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Castaway {ACOTAR/ Chapter 1}

Word Count: 3,001

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron.

Author’s Note: I want to begin by stating that I am not for Feylin, nor do I support them as a couple. But, as in ACOTAR, it is vital that the story begins with them as a couple. I have been so excited to share this with you, and already can’t wait to share chapter two. As for chapter one, I hope you enjoy. :)

August 16 – It felt like the first time.

My first time having sex was not romantic.

It was horrible.

To say it was awkward would be an understatement. Hell, it would be an improvement.

The only articles of clothing removed were our pants, and my panties, and it took place in the bed of his truck behind his parent’s barn. He kept making uncomfortable grunting noises, and his shoulder kept bumping into my chin.

I think we kissed once during the entire atrocity.

Oh. And he called me Claire.

That’s not my name.

Tonight was different, though. He made me feel like a princess, like every inch of my body was longed for and respected. He took his time with me, and there was nothing awkward about how he touched me, or how he held me, or how he looked at me.

And when he whispered my name, my entire being unraveled.

I won’t be sleeping tonight.


Wide Awake but Lost in a Dream


September 2 – Move in day

Feyre could hear their voices before she turned the corner, her heart nearly pounding through her chest with every step.

Trailing behind her, Elain was carrying a box full of art magazines and photographs, while Nesta was hauling so many pillows that she couldn’t quite see where she was going. Feyre, on the other hand, only carried her clothes, which she managed to stuff into two old duffle bags that she had managed to save from decaying in her dad’s attic.

“Shouldn’t your new boyfriend be helping?” Nesta mumbled, tripping over her own two feet. “He could probably carry all this himself.”

“He’s moving in today, too,” Feyre proclaimed, defending him, although she did wish he was there with her.

They had been dating for a month, just about, and Feyre had to admit that she was loving the honeymoon stage. They spent hours kissing until their lips became chapped, and holding onto each other until ridiculous hours in the morning. 

They had met at orientation while Feyre was waltzing through the Greek Row booths.

He was there, with his fraternity, watching her move from booth to booth. He was quiet, a little bit awkward with his words, a little bit stiff and short when he spoke, but there was something about him Feyre could not ignore, could not forget.

He was mesmerizing.

Their first date was the next night. 

And they had spent nearly every day together since.

She sure wished he was there, though, helping her move in, to begin this new chapter of her life. She was finally free, gone from the small town an hour away that held her father, the man who was too lazy and too far broken for Feyre, or either of her sisters, to heal. They had been trying for too long. And Feyre was exhausted.

The thought of leaving used to make Feyre feel guilty. She was the only one left, as Nesta had moved away five years before and made a life for herself in the city. And Elain, sweet Elain, had left just a year after to chase her own dream.

Feyre was his last hope, and she had failed him. He doesn’t want to be helped, Nesta would always tell her, and near the end of her time spent under her father’s roof, Feyre was beginning to agree.

You need to make yourself happy. You need to take your own path, Elain would follow, more graciously than their elder sister.

So, she did.

She had applied to the University of Velaris a few months before, and before she could think twice about leaving her little, dinky hometown, and her father, Feyre was moving to the City of Starlight. She couldn’t wait for her first night there, to find out how the city got its nickname.

Soon enough.

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• Mirror rorriM •

Based off an anon ask that the lovely @stylesunchained received the other night. Who doesn’t love the idea of a some naughty fun against a mirror with Gucci suit Harry?
Thank you to @aboutalighthouse for the help and immense support while writing this!


The first thing you see when you walk into the crowded room is Harry. Harry in the Gucci suit looks like a goddamn vision; his smile breaking every heart and making knees weak. It’s like he has this bright spotlight on him and you can see everyone around you is casually trying not to stare in his direction. He’s oblivious to their stares as he works the room, his focus fully on the conversation he has with each guest.

He catches your eye when he’s posing for a picture with a beautiful woman on each arm, their bodies against him in hopes of keeping his attention when the photographer is gone. So, when his gaze lingers on you for a little longer than you can handle, you see the smile become a sort of smirk that you know can only mean trouble for someone, and you sincerely hope it’s going to be you.

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The darkness inside the bedroom is heavy and still, curtains keeping out the shattered city lights and moon’s glow reaching  up into the windows. It’s almost too quiet, too serene and something pulls Alec from his sleep, but he tries to fight it, buries his face in the pillow with a soft grunt, arm reaching blindly out for Magnus to pull him back, because without his body pressed against his own skin, Alec always feels  cold.

Once again, there is only empty space and the phantom of a body, the pillow laying askew and the sheets thrown back as if in a hurry.  Alec’s heart sinks in his chest and he feels infinitely more awake right away, eyes blinking rapidly to get used to the lack of light. He slips out from the bed, pads over to the door left ajar, no sign of life anywhere to be seen. Alec keeps his steps as quiet as possible, bare feet over wooden panels and multiple kinds of rugs until he stops by one of the pillars in the living room, leaning his shoulder against it, grainy brick sharp on his skin.

He can make out Magnus’ silhouette against the balcony doors with the curtains pulled back, silver and watery moonlight falling around him like a halo, catching on the edges of his muscles and the wrinkles in the pajama pants he’s wearing. He’s standing completely still, a marble statue in a dark room, if it wasn’t for the movement of his chest with each and every measured breath.


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Let’s continue - Montgomery de la Cruz

Originally posted by thegayfleet

A/N: Sorry that i’ve been so absent lately but I’ve been focusing on myself a little more since it was preatty necessary but I really try to write as fast and good as possible i promisee

Request: Hey I love your writing and I was wondering if you could please write a Montgomery imagine where he has a secret crush on you and asks you to go to prom with him. And even though you have nothing in common since you are the shy and qiuet books and band loving geek you agree to go with him and it’s just really cute and lots of fluff! Please and thank you so much

Word count: 1305

Finally some quiet time you thought by yourself when you entered the library. To be honest it was your favourite place of the whole school. It was quiet and you felt like all those popular kids who judged you all the time would never step foot in there so you were safe. You sat yourself down picked out the books you needed, plugged your earphones in and in a matter of time you were sucked in your cloud of concentration and solving your math and statistics problems like they were nothing. Suddenly you were woken up from problem 8c by someone who sat down next to you with a lot of noise. When you looked up you were shocked to see Montgomery de la Cruz sit next to you. You were probably staring awkwardly when you saw confusion come on his face.

