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BTS’s reaction to you dancing with another man:

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Jin: “Why do you have to dance with him?” Jin pouts, as you crouch to lace up your trainers for dance practice.

“It’s only for one stage,” you soothe, standing up and closing the short distance between you and your boyfriend. A chaste peck on his lips has the frown smoothing into a smile.

“I know,” he says, “I just wish it was you and me together.”

Your face falls at this, as your mind seeps with concern. Jin always puts on a brave face for you, but you know there are a lot of feelings he keeps quiet to save you the worry. You worry anyway, of course, because that’s just who you are.

He picks up on your change of mood, and gives your cheeks a poke, forcing the corners of your lips up into a grin. “Hey, none of that,” he says, “If I practice enough maybe it’ll be me dancing with you next time.” To prove it, he takes a step back, and breaks into his famed traffic dance. It never fails to have you spluttering with laughter, and soon you’re joining in, flailing your limbs about in time to your own rhythm.

You collapse against each other, shaking with fits of the giggles. “Oh, boy, I don’t think the world is ready for our traffic dance collab,” you sigh, resting your forehead against Jin’s.

“Maybe not,” he murmurs, “Some day though. Some day.”

You chuckle. “Some day.” One more kiss, then it’s time to leave for practice.

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Yoongi: From his spot by the bar, Yoongi keeps his gaze rooted to you.

When you asked to go clubbing with him, this isn’t exactly what he had expected. In his mind, you had your arms wrapped around each other, floating in your own calm world, amidst the chaos of thumping music and flashing lights.

Yet here he is, sitting alone while you shake your hips, surrounded by a swarm of slobbering guys. The only thing keeping Yoongi calm is the diss track he’s composing in his head for the crowd of fawning men. He should write some of this stuff down - it’s gold.

But then he sees one of the guys getting too close, placing his hand on your waist, then sliding it lower. Oh, there’s no way in f-ck he’s getting away with that!

Without a clear idea of what he’s doing, Yoongi pushes himself away from the bar, ploughing through the swarm of sweaty bodies, and thudding a heavy hand into the man’s chest. “Hey, keep your hands off what doesn’t belong to you,” he snarls.

The man stumbles back, gives Yoongi a once over, and decides it’s not worth it. The crowd oozes away from the area, till you and Yoongi are left, invisible in the corner of the club.

“Um… thanks,” you smile sheepishly, “I had it under control though.”

“I know,” Yoongi says, “I just… couldn’t help myself. Creeps like that make me furious.”

You bite your lip. “Wanna get out of here?”


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Hoseok: Hoseok doesn’t mind. He really doesn’t mind… Well, okay, maybe a little… But it’s hard to watch you (the love of his life) dancing (the second love of his life) with another man. It should be him leading you as you follow the complicated steps, that cute, concentrated look on your face, that he’d just love to kiss away. But instead, it’s Jimin by your side. And seeing his hands on your waist has something sprouting in Hoseok’s heart. A seed of… jealousy? It isn’t a feeling he’s used to – it’s odd and constricting, crushing him from the inside, and forcing the air out of his lungs in a long, loud sigh.

“Hey, honey, what’s wrong?” you sink down beside him on the dance studio floor, cheeks pink from practice.

“Nothing,” Hoseok forces a smile, which you see through with one blink and one shake of your head:

“Come on, you can tell me anything, Hoseok.”

“He’s jealous because you’re dancing with me.” Jimin sends a Cheshire cat grin your way.

Hoseok doesn’t respond, just picks at the laces of his shoes, and then mutters, “You guys should watch your footwork at the beginning of the second verse. It gets a little sloppy. Yours especially Jimin.”

Jimin laughs this off. “Oh, I was just about to pack up for the day… But if you think we need improvement, maybe we should practice for another couple of hours. What do you think, Y/N?”

Hoseok’s ears turn red at Jimin’s teasing. “No, on second thoughts, I think you’ve done enough for one night.” He slides his hand into yours. “Let’s get out of here, what do you say?” A nod from you, accompanied by a kiss on the nose is all he needs to perk up.

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Namjoon: Namjoon has decided to start going to the gym more often. This has nothing to do with the fact that you’re now getting dance lessons from Jimin. It’s just a weird coincidence that he wants to life more weights after hearing you wax lyrical about your dance partner’s body. (“And then Jimin taught me how to do lifts. He’s so strong. Have you seen his arms? Wow.”) It isn’t that Namjoon’s self-conscious, but the thought of you spewing praises over him like you do with Jimin is certainly a good motivation to exercise.

Finally, he’s in a position to say: “Hey babe, check this out,” and show off his arms, in close-fitting tank tops. This is a sure-fire way to keep your eyes trained on him, and no one else.

“Have you been working out?” you ask, eyeing him as he flexes.

“Yep,” he pops the ‘p’, looking pleased with himself.

The frown that clouds your features is not the response he was hoping for. “Is this because of me and Jimin?” you probe, lips thinning into a straight line.

Namjoon’s smile fades away. “Maybe.”

You shake your head sadly. “Baby, you know that no matter what I say about the other members, or any other man for that matter, you’re the only one I’ll want.”

Namjoon did know that. But it’s always nice to hear you say it.

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Jimin: Seeing you at dance practice with Jungkook had given Jimin an idea.

That’s why, when you come home from work that evening, you’re greeted by a trail of rose petals at the door. A smile curling your lips, you leave your bag in the hall, and follow the scatterings of pink and crimson to the living room where Jimin’s standing in a suit, a flower in one hand.

“What’s all this?” you ask, breath releasing in something between a gasp and a sigh.

“I’m teaching you how to ballroom dance,” he announces, eyes scrunching up as a smile stretches his lips. Crossing the room, he flicks on the stereo, and a few strains of stringed instruments start up. “Ever since I saw you dancing with Jungkook, I couldn’t stop feeling jealous, which is stupid… I know,” he goes on to explain, holding out his hands, which you grab onto, pulling him in until he’s no more than an inch from you, “I decided that teaching you some of the most romantic dances I know would cure me of the green-eyed monster.”

You duck your head, gently bumping your forehead against his chest. “You know you never have to worry about me spending time with other guys.”

“I know. But I worry anyway. Since you’re the most precious thing I have.” These are the last words he murmurs before the music drowns all else out, and you get carried away in a flurry of melodies and the golden sparks in your boyfriend’s eyes.

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Taehyung: Seeing you dance with another boy makes Taehyung feel… weird. In the scattered rainbow of disco ball lights he can see your smile growing wide while this guy – who is he, anyway? – spins you around. With those simple gestures, Taehyung’s heart twists and turns - a writhing dragon, growling to break free from his rib cage.

There’s only one thing to do.

He strides towards you, pushing through the crowd until he’s by your side, where he feels at home. Then he does the only thing he knows how to do. Making you smile: his specialty. As the music picks up, he moves along with it, limps flapping, head bobbing.

