear the Sound of Someone Calling Me Home
Office AU

-by maladyofthequotidian

Love Bites
-by UpstandingYoungGentlemanStalker

(some are multi-chapter, some are short, some are smutty, some aren’t)

Protoman/Blues is probably the number one character that I can really sympathize with. He is simply a robot that wants to live his own life, rather than having another life where he lives much longer but will lose his sense of identity. 

I feel that Protoman was a extremely well written character both by Keiji Inafune and Ian Flynn (especially Ian Flynn!). Blues represented “value”, “desire”, and “free will”. He has gained those three from simply living his life. Can’t knock the guy for keeping those three things, that’s really all the things he has that keeps him going.

Blues is a character that reminds me of how many people these days prefer the long term over the short term. Let’s face it, we live in a world where it moves at a pace it decides for you to move. People are focused on their goals and ambitions that will more than likely take a lot of time to accomplish. But because of that they lose out the short yet good things in life. We forget or ignore the little things and never realize the value that we truly have as individuals. It’s always “I gotta do this so I can be that”.

Yeah, life is short. But I, like Blues, would rather live a short life with my values, my beliefs, my memories, and my identity. Value in a life is not measured by length.

“I would rather die tomorrow as Blues than live forever as someone else.” - Blues