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my boys are forever busy ;-;

after fire promotions, when he was filming hwarang, taehyung was also flying all over asia for the epilogue tour. after epilogue tour/fire promotions, when bts was on “break”, they performed at all of the kcons and their sponsor’s concerts and tiny broadcasted shows all over korea (like literally the day after they flew back from france they had an outdoor concert). and then in the midst of that not only did suga release agust d (and doing his promotions for it) but they were preparing for wings (writing lyrics, producing, learning choreography, recording the album, overall planning) starting somewhere around august as well as doing some japanese promotions here and there (learning a new ending to fire somewhere before that time). they planned and filmed the wings short films and j hope was teaching himself the choreography to boy meets evil. when bts was promoting bst, they were preparing their special stages for their korean/japanese fan meetings. during their japanese fan meetings, j hope and jimin were preparing their special stage at mama. in the short time afterwards, jimin had to go learn/practice for the collaboration stage at saf2016, taehyung had to go promote hwarang, and jin was sent to the jungle. and somewhere around this? bts was also doing magazine shoots and taehyung/jin was recording their ost. And now, it’s been reported that bts has prepared various special stages at kbs daechukjae like jimin having another dance collaboration, bts as a whole covering a seo taeji song, jungkook doing a performance with various other kpop group members, and possibly a collab with bap :’^)

not to mention the fact that rap monster/suga/j hope were STILL probably working on new pieces during this whole entire time frame and j hope has been working on his mixtape and preparing for its release since before wings was even created. and jungkook said that they’re ready for their next album release and who knows what that means ;-;

one thing that I have learned about bts is that their vacations aren’t really vacations and that they never truly get a break ;-; my hardworking boys…

tbh something that annoys me a lot about how Batman is portrayed is that you can do so many interesting things with him visullay, with how he moves with his cape, hides with it and behind it and uses it to glide through the night, and what would work best for that would be a lean physique yet most of the time he’s envisioned as this bulky af dude who just happens to be wearing a cape

this works really well visually 

and yet most of the time we get this

like why is he as bulky as Superman?? how is that interesting??? how does that tell us anything about the characters???? it doesn’t, it’s just strict adherence to hypermasculinity and it frustrates me 

Batman is fucking sneaky, he hides, he’s quiet, he makes damn sure he has the jump on someone before he attacks - he’s not a bruiser he’s a fucking rogue okay. leaving him behind his cape tells us that much better than giving him an eight pack

like take these pictures

they’re doing something interesting with the cape, but to me the emphasis on his muscles really distracts from what could be something that worked quite well if rendered more simply. the constant emphasis on him being big and muscular detracts from an otherwise interesting visual design. 

this isn’t about any one installment being better than another, i’m still not a fan of the body type they chose for him in B:TAS and I do think the Arkham games portrays the cape gliding well, my only point is that I’m so tired of seeing him drawn with hypermasculinity as the main goal instead of with visual storytelling in mind. 

Imagine: FaceTiming Jungkook

Jungkook’s V App Live got me feelin’ some feels. So, I did a new thing. 

Imagine being in a relationship with Jungkook and FaceTiming him every night when he’s off traveling with the boys, not home with you. He would always be so happy to see you, even through the screen. His eyes would light up and he would flash you his cute little bunny smile. Every time, he would get a little close to the screen and make sure you could hear and see each other. 

His favorite thing to do would be to listen to you talk about your day with him: all your ups and downs while he’s not there to share them with you, especially the small trivial stuff, the normal stuff. He would want to hear about how you had to wait too long in line to get a damn hot coffee or how you accidentally stepped in too many puddles and got your socks wet. And every single FaceTime, he would make sure to eat so that you wouldn’t worry about whether or not he was properly taking care of himself. (Plus he would know that you secretly like to watch him eat. He’d have noticed the way you look at him when he’s happily filling his stomach with your cooking back home). 

Then, it would be his turn and you would ask about how his day went. He would re-enact almost every part of his own day for you, and you would love seeing him so animated to talk about it. It would make you so happy for him that he is living his dream, and it would make you forget about the distance between the two of you. He would sing and be a goof and serenade you from across the world.

Surely, every once in awhile, there would be pauses in the conversation as you just shuffle around at your desk, idly organizing papers or something, and Jungkook would just sit there and admire you and tell you he loves you. Just randomly.

When you have something to show him, he would get all up close to the camera and make sure to pay attention to what you’re talking about, whether it’s the latest project you’ve just proudly completed or you’re asking his opinion on what lipstick color you should buy next. He would hang on to every word that you speak, and value anything you have to say. 

Jungkook would even tell you all the terrible jokes that Jin said that day and try not to laugh, but end up laughing anyway at how bad they are.

Finally, when it’s time for one of you to go, he would hold up the camera real close and try not to be too sad. He would say goodnight and give the camera a kiss and quietly tell you he misses you before ending the call.

Gif Credits: @mylordae @sweaterpawsjimin @fyeahbangtaned


According to legend, when James V was dying and heard that his wife, Mary of Guise, had given birth to a daughter he said “It came with a lass, it will pass with a lass.”

This was supposedly a reference to the fact that the House of Stewart had gained the crown of Scotland through a woman, when Walter Stewart married Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce.

If he did say this, he ended up being partially right, though it wasn’t through his daughter Mary. Mary’s great, great granddaughter, Queen Anne, left no surviving children upon her death, and  the throne passed to her 2nd cousin. He would rule as George I and was the first monarch of the House of Hanover.


THIS FINALLY HAS ENG SUBS!!! AAAAH!! daisyyfields is seriously the best!!



Minhyuk’s obsession with V App might be a tiny bit unhealthy…. ~(-◎ω◎)

Sorry for disappeared for a whole week no one cared tho ,I got this idea for a comic that was supposed to be a 4koma but somehow ended up being this huge 4 pages thing ಥ_ಥ

I probably will finish the rest of the group portraits by the end of this week and next week? Probably ??

DISCLAIMER: This is not 100% accurate of how Monsta X’s dorm look like, since there are limited information and references of it (I based it mostly from their V app live Welcome to our home and eyedoll ep 1, rewatching No Mercy would take too much time and my drawing speed alone already took long enough) and I need to make adjustment so that it’d be easier for storytelling purposes. Also, I love all of MX members the same with exception of hyungwon being my bias, this comic is totally not supposed to be taken seriously so please don’t take it as I’m dissing any of the members ;v;;;;