long live the users

Mondo is my absolute fav and I think for the most part, one of the best pulled off characters and i’ve never talked about him in general so im going to. Also him and Ishimaru.

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anonymous asked:

Joseph, I just noticed that 'Shizuka' sounds a little a feminine version of 'Caesar'... coincidence? Also, do you plan on teaching her hamon when she's old enough?

JOSE: “Holly just said it meant ‘quiet’, so… Uh, what was the other question? Oh, right! Haha, nossir, I’m in no shape to be teaching anybody anything. To be honest, I’m just worried about living that long, period…

okay so hear me out, ML fandom: 

a) the Turtle’s users live a really long time, apparently, presumably either by aging really slowly or just stopping aging altogether once they reach a certain point (presumably the former, but who knows at this point. DEFINITELY NOT THIS GUY, WHO STILL HASN’T SEEN ANY OF THE MASTER FU EPISODES YET. >>;;) 

b) it is generally accepted fanon (canon?) that the Turtle user is responsible for holding onto the Miraculouses even if they’re no longer an active user themselves, which makes sense really; if you are gonna live like for the entirety of human history, it’s probably a lot less annoying swapping curators every two or three hundred years as opposed to, like, every TWENTY 

c) it is ALSO generally accepted fanon that Nino is gonna get the Turtle Miraculous at some point because I don’t care I could give you twenty good and/or logical show-based reasons but really I just need it okay, I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED 


d) Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe and their very long, strange relationship as Nino very slowly starts aging slower and slower and Alya outpaces him without either of them really noticing at first, even though Fu was SUPER CLEAR on the subject SEVERAL TIMES and objectively they’re both aware it’s a thing that’ll come up one day. Which it does, one day, when they’re both crammed into their shared bathroom getting ready together, looking into their mirror at the same time and playfully jockeying for space like always and then they both just–notice

“Ah,” Nino says, staring at one face that doesn’t look a day over nineteen and another that’s pushing thirty, a painful clench going through his heart. 

“Ah,” Alya agrees slowly, not looking away from the mirror. 

angst theory time

because i am an emotional sadist and enjoy the hypothetical, let’s consider:

What if Midoriya had a quirk when he was a young child, but it was stolen by All for One? 

manga spoilers and speculation below the cut. 

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Feel the Wins with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Guy Lake, Product Director, Fantasy Sports

It’s never too early to start talking about Fantasy Football! As you already know, this Thursday and Friday, Yahoo Sports is bringing you coverage of the NFL Draft live but starting today, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football season is officially underway. 

For the 2017 season we have a ton of new features and offerings including:

  • Live Stats: This is something our users have wanted for a long time – live scores will now stream to the match-up screen.
  • League Chat on Desktop: The same great chat we’ve brought you in our award winning mobile app is coming to desktop! Keep the conversation going no matter what devices you’re on.  
  • $500 Pro Leagues: Looking for a little extra skin in the game? Now you have an opportunity to win even more at Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football with $500 Pro Leagues.  

Other new features include:

  • Updated Invites to make it even easier to send and add friends to your leagues
  • League Trophies available in the Fantasy Shop
  • Updated, easier to navigate commish tools coming soon
  • Improved navigation on the mobile app
  • Stay tuned because we’ll have even more updates coming over the summer!

We’re excited to help you get a jump start on making 2017 your season. In the coming days, we’ll release our initial expert rankings and unveil an early mock draft. We’ll also have extensive coverage coming out of the NFL draft, including the top impact rookies and the biggest fantasy winners and losers. Also looking ahead in the coming months, we’ll get you ready for fantasy draft season with team-by-team previews, what to watch for in training camp, preseason observations, sleepers, busts and so much more. You’ll be ready to run a 4.5 forty-yard dash by the time Week 1 is here. Additional new elements from our fantasy team include:

  • Mobile friendly fantasy rankings, so you can get advice you need on the go
  • Expanding our Facebook Live Q&As to provide you with personal tips from our fanalysts
  • Fantasy Roundtables where our experts tackle the toughest questions facing players
  • The “Guru Challenge” which allows you to test your fantasy knowledge against our experts

