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The Seasurfer Tribe is a unique branch of the water tribe family, long ago choosing to live directly on their native element: the sea. Much like Tenochtitlan, they live on massive floating rafts, taking cues from Polynesia in their seafaring ability. Most are also fishers and warriors, learning to fish, swim, and fight from a young age.

They have been secretive for a long time, but with avatar Aang, began to reach out. Their numbers are still immensely rare outside of their city.

Stories of your scars

Beta: @emptymasks Thank you a lot! :)
Pairing: Percival Graves/Newt Scamander
Warnings: none
Rating: T
Summary: Logically, Percival knew that Newt had to have scars. What he hadn’t knew was how much he would be fascinated with them.
Also on: AO3  
Word count: 616
A/N: My first Gramander story. Tell me what you think about it! Written for @natecchi who likes this ship too ^.^

Stories of your scars

“ – This one I got when I was rescuing Nundu.” Newt’s fingers moved tentatively along a thin, long line at the right side of his ribs. “Thankfully the dagger wasn’t cursed.”

They were lying together in the bed. A candle on the bedside table was illuminating the room, making shadows dance every time one of them moved. Percival brushed his hand against the scar, but when Newt shifted a bit uncomfortably against him, he immediately took it away.

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I’m having a tough time deciding if I want my character Nova Star to be Polyromatic Demisexual with AUs of her life if she only had one partner, or her having one partner with an poly AU.

Fun facts:
1. Originally I didn’t allow my Neptonian species to be in poly relationships because of mix feelings from past experience of it that sent very painful memories back every time but after much thinking and getting past it, it would make more sense for them to be okay with poly relationships, they live for so long and they enjoy staying in their tribes.

2. All Neptonians are Panromatic, they do not see gender/gender roles the same way Earthlings or other species do.

3. I’m strangely attached to my species where if something hurt me a lot I try to avoid it towards them. It’s weird I know but I used to say Neptonians didn’t drink cause of past experience but now I’m like, yeah that’s fine they can have it just be responsible kidos. So they now can drink alcoholic beverages.

here’s my ideas for the Lost Continent (i’m stuck between Elanfo & Misoneiuff for names, but i’m not sure i like either)!! this continent is BIGGER than the other one, and i… tried… to make the geography make sense but yikes. posting under the cut because it’s so long, this lame map features eight tribes;

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headcanon time about the nation’s immortality:
The nations actually can die pretty quickly when weak. All the tribes, villages and small cities once had representatives, but their live span wasn’t extraordinarily long, because they were consumed by the influence of more powerful countries/tribes/cities. Thus, the really long living, 2000+ year old nations are a result of a very direct form of natural selection.

A cursed man (Closed RP)

Nyra told Rhys and Seth about a long lost tribe of people that used to live in the forest. It was supposedly just a legend. Lupin told them to go find it, it would give them something to do while he learned about being a wolf.

The Thoughtbringer

Since I mentioned it, here’s the *first* story I wrote about a God having a breakdown. 


“It’ll be all right,” says Ki-yu, now and tomorrow and several thousand years ago. And she’ll say it again in five minutes, when her face reconstitutes itself in the jelly sludge that covers the prison floor. The Thoughtbringer rests his head against the wall. He breathes in, he breaths out. He feels a faint buzz in his throat and belches up a hoard of silver-winged beetles. They swarm through the room and batter themselves to death on the stone walls. 

Nothing lives here long. Only him.

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