long lost sister no joke

Confessions, Kisses, and a Jumper

Hey guys! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, your girl has ideas for this. You don’t even know, man. I’m feelin’ the fluff (and the hell of second hand embarrassment). Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Requested: Yep

Anonymous Requested: Hiya!!! Could you do a really fluff george weasley x reader??? Maybe he’s been in love with the reader for the longest time and when she visits the burrow his whole family tease him until he eventually confesses? (Bonus if she steals his G jumper to wear ♡♡♡) 

Warnings: none

The Burrow. It was your absolute favorite place to be, excluding Hogwarts. You loved the openness around the quaint little place as well as it’s cozy feeling. Not to mention that you also loved the redheads on the inside. Picking up your suitcase, you moved towards the front door from your cab. You didn’t even get halfway to the house before a swarm of people greeted you. You happened to notice the twins absence though. How odd. 

“Oh, (Y/N), dear, it’s so good to see you again,” Molly said, grinning. You felt someone take your suitcase. 

“Nice to see you too. And thanks for having me,” You said. Quickly, she lead you inside and into the kitchen. 

“Now let’s have a look at you.” Her hands sat atop your shoulders as her eyes scanned your face and body. You watched as her pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked. 

“You’re too skinny, dear. Much too skinny,” She said. You smiled. Molly always said that about you. 

“Well, I’m sure you know just how to fix that.” Molly’s eyes twinkled as she laughed. Before long, you wandered into the living room with a muffin in hand and sat in your favorite chair. Ron smiled at you from the couch. 

“I reckon George will be happy to see you,” He chuckled. 

“I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Georgie since school got out,” You said. You and George were usually attached at the hip, but you’d been off in America this summer visiting some great anunt you didn’t know you had. People usually joked that you were the long lost sister that made the twins, triplets. You didn’t feel that way towards George though. Unsurprisingly, you were head over heels for the younger twin. 

“Well, he’s been waiting all morning just to give you a hug. You should go say hi,” Ginny said, leaning over your chair to hug you herself. 

“It would be rude not to,” You giggled. With that, you rocketed up the stairs and landed just outside the door to the twins room. You knocked lightly. 

“We’re very busy,” One of them yelled. 

“Too busy for me?” You asked with mock sadness. The door flew open and George wrapped his arms around you, spinning you around. Fred laughed loudly. 

“(Y/N)! You’re back! Great to see you,” George laughed, squeezing you tightly. You laced your arms around his neck. 

“I told you should’ve come with me. It was sooooo boring without you,” You said. And it had been. 

Your great aunt was a little, grey, ninety year old lady who looked far older. She’d been sweet, but incredibly boring. Of course, there wasn’t much to do there either considering her closest neighbors were a mile in either direction and the nearest town was an hour away. God, you’d wished George had come with you. At least then you would have had someone to dip around with. It was incredible how much you’d actually missed him. You were snapped out of your thoughts when Fred began to speak. 

“Wow, mate, did ya’ really miss your bird that much?” Fred asked. 

“Shut up,” George grumbled, flushing lightly.

“Do I get a hug from you or do you not like me anymore?” You asked, holding your arms out to Fred. He held his hands up, shaking his head with a grin. 

“Oh no, wouldn’t want the little brother getting jealous,” He teased. You laughed as you leaned into George. You were so happy to see him again that you nearly kissed him. Leaning your head back into his shoulder, you looked up at him. 

“Did ya miss me, Georgie?” You asked, sweetly. 

“Oh he missed you alright. You should’ve heard him at ni…” 

“You’re hungry, right (Y/N)?” George yelled, steering you towards the stairs. You snorted, knowing the sexual jokes always made him uncomfortable. He more or less picked you up and carried you down stairs to the kitchen where Molly was starting dinner (despite the fact that it was barely noon). She smile when the two of you entered the kitchen. 

“Oh aren’t you two just the cutest,” She said. You smiled, reaching for a second muffin. 

“I know. (Y/N) might weigh me down a bit, but I really do make us look good,” George said, striking a pose. 

“Oh yeah, you’re just, like, so totally cute.” He pouted at your tone. 

“I’m very cute,” He said. Laughing, you patted his cheek. You agreed with him. He was the cutest boy you’d ever seen. 

