Mark Sheppard:

“I wanted Demon Dean and Crowley to go on longer”

“Jensen is no squirrel but Jared does bear a resemblance to a moose”

“Crowley was family for the Winchesters. They never stopped calling him”

Do you know what breaks my heart the most?

Mark cared about the show, his character, the fans. But the writers didn’t, and they wasted one of the best actors they have ever seen.

Hope the King is better now. Hope he is loved, as he deserves.


Long live the king. Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther.” In theaters February 16!


[ K I N G S ]

Finally finished this :’D Antisepticeye proved to be harder bc honestly I’m not super good with doing the whole “glitch effect” so :’D Anyway, yay! 


I love it when he does that thing where he tilts his head upwards…

 It makes him look badass and sexy. :3