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SVTFOE: The Hiatus Survival Guide, a list of *almos every* fancomic in the web

This is a compilation of a lot of quality webcomics I’ve found int the SVTFOE fandom, including from most known artists to much less famous ones but also good. Although I haven’t counted them, it has about 500+ short comics, with links to the original posts, and a little list of longer comics which are more plot-centered (like Anomalyah’s Broken of Moringmark’s Ship War AU), which makes it the best option you have if you want to survive the hiatus!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Let Laurent be masculine

Okay but I think people are forgetting that Laurent isn’t a feminine man by any means…he’s actually kind of fuckin manly. He’s built like the statue of David, described to have broad shoulders, a cut body and not to mention the strength to whirl around a 500lb+ horse while cutting down soldiers with one arm.

Damen used to chase after gladiators for crying out loud. You know he’s gotta admire Laurent’s body for how sporty and strong it is. He’s not like this…slight, soft-bellied boy I tend to see around the fandom. The super long hair, the soft body, always making him bottom (did we forget he nearly topped Damen if not for some rude premature climaxing)…

idk I feel like Laurent is being feminized into very boring, stereotypical role where there always has to be “a girl” of the relationship. And I feel like with all the different ways Pacat described him she was very careful about trying to avoid this very thing! Laurent may be a prettyboy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t masculine af too. I just don’t want his awesome character to fall into the same void that nearly every other ‘bottom designated’ gay man gets in any given fandom. 

SNS fandom ✊

We are strong. There may not be as much as there was but we are still a strong army. Others can bring us down, beat us into the dirt, call us names and defile our existence as a fandom but one thing they will never break is our spirit. We are the losing team that still plays the trumpets loud and hard, no matter what the score on the board is.
Don’t try to degrade us, don’t try to take away our luster, don’t try to take away our legitimacy or our soul. We will rise back up. We are warriors that have held on strong through waves of hatred, spite and anger. It doesn’t matter what you say anymore, you’re never gonna bring me down. You’re never gonna bring US down.

So come at us, go ahead. When you do, you better come with all your ammo because we won’t go down without a fight.

Long live fucking SNS💪

you know that feeling when you were first obsessed with some show or book or movie? and i mean <i>really</i> obsessed

i want that back

I get the feeling that the sns fandom is not as active as before -in tumblr that is, yes I know it’s not the same on twitter. But here I am, looking for new stuff, digging old posts and content when I don’t find it, checking for fic updates like there’s no tomorrow, like no bitch I’m not going anywhere, I don’t care what happens, sns is forever I will NEVER LEAVE. I’M NOT DONE WITH THESE BOYS AND I DON’T THINK I’LL EVER BE. (Anyone care to spell “denial”? I think it’s my middle name by now.)

Can’t win them all Clexakru...

But we damn sure have won the majority of them and we only had our ship for 2 years :D We won polls in 2015, we dominated polls in 2016, and we’re still winning polls in 2017 a year after Lexa’s death… #OsoGonpleiNouSteOdon

Vote For Most 2015:

1- Best TV Couple on American Series (Clexa)

2- Top TV Couple (Clexa)

The Best Poll 2015:

3- Best Couple on American TV (Clexa)

EOnline Best Ever 2015:

4- Best Kiss (Clexa)

5- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

EOnline Best Ever 2016:

6- Best Kiss (Clexa)

7- Best Guest Star (Alycia)

8- Best Drama Actress (Eliza)

9- Best Fight (Lexa vs Roan)

10- Sexiest Moment (Clexa)

11- Most Heartbreaking Goodbye (Clexa)

12- Female Breakout Star (Alycia)

13- Throw Out Your TV Moment (Lexa’s Death)

14- Best Fandom (Clexakru)


15- Best Actress in a Queer Role (Alycia)

Pure Fandom:

16- Favorite TV Couple (Clexa)

People’s Choice:

17- Which Character Would You Bring Back ASAP (Lexa)

Spoiler TV:

18- Greatest TV Power Couple of All Time (Clexa)

19- Which Couple from “The LOO” Do You Ship (Clexa)

20- Outstanding Actress for January 2016 (Alycia)

21- Outstanding Actress for February 2016 (Alycia)

22- Outstanding Actress for March 2016 (Eliza)