“The absolute cutest,” You said, squishing his cheeks between your palms and giving him an eskimo kiss. The skin under your hands became warm and it took everything you had not to laugh. 

“Go on you two,” Molly laughed, shooing you out of the kitchen. 

A few seconds later, you were sitting in his lap in the living room. You’d turned towards him so you could play with his hair. He’d grown it out since you told him you thought he’d look good with it that way. You were right. He very much did. Suddenly, Ginny laughed behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, you could see the youngest Weasley’s trying and failing to stifle their laughter. You raised an eyebrow at them. 

“What?” You asked. Ginny shook her head. 

“God, George, could you get any redder?” She laughed. A quick look at his face told you that, no, he couldn’t get redder. 

“Merlin, (Y/N), what are you doing over there?” Ron asked. 

“Braiding his hair.” Both of them lost it, laughing for an uncomfortable amount of time as you turned back to George.

“I was right about the long hair. It suits you,” You said. He just watched you with an almost nervous smile on his lips. That was weird. You didn’t know George got nervous. 

“I know, now I can really say I’ve got better hair than you,” He said. You glared, playfully. 

“You wish.” 

When dinner finally rolled around, you and George had taken places next to each other at the table as usual. All the Weasley’s snickered as you did. Glancing at George, you saw him glare at his family. A warning. One that probably meant they needed to shut their mouths. You almost wanted to know what he was hiding, but you figured he’d tell you himself at some point. As you settled in and began to eat, Molly caught your attention. 

“(Y/N), dear, what color would you like your sweater this year?” She asked. Of course she would start knitting sweaters months early. 

“Whatever color you make his,” You said, nodding to George. 

“Why?” He asked, choking on his food. 

“I thought you’d like to match with someone other than Fred for once,” You said, sweetly. His face burned brightly and you stifled a laugh by shoving a forkful of peas in your mouth. 

“Awww, you and your girlfriend are gonna match, Georgie,” Fred joked. 

“She should be so lucky,” George chuckled, sounding slightly strained. You raised an eyebrow at him. 

“Oh but just imagine it. We’d be the power couple of Hogwarts,” You chuckled, only half joking. 

“True, but I’m a little out of your league,” He said. You snorted. 

“I’m sure I could win you over with my sparkling wit and my, uh, assets,” You said, leaning towards him with your chest puffed out to a comedic size. With a start, George fell out of his chair. 

“Ah, young love,” Mr. Weasley muttered, placing his hand over his wife’s. 

“You okay?” You asked, leaning over to look at him. 

“Great.” You pulled him back into his chair. 

“Great now that you’re here,” Ginny said with a bad imitation of a swooning George. You rolled your eyes. He glared at her. He was beginning to go as red as he had in the living room earlier. 

“You should’ve heard him, (Y/N). All summer it was ‘I wonder when (Y/N)’s getting back. I miss her so much’ we all got sick of hearing your name for a while there,” Ron said, smirking. Admittedly, you probably sounded about the same way to your own family with how often you talked about George. That was why they sent you back early. 

“Awwww, I missed you too,” You sing songed, making obnoxious kissy noises as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. 

“Come off it,” George grumbled. 

“I thought you missed her,” Ginny said, rather unhelpfully. 

“Yeah, brother o’ mine, you were the one mumbling her name all ni…” Fred said. George flicked a spoonful of mashed potato’s at him to shut him up. You laughed, leaning back in your seat. 

After a good hour or so, you yawned. Traveling took a lot out of a person, especially when they came to the Weasley household. Scooting your chair closer to George, you rested your head on his shoulder. He looked at you and you yawned again, running your fingers through your hair. Molly took one look at you and started to push you towards the stairs. 

“Get to bed. You’ve had a long day,” She said, gently. Nodding, you made your way to the twins room, where you always slept. 

“Where the hell are my pajamas?” You mumbled, sleepily digging through your bag. 

After a few minutes of unsuccessful searching, you concluded that you probably threw them in your sister’s suitcase because you hadn’t had room in your own when you were packing to leave. Well, that put a damper on things. Looking around the room, your eyes landed on the little dresser. You began to rummage through it without much thought before you pulled out a big jumper. When you slid it on, you realized that it was George’s. Not only did the smell tip you off, but it had a big ‘G’ on the front. Shrugging, you crawled into bed and fell asleep almost instantly. 