Again, after you sign-up for Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, don’t forget to tune in this Thursday, April 27 beginning at 8 pm ET where the Yahoo Sports team will air a live show covering the NFL Draft. Then on Friday at 7pm ET, join our coverage of Day 2 where our fantasy crew of Liz Loza, Andy Behrens, Scott Pianowkski and Dalton Del Don will project numbers of the incoming offensive rookies and interact with fans throughout the broadcast via Facebook Live to find out what’s on the viewers minds about their favorite teams.

Happy Fantasy Football season everyone!

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Me Playing Love Live! School Idol Festival

oh! Oh! OH! Umi! Your wife is right there, why you gotta do that? Besides being shy bun.









Easy Guide For Protecting Yourself From 4chan!!!
  1. Actually go on 4chan.
  2. Stick to the blue boards if you can’t deal with x-rated content. Pick a board that appeals to your interests like television/film (/tv/), cartoon and comics (/co), video games (/v/), cooking (/ck/), cosplay (/cgl/), books (/lit/), etc. 
  3. Lurk. Don’t say anything, don’t talk to anybody. Just lurk. Read threads. Don’t say anything at all, don’t post anything. Just. Lurk.
  4. Realize after a decent period of time that 4chan is full of normal people who are just as uncoordinated and idiotic as the rest of the internet, only they have anonymity so they can be as blunt and rude as they feel like. It’s anon asks blown up by a million, all bouncing off of each other in an uncensored arena. 
  5. Realize that some of the boards are more hostile than others. Realize that there are a lot of boards that just argue with each other all day long and talk about their waifus and couldn’t be arsed with actually going out and crucifying Tumblr users. They’re too lazy and they don’t give enough of a shit to go after you. /co/ can’t even pull together to finish a comic, much less arrange a raid. Most of the boards have never raided anybody.
  6. Realize that there is no such thing as a fully mobilized army called Anonymous that wants to go genocidal on Tumblr’s ass, but rather a large group of bored teenagers and adults talking to each other. It’s the poisonous YouTube comment section with a much more lenient banhammer and no account names attached. Just a bunch of strangers talking to and arguing with people they don’t even know and will probably never speak to again.
  7. Realize that some boards promote negativity more than others. Realize that much of the people who try to cause trouble with inflammatory statements are often ignored or called out, and that much of the discussion is multiple pissing contests happening all at once. If someone says something stupid, they’ll latch onto it and hold on for as long as it’s profitable. 4chan is a place for people to spread their most aggressive opinions without retribution or a ruined reputation, so these people will say anything.
  8. Realize that when you get to the core sometimes 4chan has a lot of kickass stuff to offer. I get to read more free comics than I would ever find here on Tumblr, I get to read actual discussions about movies that suck that are blindly praised to the heavens on Tumblr, I get to find cool free wallpapers and recommendations, and hell, I’ve shared content too that was G-rated Disney nonsense that was received by several funny, encouraging anons who enjoyed it unironically and without wanking the whole time.
  9. Realize that 4chan is a misogynist, racially insensitive, anti-semitic, transmisogynist shit stain on the internet and that you are never going to change thatYou can argue against the sexism like I have on some occasions when I felt particularly hurt, but you have to realize at the end of the day that you are never going to change these people. They are who they are. 
  10. Understand that there are bad people on 4chan. Lots of gross individuals. But there are good people too. You can’t see them with all the ugliness around, but they do exist. Progressive individuals who wouldn’t touch /pol/ with a - well, a hundred foot pole. Plenty of queer people (there’s an lgbt board even), plenty of people of color, plenty of Jewish people, plenty of furries, plenty of everything because 4chan is a public board that anyone can use. Folks like me never go on /b/ because it’s the absolute worst of the internet and it’s only funny if you’re a fourteen year old boy or have the mind of one.
  11. Either learn to ignore 4chan or learn to wade through its shittier aspects and set aside the biggotry if you are interested in the pursuit of conversation and media sharing. 4chan is a stupid, irreverent place where people waste their time and hate on everything. But damn, sometimes it’s refreshing to have a place to go to that knows it’s a complete wreck and cesspool of human failure, whereas Tumblr will pat anyone on the back and tell you that you’re not allowed to challenge anybody ever or you’re privileged cishet scum and you should be doxxed immediately. 
  12. Remember that while 4chan has ruined some lives in its long history, Tumblr users will dogpile and harass anyone who dares to be wrong on any subject. If someone has a misstep and the post becomes popular, they will be harassed constantly and called vile things and encouraged to die. Why? Because Tumblr is a website full of bored, opinionated strangers. Just. Like. 4chan. 