“I thought this place was free, is it not maybe?” he said looking around already searching for a new spot.

“Oh eumh yeah it’s free.” You said awkwardly fast and stuttering. Your safe spot wasn’t a safe spot anymore you thought by yourself. As much as you hated to admit it the library was also you hiding place from Montgomery. You hated jocks, you really really did, but Montgomery had something, he had something that made you blush, something that made your knees weak and made you stare awkwardly cause you couldn’t get your eyes of him. But the past months you had caught him already staring when you were going to and now he was sitting here next to you looking like a god.

“What are you studying?” he suddenly asked bringing you out of your thoughts for the second time.

“I’m doing statistics, I’m at problem 8c, it’s about hypothese testing.”

“Oh what a coincidence I just have this hypotheses and I’ve been thinking about it a really long time now and I really need to know the possibility from it. Can you maybe help me?”

“I’ll try? What is it?” you said while taking a fresh sheet of paper.

“So if I would ask you to prom what is the possibility you are going to say yes?” you were focusing on your paper to write the details down when you fastly looked back up. You immediately started to look around.

“Where are they? Is this a joke? How much are you getting if I say yes?”

“Wowowow chill. I promise you this is not a joke or a bet or anything like that. I honestly like you.” Montgomery said while laying  his hand on yours making your heart almost jump out of your chest. You always wondered how his touch would feel. His hand was big covering yours completely, they were warm and his palms even were a little sweaty. Was he nervous? You were staring at his hand on yours.

“So are you in or?”

“I guess so.” You said with some hesitation

That was 5 weeks ago and now here you were standing in your room in front of your mirror. You chose a red dress with cross over on the back showing mostly all of your back, you took your sisters black strap on heels and channel purse and also some earrings that matched. Your hair was in loose long curls and you had a dark smokey eye as make up and for the first time in 18 years you went with lenses instead of your glasses. You were checking every detail a last time when you heard the doorbell ring. You walked out of your room to hear Montgomery talk to your mom. He was telling such sweet things about you it made you calm down immediately, you were mostly calmed down by the softness of his voice but he also made your heart melt a little by the compliments. You were starting to walk down slowly when his gaze suddenly met yours. Montgomery was wearing a plain black suit with a with button down, the first 2 buttons still open. He had this small red rose in his pocket matching the colour of your dress perfectly. He checked you out from head to toe, his mouth agape. You finally got down and stood in front of him.

“Are you ready to go?” you asked with a small smile, Montgomery was still stunned by your looks.

“You look absolutely mind blowing.” He said.

“The boy is right about that sweetheart. Have a fun night and stay as long as you want just keep me up to date.” Your mom said. The time went by fast and you were having the time of your life. You were dancing like you never danced before and by the looks Montgomery was giving you you weren’t bad at it, at all. Through out the night you became aware of Monty coming closer and closer to you but you didn’t mind. Suddenly the Dj started to play a slower song. Like a real gentleman Montgomery picked your hand and asked you to dance with him. You blushed a little before you nodded affirmatively. You laid your arms around his neck while he pulled you closer, his hands on your lower back. You were on cloud nine enjoying every second when Montgomery whispered in your ear.

“Let’s go somewhere more quiet.” You heard before he took your hand and guided you out. You were confused at first but you decided to just go with the flow tonight and see where the night brought the two of you. You were walking towards his car.

“Where are we going?” you asked

“You’ll see.” Montgomery said before he got in himself and started the car. After a short drive of 20 minutes Monty stopped the car on a dark place and helped you out of the car since it was a little hard with your heels. Before you could ask something Montgomery told you to jump on his back and walked with you through some bushes, making sure you wouldn’t get a single scratch on your legs. When you finally got through, what felt like a jungle, you were looking at the most beautiful view you had ever seen. You were looking over the whole town, with all the beautiful city lights shimmering and the stars shining above you, you were mesmerised when you suddenly heard music play again.

“Let’s continue our dance here?” Montgomery said while walking closer to you.

“We came all the way here to continue our dance?” you asked while laying your arms gain around his neck followed by his hands on your lower back.

“Yeah I kind of was done with all these guys eyeing you up and down, you’re my date not theirs.”

“There was no-“

“Yes they were y/n.” You giggled at Montgomery’s response blushing a little and looking at the ground.

“Do you have any idea how cute you are when you giggle like that?”

“You know I can only handle a certain amount of compliments per day, you’re already way over that limit.”

“Then make me shut up.” Montgomery said confident. You were caught a little by his smoothness and looked with wide eyes in his beautiful brown eyes. You smiled softly before Montgomery cupped your face with both hands and slowly brought your lips closer to his. When your lips finally met his it felt like 10 000 fireworks went off and not just butterflies but a full zoo was released in your belly making you smile against his lips. Suddenly Montgomery picked you up and spinned you around after breaking the kiss.

“You just made me the happiest person alive, I’ve been waiting for this for 6 months already.”

“The feeling is mutual.” You said before kissing him again, you tasted him once and you already couldn’t get enough of Montgomery de la Cruz.

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Castaway {ACOTAR/Chapter 17}

Word Count: 2,290

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: Hey guys, sorry this is so late. Life got in the way. I know some of you are still having trouble with tags….They’re a pain in the ass, sorry! I don’t think I will be doing them in future fics, but creating a special hashtag instead. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

P.S. We haven’t gotten rid of the drama just yet. Don’t you worry.

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

Cassian was nervous, and he had no idea why.

It’s not like this was their first time being together. He memorized the entirety of her body weeks ago. But it was their first date, and all things considered, he wanted it to be perfect.