23- Best SciFi/Fantasy Character (Alycia)


24- TV’s Top Couple 2016 (Clexa)


25- Best TV Couple 2016 (Clexa)

Voice of TV:

26- Super Couple of the Year (Clexa)

27- Most “Oh no you didn’t” Moment (Lexa killed by stray bullet)

28- Most Heartbreaking Death (Lexa)

29- Best Actress (Alycia)

30- TV Show That Let You Down (The LOO)

31- What Do You Want To See In S4 of The LOO (A better S3)

Best of TV Awards:

32- Best Recurring Actress (Alycia)


33- Fiercest Female Lead (Eliza)

MTV Fandom Awards:

34- Fan Freakout of the Year (Lexa’s Death)


35- Most Painful Death (Lexa)


36- Gone Too Soon (Lexa)

CarterMatt Awards:

37- Top Actress (Alycia)

38- Best Couple (Clexa)


39- The LOO Favorite Character & Ship (Lexa & Clexa)


40- 2016 Top Ship (Clexa)

41- 2016 Top Actresses (Alycia #1, Eliza #3)

Spoiler TV Best of 2016:

42- Favorite Couple (Clexa)

43- Character You Will Miss The Most (Lexa)

44- Most Painful Character Death (Lexa)

45- Scene That Left You Shocked (Lexa’s Death)

46- Scene That Made You Cry (Lexa’s Death)

47- Favorite Actress (Alycia)

48- Best Love Story (Clexa)

Vote For Most:

49- Most Beautiful American TV Series Actress (Alycia 1st, Eliza 2nd)

50- Best American TV Series Couple (Clexa)

51- Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress (Alycia)

52- Best LGBT TV Series Couple of All Time (Clexa)

53- Best LGBT TV Series Character of All Time (Lexa)

54- Best American TV Couple of All Time (Clexa)

55- Best The LOO Character (Lexa 1st, Clarke 2nd)

A Little Nerd Music:

56- Who Do You Ship (Clexa)

We already won E’s Top Tv Couple last year, a poll many ships never even win once, and we made it all the way to the Elite 8 this year with part of our fandom not voting because E didn’t give our girls their awards last year. The “bellarke shit” fandom stay anti-voting us because they can never get past the first round of a poll anyway Lmao The fact that other fandoms have to gang up together to beat us is hilarious, they can’t win one on one against a “half dead” ship lol We still have Couples March Madness coming up, one of the biggest “couples” polls of the year, we came in 2nd place in 2015, then won 1st place in 2016…

Fangirls/fanboys described as Sheldon Cooper gifs

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Long ago, the esc fandom lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the jury attacked. Only the italians Il Volo, master of all four song elements, could stop them, but when the world needed them the most, they lost. Two years passed and my squad and I discovered the new italian, a songwriter named Francesco Gabbani. And although his songwriting skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Francesco can save the world.

Spock Imagine- Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Life on the Enterprise has come with highs and lows, all natural to the nature of the ship. The crew is a family, and nothing could change that. Unfortunately, the family took a hit and everyone was suffering for it. All except one. 

After the death of a beloved engineer, everyone felt the effects. The entire attitude changed on the ship. Everyone went from openly greeting one another, to the formality it once was when the voyage first began. Even best of friends only talked in private, so as not to disturb another person. Grieving is a process,  one that everyone deals with differently. 

You sit in a chair, blankly staring at flashing monitors through distant eyes. Captain Kirk is sitting in his usual spot, knees twitching as he watches as we pass through the nebula. Spock stands behind the captain, also watching a monitor. The air is thick on the bridge, as if you could cut it with a knife. It presses on your chest, making it hard to breathe. 

“Luitenant (Y/L/N).” Kirk speaks. 

“Yes Captain?” you ask, standing out of respect. 

Spock looks over at you as you stand up. Out of habit, you smooth out the skirt of your dress. He looks as if he has something to say, but refrains with a furrowed brow. Taking note, you approach the Captain’s chair per request. 

“What is the census in MedBay?” 

“We are up to thirteen Captain. Three critical condition sir.” 

“Thank you.” 