The next morning, you didn’t bother to get dressed when you went down for breakfast. They’d seen you without pants before. Nothing new there. As soon as you entered the kitchen, you saw Bill leaned against the counter. He smiled at you and you gave him a sleepy wave. 

“What’re you doin’ here?” You yawned. 

“Figured I’d come home and say hi while everyone else was still home. Didn’t expect to see you,” He said. 

“Oh, well, it’s nice to see you. I’m just here ‘cause I wanted to see George,” You said. Bill’s lips curled into an amused smile as he scanned his eyes over the sweater you were wearing. 

“It’s been a long time, are you two together now?” He asked. You shook your head slowly, reaching for a mug. He handed it to you, pouring you some (coffee/ tea/ etc.) with a raised eyebrow. 

“No, why?” You asked. He laughed softly. 

“Given your hair and the jumper, it looks like you might have gotten up to something,” He teased. You blinked at him, absent mindedly trying to smooth your hair. It had no interest in being smoothed. 

“’M hungry,” You said, vaguely wandering into the dining room. 

“Morning,” You muttered, picking over the food on the table and ignoring the way everyone stared at you. When you finally filled your plate and sat down, you looked up at everyone. 

“What are you wearing?” George asked. You glanced down. 

“Your sweater. I slept in it last night.” The family continued to stare at you as you buttered a piece of toast. “Bill said I had sex hair.” 

“He what?” Molly sputtered. You smiled at her. 

“He said I had sex hair, well, implied it anyway,” You said. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw George flush red. 

“Ohhh, Georgie, what’d you get up to last night?” Fred asked, elbowing his twin. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” George spat out automatically. You snorted a laugh at how uncomfortable he seemed. Still, you felt a little bad about it. You didn’t mean to get him teased. 

Throughout breakfast the family teased George relentlessly. The second you were done eating, he dragged you from the table. You didn’t even get to finish you (coffee/tea/etc.). He pulled you all the way up to his room, face red in embarrassment. You smiled softly at him and yawned, still not totally awake. He watched you as you rubbed your face with the sleeves of his jumper. Despite the fact that you had slept in it, it still smelled like him which was nice. 

“I need to talk to you,” He said in an uncharacteristically serious voice.

“Here I be. Talk away,” You said, sitting criss cross on his bed. He couldn’t seem to look you in the eye; expertly avoiding it by looking at the top of your head. 

“I missed you. A lot,” He said. You smiled, reaching to give him a hug and successfully circling your arms around his middle. 

“I missed you too, you goof,” You said. He shifted uncomfortably. 

“No, uh, merlin this is hard,” He said. 

“That’s what she said,” You giggled. A soft laugh vibrated your cheek where you’d pressed it to his stomach. 

“Do you take anything seriously, (Y/N)?” He asked. 

“That’s rich coming from you.” He gave you a nervous smile, rubbing the back of his neck. His grin was sheepish and lopsided. You tipped your head to the side, realizing that he really did have something to tell you. 

“This would be much easier if you weren’t wearing my jumper,” He said. 

“Well, I’d take it off but, I’m not wearing anything underneath,” You said, shrugging. The tips of his ears turned cherry red and he sat next to you, staring directly ahead. 

“I love you,” He said, still rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Oh.” That was the best answer you had at the moment. Your dreams were coming true, so your brain was short circuiting. George still didn’t look at you, but he didn’t move either. He seemed to be frozen in some kind of embarrassed haze. Slowly, you crawled into his lap. 

“I love you too,” You said. His face erupted into a huge grin. 

“Kiss me immediately,” He demanded. Who were you to deny him? 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed you lips to his in a feather light touch. They were warm and far softer than you imagined they would be. It felt like a switch flipped in your brain and everything made sense. It felt like you’d just found your soulmate, as corny as that sounds. George rubbed your sides lightly, holding you as though you were a precious jewel. The kiss was soft with some nose bumping and little giggles. Every part of you just felt warm. When the two of you pulled apart, you rested your foreheads against each other and smiled. 

“Is this what they’ve been bugging you about this whole time?” You asked. He nodded. 