Because he couldn’t mess this up. Couldn’t mess them up. Not now.

He knocked on her door ten minutes before seven, and heard a Coming! from the other side.

Cassian waited, patiently.

Rocking back and forth on his heels, he began to wander if he dressed up enough. He was wearing his nicer jeans – one of few that had no holes or stains – and a crimson button-down shirt. His boots were old and beat up, but they were his favorite.

He hoped she didn’t mind.

The door opened and Cassian’s breath caught in his throat. She was stunning.

A royal blue dress hugged her curves, she had kept her hair down – done in long, loose curls. And to Cassian’s pleasure, she was smiling.

“Hey,” she said, giving him a nod. “You’re early.”

“I told you I would be here at six-fifty,” he smiled, then held out his hand.

And after she threw her bag over her shoulder and locked her door, she took it. “So, where are you taking me?”

Cassian had been debating that question for the last three days. Where did he want to take her? He wanted it to be special, of course, but he didn’t want it to be somewhere that felt forced. He didn’t want it to be too fancy. That wasn’t Cassian. Cassian wasn’t fancy.

So, after three days of heavy debate within himself, Cassian finally planned out the perfect first date. “It’s a surprise.”

She narrowed her eyes, but nodded. Nesta wasn’t one for surprises, he knew that, but she would like this one. He knew she would.

The sun had not set yet, but it was nearly nightfall.

The autumn breeze was calm, unlike it had been for the majority of the week, and the weather was just warm enough that Cassian could roll up his sleeves and feel comfortable.

“So,” he cleared his throat, trying to get past any awkward banter. “How was work this week?”

“Long,” she admitted. “But not awful. Although, I did keep having to run to the bathroom. Morning sickness is not a joke.”

“I bet,” Cassian said, glancing at her through her side-eye, admiring her beauty as they walked. “You’re tough.”

She chuckled. “I don’t know about that. I just do what I have to do.”

“That’s what tough people say,” he winked.

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The Many Faces of Eddie Kaspbrak

Summary: There are a million Eddies, and Richie loves each one. (Sequel)

WC: 1381

Read on AO3

Warnings: Mentions of anxiety/an anxiety attack

Reblogs > Likes

Richie thinks that after the years he’s been Eddie’s boyfriend, and the many more they’ve spent as just friends, he’d get used to seeing Eddie in every single way possible- or at least see every expression he has to offer. But there are still so many new faces Eddie makes and every single time, they take Richie’s breath away.

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Blessings (Jefferson x Reader)


Prompt 11- “Stay the night. Please.”

Words: 1,420 

“Still working?” You had let yourself into Thomas’ house and now sat on his bed which separated his study and the parlor.

“Yes, I fixing details on a new plan to propose to Washington tomorrow.” He was ruffling around with papers and hadn’t looked up at you. When he did, however, a huge grin spread across my face. “Though the sight of you in my bed makes me think I should take a break.” He walked over to you and kissed your hand.

“Sir. We talked about this. I’ve been given to another.” You avoided his gaze. 

“I know, and I said i would try didn’t I?” He gave you a meaningful look. 

“Maybe I should go…” You got up from his bed. 

“No stay please.” he grabbed your arm lightly. You looked down, and realized what he was doing and pulled it away. “I just have a few things to finish up and then we can do something together. okay?” His eyes were pleading with you. You sighed and agreed. He nodded and went back to his desk. Almost instantly you could hear the distinct sound of a quill scratching against paper.

You wandered over his bookshelves and started looking at the many different titles. You let your hand wander across the spines of several of them. You glanced at Thomas. He was hunched over his desk in a position you knew would ruin his back if he stayed that way too long. Loose curls fell all around his face, and his brows were furrowed in intense concentration. You smiled at the familiar scene.

You picked out a few books, read some lines, and decided that you weren’t in the mood for them. You prided yourself on your intelligence, and Thomas always said he admired a woman who wasn’t afraid to say she’s knows more than a man. You finally decided on Night Thoughts by Edward Young and settled in the large armchair next to a window in his study. You brought your legs up onto the chair and sat in a rather improper, but comfortable position. The book was splayed in your lap and you began to read the though provoking quotes. 

Soon you found yourself gazing out the window. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining directly through the window onto your skin.  The warmth felt so good. You felt Thomas’ gaze on you and turned to see him staring. He quickly looked away and started working again. You sighed. This situation was horrible. You knew how Thomas felt about you, though he never expressly said so because he never got the chance. You and Thomas had grown very close, and your sure that he had been about to ask permission to court you, when your father told you had found a wealthy husband and that you were to marry him in two months time. You were completely dismayed but nothing matched Thomas’ face when you told him. That was when your heart really broke, but you knew that you had to do this. This man has money and status. That’s what your family needs. 

So does Thomas. A voice in your head said. Thomas has immense wealth, and he’s Secretary of State for God’s sake. 

You shook the thought from your head. It was a done deal. Arrangements had already been made. The rational part of you told you stop coming to Thomas’s estate like this, as though nothing had changed, but the emotional part of you couldn’t keep your feet from walking out the door. 

“Edward Young?” Thomas had stood up. His desk was no longer in disarray. You nodded at him. He kneeled down by your chair so he was just below eye level with you.  “One of my favorites. ‘How blessings brighten as they take their flight.’” You recognized the quote. You also recognized the deep meaning it had for both of you at that moment. His eyes were so intense as they looked up at you. You had to stop this before you got carried away. 

“’A man of pleasure is a man of pains’” You quoted back. He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. 

“Such intelligence to match such beauty.” he said quietly, but you still heard it, not sure if you were meant to. His eyes were so bright in the waning light, and it killed you inside. 

You are engaged to another. You reminded yourself.

You glanced out the window. The sky was orange at the horizon and it was turning a deep blue higher in the sky. 

“I should really go.” You only just realized how late it was. 

“Must you? I feel like you’ve only just arrived, my dear.” Thomas was at his desk again, putting papers in his briefcase. 