Catching his movements, you grin, and seeing that he’s made you happy, Taehyung keeps on going, exaggerating his movements, until you’re bent over with laughter, the other guy completely forgotten. Then you take Taehyung’s hand, and begin to sway with him, lighting up a fire inside him. This is how it should be. Only him. Only you. And no one in between.

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Jungkook: Smile. That’s all Jungkook has to do. Smile as he watches you practice with Hoseok for set rehearsal, allowing his heart be pricked like a pincushion, again and again. Smile as your eyes scrunch up, gracing your dance partner with their warmth. He knows it doesn’t mean anything, and that at the end of the day, when the sun sinks low in the sky, it’ll be you and him going home together, hands intertwined. But waiting for that moment is torturous. Just a few more hours, he reminds himself. Just a few more sets of sixty minutes. He’ll count every one.

You glance his way, as the managers call time-out. Slipping from the group, you run over to him, and satisfy his need with a tight bear hug.

“Hey,” you whisper.

He grins into your shoulder. “Hey.”

You break apart before too many curious eyes dart your way. It’s not a secret that you’re dating, but you’d rather not parade it around in front of everyone. There’ll be plenty of time for all the needed touching, kissing, loving when you’re alone. For now, you give Jungkook’s hand a squeeze that promises: “soon”. Then you’re heading back for another rehearsal.

It’s enough for Jungkook. He’ll keep on smiling till you’re back in his arms again.

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kiki-01  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where they think their gf is pregnant (unplanned) because she has symptoms like nausea and fatigue etc. but then it just turns out she has food poisoning or something. Thank you very much in advanced and sorry it's so long.

Here you go bb:)

When you told him you thought you were pregnant he’d just look at you. Yes it would be unplanned, yes he would be terrified, but with Jin there would be nothing to worry about. He’d be the one to sooth your nerves and get you what ever you need. When one of those things was a pregnancy test he’d stand outside the door patiently until a scream of pleasure turned into heavy coughs made him open the door. ‘Not pregnant!’ ‘Not pregnant.’ He’d repeat relieved. This would bring a heavy flow of thoughts to him though.

He’d see you sick and see the way everything pointed to pregnant. He’d be thinking it before you even said it and when you finally did he’d just nod his head and kiss your forehead. He’d be to nervous but it wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about having a family with you. When he heard you yell in excitement one morning his head would snap up and when you ran into the room he was in yelling 'I’m bleeding!’ He’d just smile in relief that he could have more time to be dadless.

It would scare him but he wouldn’t show it. He’d hold you and tell you everything was going to be fine. He’d busy himself trying to figure things out; should the two of you move? What happened if they baby is born while he’s away? Is he ready to be a father? Is he going to be a good father… When the two of you stood together, him back hugging you with his lips pressed to your hair, waiting to see how many lines appeared on the pregnancy test there would be so much tension. But the moment it read negative he’d hug you tighter and let out a long, loud sigh. 'Not pregnant!’ You’d cheer happily. 'Not pregnant yet, come here.’ He’d say before twirling you to face him and kissing you deeply in between fits of giggles and not caring that you were now just sick.

He would know what emotion to act on. He’d be excited and scared and hopeful etc. He’d show you he loved you by holding you close and telling you how much he loved you and cared about you. He’d start referring to himself as daddy, which made you laugh. Still you were terrified. He’d stand with you like Namjoon would, arms wrapped tightly around your shoulders and his chin resting in the crook of your neck while the two of you waited for the result. When the timer on your phone would go off you’d close your eyes and tell him to look first, only opening your eyes when he sighed happily. 'We’ve got more time, Jagi.’


He’d smile and wrap his arms tightly around you when you told him your concern. 'If you are, it’ll be okay. I’m not going anywhere.’ He’d say trying to be as strong as possible for you. That night though he’d call his mom almost in tears begging for advice on what he should do to prepare. This would lead to the two of you talking to her in the morning where she would make sure you checked with a test. Of course waiting for it to read would be with her on speaker and when it came up as negative the two of you would hug each other tightly while Jimins mom just laughed on the other end. 'I’m to young and beautiful to be a grandmother right now. But I better be getting one soon!’

He would pick up on the fact you were acting weird since the two of you were inseparable. When he’d finally ask you what was wrong and you told him your concern he’d stiffen slightly before letting a smile reach his lips. 'I’m going to be a daddy?’ He’d say touching your belly. 'Well maybe Tae, I haven’t taken a test yet.’ He’d be so ready and so in love he wouldn’t care you two were still fairly young to be parents but never the less he’d make you feel so good and so comfortable that you almost didn’t even want to find out just in case it wasn’t true and you had to break it to Tae. When it wasn’t and you finally told him he’d just nod and stroke your cheek. 'I hope to have a baby with you one day. Just so you know.’

He’d be terrified and not afraid to show it. He was too young. You were too young. His life as an adult has just begun and he wanted to live it before he would be ready to settle down. The only reason why he would be even thinking things though was because he knew you were thinking them too. You two would hold each other tight that night as you were to scared to let go. He would have probably gone to Jin or Namjoon with you for advice and seeing how scared the two of you were he’d stay while you peed on a stick. Jin would ruffle Jungkooks hair and hug you while scolding you to be more careful and learn the difference between a stomach virus and pregnancy.

A new friend

can you please do a reaction to you surprising them with a new dog?

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Namjoon would honestly be in shock. Ok well not in total shock but taken a back just a bit. He’d walk in the quiet apartment expecting to just get some rest but then he’d here you laughing from the room. Curiosity strikes him and he kinda rushes to the room not sure what to expect, but when he opens the door ans sees you playing with a random dog he’s not sure what to think. “Uh, y/n?” Simultaneously you and the dog turn your heads to look up at your confused boyfriend. You stare at him and the dog and back at him again. “Surprise?” *cue awkward jazz hands* Namjoon stares for a moment, still trying to comprehend what’s happening. “Babe, you know we can’t have a dog,” “Awe but look at him,” you held the dogs face in your hands. “He’s so cute and plus I thought it be great to have one you know, me, you and him, one happy little family.” He can’t help but smile by what you said and the fact the dog was now trying to practically climb on him. “Well when you put it that way…ok we can keep him.”


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Jin wouldn’t know what to do at the moment when coming home to find your little surprise. Or big shall I say. He just doesn’t know what to think and since he’s too caught up in his thoughts he doesn’t notice the large dog getting ready to pounce on him. “AHHH,” your head perks from the sound of your boyfriends scream and you scurry out of the room a little worried for what could of happened. You find him on he floor laughing  with your new friend on top of him licking his face vigorously and you laugh at the two. “Surprise babe,” you laugh. The dog would hear you and run over to you finally letting jin have time to catch his breath. “Y/n when did- how-” he’d continue to laugh. “So do you like her?” you giggle. “Yes but she scared me a little,” he lets out a long and loud sigh before turning his head to look at the dog. “Ah, but she’s so cute.”