“Seems stupid that I was so afraid of telling you,” He said. You shrugged, laughing lightly. 

“I love you,” You said, pecking his lips again. 

“I love you too. Ha, I can say that as much as I want now. I could scream it from the roof if I wanted!” He laughed, jumping up. He was actually going to scream it from the roof. You knew him. 

“George no,” You said, reaching for him. He was already halfway out the window. 

“George yes.” Well, he might be an idiot, but he was your idiot. 

anonymous asked:

10 people from the fandom you would like to meet IRL

Only 10??😄Haha! Well as much as I would love to meet everyone, these are on my top 10 list:

@hollyashton  Holly has been there for me since the beginning, (even inspired to even start this blog lol) so when I met her, I knew that right away we would be pretty great friends. And we are😋I love how she’s always so supportive and caring towards others in the fandom and comes up with these creative ideas like #ChoicesCreates. Like, can you say talent? She’s the best “fandom mom” anyone could ever ask for and I couldn’t love her anymore than I already do😘     

@mermaidwarriorqueen  Jess is honestly like my identical twin so meeting her irl is a “must" for me lol. Seriously, like you don’t know how many times this girl has made me laugh and cry (happy tears of course) from her corny jokes, her interesting work stories, our shared obsession over Jake McKenzie (which has happened a lot lol) and so much more😂😂😂She’s the best friend I could ever have and I’m so incredibly lucky to know someone like her♥️  

@annyvil  Ann, this sweet angel right here, is another best friend of mine whom I love to bits. She’s kind, friendly, optimistic, and a million other adjectives I could name at the top of my head, but most importantly, she never stops believing in people. And I honestly cannot thank her enough for having my back because having her there to support me just proves how much I value and appreciate her even more💕 

@samantha-massey  We seriously met like two weeks ago and already officiated that we’re long lost sisters lmao😄. No joke, like I was surprised we didn’t talk sooner because she’s exactly like me☺️Annoying brothers/sisters? Check! Our love for pets? Check! Not to mention, that she’s so nice and completely gorgeous?? Like I can’t express enough how freakin’ awesome she is XD  

@kittenmusicals  I’ve always admired Krysy’s work and fun-loving personality because to me, she never serves to disappoint 😉Legit, she's one of the most driven, hardworking people I know who gets her shit done and pulls it off flawlessly and I’m still amazed at how much free time she has to write haha! But honestly, I love talking to her and she always knows just what to say to make me smile😊

@choicesimaginesandmore  Omg you don’t know how obsessed I was (and still am ;) with Jimmie’s blog before… My god, I would constantly bother this girl with so many JakexMC requests that I actually had to restrain myself lol. Her writing is that good haha! Let’s not forget that she’s also a part of the Air Force, she’s super strong inside and out and just everything?? Like if you don’t know her, you definitely should get to. send her requests too! 

@lanapowellblog  Lana is another person who has been soo sweet and good to me. She’s the biggest ball of sunshine I’ve ever seen with her bright, bubbly energy, her adorable Cat Valentine gifs (which I ADORE) and so many other things. Also, like her drawings?? 11/10!! I definitely wish she could teach me! i promised to show her how to dance in return so we are definitely making this happen lol  

@jakesmckenzies and @zahranamazis  Wasi and Laura are like a package deal to me so I definitely had to include these two together lmao😂😂😂. They’re both incredibly sweet, strong, and hilarious girls whom never fail to make me smile and I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know them on here and in the fandom :) also they’re like actual goddesses irl so that’s a plus lol! 

@the-light-of-stars  Ah, my favorite theorist ;) Starlight right here always blows me away with her witty mind and sharp personality, so meeting her irl would definitely be an adventure haha! especially when we’re talking about what shit’s gonna go down in ES oh my gooodd lol

And last but not least:

@endlessraj Tina, aka my favorite ES writer, has never ceased to amaze me more than she already has :) Everything about her and her work is phenomenal and I love how she's never stopped to contributing to the fandom even when I think she gets a million JakexMC requests a day most likely from me lmaoo  

All in all, I love her and everyone here so so much and I hope that someday maybe we all will cross paths haha! :)

I’m All Yours

WARNING: A panic attack occurs during this one shot. Please don’t read if this may be a trigger for you.