“I know Mr. Jefferson, but I can’t be caught at another man’s house this late. Even if his intentions are pure.” You rose from the chair and put the book back in it;s rightful spot. 

“Are my intentions pure though, Y/N?” You turned around quickly, shocked not only by his sudden use of your first name but also what his words implied. He wasn’t looking at you. He stared down at his desk, both hands clenched in fists and leaning against it. 

“I- what?”

“Don’t play dumb. You know I hate it when you dis credit yourself.” He finally looked out you. there was pain in his eyes. You kept your mouth shut, but stared at him. “I think my feelings for you have been made rather clear. I could not be outright with them because of how much it would complicate things, but I am beginning to care less and less about being proper and formal.” He ran two hands through his hair frustratedly. “Y/N, my feelings run deeper ever day. I did not view you a friend or as a woman I was almost with.” He stared pointedly at you. “I view you as the woman I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with. I can’t deny that anymore.” 

You had never seen Thomas so raw with emotion. You had seen him angry before, but it was always covered with snide remarks and confident smirks. You had seem him upset, but that side of him dissipated quickly. You were at a loss for words. He sighed and sat on the edge of his band with his head in his hands. 

You were very conscious of the various house aides that could walk by at any moment, but you cautiously walked over to him. 

“Thomas,” you placed a hand on his shoulder gently. He looked up at you desperately. 

“I love you.” he whispered like he was just fully realizing it for the first time. 

“Thomas, please don’t do this.” Your voice wavered. You could hardly stand to look at him.

“Y/N. Don’t marry him. You don’t deserve that. You deserve to marry for love.” He stood and placed a hand on either side of your face. You kept your eyes at his chest, refusing to look up at him. “Look at me, Y/N. Please just look at me.” You rarely heard his voice so quiet and caring. He lifted your face and you looked in his eyes. “I know you feel the same way. This doesn’t make any sense. You know how wrong it is. You know how right this is.” He took both your hands in his. 

“Thomas I-” Before you had the chance to tell him that it was impossible, he’d seized your lips with his. His brow was furrow like this kiss was causing him physical pain. You couldn’t help yourself any longer. You closed your eyes and tentatively leaned into the kiss. Your hand made it’s way to his face. You felt water fall on your cheeks, but you weren’t sure if it was your tears or his anymore. 

He pulled away after a moment, and you let out a small sob. 

“I need to leave.” You turned away from him quickly, but he managed to catch your arm anyway. 

“Y/N. I’m begging you. Just listen to what I have to say.” He paused, but you refused to speak. Tears were openly flowing down your cheeks. “Stay the night. Please.” 

All the things he said came flooding to you at once, as did all your happy memories together. You knew the time you had left with Thomas was limited. You turned back at him. He looked so desperate. You bit your lip. This was going to ruin your life. 


New Years-Johnson

New Years Eve. My favorite time of the year, simply because who doesn’t love the cliché New Years party and oh so famous, New Years Kiss? Every single year (y/f/n) and I managed to find a party to go to, usually mutual friends. But this year she wanted me to go with her to her ‘friend’ John’s party. And I wasn’t opposed to the idea, it’s just the only person there I know I would know would be (y/f/n) and she would most definitely be all up on John all night, which I mean, props to her. He’s cute. It’s just, I don’t wanna be left alone to wander around where I know no one and be an outcast.

“(y/n) please. It’s one night, and all his friends are hot. You’re guaranteed to kiss someone attractive this year.” She said as she walked out of the bathroom, fresh from the shower.

“okay, but who am I gonna talk to all night while you’re all up on John?”

“John’s friends are nice, I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to strike up a conversation with you, especially with what you wear tonight.” She smirked as she walked into her room of our shared apartment.

It was almost tradition for us to help each other pick outfits for parties, holidays with our families, dates, and everything else.

“oh god, what did you have in mind?” I asked, following her into her room, only to find her shuffling through her closet.

“you’ll see, go shower so we can get ready.”


“I can’t believe I’m wearing this in the middle of winter.” I said

“shut up, you look hot.” (y/f/n) said.

I was wearing short black dress, that was tight up top, but once it hit my waist it flared out a bit. It had an open, heart shaped back, and the sides were missing a bit. It was really a cute dress, but it was the middle of winter. I also had on my black converse. I would let (y/f/n) pick out my outfit, but the shoes she couldn’t pick. She was too girly and would make me struggle in heels and I wasn’t having that. She also did my long hair in loose curls. It looked really good, and I was so thankful to have such a great best friend.

“hey, we’re here.” (y/f/n) spoke, breaking me out of my thoughts.

We paid the uber and headed inside to the party. I’ll admit this isn’t what I was expecting at all. The house was beautiful, but then again, John did live with like 5 of his friends, according to (y/f/n) at least.

Once you walked in you were immediately hit with the smell of alcohol, something that made you happy, because if you were going to survive the night around strangers, no better way than to do it as intoxicated as everyone else.

As you expected once you walked in, (y/f/n) dragged you into the kitchen where she found John. The three of you stood around and talked a bit, of course sipping on something to drink the whole time.

“you ladies up for a game of pong?” John asked, to which you both agreed. Once you got to the table, you realized you didn’t have a partner, as John and (y/f/n) decided to be partners.

“hey, uh, I need a partner.” You said, taking another sip from your solo cup.

“oh yeah, uh, Johnson! Come here and play man.” John said.

You looked as you finished setting up the cups to your partner, and almost knocked your cups over. ‘Johnson’ was not what you expected. He was definitely hot, blonde hair, blue eyes and a mesmerizing smile.

“hey, I’m Jack, but you can call me Johnson if you want” He smiled at you.

“(y/n)” you smiled back.

“you any good at this game?” he asked as you guys got ready to play.


“on?” he quizzed, suddenly intrigued on your ‘secret’ to success at the game.

“how much I’ve had to drink.” You reply, letting out a little laugh.

“funny, I like that.”

As the game went on you and Johnson really hit it off. You found yourself laughing together, and just having an overall great time. You didn’t even care that you guys were losing like 7 cups to 3. As you overthrew a ball, missing yet again, Jack turned to you.