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He wouldn’t be so hyped about it at first. Yoongi would probably think that it’d be a little more trouble some to have a dog around since you two are busy most of the time. But after getting used to his new furry friend within the first few hours he’s had him he wouldn’t want to part with it. “I see you two are getting along,” you say from behind yoongi, who is cradling the puppy in his arms. He spins looking at you a bit flustered “he’s really cute ok,” he pouts a little. “Don’t judge me.”


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Hobi would actually be pretty excited when he sees that you got a dog. He’d get all giddy and feel a warm inside when begins to play with it. The dog would probably become his new bestfriend. “AH look at you you’re so fluffy!” he ruffles the dogs head. “I take it you like her?” “How could I not she’s cute!” The dog would begin to jump on it’s hind legs wanting to play more with hobi and he would explode with joy. “I am going to love you forever.”


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Like hoseok jimin would be quite happy, but he’d try to hide the fact that’s he is when he sees you and a new companion sitting on your lap. He’ll act casual coming over to with a grin that begins to form when the pup starts to get up and reach for him. “Who’s this little fella?” he asks as he crouches down and scratches the pups head. “It’s our new friend,” you smile and pet the dog along with him. “He’s really cute huh?” Jimin continues to grin and nods a little. “Hi there buddy, so you wanna be my friend?” The pup barks a little then licks his face causing you and him to laugh. “I think this is going to be nice.”


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Tae would be flipping thrilled to max when finds out you got a new dog. He loves dogs so damn much.  So expect this puppy to be really happy for the other. “Y/N I’m back!” “TAETAE,” you run to him excitedly and give him a quick kiss. “You’re here early?” “Yeah?” he seemed a little confused by your reaction. “I have something to show you.” You hold his hand and lead him to the living room and have him sit down. “What’s going on?” he’ll ask smiling at how excited you look to show him whatever it is you wanted to. You scramble to the door of the bathroom and let the dog walk out. When taehyung finally sees him he gasps so loud and hugs the dog immediately after it runs to him. “You got a dog?” you chuckle at his joyful expression. “Yeah, I thought it’d be cool to have one here with us.” “You got a dog, I can’t believe you got a dog OH I already love you SOO much!” he kisses the top of the dogs head and looks back to you. “Thank you!”


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He’d be happy about you getting a dog. The second he sees it he’d be like HELL YEAH and quickly get along with it to. “Hey y/n do you-” he stop in his tracks when he sees you sitting next to a random dog that laid half it’s body onto your lap. He points at it and looks at you “Who’s that?” “He’s our new dog.” Jungkook,s eyes widened a bit. “New dog? Ours?” you nod. He looks at the dog again. “YAY, come here boy!” The dog jumps from your lap and onto jungkook. “You’re going to be the coolest dog ever.”

Hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

Now or Never

Prompt: Steve has always liked you as more than a friend but was always afraid. When the chance for him to save you from unwanted attention and claim you as his, he doesn’t take it. Tony swoops in to save the day making Steve pout.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (with a meddling Tony)

A/N: I’ve had this for a bit now and I’m happy that I could post this now. This one is a bit longer than what I usually do but I still the story of it. Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of Hamilton fanfic, but I swear, I write more than that :P Remember that my requests are always open! As of now, I’m blank on ideas so I would love requests! Enjoy!

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The bar was roaring with noise and was crowded with people. Tony and Steve both have caps on and keeping their heads low as they escorted you out for the night. 

You let out a loud sigh as you finally squeeze your way through and found a table open for the three of you. “I didn’t realize so many people would be out tonight!” You had to scream over the music for the boys to hear you.

Tony tilted his cap back to look at you and threw you a smirk. “Well, what is there not to celebrate after the Avengers just saved the world? Again!” You all shared a chuckled and started to watch the people around the bar. 

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It Only Takes Once

Anon: Cameron Dallas- you accidentally got pregnant

This was a request from forever ago. For the anon who requested, I’m sorry it took so long. A lot has happened recently and Tumblr has slipped my mind. But here we go!

My hands are shaking. The timer is still ticking away. I just took a pregnancy test. My brother, Aaron would be so pissed. I went and visited him at Magcon while he was on tour and hung out with the guys. Cameron and I hooked up on the last night I was there, and we never told anyone. Cameron was my first. He took my virginity. And now, our lives might be ruined. The boys don’t come home for about a week. Aaron is going to be so pissed. It feels like an eternity, but only a minute has passed. Two more to go. I’m not ready to be a mom. But if I’m pregnant, I can’t kill the kid. Finally, the timer goes off. It’s now or never. My hands start shaking even worse as I approach the sink where the test is laying. My eyes are screwed shut, terrified of the answer. I attempt to pick up the stick, dropping it about a dozen times before finally gripping it. All I can hear is my heart pounding in my chest. I force my eyes open. The test has two pink lines. I’m pregnant. Tears begin flowing down my face, as sobs wrack my entire body. I collapse on my bathroom floor. Thank God nobody is home to hear and see me like this. Thoughts keep swirling through my mind.

‘What do I do? What if Cameron wants nothing to do with me or the baby? What if everyone calls me a whore?’ 

Suddenly, my phone goes off. Sierra was calling me. 

“H-hello?” My voice croaks.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? You sound like you’re crying.” She immediately becomes serious. Sierra is literally my best friend ever. 

“I’m pregnant.” I said the words. The line is silent. Even saying it didn’t make it feel more real. 

“Who? Who’s the father?” I gulp, trying to find the words. “Come on. I won’t be mad.” 

“Cameron. Your brother Cameron.” The phone is quiet before I hear the loudest squeal ever. “I’m gonna be an aunt! How did he react?” 

“He doesn’t know yet. I literally found out less than five minutes ago when I looked at the test I took. I don’t know what to do. Aaron is going to kill me. Cameron and I aren’t even a thing. It literally happened once and now look at me. I had sex for the first time and it got me pregnant. Some luck I have.” I didn’t notice my brother standing in the doorway. 

“Y/N? Tell me you’re not being real right now.” My whole body tenses as I hear Aaron’s voice. I remained silent. “Who is it?” He finally asks.

“Cam.” I heard a long and loud sigh. I turn, the tears coming back. “He doesn’t know. You and Sierra are the only ones who know. Just please, don’t leave me or call me a whore. I just need my brother.” I blurt.

“I would never do that to you. You’re my little sister. I’m always here. And honestly, I would rather Cam be the father than anyone else. At least I know he’ll take care of you and Bean. Don’t think he’ll leave. Because he won’t. I know it.” I smile, forgetting Sierra is still on the phone. 

“OMG! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO A REVEAL THING FOR HIM. LIKE ONE OF THOSE TUMBLR THINGS.” I jump at the screech from the phone. I roll my eyes and laugh.

“Okay, let’s do it.” 


My hands are shaking again, but for a different reason this time. Aaron and Sierra decided to invite ALL of the guys and make it a party. Sierra helped paint my stomach. Right now, I have a tshirt on with a bikini top underneath. I tend to always do that at Summer parties incase I want to take my shirt off. Nothing will seem out of the ordinary. We painted a picture of a little pair of feet with a retro loading bard underneath it, at 10 percent. It was adorable. One by one, all of the guys came and hugged me. Mahogany was there too. Finally, the guest of honor arrived. 

