long live the users

okay so hear me out, ML fandom: 

a) the Turtle’s users live a really long time, apparently, presumably either by aging really slowly or just stopping aging altogether once they reach a certain point (presumably the former, but who knows at this point. DEFINITELY NOT THIS GUY, WHO STILL HASN’T SEEN ANY OF THE MASTER FU EPISODES YET. >>;;) 

b) it is generally accepted fanon (canon?) that the Turtle user is responsible for holding onto the Miraculouses even if they’re no longer an active user themselves, which makes sense really; if you are gonna live like for the entirety of human history, it’s probably a lot less annoying swapping curators every two or three hundred years as opposed to, like, every TWENTY 

c) it is ALSO generally accepted fanon that Nino is gonna get the Turtle Miraculous at some point because I don’t care I could give you twenty good and/or logical show-based reasons but really I just need it okay, I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED 


d) Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe and their very long, strange relationship as Nino very slowly starts aging slower and slower and Alya outpaces him without either of them really noticing at first, even though Fu was SUPER CLEAR on the subject SEVERAL TIMES and objectively they’re both aware it’s a thing that’ll come up one day. Which it does, one day, when they’re both crammed into their shared bathroom getting ready together, looking into their mirror at the same time and playfully jockeying for space like always and then they both just–notice

“Ah,” Nino says, staring at one face that doesn’t look a day over nineteen and another that’s pushing thirty, a painful clench going through his heart. 

“Ah,” Alya agrees slowly, not looking away from the mirror. 

I waited for the Doctor but he never showed…

December 2016

Ilford Delta 400

Canon Rebel Ti

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Me Playing Love Live! School Idol Festival

oh! Oh! OH! Umi! Your wife is right there, why you gotta do that? Besides being shy bun.









Mondo is my absolute fav and I think for the most part, one of the best pulled off characters and i’ve never talked about him in general so im going to. Also him and Ishimaru.

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Long Lost City Building Lives On…

Users of Google Maps looking up the Minneapolis Central Library (300 Nicollet Mall) may be bemused to find the building identified as the “Globe Building.” Indeed, a building so named once stood upon the site of the current Library, but that was over 55 years ago.

The Globe Building went up in 1891 to house the Minneapolis offices of the old St. Paul Globe newspaper. After the Globe folded in 1905, the building lived on as an office building, most notably for a number of attorneys; so much so that it became known as “the cradle of judges.” Among the Globe’s tenants were Senator Thomas Schall and Congressman Ernest Lundeen. The building also maintained an electrical generating plant in its basement, one of the first of its kind in the city, providing power to many neighboring buildings as well.

By the early 1930s, the age of the building and hard times drove most of its tenants elsewhere. The last tenants vacated in 1933 and the building sat derelict for several years. Plans were made to convert it to a parking garage in 1941, but it was sold to the State for taxes in 1942. Portions of the building were eventually converted to parking spaces and the lower levels of the building operated for a number of years under the mundane title of “The 4th St. Garage,” while the rest of the building remained vacant.

The Globe was finally demolished in 1959 to make way for the old “new” Minneapolis Central Library. It is perhaps ironic that while that version of the Central Library has since come and gone, the Globe lives on - at least on Google Maps.

Kodaka's interview at Ritsumeikan University

He talked a tiny bit about ndrv3, and how he makes games.

The interview itself was very long and I couldn’t translate it all. I picked out some parts that might be interesting.

- One of Kodaka’s favorite characters is Monokuma. Others are Ibuki and Fukawa. He enjoyed writing them.
- He enjoyed writing Gundam too, but it was hard for him. He couldn’t think of chuunibyou’s manner of speaking. He thought about having hamster as the real him and the human as a container, but that idea was rejected.
- He doesn’t feel guilty for killing characters he likes. He thinks that as long as the fictional character lives on in game user’s hearts, it’s not the end of that character.
- He wants to make the next game in the form no one expects. It’s not as different as drae was from original series, still something that looks a lot different will come out.
- He wants to expand other people’s interest areas. He wants to make pieces that make you think ‘It’s not what I want, but I still want to try it’.
- He doesn’t want too much freedom within games. Even adventure games have choices (that change future stories) within games, but even those choices can lower the density of stories. He thinks like that, so he’s not interested.
- Almost none of Tsumiki Mikan’s actions and Fukawa’s actions were censored out. He likes erotic or violent jokes, but doesn’t like vivid or too direct ones.
- The underwear thing in “Island Mode” and “School Mode” was an idea of a staff. It’s up to the player to think whether the underwear is real or not, but Kodaka personally thinks they’re not original stuff.
- Diamond brothers were based on real guys he met in boy’s highschool. And weaknesses of men were based on real people.
- Maizono’s death was decided from very beginning. Her death’s motif was the movie “Psycho”.
- Q: Will “Danganronpa Maizono” be released? A: Erm… There’s no place for it as of now (laughs)

- Togami was originally planned to be Naegi’s rival. But then Kodaka wanted Fukawa to feel love and he slowly began to become a gag character. And he ended up being like that in Zettai Zetsubou Shojo.

source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20150622-00000027-famitsu-game


December 2016

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