“I thought you said you were good at this game.” He laughed.

“I am, I just don’t have enough alcohol in me right now.” You laughed, bumping into him playfully, allowing him to wrap his hand around you and graze it against your bare back, letting it rest on your lower back as he smiled at you.

Jack couldn’t deny how cute you were. He thought your smile was so intoxicating, if the alcohol didn’t fuck him up that night, your smile surely would. And your laugh was his new favorite sound. He liked the vibes you had, no doubt he was attracted you. Every time you looked at him and smiled, he would get lost in your eyes, but he wouldn’t tell you any of that.

After you guys lost you called a quits and walked back to the kitchen to get more drinks. Walking in laughing at something Johnson said, you fixed some more drinks, making more small talk. Once your drinks were fixed you looked at each other. Not wanting to scream over the music and everyone else at the party, Jack leaned in closer to your ear.

“wanna go somewhere a little quieter?”

You just nodded as Jack took your hand and led you outside. Now you were really mad at (y/f/n) for making you wear this dress. You were already cold the second you stepped outside. Although, there were several people outside as well. Jack led you over to a few seats and you guys sat down, diving into conversation.

“so I’ve gotta be straight up with you, I’m digging the shoes.” He said, as he slowly tipped his cup taking another drink.

“oh, uh I’m just so god awful in heels and I wanted to be comfortable.” You replied.

“it’s definitely different.” He replied.

“oh uhhh, I guess.” You replied, suddenly feeling kinda foolish for ruining such a nice dress with such un-dressy shoes.

“no no, I like it. Different’s good.” He winked, and you felt yourself blush. You couldn’t help but fight the smile, so you just looked down instead.

“hey, don’t get all shy on me now.” He joked, reaching over and tilting your chin up with his finger.

“stop.” You whine, but still had a smile on your face.

After that you and Jack essentially played 20 questions. He asked about your family, you asked about his favorite food, which he slyly said you guys would have to go get sometime. He asked about your favorite sport, you asked about his favorite hobby.

“so you make music with your friend, whose name is also Jack?”

“yeah.” He laughed, taking another drink from his solo cup.

“that’s so cool.”

“so tell me. I’ve been dying to ask this, and since we’re on the topic, favorite artists?” he smirks.

“like musical or like artistic? Because like musically, I like pretty much everything. Like Drake, Big Sean, uh, J-Cole, The weeknd, pretty much everything, and then like artistically, I like the like classic stuff, like Da Vinci, Leonardo, stuff like that.”

His face just kinda went blank. His mouth slight gaped open and he didn’t blink like, once, for like 2 minutes.

“uh, Jack?” you asked, and he snapped back to reality.

“sorry it’s just, I’ve never met a girl like you. Like, that’s fucking dope. No girls ever had that response.”

“oh so you saying you’ve been in this position more than once?” you smirk.

“no no, oh god no, it’s just like every time I ask a girl, they say like Justin Bieber, and don’t get me wrong, he’s good, but like, they don’t know any other ‘good’ music.”

“well, I thi-“ You started but were cut off.

“yo there you are J, I’ve been looking all over for you.” A tall, tan, attractive guy said, walking over to you guys.

“oh hey Jack.” Johnson smiled.

“hey man. Look, I need your help for a minute.” The other Jack said.

“um…” Johnson looked at you, you just smiled and nodded. “okay.” Johnson said, after smiling at you.

“I’ll see you around.” He smiled, and winked as he walked away with Jack.

You finished your drink before deciding to head back inside, seeing as it was 11:00 p.m. now, and you’d just spent about 4 hours with Jack. As you got inside, you got another drink from the kitchen and headed into the living room, trying to find (y/f/n) but had no luck. But you did bump into plenty of people, or well they bumped into you, to drunk to notice. But you were guilty of bumping into one person, spilling half your drink on them.

“oh my god, I’m so sorry.” You apologized, looking up to meet hazel eyes.

“no worries ma, it’s my fault.” He smiled. His voice smooth and his smile seriously perfect.

“no I feel awful, I’m sorry I’m such a klutz.” You replied, taking in his soaked shirt.

“no really, it’s not a problem. I’m Sammy by the way.” He smiled.

“(y/n)” you smiled.

“how about we get you another drink.” He smiled, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into the kitchen.

“so” he said, pouring a drink and checking me out from head to toe, “what’s a pretty girl like you doing here alone?”

“I mean I did come with a friend, but she left with her friend John, like 5 hours ago, and I haven’t seen her since.” I laughed.

“shame, but no worries, you got me now ma.” Sammy smirked.

You had to admit it. He was attractive, and definitely a charmer, but he just seemed like the fuckboy type. And you’ve dealt with plenty of them, but flirting with fuckboys was probably one of your favorite things to do. You just couldn’t stop thinking about Johnson though.

“The balls about to drop!” you heard someone scream throughout the house.

You and Sammy looked at each other. Sammy smiled and shrugged his shoulders and you just shook your head and laughed.

“why the hell not.” You laughed.






By now you and Sammy were facing one another, him smiling down at you.



He stepped closer to you, placing a hand on your hip.


He started to lean in, and you did too. You closed your eyes only to shoot them open as you heard a familiar voice.


“excuse me” and suddenly Sammy was shoved out of the way, and two hands cupped your face and your lips met for the first time.

“Happy New Year” people screamed through the house, but not you. Your lips were still occupied.

You pulled away to be met with the same blue eyes from earlier.

“Jack.” You breathed, his hands still cupping your face as his forehead rested against yours.

“I told you I’d see you later, and there was no way I was gonna let Sammy steal my New Years kiss.” He smiled, before meeting your lips once again. This time you couldn’t help but smile into the kiss.


A/N: first imagine, and I know it’s probably not that great, but it’s something I really wanted to write, since New Years is coming up. Hope you enjoyed it. Requests are always open. (:


The world didn’t end.
No. It didn’t.