“Cameron!” I yelled, he turned his head and grinned. *it’s now or never*. I walk up to him, taking my shirt off in the process. “I don’t know how else to tell you, but you’re going to be a dad.” His face goes blank. My heart thuds. “Cam, please. Say something.” All of a sudden, he does his signature Cameron scream. 

“I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!” He screeches. Then, the biggest surprise ever happened. All of the rest of the guys went silent. That’s never happened before, at least not voluntarily. 

“I’m the favorite uncle!” Taylor screams, which causes an argument over who will be the best and favorite uncle. I shake my head laughing. 

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Cam whispers.

“I can’t believe Aaron didn’t kill you.” He smirked and dipped me like the old fashioned movies and kissed me. 

The One Where Dean Cuts Your Hair

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Hi there :) Could you write something where either Dean or Sam gives the reader (girlfriend) a much needed haircut and she’s a bit nervous so he calms her down with lots of flirtyness and fluff.

Words: 1018

Warnings: none

A/N: This is my first request ever!! Requested by @rayofsunshinexx It took me forever to do this and I apologize for it! Hope you like it! :)

The One Where Dean Cuts Your Hair

You were in bed with Dean watching a movie. For a moment you got distracted and started to look at your split ends.

“Ugh,” you complained out of the blue and Dean looked at you. “I need a haircut,” you said.

He looked at the lock you were holding between your fingers.

“It looks fine to me,” he shrugged.

“No, but look at this split ends,” you showed them to him, putting it in front of his eyes.

“Then go to town and get a haircut, sweetheart,” he said like it was nothing.

“I’ve already been to that hairdresser and she cut it all wrong,” you made a pout.

“Cut it yourself then,” he stated nonchalantly.

“But I can’t reach the back,” you whined.

He stopped the movie.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll cut your hair,“ he suggested.

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Moonlight Sonata

A/N: Whoohoo my first Wolfstar writing!! I was happy to see so many of you was interested in this and also giving me enough credit that I wouldn’t screw this up completely wow you’re the best.
I really really hope you will like it!

“You little fucker… just… come on…” – Sirius grumbled as he tried to reach and pull out a doxy from the old piano, bare handed, not caring about the little creature could easily bite him. Cleaning the house at the Grimmauld Place seemed like a never ending mission, but at least, sometimes it helped him to distract his thoughts.

He straightened up and let out a loud, long sigh in defeat.

“Is it possible to uproot them all? Last night I found three in my bed.”

Sirius snapped his head up, seeing Remus was standing nearby, leaning against the doorway with his hands in his pockets. “No,” Sirius replied, bending down again to the piano, with a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. “Guess you need to stay in my bed, then. It’s safer.”

“Not necessary. There are a lot of empty rooms in this house, but thank you,” Remus said, causing Sirius to shot a short glance at him with narrowed eyes, still smiling smugly.

“Are you going to play?” Remus asked as Sirius still tried to pull the tiny beasts out from the piano.

“I don’t think I could anymore.”

He finally caught two doxies at a time; he threw one of them into a huge bag, but the other one escaped and flew out from the living room. Remus drew out his wand, but Sirius stopped him. “Leave it. Dung is in the kitchen, let him deal with it.”

Remus closed his eyes and let out a low chuckle, but did nothing about it. He watched in silence as Sirius tried to tune the instrument; old memories filled his mind, things that Sirius was thinking about too.

“Come on, Moony,” Sirius panted as he nearly dragged his friend all the way through the long, dark tunnel, leading to the Shrieking Shack. “We’re almost there.” James and Peter were still trapped in detention with McGonagall, but Remus knew there wasn’t much time to loose. Some cycle was worse than the others, some came almost without any pain, but Sirius understood this night will be dreadful for Remus. He realized that when they were still five days far away from the full moon, but Remus’ limbs already started to hurt. He realized today, an hour before they arrived to the abandoned house, when he could barely stand on his feet and he was sure if they won’t leave the castle immediately, they won’t be able to do it later.

Sirius dropped Remus onto the bed with a growl before he transformed into his animagus form and curled up next to him, resting his head on his lap. Because somehow it was something that always could calm his nerves down, and it helped now too, as he was lying there with closed eyes, his hand brushing through the dark fur on Padfoot’s head.

But this time Sirius couldn’t take it for so long as he usually did. Remus tried to stay in silence, but the burning pain under his skin made him lost his composure. He made painful whimpers and low, restrained growls involuntarily, no matter how much he tried to swallow them back.

Padfoot whined and jumped down from the bed. It made his heart ache; hearing these sounds coming from Remus, his short, ragged breaths, knowing it meant his pain was much bigger than usual. He paced around the room – as Sirius now – tapped his knuckles against the wall, whishing the time could flow faster. He sat down by the piano and hit some random keys on it, just to muffle the heart-breaking noises. His fingers quickly found the rhythm, and soon he was playing chords and melodies; only Remus’ low chuckles made him stop.

“I didn’t know you can play,” he said in surprise, eyes still closed.

“My parents forced me to take lessons,” he replied bitterly. “It gave my mother a huge pleasure, seeing how much I hated it.”

With all of his remained energy, Remus elbowed himself to a sitting position, resting his back against the headboard. “Hate it or not, you must admit you’re really good at it.”

Sirius let out a slight smile which was more like a grimace, but he turned back to the piano, and not exactly understanding why, but he started to play again.

As he finished the song, he noticed the lack of sounds immediately. Not the tunes he played, but Remus’ whimpers died away and his chest was raising and falling steadily, with only soft hums leaving his lips.

Sirius was astonished. He couldn’t admit to himself, he couldn’t believe that this was his doing, that he could achieve something that no potions or herbs could before. He couldn’t take his eyes off Remus for minutes, until the door burst open as James and Peter arrived.

One month later they left earlier again. “It’s safer to sneak out if we go separately,” Sirius said as an excuse, though no one really asked him why he wanted to go with him alone. Remus bowed his head in the attempt to hide the light blush that flooded up on his cheeks, while Peter looked at James questioningly, who only shrugged with a knowing smile.

“Will you play for me again?” Remus asked in a teasing voice, biting back a smile. He looked and felt exhausted, but it was nothing compared what happened with him during the past full moon.

“No,” Sirius said with narrowed eyes, stopping in the middle of the room in the Shrieking Shack. “That was one, special occasion. Sorry Moony, but don’t get used to it,” he didn’t break the eye contact, a lopsided smirk hiding at the corner of his lips.

Remus let out a laugh, but in the next moment he stopped, placing his hand on his aching ribs. Sirius’ smile vanished too, and she swallowed hard before stepped closer, put his hand on Remus’ shoulder and led him closer to the bed.

Sirius didn’t play that night. Not like he didn’t want to – he wanted it so much, he considered several times to jump up and go, and he couldn’t understand why. It was something he always hated; despised even, like everything else what his parents wanted him to do.

