long lost friends


Long Lost Friends: Jane Porter and Terk by Brandon Le

To My Long Lost Friend that “I haven’t seen in years!” Who Just Ran Up to Me On the Street,

You called out my name with joy.

You gave me a great big hug.

You filled me in on everything since then and till now - all the adventures in your life, at ten excited words a second.

You recalled our crazy nights out, our days skipping work in Sydney to go to the beach, and that time we met those girls.

You reminded me of how I used to make you laugh and then asked me how I was and, “what have you been doing man!”.

I told you. You laughed and said “Wow!”.

Then you gave me a hug and we parted ways, planing, promising to catch up soon.

As you walked away I smiled and waved as you waved with excitement, having crossed paths with a fellow adventurer of life.

Then we turned and walked our separate ways.

I have no idea who the hell you are.