The silence and glimmering light in my room doesn’t offer me any solace. It’s been months since she died, but it doesn’t hurt any less than it did the night I watched her die in my brother’s arms. My psychiatrist said it would get better—and it has—but I know the ache in my heart will never actually go away. Like the rest of the pack, I’ve learned to live with the dull throbbing in my chest. It’s not as noticeable any more, but it’s hasn’t lessened. Maybe that’s because my attention has been deterred.

Not long after Allison’s death, the school year ended, so we all started focusing on our rapidly approaching senior year and our post-graduation plans. Since we were born, Scott and I have been attached at the hip. Being twins you’d expect as much, I guess. When we’ve managed to catch some time alone over the past few months, Scott and I have been confided in each other about our worries for the future: what class we’re going to take senior, where we plan to go to college, how the supernatural will affect us in our final year and beyond, and so on.

One night Scott and I both confessed we want to go to the same college. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder that night. I won’t be alone, I had thought happily. Scott had hugged me tightly, cheering about how we were going to take on UC Davis together. After growing so close to the pack over the past few years, I can’t imagine my life without them either—even Liam and Malia. Stiles and I are as close as Scott and I, so it’s no wonder he also wants to go to UC Davis with us. 

As I daydream, my eyes land on the photo of Scott, Stiles, and I from the time we went to the beach when were seven. We all had missing teeth, matching shirts, scraped knees and baby faces. My hair was in braided pig tails. I had one arm thrown around my brother and the other was wrapped around Stiles. We were sitting on a park bench that still had room left on it because we were so small. We were so young, making it hard to believe that we weren’t so innocent anymore. A smile breaks across my face at the sight of the photo as I think about how I’ve been so lucky to grow up with the two of them.

I’m still in pain over Allison’s death, but it’s the little things—like this photo—that remind me that things can get better. I have the greatest friends a girl can ask for, and I’m not so sure what I’d ever do without them. In many ways, not much has changed since Allison died; the supernatural hasn’t bothered us (yet). Even though it’s different without Allison, Lydia and I still have our monthly girl nights. Kira and Malia join us on these nights too. Although Malia can be very blunt, we’ve gotten along very well since she joined the pack. Perhaps that’s because I’m a werewolf, and Scott paired me up with her from the get-go in order to teach her the ways of the supernatural.

When she first moved to Beacon Hills, Kira and I became fast friends; we happened to have all of our classes together this past school year and our lockers were next to one another too. I was actually the one who introduced her to the pack her first week here. Liam joined our pack next after Scott gave him the bite. While the others, especially Stiles, were (and still are at times) very weary of Liam because of his anger issues, I didn’t hesitate to make him feel welcome in the pack. I know what it’s like to fight my own inner demons so I wasn’t going to let his anger issues get in the way of our friendship and him joining the pack. The pack has always joked that I’m like Liam’s long lost older sister because I’m so protective of him.

Without all of them, I’m sure that the past few months would have been even darker and more difficult for me. I didn’t just lose Allison that night. Danny and Ethan were my best friends too so when they both left at the end of the school year I was completely broken. They might not have been a part of our pack, but they were brothers to me nonetheless. I’ve clung to the pack in order to move on, and Isaac is probably the one that I’ve depended on the most. 

Before Allison’s death, Isaac and I were close, but not nearly as close as we are now. When he first joined the pack, I looked out for him a lot because I knew about his past; he’s credited me for not going insane, especially since Allison died. I owe it to him for not letting my own demons get the best of me too. Isaac and I have been inseparable since that terrible night.

From going to the movie theater to bowling to taking road trips for no reason at all, Isaac has become an extremely important person in my life over the last six months. I’m not sure when exactly, but I started seeing him as more than a friend and I developed feelings for him. I haven’t dated anyone since I broke up with a soccer player a month or so before Allison’s death. As for Isaac, he hasn’t show any interest in dating since Allison died—or at least he hasn’t discussed it with me. In all honesty, I’m not sure if I’ll ever tell him about how I feel because I’m so terrified the feelings won’t be mutual.

There’s a soft tap on my open door. I sit up on my bed and notice that Isaac is standing in the doorway. He smiles at me softly. A few seconds have passed, and that’s when I realize we’re all supposed to be at the high school soon for senior activities.