He even made a half-movement with his body as he almost went towards the piano, but stopped and turned to the window instead. He couldn’t do it, not when Remus already knew that Sirius always hated it; what he would think?

But another month passed and Sirius didn’t care what anyone think. Not when it was one of those nights again when Remus looked like someone who hadn’t slept in weeks, someone with the worst fever, someone who looked so fragile, like his bones could break into pieces if anyone would touch him.

Without saying a word, he started to play, and this was the first time in his life when he didn’t wish he could stop. No one forced him now, and knowing there was even the smallest chance to make Remus feel better, he’d played even if he’d rather wanted to stop. But now, he loved every second of it.

“It was beautiful,” Remus said, his voice weak.

Sirius still looked the keys, smiling to himself. “It’s called the ‘Moonlight Sonata’,” he said, looking towards the bed with a smug smile on his lips.

Remus couldn’t help but let out a short, painful laugh. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Nope,” Sirius chimed, playing a short chord.

“Great,” Remus chuckled again. “Wonderful.”

Sirius raised his head up. “What’s your problem, Moony? You said it was beautiful,” he mimicked his friend’s voice, but jumped up in the next moment as he saw Remus was slowly standing up. “Lie back down, what are you doing? You need to rest!”

But Remus only waved his hand, walking towards Sirius faster than he thought he could. “I’m fine,” he gasped out, as the little stroll take out all of his energy. He pulled a chair with himself too, and collapsed on it, letting out a weary sigh. He looked up at Sirius then, who watched him with concerned eyes. “Just wanna see you play.”

Sirius clenched his jaw, fighting an internal battle with himself about what he should do before he slowly sat back down and started to play. Remus needed to try really hard to keep his eyes open, but it worth it. He couldn’t look away.

It was the first time when after an all-night run they returned back not to the castle, but the Shrieking Shack – at least Remus and Sirius. The latter murmured some excuse again, “just look at how miserable he looks, ugh, and so tired, can’t really move, you just go I’ll stay,” but once again, James let out a knowing smile and now Peter stopped looking so lost about it too.

Sirius slowly and carefully crawled into the bed next to Remus, scared about he’d hurt him as the mattress moved under his weight. He felt himself exhausted too, but hasn’t even crossed his mind to whine about it. “How are you feeling? Do you need anything?”

“I’m good,” Remus replied in a low voice, eyes closed. “Why are we here?”

Sirius’ lips parted and suddenly, he felt nervous, unable to think any reason what could actually make sense. “Well, I just thought… you looked really tired and I thought we could stay here for a couple hours longer until…”

“I looked worse, you know that,” Remus cut him off, but opened his eyes and turned his head towards Sirius with a smile.

“Okay, if you want to leave, then…” he started, sitting up on the bed, but Remus grasped his arm and tugged on it, trying to pull him back.

He didn’t really need to ask before Sirius fell back on the sheets, Remus still smiling at him, his hands not leaving his arm. “Just stay here Pads, alright?”

Sirius didn’t answer but crawled a bit closer, and as he did, Remus’ hand slipped from his arm to his back, lazily resting it around him. With another sudden idea, while he couldn’t even take a breath, Sirius snuggled closer once again, closing the gap between them and locked him into a soft hug. His heart was banging against his ribs so hardly he was entirely sure Remus could feel it too as his head was pressed against Sirius’ chest, but now, he didn’t care. No, he wanted him to hear it, to feel it, to feel everything that he felt in that moment.

Sirius tried to play something nice. He really tried, but it seemed his fingers couldn’t work anymore the way they used to be. Or was it his head? He angrily slammed his fist on the keys; the piano gave deep, eerie sound as he said, “See? I said I can’t do this anymore.” One more thing that Azkaban deprived me of, he thought bitterly while Remus pulled a chair closer and sat down next to him. He took one of his hands into his.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“That’s the problem, Moony,” Sirius said angrily, jerking his hand away from him. “I want to. From the day I first played to you, it’s something I really enjoy to do. But now… I just can’t do it anymore.”

Remus watched him in silence, his eyes in pain; he wasn’t sure at all he’ll ever see Sirius content or happy. Despite of this, he wanted to do everything to make him feel better, like Sirius used to make him ages ago.

“You just need some time.”

But Sirius only snorted. “Time, sure. Why is that even so important to you?”

“I want to help you,” Remus said as he leaned closer, and a moment later they found no space between themselves as Sirius closed the gap; their lips moving in a perfect synchronization, like old lovers. It was more than a decade ago when they last kissed; still, they couldn’t forget the feeling of their lips against each other.

They pulled back slightly, and when Sirius opened his grey eyes, Remus could see as there were no marks of anger in them anymore.

“Let me help you,” he said with his hand on his face, and Sirius nodded before his forehead fall on Remus’ shoulder. It wasn’t about music anymore. They needed to forget, to forgive, they needed time – but as they have been through so much together, they knew, they honestly knew that they are going to get through this too.

Sweet features

Request from Anonymous: Can you please make another scenario/imagine of Christian Yu and the girl is a model that he work with for a music video. Sorry for my broken english i hope you understand it and thank you sm before

Christian was waiting for the leading lady to come on set and she was late. One hour late to be exact. He was getting frustrated because this meant he was now lost for time. “When is she going to get here?” he asked the other guys. “Don’t worry, she’ll get here,” someone from the set yelled out. Christian took out his phone and began scrolling through Instagram. He rested his elbows on the chair before seeing a shadow cast over his phone. Christian looked up and saw the leading lady. She looked even better in person. “I’m so sorry for being late! My taxi driver took a wrong turn and we ended on the other side of town,” she frantically apologised. Christian stood up from the chair and reached out to shook her hand, “that’s okay, I’m gla-I mean, we’re glad you’re here. I’m Christian”. She shook his hand before realising his role, “Oh Christian Yu? You’re the director for this music video, right?” Christian smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair. 


“Okay, cut! I think we got it. Break time,” Christian called out. Everyone started to spread across the studio and Christian could see the leading lady trying to get off the steps. No one seemed to realised she needed help. “Can I lend a hand?” Christian reached his hands out to meet hers and guided her down the steps. “Thanks Christian. These heels look good but they are a pain to stand in,” she complained as she sat down in a chair. “You should take it off. We’re done with that scene and the next one is just you lying on the bed”. She smiled at him and kicked off the heels. She leaned back into the chair and let out a loud sigh. “Long day?” Christian asked. “Yeah, before this I had an audition and tomorrow night I’ll be flying out to Malaysia”. “At least you love what you’re doing, right? She simply nodded and closed her eyes. Christian examined her facial features and how beautiful she looked with minimal makeup, that dress and the way her hair flowed pass her shoulders. She looked like the girl next door. Christian have worked with models before and most of them acted liked divas. Demanding this and that. But this girl was different. Then she interrupted his train of thoughts, “I’m starving. How’s the catering here?” she asked. Christian pointed her to the table, “We have some pizzas, noodles and some fried chicken, I think. I wasn’t in charge of catering so don’t blame me for the lack of options”. She laughed at him before getting up and made her way to the table barefoot. Christian followed suit. 

