long lost bros


I’m really loving this lab group makeshift family.
Amon is fam, he’s the long lost bro and they’re here to bring him home so he shouldn’t say no.

(Ayato almost does not fit the picture lol. What’s he doing among the bunch of half-asses and having the burden to keep them on track? Poor son. I’m sorry I misjudged him thinking that he’d run wild. He’s grown so much. Literally.)

Me & Kook's First Meeting

Jungkook: Hello, What’s your name?

Me: I'am your Noona show me some respect.

Jungkook: *Doesn’t believe me and is suspicious*

Me: Well would you prefer me to call you Oppa then?

Jungkook: *Jungshook*

Me: Yeah that’s what I thought.

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So I was reading through your my hero saiki stuff again and what about a combination of long lost family member and appears during a fight? 7 years later Midoriya's long lost bro shows up during the USJ fight.

a fantastic idea, and even better if i could bring saiki’s brother along for the ride without him and saiki both promptly ruining the whole thing 

izuku would be so upset, though, and i’m fairly sure that as soon as saiki hears izuku thinking oh no saiki can’t be with the villains he CAN’T be saiki would probably figure it out and go talk to izuku. thus avoiding the entire “saiki is one of the villain alliance” misunderstanding. 


Ok so I confess I have a bit of a thing for dark haired stoic anti-hero types..

But recently I’ve noticed another little trend - 

Dorky blond mentors who also happen to be - 

secret badasses! (With weird strangely sexy outfits…hmm)

You guys have any random anime crushes?

(Also Corazon - please adopt Kisuke as your long lost bro so you can be dopey and awesome together and cos Doffy is just not good for you, mate!)

Apparently, Marvel is developing a new TV show that will be in mockumentary comedy style (like The Office and Parks and Rec). It’s going to be based on the Damage Control series, which focuses on a government division focused on cleaning up the damage after a superhero fight.

It just makes me wonder, how would Leslie Knope deal with living in the MCU? Like I can imagine a whole episode dedicated to her fixing up this park, only for Thor to come down and leave a huge crater with his hammer.

Then Ann turns to her and says something like, “Oh hey look…another giant hole to fill in.” And Leslie just turns to the camera, supremely annoyed lol.

Eren takes a trip to Japan to visit his adopted sister Mikasa.

Mikasa has lived with the Jaeger family in Germany since she was 3. When she finally turned 21, Mikasa decided to visit her origin: Searching for her birth parents and wanting to understand the culture she never got to grow up in.
Considering she’s a healthy 25 year old, still living in Japan, sending many interesting souvenirs, and still sending very happy phone calls— one could say that she is loving it.

It has been a while since Eren has seen his sister, so Eren took a large vacation to see her. (Mind you. Making sure to finish all of his important projects before embarking his journey, thank you very much.)
However considering the visit wasn’t on a holiday, Mikasa still had her obligations at work and can’t spend all her time with him during his visit.
Eren expects this, so while she was at work, Eren goes site seeing.

Only, somewhere down the line he gets lost.

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Everyone is freaking out about Stanley hand-making the journals but not many people really talk about Stanford and his creativity at all. I mean he's used his artistic abilities to make a great profit! What's your take on this?

Stan and Stan, whichever you subscribe to which name until canon proves otherwise, have their separate strengths and weaknesses. Sure, The Author probably went to college, majored in the sciences, and had talent in the arts (probably went to an arts and science school, haha), but that doesn’t technically make him the “smarter” twin. Like Dipper and Mabel, their genius lies in different fields.

For one thing, Stan is mechanically inclined. He created his own vacuum cleaner from scratch, as shown on the billboard in NWHS. They weren’t wildly successful (I think the billboard said like, 99%  malfunction rate? haha), but it was his first real invention and a proof that he knew how to tinker around. Not only that, but it’s possible the Stan Vac was also his first major con; selling vacuums to people at a cheap price and then skimping out when reports of malfunctions came in. It’s not hard to simply drop everything and stop selling when you’re traveling and hard to get a hold of. He may have made quite a quick buck off of those old pieces of junk. Interesting to note though that he still HAS Stan Vacs around the house; there’s one in his room and one in the hallway closet. He must have a soft spot for that old junky hardware.

Let’s also not forget that Stan did upkeep on his car for 50 odd years. He may have completely rebuilt the portal in 30 years all on his own. He also re-purposed the house into the Mystery Shack and is a slippery devil that can escape almost any sort of imprisonment situation. He fooled the world for years; possibly his whole life. We only really know a fraction of the things he got up to, while his “goody” brother went off to college and got himself a right education. But it’s clear that while both twins harbor inventive genius, both of them also hold MANY secrets, and probably a lot of laws broken in the process. It’s probably gonna blow all our minds when the next episode comes out and reveals some more of those hidden secrets.

I personally cannot wait! But I agree; Stan needs some serious credit. He’s an amazing guy with amazing talent. he’s had to keep up a facade for a great portion of his life. It will be interesting to see his character develop with the arrival of his long lost bro-bro.