“Fuck!” I gasp, looking at the clock on my bedside table that reads seven o’clock.

“It’s okay, Y/N,” Isaac says. “We’re not late. I just wanted to see if you wanted to go soon.”

“Sure,” I say. “Just let me change real fast.”

I get off my bed and glance back towards my door. Isaac is still standing in the doorway, watching me. With a wave of my hand, I gesture for him to come in.

“You don’t have to stay there, ya know,” I say giggling. “Come in and sit down.”

Isaac chuckles and takes a seat on the foot of my bed. I go to my closet in order to pick out a different outfit. I showered earlier after I got off work from Deaton’s, but I put comfy clothes to lounge around in. Tonight’s events aren’t fancy, but I want to look decent. I pull out a loose black v-neck t-shirt and a pair of dark, holey jeans. As I move to my dresser, I sit the outfit next to Isaac on my bed. Next, I take out a royal blue skirt (that hits just above me knee) from my dresser and sit that next to Isaac too. I approach my closet again and remove a red and blue plaid flannel.

I stop in front of Isaac who’s staring up at me. Placing my hands on my hips, I gaze at the two outfits I’ve chosen.

“Isaac,” I ask, “would you wear the t-shirt and jeans or would you wear the skirt with the t-shirt?”

Isaac smirks, “Well, I probably wouldn’t wear either, but I think that skirt looks nice on you. If I were you, I’d go with the skirt and t-shirt.”

I roll my eyes at him and pick up the skirt. My gaze rests on him again.

“Can you look the other way?” I ask him softly.

Isaac covers his eyes as he stands up and walks toward my desk on the opposite side of the room. I’ve known Isaac for a year, and I’m so comfortable around him that I don’t mind if stays in the room (as long as he doesn’t look). As I change, I watch him closely, hoping he doesn’t notice. He’s so tall yet lean and fit at the same time. I notice that he picks up a picture frame to get a better look; his hands are so much larger than mine. I wonder how it’d feel to hold his hand, I think, and intertwine our fingers. I switch t-shirts and tuck my shirt into my skirt.

“You can look now,” I inform him.

When he turns around, he’s holding a different picture frame in his hand. I tie the flannel around my waist and watch Isaac as he approaches me. Isaac turns it around to show me once he’s standing about a foot or so away. A soft giggle escapes my lips when I see the photo. The picture is of Isaac and I two months ago. We were at the lacrosse field with Stiles and Scott. Isaac was wearing his home jersey while I was wearing a Beacon Hills t-shirt of his. It was so long on me that it nearly covered my shorts entirely. I had found it on the hallway floor outside our rooms that morning; he had dropped it when he took his clean laundry to his room. I picked it up and decided to wear it because the boys were in such a rush to leave to go to the field.

In the photo, Isaac has one arm around my shoulder and the other around my lower back, tugging me close to him. We’re facing each other with our arms wrapped tightly around one another. I’ve always loved his hugs; his hugs make me feel safe. I’m so short standing next to him. My head is just below his shoulders and my arms are hugging him just above his hips. I can’t remember why we had taken the picture, but I’m glad we did because I have so few of us together. Since I was a kid, I’ve been crazy about taking photos and printing them out so that I can have them scattered around my room.

“I never knew you got this one printed,” Isaac says after a moment.

I smile and say, “It’s the only one I have printed of the two of us. I wanted to have one of us to put with all the other pictures I have in here.”

Isaac goes to say something, but he’s interrupted before he can even get a word out.

“C’mon, let’s go!” Scott cheers. “I want to get there before Kira.”

I look towards the door and see a smiling Scott standing in the doorway. We tell him we’re coming. Isaac sets the photo back, and we follow Scott downstairs. The three of us pile into my car and head towards the high school. Joking and laughing, the three of us enjoy the short car ride together. When we get to the school, we find Stiles and Malia immediately. Malia and I start chatting like it’s been weeks since we last saw each other, even though it’s only been a day. Isaac stands quietly by my side as Scott takes off to go after Kira.

