long live the king

Brothers and Sisters!

A whole island of the Philippines is under martial law and an ISIS flag was raised!
Pray to Our Lady of the Philippines and Our Lady of Fatima.
No Evil, No Death! Jesus is King! Mary is our Queen! 
Long Live our Lady of the Rosary!

  • Hakuba to Kaito and Heiji: I can guarantee that I am the number one Sherlock fan and the best fan you'll ever meet.
  • *Conan walks by*
  • *Conan hears Hakuba*
  • Conan: *Opens suit to have every Sherlock Holmes book ever fall out and reveal Sherlock Holmes cosplay*
  • Conan: *puts on deerstalker hat*
  • Conan: *pulls out rifle, loads it, and aims it at Hakuba*
  • Conan: fiGHT ME
  • *Everyone backs away slowly*

I love it when he does that thing where he tilts his head upwards…

 It makes him look badass and sexy. :3