Christian saw her grabbed two slices of pizza and loaded the other half of the plate with noodles. She saw him looking at her choices. “Don’t judge me. I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast,” she told him. Christian took a plate for himself and filled his plate with a bit of everything, “Now I won’t judge you, if you don’t judge me. This is my cheat meal”. She laughed as she handed him a water bottle. Christian and her went back to the chairs and began eating. 

“So what made you choose directing as a career,” she asked. Christian swallowed his food, “I used to be on a completely different career path but I realised it wasn’t for me so I changed it. I’ve always loved editing and shooting but it was more a hobby before. Now I turned that hobby into a career”. “Interesting. I’m like you too. Modelling wasn’t my first career choice. I used to sing,” she told him. Christian let out a quiet gasp, “Singing? I used to sing too!” She smiled at him as she ate the last piece of the pizza. Before Christian could ask her about it, the other guys came up to him and let him know that they were running behind schedule. “Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let me run to the bathroom first,” she apologised again.

“Just relax, okay?” Christian told her as she got ready for the next scene. The scene involved her lying on the bed with rose petals surrounding her. “Can we get more petals please,” Christian called out to the others. He gave her an okay sign before heading back to the director’s chair. 


The music began to echo throughout the set and Christian focused on the screen. He was mesmerised by her image on the screen. The way her eyes flutter, her gentle hand movements and the backdrop of the white bedsheet illuminated all her facial features. “Oi, Christian, we’ve been filming this scene for the past 10 minutes!” someone from the set called out. It was the producer. Christian’s train of thoughts was interrupted again and he ran his hands through his hair to try and hide his embarrassment. “Oh, sorry. I just wanted to um get it right the first time. We should move on to the window scene,” he told them. 

The window scene consisted of her sitting by a fake window sill and looking towards the projection. The projection was a looped clip of people crossing the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. She came to sit down next to his chair while the others changed the set. “I think the producer is mad at you at the moment,” she told him as she giggled softly. “Nah, he’s harmless. He has a date tomorrow morning so I’m guessing that’s why he is impatient with me,” Christian explained. Christian looked at her and her eyes were different. They looked sad even though minutes earlier, she looked so relaxed and happy. “Something wrong?” he asked her. Now he interrupted her train of thoughts. “Oh nothing is wrong. Just that you bought up dating and I just kinda, you know..” her voice trailed off. “Boyfriend problems?” he turned to her. She let out a small huff, “Maybe if I had a boyfriend but no, my career won’t allow me. I just want to grow successfully first before settling down. But sometimes, when I come back to my hotel, I just feel empty”. Christian saw the sadness behind her eyes grow even bigger. He wanted to make her forget being sad so he took out his phone and started recording her on Snapchat. “What are you doing, Christian?” she asked, “This isn’t part of the music video”. Christian changed the camera view and now it was facing the front. “Just wanted to see how this filter looked on us”. Christian and the girl were swiping across the several filters and making faces with it. Christian took a photo of each one. These moments were then interrupted because she had to go back on set. Christian was yet again mesmerised by her features. She was looking out towards the projection and he couldn’t help but to think what was she thinking at the time. 


“Well I think it’s time for bed,” she told Christian, as she walked out of the changing room. It was nearly 2am in the morning when she finished filming her scenes. It would have ended earlier, but Christian kept on forgetting to yell out ‘cut’. He was lost in her presence whenever he saw her on the screen. “Do you want a lift back to your hotel? Don’t want any taxi drivers taking you to the wrong side of the city,” he joked. She smiled, “Um if it’s not too much trouble. I don’t know Seoul very well..” Christian picked up his bags and gestured her to follow him, “No trouble. I insist anyway”. 

During the car ride, Christian and her talked about their previous careers. “You don’t regret changing careers?” she asked him. “No, I’ve never been happier with where I am at the moment”. She smiled as she looked out the window. The streets of Seoul in the early mornings were so peaceful and quiet. She let out a soft sigh when they arrived in front of her hotel. Christian put the car in park and turned off the engine. “So thanks for the ride, Christian,” she told him as she took off her seat belt. Christian wanted time to stop right now. He just wanted to drive all night with her in the passenger seat. Just the two of them. “Yeah, no worries,” he said, quietly. “When you’re done with the music video, I’d like to see it. I’ve seen your previous works and all looked great”. Christian again, brushed her hands through his hair before turning to her. “You’ll be the first person to see the final product, I promise”. 

With that, she got out of the car before waving him goodbye. Christian made sure she entered the hotel doors safely before taking out his phone and going through the photos he took of them earlier. He smiled each time he swiped left. Once he got to the last photo, his heart sank a little. He looked at the hotel doors and were having mixed thoughts. Should he just go in and ask the front desk for her? Or should he message her on Instagram? His hands were already on the door handle but then there was a knock on the window. He looked out and saw the hotel’s doorman. “Excuse me Sir, but you’re not allow to park in this spot. It’s for the shuttle buses”. Christian apologised before turning the car engine on and began to drive back to his home. 

Simple Plan

I looked out the kitchen window, leaning on the sink to see how bad it was. The rain seemed to rage on, making me pout.

“Don’t make that face.” Tom said from the counter.

“What face? I’m not making a face.” I said, striking a goofy one and turning to face him. He smiled and shook his head.

“I know you were pouting. It’s not so bad Love. Just water.” he said, putting his phone down.

“I know. But I was looking forward to going out and spending time with you. Alone.” I said, sitting next to him and resting my head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around me and gave me a squeeze.

“I know love. But hey, we can watch whatever you want.” he said, kissing my forehead. I smiled. I knew he was trying to make me feel better, and it was cute. I let out a long and loud sigh and groaned fine, making him smile.

“That’s my girl.” We headed onto the couch and covered up with a blanket, our feet entangled with one another. Occasionally, he would lift my face up to his and give me a small and quick peck.

“Babe, I love you and all but I’ve really got to wee.” he said. I laughed and let him get up, kicking his butt with my foot.

“Hey! Watch it.” he said, comforting his arse. I smiled and he rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had more blankets and pillows and Tessa ran after him.

“Hey girl! Where have you been?” I cooed.

“She was on our bed again under the blanket.” Tom laughed, setting his bundle down. I scratched her ears and she panted, enjoying it.

“As King of PillowTown, I request a new room to be installed.” Tom said dramatically, puffing his chest and chin out.

“And as Queen, I agree. Lady Tessa, fetch me the draperies.“I said curtsying to Tessa. She cocked her head and gave me a pillow.

“Close enough. Let’s go.“I said, hitting Tom with the pillow. He hit me back with one and a small pillow fight broke out.

"Okay okay. Let us not dwaddle.” Tom said.