More and more people arrive each minute. After a few minutes, I realize that Isaac hasn’t spoken that much. I sneak a glance at him to find him already staring at me. Isaac smiles at me, making me blush slightly. I look back towards Malia, hoping that Isaac doesn’t notice my rapidly beating heart. Malia grins at me because she notices it. I shove her playfully in the arm. Finally, Scott and Kira return so the six of us head towards the school’s entrance. I’m excited for tonight, but it just doesn’t feel right without Allison.

The two couples enter the building hand-in-hand. I wish Isaac and I could do that too. I shake the sad thought away and gaze up at Isaac. There’s a huge smile on his face, and it’s obvious that he’s ecstatic about tonight too. We find Lydia and start to wander through the school’s halls. I’m silent, trying to take in everything. I don’t want to miss anything; I want to remember every moment because there’s only so many of these moments left with my friends.

We take a turn and walk down a familiar hallway. I always try to avoid this hall as much as possible. During sophomore and junior year, Allison and I had lockers next to each other on this hall. Isaac and the other boys had lockers directly across the hall from us. I try not to let my eyes fall on her locker that’s near the end of the hall. To my left, I hear Isaac inhale sharply; I look up at him to make sure he’s okay only to realize that there’s fear in his eyes. His breathing is jagged and his hands are shaking.

“Isaac,” I say and reach out to touch his arm.

“I can’t—my lungs—I can’t breathe,” Isaac pants. His hands are gripping his chest.

I stop him and put my hands on his shoulders. Isaac looks everywhere but in my direction.

“Look at me,” I say calmly. Isaac eyes dart around nervously. “Isaac, look at me.”

He keeps looking around so I cup his face between my hands. Isaac’s eyes finally rest on mine. His breathing is very still irregular; he’s wheezing loudly, trying to gasp for air. I keep my expression and body language calm in hopes that it will calm him down. I’m aware of how the pack has stopped too, but I don’t dare take my focus off Isaac.

I push down softly on his shoulders. “Sit down, Isaac.”

Isaac sits down with his back against the lockers. I kneel in front of him and rub circles with my thumb on the back of one his hands. Isaac is still looking me in the eye, and his eyes are wide with terror.

“Take a deep breath in,” I say, not peeling my eyes away from his.

Isaac tries too, but it’s not enough. I tell him to breathe out, continuing with this process a few times. With each breathe, Isaac starts to appear better, but he’s still not breathing well. I take his other hand and place it over my heart. His hand is trembling on my chest so I place mine over it to keep it from shaking so much. Surprisingly, my heart is calm—thank God, I think.

“You feel that?” I ask him evenly. Isaac nods frantically. “Can you match your breathing to my heart rate? You’ve just got to take long, deep breaths. Let’s count again.”

I start counting, and Isaac starts breathing in and out again. A couple minutes later his breathing has returned to normal. Neither of us speaks at first; the pack is silent too. Other seniors keep walking around us, not realizing what’s happened. I let go of Isaac’s hand (the hand that’s not covering my heart) and ruffle his hair. Isaac grins widely. My heart skips a beat when I see his beautiful smile.

“Thank you,” Isaac whispers.

“Any time, Lahey,” I smirk.

A faint blush rises on his cheeks when I call him by his last name.

“I might not be a werewolf,” Stiles says, “but it doesn’t take much to notice that both of your hearts are probably fluttering a mile a minute.”

I don’t turn around to face Stiles as I roll my eyes. Instead, I simply flip him off, making everyone, including Isaac, laugh loudly. Isaac is staring at me. He’s searching my eyes to see what I actually think of Stiles’ comment. I don’t break eye contact with him and I hope that he realizes how I feel about him.

“I really like you, you know,” Isaac says softly. His eyes are warm and full of vulnerability. “I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while, and I was hoping to tell you in a very different setting. You might think I’m crazy. Well, I know you think I’m kind of strange—it’s just that I’m crazy about you. It’s kind of terrifying because I like you so much, and I’ve never felt this head over heels before. I love spending time with you, Y/N. I don’t want to lose you and I hope you feel the same.”

Isaac takes a deep breath and continues, “I guess I’ll never know if I don’t shut up.”

“Isaac, believe it or not,” I begin, “I really, really like you too. You’re weird, but so am I. We’re kind of the same weird if you haven’t noticed it over the last year or so, but as long as you’re willing to put up with me, I’ll always be yours.”