You step down from the platform and return to your seat. This seat is a special seat, because it is the one your friend sat in. Everyday you would walk in to receive report from the captain, and would stop to chat with the engineer. With a heavy heart, you fiddle with the drawer underneath the monitor. Most stations have a small drawer that hold papers, and most stay locked. Unlike the others, this one was a little lose. Intrigued, you pry open the door only to reveal handwritten letters. 

The words on the paper are small scribbles, but you can decipher every little word. Tears start to well up in your eyes as your shower the paper. His thoughts jotted down on these crumpled papers, you see everyone’s name mentioned multiple times. Spock catches a glimpse of your actions and walks over to you, drawing everyones attention. 

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N), what are you reading?” he asks. 

“Commander Spock, I found these letters from Adrian.”

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N), please approach the platform.” kirk speaks. 

As you walk up to the platform, your hand trembles as you think about your friend writing these notes. All of them act as a message incase something would have happened to him. Every single letter was written moments before an impact or an invasion. 

“Captain. I found these.” you hand over the papers. 

He begins to read them, everyone beaming at him for a reaction. A tear falls down your face but you blink it away. Embarrassment surges through your body as you stand there, letting your guard down. Kirk sets the papers down, running a hand through his thick blonde hair. When his blue eyes make contact with yours, knowing how close the two of you were, you end up cracking. Hot tears freely flow from your irritated eyes. 

“Please excuse me Captain.” your voice cracks.

You rush off of the bridge, running out of the room. Everything is blurry as you run down the hallway. In an attempt to conceal your emotional state, you keep your head low and allow your hair to fall into your face. Spock’s mellow voice rings in the distance but you don’t pause to look. The walk to your room seems to be miles, but you finally reach your destination. Now that you are in solitude, you really let yourself down. 

The door cracks open after a simple knock. With a click, the door shuts. You can feel someone standing behind you, their energy emitting towards you. They reach out, a simple gesture that causes you to shutter. The strong hand is retracted, and you turn around to face your boyfriend. 

“(Y/N). It seems you may have over-reacted.”

“Spock don’t. Don’t even start with me. I know deep down somewhere you are hurting too. I am not Vulcan, therefor I have feelings.”

“The Vulcan’s have the right idea. Grieving is much easier this way.” he reasons. 

“Really! So shoving all of your ‘feelings’ aside, not dealing with your problems is the right idea here? My best friend died Spock. How would you like it if Kirk died? What if I died Spock? Huh? Would you even care?”

“(Y/n) that is a completely unrelated topic.” 

He extends his hand once more, reaching for your arm. You turn away, not wanting to feel his touch. You know he has feelings just as you do, but it kills you that he won’t accept that you choose to show them. Sitting on the edge of them bed, tears resume as you think how different everything has become. Spock lingers in the corner, deciding if he wants to pursue a side of him that only a few have seen. 

Hesitantly, he approaches you. He movements are deliberate and quick. Before you know it, you have been pulled to your feet, standing square with spock. The pads of his thumbs graze your cheeks, attempting to clear your eyes of any tears. His fingers connect with your head in precise spots, and you suddenly feel fuzzy. An energy is shared between the two of you, an intimate moment that hasn’t been shared before. 

You can feel his grief, and understand his deep concern for you. His thoughts are far more extensive than you thought. He too feels your pain. He understands what you are going through. This sensation was so unfamiliar, so raw, that it brought new tears to your eyes. Reaching for his hand, you disconnect and look at him with starry eyes. Vulnerability pours out of you as you stare up at him. He curls his strong arm around your shoulders, embracing your shaking frame. 

“I know you care Spock. I’m sorry.” you whisper against his ear. 

“I am half human too. It is only logical that I would have feelings just as yours. I just have a hard time expressing them.” 

Standing on the tips of your toes, butter flies rush through your stomach as you reach up and press your lips to his. Kisses were sacred between you too. A rare affection making them your favorite. Catching him off guard, he peers down at the floor, thinking about how he feels. Every now and then he feels the tug of emotions, and you were always the cause. 

“You don’t have to hide from me. I love you Spock.” 

“I love you too.” 

You smile knowing how difficult that is for him to admit. Here you two stand, foreheads pressed together. Emotions are a strange thing, and they have their own ways of creeping out. They hold people together, but can also be the ruin. They bring the strangest of people together, and hold on tight.