She starts awake, her breathing sharp and shallow. Across the room – someone’s office, once – Will is asleep on the floor, snoring lightly. He’s been spending more and more nights out in the trailer. She wishes he wouldn’t – it’s less secure – but also, she can’t imagine what it would have been like to share a room with her mother at eighteen, so she doesn’t fight it.

For a few long minutes, Scully stares at the ceiling. She has that dream more nights than she doesn’t. The world didn’t end, he’d said, his voice pleased and faintly surprised.

The end of the world came for them eventually. It still feels like she should have known.

Scully goes out into the courtyard. In the middle of the night the moon is a sliver, dead center in the sky.

The members of today’s caravan assembled their tents in a rough circle around the edges of the courtyard, and most of them are dark and quiet. But there’s still a candle flickering in the psychic’s tent.

There was a time when she saw signs everywhere; there was a time she believed in them.

Before Scully gets close, the tent flap opens and the woman peers out. “Come on in,” she says, all drawl, her voice smooth as honey.

The woman even looks like Melissa. Auburn hair in loose curls, long eyelashes.

Scully suddenly regrets everything. “I was just—”

“I know,” the woman says. “Psychic, remember?”

“I don’t believe in that.”

The woman stares at her evenly. “You did once.”

“You don’t know what I believe.”

The woman closes her eyes, and Scully has to fight the urge to turn her back and walk away. This faux-mystic shit. She can’t stand it. “I remind you of someone,” the woman says, her voice low, melodic.

Scully snorts. “Good guess. Everyone reminds everyone of someone.” Now that most of the referents are dead.

“Your sister,” she continues, like Scully hadn’t spoken at all. “A mistake. It was a mistake.” When her eyes open again they are bright, curious. “She died for you.”

“I’m not interested,” she says flatly, though her presence here marks her a liar. “In any of this.”

“The cards have something to tell you,” the woman says, sing-song. “If you’ll listen. Dana.”

Scully stiffens. She almost checks for a name badge on her shirt, remembering all the over-familiar patients who’d addressed her by her first name when she was practicing, but of course she’s not wearing one.

Pulling a deck of cards out from her pocket, the psychic says, “What can it hurt?”

Melissa said that to her once. Years and years ago, maybe in high school. They’d been at a carnival and Missy got her palm read. “She’s good,” she’d said, her eyes even dreamier than usual. “Come on, Dana. What can it hurt?”

Back then, Scully said no. There was no science in it, none at all. She was better than that, even at fourteen; there was nothing a palm reader could tell her that she couldn’t figure out for herself.

What can it hurt? she hears again, even though the woman’s lips don’t move at all. Scully saw her father’s ghost, once. There’s something twisted about paying more heed to her sister’s ghost than she ever had to the woman herself, but Scully brushes past it and follows the psychic into her tent.

“I’m Crystal,” the woman says, and Scully has absolutely no power over the derisive snort that escapes her. Of course she’s named Crystal. The woman hands over the deck. “Shuffle,” she says, and Scully does: expertly, precisely. She has never done anything halfway. “Think of your question. You don’t have to tell me. Stop when you’re ready.”

Crystal takes the cards back and cuts the deck. She peels three cards off the top of the deck and places them on the ground between them.

One by one, the woman turns the cards over. She looks at them for a long minute, her brow knit in concentration, lips moving just slightly. Whatever she’s saying, it’s not meant for Scully.

Looking down at the cards, Scully feels the hairs on her arms rise all at once, a tingle at the base of her skull. All of this is bullshit, she reminds herself.

The first card draws her attention. A man suspended from a gallows, his arms crossed. Against her better judgement she shudders.

The woman taps Scully on the knee, waiting until their eyes meet to speak. “It’s not as bad as it looks. The Hanged Man means – sacrifice. Giving of yourself to others. In this position, it’s your starting place. You’ve dedicated yourself to a higher cause, without expectation of anything in return.”

Her fingers trail along the blanket to the next card. “And here – the Page of Swords. A message, traveling swiftly. You’ll get the news you’re waiting for, soon enough.” She glances up again like she’s expecting a response, but Scully stays silent. The candle drips wax onto the third card, and the woman brushes it away.

“This last one is the Seven of Wands,” she says, her lips twisting. “There’s strife in your future, and you’ll have to stand your ground, whatever comes. It’s a defensive card – see, how he’s fending them off – but it’s a strong one.” She hesitates, running her finger along the edge of the card while she thinks. “Things are in motion. You have more control than you think you do.”

Scully licks her lips, her mouth suddenly dry. “Pull one more,” she says, and the woman’s eyes flash up to her for just a second before she complies.

Crystal turns the card over and nods, pursing her lips. “The Knight of Swords.”

For a long moment she’s silent, until Scully gives in. “Yes?”

“This card can represent a situation, but yours is a person, I think. A truth-seeker. Strong, but reckless. He’s interesting, with the Page. They could represent the same person, or two different people – a child and a champion, or the messenger and the message.” She looks down at the cards again, laid side by side, and nods. “Either way. News is coming.”

She won’t even let herself think it, so it’s not a conscious decision to say the words out loud. “Is it the news I want?”

The woman shakes her head. “That’s not something I can see. Everything is in your hands. All the cards can do is give you a warning, if you’re willing to listen. Are you?”

No, she thinks. And yes.

Scully stands up and ducks out of the tent. She hadn’t realized how hot it was inside; the night air is so cool on her skin that it feels like rain.

“Dana.” When Scully turns around, the psychic is crouched in the doorway, looking up at the stars. She says, “Don’t give up.”

thelithiumtomywater  asked:

Can you continue the pp3 one where beca is a vegan? Please? It's so amazing? Love your work!

This is just a quick one before I go to bed - so sorry gang! There are many requests in my askbox and I’m trying to get through them but need a good bit of time to do them justice. So, thank you for your patience!

Beca and Fat Amy quickly sit down at a table at the back of the busy restaurant. They keep their heads down as the waiter hands them their menus, and smile politely at him until he leaves.