Isaac smiles happily. He removes his hand from my chest and places it on my cheek. He closes the short distance between us and kisses me gently on the lips. Lydia squeals with excitement and Stiles pretends to choke. I pull away after a moment. When I open my eyes, Isaac is already looking at me with a big grin on his face. I glance at the others in time to see my brother fist bump the air enthusiastically. Kira claps and smiles at me. Malia winks at me, knowing that this would happen eventually.

Isaac tugs at my hands and asks if I’m ready to stand. He wraps an arm around my shoulder once we’re standing up; his hand is dangling over my right shoulder in front of me so I hold it with my right hand. For a little bit, we all chat. Not a single one of us wants to rush because then that means another moment is over.

“We better go if we want to sign the bookshelf,” I say to the others.

They all agree so we head towards the library. We get in line to sign the bookshelf when we arrive in the library. I look up and down the line, trying to remember all of the faces of my classmates as they are now. This is one of our last moments together as a class. When did we grow up so quickly? My heart sinks when I think about those of us who didn’t make it this far. Some kids moved and some fell victim to the supernatural. Either way it’s still sad to think about. My mind trails to thoughts of Danny and Ethan. They would’ve been standing right next to me, I’m certain of it. I desperately wish they were here.

Isaac squeezes my hand, letting me know it’s okay. He must have noticed a change in my heartbeat, I conclude. Chatting and joking with the pack makes the time fly by fast. Before I know it, we’re all signing the bookshelf. Scott and I are the last two of the pack to sign it. I already know that my initials aren’t the only ones I’ll be writing. I’m behind Scott so I see him sign Allison’s initials. Scott turns to hand me the pen with a bittersweet expression. I see that Isaac signed Erica and Boyd’s initials as well as his own. I sign Danny, Ethan, and even Aiden’s initials by mine. Then, I hand the pen to the person behind me.

I take my place back next to Isaac. Isaac kisses my temple, making me blush.

“It was nice of you to sign Aiden’s initials,” Isaac mumbles. “Ethan and Danny would have been right behind you in line, you know. You guys were like the Three Musketeers.”

“I miss them,” I reply. I rest my head on his chest. “I miss them—and her—a whole fucking lot.”

Isaac nods to let him me know he understands.

“They would’ve been here,” Scott says, hugging Kira.

We all share looks and try not to fill the gaps between us with their faces.

“They still are,” Lydia corrects him.

With that, we all agree to go to the lacrosse field. You’d think we’d grow tired of the lacrosse field, but it’s always been our place. Since freshman year, Scott, Stiles, and I have always hung out there. Whenever we’re lost, confused, upset, angry, or whatever, we come here. If anything good ever happens, we celebrate on the field. Because of this, it only makes sense to go out there now. I tug Isaac towards the field when we exit the building. Isaac laughs at me excitement.

We all race towards the field. We push and shove each other to be the first ones there. As we step on the field, I hop on my brother’s back. Scott spins in circles with me laughing loudly on his back. He sets me back down after a bit and he chases Kira around the field.

“We’re probably going to get rained on,” Isaac says casually.

The others cheer at the thought. We’re all like children, excited to have the chance to play in the rain.

“What?” I ask. “Are you afraid of a little rain, Lahey?”

Isaac smirks and puts his hands on either side of my waist. He pulls me closer to him. Isaac puts a loose strand of hair behind my hair. My braid is slowly falling out. I wrap my arms around his neck and smile widely up at him.

“I’m not afraid of anything as long as I have you by my side,” Isaac responds seriously.

I stand on my tiptoes, but I’m still not able to reach his lips on my own. Isaac leans forward so I can kiss him on the lips. This kiss is much more passionate than our first, but not too much since we’re in public. Right here, right now I forget about my demons and my heartache. Isaac rests his forehead against mine when we pull apart. A simple look from him is enough to knock the wind out of me. At the moment, nothing else matters. Despite my demons and insecurities, I’ve never been this happy in months. I don’t want to lose Isaac either so I hold him tighter.

Isaac picks me up and lifts me over his shoulder. I squeal and laugh as he runs around the field with the rest of the pack. Right here, right now this moment is all that matters. Laughing with my best friends and boyfriend is all that will ever truly matter.