4chan is not an elite hacker group out to get you.

4chan is not a hivemind of violent predators.

4chan is not an army of anons with a thirst for making teens self-harm. 

4chan has shitty people. 4chan has decent people. 

4chan is either for you or it isn’t. Either you’ll find something to gain from there or you won’t. 

In both cases, let it be. 

Trying to play at war with 4chan would be like trying to play at war with every YouTube user. No one user is the same and they’re just a bunch of raccoons rifling through garbage. There are too many and they don’t even like or know each other. 

Last of all, stop upsetting a bunch of inexperienced, gullible teenagers who are easily manipulated so that you can gain notes and followers and be some shining beacon in a storm that’s not even approaching. Stop spreading lies. You have an identity outside of Tumblr. So do the people who browse 4chan. It’s just the internet. Take a deep breath. 


The Pacific Electric Ray, Torpedo californica.

The Pacific Electric Ray is found only in the west coast of the United States. Typically found in sandy bottoms, rocky reefs, kelp beds and occasionally we will catch them aboard the R/V Robert G. Brownlee in the San Francisco Bay Estuary. Basic characteristic of this species is their round mobile body that has a very large first dorsal (top) fin and kidney shape electric organs on the side of its head. If provoked these species are able to control a charge causing numbness in humans and stuns its prey. This charge can measure up to 50 volts!

Like most chondrichthyes (cartilaginous) fish they posses pores (ampullae of lorenzini) that sense magnetic fields given off by other living organisms. Like our local leopard sharks these rays are ovoviviparous. Ovoviviparous is the process in which the embryos (feeding on the nutrient in the yolk sack) develop inside eggs that are held with in the mother. The mother is able to produce a litter of offspring (approximately 20). Starting around 7 inches, these unique species can grow up to 36 inches (males) and 54 inches (females) and living as long as 24 years.

[video via Youtube user inspiritmedia]


Long Lost City Building Lives On…

Users of Google Maps looking up the Minneapolis Central Library (300 Nicollet Mall) may be bemused to find the building identified as the “Globe Building.” Indeed, a building so named once stood upon the site of the current Library, but that was over 55 years ago.

The Globe Building went up in 1891 to house the Minneapolis offices of the old St. Paul Globe newspaper. After the Globe folded in 1905, the building lived on as an office building, most notably for a number of attorneys; so much so that it became known as “the cradle of judges.” Among the Globe’s tenants were Senator Thomas Schall and Congressman Ernest Lundeen. The building also maintained an electrical generating plant in its basement, one of the first of its kind in the city, providing power to many neighboring buildings as well.

By the early 1930s, the age of the building and hard times drove most of its tenants elsewhere. The last tenants vacated in 1933 and the building sat derelict for several years. Plans were made to convert it to a parking garage in 1941, but it was sold to the State for taxes in 1942. Portions of the building were eventually converted to parking spaces and the lower levels of the building operated for a number of years under the mundane title of “The 4th St. Garage,” while the rest of the building remained vacant.

The Globe was finally demolished in 1959 to make way for the old “new” Minneapolis Central Library. It is perhaps ironic that while that version of the Central Library has since come and gone, the Globe lives on - at least on Google Maps.