Fat Amy: *whispers* Remind me again why we’re here?

Beca peers over her menu at a table on the other side of the restaurant. On that table sits Chloe in her beautiful blue sparkly dress, her long red hair in loose curls that flow down her back, and Chicago who looks like he’s won the lottery. Beca begrudgingly admits to herself that he has.

Beca: I told you, I’m going to swap Chloe’s meals for her…

Fat Amy: And I told YOU that this was a CRAZY idea! What are you gonna do, just waltz up to the table and switch the plates while I distract him?

Beca immediately looks at Fat Amy as though she’s just had a brilliant idea. Fat Amy appears to hesitate.

Fat Amy: No way!

Beca: Amy come on! It’s perfect! I’ll order a bunch of vegan food, you distract him somehow, and I’ll switch the plates!

Fat Amy: Great…

Beca: Amy you promised me you’ll support me in this.

Fat Amy: Uhh I believe I said that I’d support you in your fight for Chloe, not that I’d support your crazy ideas that could end with me leaving a restaurant without eating for the first time ever!

Beca: Okay I’m not FIGHTING for Chloe. I’m just trying to make sure she’s happy. And I know that if she won’t have this vegan food she’ll be miserable!

Fat Amy: Alright alright, I’ll do it.

Beca stands up with a deep breath, her menu still in her hands.

Fat Amy: Woah where are you going?

Beca: I need to tell her the plan…

Beca begins to walk from the table but Fat Amy grabs her arm making her stop.

Fat Amy: Beca you can’t just go over there and crash her date!

Beca: I’m not! I’m just going to discreetly pull her to one side.

Fat Amy raises her eyebrows at Beca and the brunette rolls her eyes.

Beca: I mean it! It’s going to be fine!

Fat Amy reluctantly lets Beca go and Beca takes a long route round the restaurant to stay out of Chicago’s line of sight. She stops three tables behind him, keeping herself in plain view of Chloe, and waits patiently. Chloe is midway through listening to something Chicago is saying when she spots Beca, her smile wavering slightly in surprise.

Beca grins and calmly waves Chloe over to her. The redhead makes a polite excuse and gets up from her table while Beca darts around a corner near the kitchen. Moments later Chloe walks up to her, a surprised smile on her face.

Chloe: Beca what are you doing here?

Beca: I was thinking about your dinner predicament and it wasn’t fair of me to tell you what you should or shouldn’t tell Chicago. And then I had an idea. So…

Beca hands the menu to Chloe, having not noticed the woman smiling affectionately at her.

Beca: Pick whatever you want from this menu that you think you’d want to eat tonight. I’ll order it for my table. Then when it arrives, I’ll get Amy to cause a distraction and we’ll switch the plates. That way you don’t need to tell Chicago you’re vegan.

Chloe smiles as she takes the menu and opens it.

Chloe: Beca, I-I don’t know what to say…

Beca: I know, there’s so much to choose from-

Chloe: -No I mean…Why are you doing this for me?

Beca swallows nervously as she looks into Chloe’s bright blue eyes. Beca shrugs.

Beca: Because I love you, and I don’t want you to have a bad date with this guy.

Beca completely misses Chloe’s jaw drop at her casual declaration of ‘love’, as a waiter dashes between them with a large tray holding a couple of large dinner plates on it. Chloe resumes her attention on the menu with a soft smile on her face.

Chloe: This is going to have to be a two-way thing if it’s to work…

Beca: Huh?

Beca moves to stand directly beside Chloe, their arms touch as Beca leans over her to look at the menu.

Chloe: Well you need to tell me what you’d order and I’ll get it for you, so when the plates are switched you can at least eat something you like!

Beca looks up from the menu with a soft smile, catching Chloe’s eyes and the two look at one another for a couple of beats.

Beca: You’re going above and beyond, Beale.

Chloe: Ha! Says the girl who followed me to this restaurant and is willing to switch her meals with me just so I can enjoy my life-choice relatively freely!

Beca: And hide it from your boyfriend don’t forget…

Chloe: NOT my boyfriend yet, thank you!

Beca: Yet?

Chloe: Well yeah, he’s nice, he’s good looking, he’s taking me out for dinner…

Beca: …that you’re going to end up swapping with me…

Chloe let’s out a giggle. Beca grins. Chloe’s smile lowers to a softer one and the two women look at each other affectionately.

Chloe: Thanks Becs.

Beca: Any time Chlo.

And she means it. She really means it.

anonymous asked:

hi love! im a sucker for 'harry falling for a fan' and hes all filled with fluffy thoughts with some lust. can you please write that? x

It’s such a cute concept, cause don’t we all swoon about it? I’m not sure it delivered… it started one way, but then…. So, I sat on it for a bit, but it didn’t really present any other way to attack it. In any case, I hope you enjoy! x.

Gentle reminder: requests are closed! I’m working on putting up ones I’ve had partially drafted and trying to clear through them. We can, however, always TALK about Harry, if you want. ;) 

040. A Harry Girl

The ironic thing of it all is that he’s not even your favorite one. Niall is your favorite, and the first time he meets you, he’s with the Irishman, and you flush your whole way through the night while dropping off pint upon pint for them.

Both he and Niall are gracious and do their best to put you at ease, and pictures are posed for with polite gratitude upon his offering, but that’s as far as it goes.

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SSM Day o3: Chemistry

Summary: Sakura really didn’t sign up for this. (Or the one where Sasuke moonlights as an erotic dancer to pay the bills his internship can’t cover.)

Rating: T for language and minor sexual stuff (it’s a stripper!AU what did you expect)

Notes: I wrote this at like two in the morning after spending a solid hour doing anatomy studies that somehow all turned into Sasuke. I need an adult. Also, my YouTube history looks really, really weird now.