“Oh. Fancy word."I teased. He made a face and we started to build the base. After a good hour, our fort extended above us, barely high enough for us to sit and barely have a few inches of a ceiling. I laid back onto our pillows and Tessa laid her head down on my knee. Tom laid his head on my stomach and I played with his hair

"I know it’s not much Love, but I think this was a great date.” he said, closing his eyes as my fingers ran through his hair softly.

“I agree King Pillowtown."I said, slightly tugging on his hair.

"I knew you would. Queen Pillowtown.” He raised his head up for a kiss and I bent down, meeting his thin yet enjoyable lips. The kiss got interrupted when my phone played “Never Gonna Give You Up,” by Rick Astley. I smiled into the kiss and Tom groaned. He got up,groaning and grabbed my phone from the couch. I checked and it was just a message from my Aunt.

“It’s nothing important. Just my Aunt saying she got a new car. Now come here.” I whined, opening my arms up. He smiled and laid back down, letting me continue playing with his hair.

“I love you.” he said, opening his eyes to look at me.

“I love you, too.” I said, leaning down to kiss him. Tessa came over and licked both our faces and we laughed.

“Love you too, Tess.” Tom and I said together.

I wanted to write something short and simple, not too extravagant. I’m a little rusty from writing stories and I’m slowly getting my moho back so bear with me on these somewhat imagines aha.

inspired by that @pansexualriphunter post :  “at some point after rip is rip again but before he’s actually allowed out of the medbay (they gotta make sure he’s healthy or whatever) someone takes the jumpship back to 2017 and raids a local party city (see: pays for the goods provided, thank you very much) and so when rip goes to the bridge for the first time in a while he’s greeted by cake and a banner that says “congrats on not being dead!” and there are balloons and its a pure moment.”

Rip found comfort in knowing that, despite his absence, his team was still as confusing and exasperating as ever. 

Obviously, things hadn’t gone back to the way it was before New York – seeing as there were two new members that he didn’t know. Amaya, he knew from the short time he had spent with the JSA and the few History courses that he remembered.  Nate Heywood was another story, though. He had recognized his name and had made the connection to Henry, but Rip had no recollection of his grandson gaining powers. Which was something he intended to discuss about with Sara as soon as he was allowed of the medbay. To say he wasn’t surprised when Ray cornered him on his way out would be an understatement. His too-wide grin alarmed him, though.

 “Can I do something for you, Mr Palmer?”

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One Night- Part Two

In which Harry spends the night and you take a big step.


Ps. Here’s the link to Part One if you haven’t read it yet!!!

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anonymous asked:

hi, um, idk if you're taking requests atm, but if you are, could you maybe possibly do a zutara eros/psyche au??? with like, azula as aphrodite (bc she can deffo be as spiteful as aphrodite at times - and like zuko!eros would be her brother, rather than her son)??? kthanksbyeandiloveyourwriting *flees*

excuse me while i scream and cry because this is the first request i’ve ever gotten????? publicly like this????? you’re an angel bless you???? (i’m always taking requests btw!!!) i really like this prompt too, let me get right to it!! 


“It’s absurd!” Azula shouts. Her sharp voice echoes off the walls around them, mingling with her agitated footsteps. “There is nothing special about her - she’s human!” She spits the word, as though it burns her tongue just to hold it in her mouth.

Zuko threads a stray piece of fabric between his fingers. He’s barely listening to his sister’s ravings; it’s always something with Azula. She’s never satisfied. He stretches the piece tightly, holding it up to the light to watch it shine through the gossamer fabric. What is this made of? It catches on his skin in some places, so clearly nothing too soft.


He winces at his sister’s shrill tone and looks up. “What?”

Azula stalks closer. When she’s angry like this, brow puckered, lips curled into a snarl, eyes glowing with spite, she isn’t nearly as lovely as the mortals insist she is. She snatches the fabric from Zuko’s hands and curls it into her fist. 

“I said, you’re going to do something about this!”

“What?” He repeats, sitting up. “Why me?”

“Because I said so!” Azula stands back. Her expression smooths out, and Zuko knows instantly she is plotting. “You owe me, anyway, big brother.” 

Zuko rolls his eyes with a long, loud, drawn out sigh. He leans back against his chair and lays his head over the back of it, hair falling out of his face. “Fine,” He mutters, glance up out of the corner of his eye. “What would you like me to do?”

A devilish smile curls Azula’s mouth upward. “I want that retched being to fall in love with the ugliest creature on that earth,” The goddess declares. “Give her a lover she deserves.” 

Zuko raises a brow. “That’s it?” It’s… Tame for Azula, but he shrugs and sits up properly. “Fine. It will be done.”

Azula crosses her arms. He smile widens into a satisfied, sinister grin. 

Zuko sighs again. Can he ever get a day of peace?


Well. He can certainly see what all the fuss is about now.

Zuko perches on a pile of snow, completely unaware of the cold biting at his skin. His toes could fall off right now and he wouldn’t notice, so long as she stayed within sight. 

Yes, she is certainly beautiful. Beautiful enough to be a threat to Azula, a goddess worshiped for her beauty. 

Far more beautiful, as far as Zuko is concerned.

The princess stands in the snow, arms crossed over her thick winter coat. One neat brow sits high on her head; her full lips are pursed, but her bright blue eyes sparkle with amusement as she watches the man across from her fuss with his kill. Her skin is perfectly smooth, a lovely shade of brown, with a soft flush from the arctic winds around them whipping at her cheeks. Loops of hair a darker shade of brown flutter in the same wind.

So very beautiful.

Zuko chews the inside of his lip. He knows his orders. He has already found the beast that Azula wishes to trap this girl with. 

The young man slips with a loud yelp, tumbling face first into the snow - narrowly avoiding the blood and guts before him - and the princess laughs. The sound carries to Zuko on another gust of air, warm and bright, something most would consider obnoxious from the volume alone.

Yet the sound wraps around his heart and squeezes viciously.

His finger ghosts over the tip of his arrow. It glimmers dully in the winter sun. 

It isn’t a hard task to complete. Fire it, let her find her way to the beast, and return home. 

But then the princess smiles, pearl white teeth behind those full lips, and the arrow falls uselessly from Zuko’s hands.


Her back presses against the door, none too gently. She gasps and Zuko swallows the sound whole, presses it into his lungs as he devours her mouth.

But she is not so meek. She responds with an enthusiasm to rival his own, grabbing his hips to press them flush against her own. Her fingers glide upwards, deft and slender, and push the sash at his waist apart until the material falls open to reveal the pale skin beneath it.

Zuko opens the princess’ vibrant blue tunic and grasps her waist, lifting her off of her feet. Her strong legs wrap around his hips, and his head spins when her thighs flex around him.

“Your name,” He whispers raggedly, “What is your name?”

She pushes the tunic from his shoulders, dragging her blunt nails down his chest. Zuko shudders, hissing quietly.

“Katara,” She breathes against his mouth.

It’s the most wonderful name he’s ever heard.

He kisses her hotly, moaning when her tongue slips into his mouth to meet his. Zuko presses against Katara, digging his fingers into the fullness of her hips.