“Ino, I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with this,” Sakura says, eyeing the flashing neon signs around her. Her best friend scoffs and flips her long, loosely curled hair over her shoulder. “You’re always shut up in that lab of yours, Forehead! You’re twenty-five. You need to live a little. Besides, this place is fine.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re here every weekend,” Sakura mumbles, but she offers no further comment; rather, she can’t, because they’ve arrived at their destination. The bouncer waves them in with barely a glance. They’re clearly of age, or maybe he just doesn’t care enough to card them.

The first thing that strikes Sakura is the music—dark, sinuous, and pulsing, almost alive—and the way the red and violet lights create a haze over the black walls and tiles of the bar. It’s an unusual look, but one that fits the club’s name. Insidious is definitely the sort of place Ino frequents; a sophisticated establishment with plenty of live entertainment and well-mixed cocktails. There’s also a long, raised catwalk from the back rooms that connects to a large, circular stage in the center of the room. Her best friend ushers her to a table near said stage, her towering heels clicking against the smooth marble floor. That’s about when Sakura notices a thin silver pole in the center of the platform and realizes what, exactly, its purpose is.

“Ino,” she says slowly. “Did you bring me to a fucking strip club?”  Ino bats her eyes in a mockery of innocence. “Not the kind of strip club you’re thinking of, Sakura. You’ll like it, I promise.”

Well. Her day just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Sakura looks around again, faintly hearing Ino order a couple cocktails for them both. The whole room has a certain plush feeling to it. Maybe it’s the velvet everywhere. Maybe it’s Sakura’s overactive imagination. The world may never know. The cocktails arrive in a few minutes. Sakura downs hers immediately, vaguely tasting strawberries and vodka. She gets the feeling she really, really shouldn’t be sober for this. Ino rolls her teal eyes for the umpteenth time and shifts so that her low cut dress shows off her cleavage just the right way.

Twenty minutes and another drink later, the room begins to fill. People come in twos and threes, all trying their damnedest to snag seats close to the stage. Sakura can’t help but notice most of them are women. Ino snickers at them and waves down a waiter. “There’s a reason we got here early, Forehead. The most popular act of the week is about to start.”

As if on cue, the overhead lights dim. A smooth, soft piano riff starts up as a spotlight flicks on, catching a tall, lithe man in its glow. Sakura is immediately entranced, because good God is he beautiful. He looks ethereal as he prowls downs the catwalk, the juxtaposition of his pale skin and dark hair striking in all the right ways. Then he reaches the pole and, with what looks like no effort at all, lifts himself up and flips his body upside down in a blatant “fuck you” to gravity and the laws of physics in general.

His muscles move smoothly as he dances, pushing and pulling and creating enchanting patterns of shadow on his skin. He’s barely even breaking a sweat, he’s hitting every beat, and he’s so sensual it almost hurts her to watch. And then he just has to take it up a notch; he climbs up to the top of the pole and drops headfirst towards the floor, catching himself at the last second with his thighs. His THIGHS. Sakura can’t even register the smug look Ino is most likely throwing her because her eyes are locked to the spectacle before her. The dancer throws his head back, arching his spine against the pole, and strokes his hands up the sides of his torso. One rests lightly on his throat, thin, elegant fingers feathering over the curves of his neck, and the other grips the pole behind him. A glint of silver catches her eye as he moves and oh my god he has nipple piercings. Sakura’s mouth runs dry. Her heart is practically throwing itself against her ribs, and she swears he can hear it over the pound of the music.

He meets her gaze, and Sakura feels like she’s suddenly caught fire but can’t entirely bring herself to mind. There’s a flicker of something in those impossibly black eyes, before he blinks and gives her a slow, sexy smirk. He effortlessly levers himself down, twisting as he goes, to land on his knees in front of her. As he leans back, putting his whole body on display, all Sakura can focus on is how beautiful this man is. He’s not bulky, not by a long shot; instead, the cut of his muscles is soft and toned. His beauty is something ethereal and effortless, and the elegance he somehow infuses in every movement only accentuates it. Sakura is no stranger to this; in fact, she can name a few people off the top of her head who can do the same thing.

And then something clicks, and she’s is frozen. Not in a good, aroused way: of course, the attraction is definitely there, but at this exact moment it’s being overpowered by shock and just a bit of panic. She knows that smirk, just like she knows those eyes. Except usually, she sees them in the lab next to hers, on the reserved biochemist she works with more often than not.

Oh my god, she thinks faintly, as Uchiha Sasuke, one of the brightest up-and-coming minds in her oncological drug research course, gives her another tantalizing look to a dark guitar riff, he looks completely different without his glasses.

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#2 on the drabble prompts. How about for Jon and Daenerys since that's your thing?

Oooh! Thanks for asking me to do this. I love it. Drabbles have never been my strong suit so I hope this is okay? It’s kind of long haha. Also kind of fluffy and fanciful, entirely implausible in GoT canon. I regret nothing! XD

“How long have you been standing there?”

The question jolted Jon from his reverie and he glanced over to see his sister smiling coyly, taunting him. He hadn’t noticed Sansa walk over to meet him, lost in his own thoughts amidst the bustle of the ball, the press of people filling Dragonstone’s Great Hall to capacity.

“What else would you have me do?” he asked her, shrugging.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Sansa gestured dramatically at the grand spectacle of it all, indicating the couples dancing on the well-polished floor all around them. “I suppose dancing never occurred to you?”

Jon scoffed. “These highborn ladies have no interest in dancing with a Northern bastard.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’re more than that, and you know it. ‘The King in the North whose name is Stark,’” Sansa recited, stepping in front of him to command his attention, her steely blue eyes finding his. “And you’ve got more than your fair share of willing partners,” she added, nodding almost imperceptibly toward the back corner of the room.

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Girl Crush (ABC) - Lemonade

AN: Happiness? Fluff? Idk them, they seem nice though. This is based on Little Big Town’s song Girl Crush, I’ve been wanting to write this since Danny covered it like a month ago so here we are. Courtney’s trans in this. I hope that’s not offensive. I just thought it would make more sense this way and didn’t want to make her a cis straight girl. Everything else is based in our universe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

Summary: Danny has a crush on Courtney, because she’s dating the love of his life, Roy.

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