There will be hell to pay, he knows, but Katara kisses him again, fingers digging into his hair, and Zuko decides that the consequences are more than worth it.

a version of you and a person there who can't remember (jungkook x reader): pt. 1

•  summary: in which you stumble across long-lost childhood friend jeon jungkook in a therapist’s waiting room and it’s more than a bit awkward for the both of you. (college au) || part two: here

• word count: 6.1k

• warnings: depression; swearing; alcohol

→ note: title taken from singularity by hollow & akimbo. // so this was supposed to be a one-shot and then i got 20,000 words into it and decided that would be a bad idea… so here’s a new jungkook x reader series! i would also like to say that, like the reader in this story, i experience mental illness myself and my experience with it may be different than someone else’s. my intention is not to romanticize it, either; it is a horrible thing to go through and i hope that you will keep that in mind. enjoy~

It has been exactly fifty-seven days, fourteen hours, and thirty-three minutes since the beginning of the semester when your beloved roommate diagnoses you with depression.

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happiness really suited her;

“What are you doing?” Jane looks at Sutton’s phone, noticing that the camera of her phone was opened. 

 “Gathering blackmail material.” A grin spreads over her face. “But also taking pictures of those two lovebirds because I think they are adorable.” Jane let’s out a snort and another smirk appears on Alex’s face.

ao3. comments and kudos are appreciated. xx

Kat always thought that being in a relationship is something she wasn’t build for. Intimacy and feelings had always scared her. But when she met Adena, the possibility of having a relationship suddenly didn’t seemed too far away. Suddenly, it excited her. She felt ready.

Waking up next to Adena, pulling her closer so she can’t get up and leave their warm and soft bed. Placing soft kisses onto her neck, holding her from behind and inhaling her sweet scent. It does something to Kat, gives her a fuzzy feeling all through her body.

“We have to get up.” Adena murmurs and it comes out mostly as a slur, sleep still hanging heavily in her voice.

“We don’t. We can stay here forever.” Adena chuckles at that and Kat can’t help but smile.

“You have work and I have a meeting today.” Adena managed to turn around, facing Kat and gently caress her voice. The sun is shining through the curtains, the light encases Adena and Kat swears she is some sort of angel send from heaven.

“Fine.” She says with a pout and Adena takes Kat’s face into her hands and places a quick kiss onto her lips.

Breakfast consists of lots of kissing and lots of coffee. Adena can also make one of the best pancakes Kat has ever tasted. That woman might literally pure perfection.

Thirty minutes later, Adena says goodbye with a long lasting kiss, which leaves Kat aching for more and Kat knows that Adena knows . The smirk on her face shortly before she leaves says everything.

Kat let’s out a loud and long sigh and steps inside the huge building, her mind far away from work.

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anonymous asked:

may I request a soulmate! tattoo au scenario with semi eita where his soulmate knows that they're fated to be (found out during second year when they have a class together for the first time) but is too self-conscious and introverted to tell him and thinks he would be disappointed? maybe have a happy ending where someone from the team happens to see they're soulmates and nudges them.

The tattoo is going to be on their wrist! Really long so it’s under the cut!

“What class did you get (Name)?” Your friend asked as the two of you began walking up the stairs to where the second years had their classes. You were quite excited to become a second year, but it was pretty nerve-wracking. “I got class 2-2, how about you?”

“Aww! I got class 2-3, so close!” Your friend whined as you let out a small chuckle before walking towards your class, “Anyways, why are you wearing a cardigan, it’s so nice and warm outside!”

“I just like having something covering my arms, and I tend to get cold easily,” You answer playing with your cardigan. Your friend nodded before opening the door to your class, “Yeah, well isn’t your soulmate tattoo on your wrist? How is anybody going to know if you’re their soulmate if you’re just going to keep blocking it?”

Sitting down at a desk, you shrank down and frowned, “I don’t know, it’ll happen eventually..” You say quietly as your friend let out a sigh. “Alright, I should be getting to class, see you at lunch.” Waving goodbye to your friend, she opened the door and ran into a tall male with ombre looking hair before stepping to the side, excusing herself.

Pulling your sleeves down past the tips of your fingers, you looked out the window and sighed, this was going to be another long year.

The end of the day had finally come and you were on your way home, passing the gym on your way to the gates. “Volleyball?” You question as you heard the slams of the volleyballs and the squeaks of the shoes. Walking over towards the door, you peeked inside and noted that it was the boy’s volleyball team practicing.

You stepped away from the gym doors and continued on your way home, but let out a shriek as a volleyball came flying right in front of your face. Breathing heavily, you picked the ball up and observed it before you heard a voice.

“Ah, thanks for catching it!” Jumping, you turn to face the ombre-haired male in your class. “It’s nothing,” You responded softly as you handed the ball back.

As he reached out to grab the ball, your eyes flickered to his wrist where you saw a mark that was the same as your soulmate tattoo. Your cheeks flared up and you gasped causing him to look at you concernedly, “Is there something wrong?”

“N-No, it’s um, I just..,” Your eyes wandered everywhere but him as you tried to think of an excuse, “I just remembered that you have the same class as me! Sorry, I didn’t remember your name.”

He gives you a genuine smile before responding, “Semi Eita, and yours?” You smile back nervously, “It’s (Name), you should be getting back. Sorry for keeping you out here for so long,” Semi shakes his head before thanking you again and heading back into the gym. 

As he leaves, you continue to head home, letting out a loud and long sigh as you pulled on your cardigan to look at your tattoo, “I didn’t think I would find him so easily..”

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The Silver Fox, Part Two

A/N - Well, well, well, here we are! Unless you count my whole ongoing Werewolf!Jeremy AU, this is the first real sequel to an original fic I’ve ever done! REJOICE! (Or not, whatever…) So yeah. I kinda wasn’t expecting the original Silver Fox fic (which you can read here if you want) to go down so well, but seeing as it did, I felt confident enough that I should maybe try my hand at carrying on the story, seeing as I had some ideas for where it could go. Then…all this happened! And now I have the longest fic I’ve ever written right the fuck here! Seriously, I can’t believe how loooooong this one got! But I hope any folks out there who enjoyed the original will like seeing where I took this one! A big thank you to @mandywritesrtthings for being such an incredible friend and both encouraging me to write this sequel in the first place, and taking an early look at the first draft to give me a second opinion - you’re the best, gurl, and I appreciate the hell out of all you do for me! Oh, and again, just to be clear - the ex-wife and children mentioned in this AU are NOT Ryan’s IRL kids and spouse. They be imaginary, yo. Just like all of this nonsense that I wrote! So, get ready for some long, rambling passages and enjoy, my friends! (If you can…)

(Also, don’t tell anyone, but I may have even more ideas for further sequels in this AU, if there’s still any interest after this fic…shhhh…)

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, mentions of alcohol, some DRAMA, a handsome older man and some maaaaajor awkwardness, yo.

Word Count - 8, 210 (!!!!)

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