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Bryke's Subtextual Take On 'Girl Love' in "Long Live the Queen"

A Korrasami Meta Analysis (handled with the deft touch of an Equalist glove)

Before I go any further, I need to state that this is a wild, way-out-there meta analysis satire. I will defend Korrasami like no other ship in fictional existence BUT this post is not meant to be read as an argument for the ship. (That’s my “Word of God” part anyway. If you want to run with this post in a “Death of the Author” sort of way then all the power to you!)

Warning: Some content may be NSFW (depending on your workplace; YMMV and all that). Also, it will eat up your bandwidth with poorly-worked Photoshop. And it is very, very long.

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anonymous asked:

That pretty woman sorta-ish au was soooo good If you are able to and want to can you add more to it?? I never knew I needed something this much!! Your writing is beautiful by the way!

( this scene was something I immediately thought of writing after so thank you for asking!! though oh god it got long. )

( sfw. related to this. warnings again for domestic/sexual abuse, also Neil being ignorant about sexualities, c'mon kid we raised you better than that. )

Of course the first time Andrew pulled his shirt off, he found something to bitch about.

Who did this?

It’s a hard knock life, Neil sighed with unashamed exaggeration. I tripped. Got clipped by a car. Hhm. What else? Oh– Beethoven, my dog, he plays rough.

The night had started so good, which wasn’t something Neil could usually say. The whole day had started well: a gala, as always, but Andrew got fed up with shaking hands hours before dusk and nabbed Neil before sneaking off to the just-as-busy but far-less-attentive kitchens and, from there, down to the crappiest part of the garden. Neil was pretty sure it was where they hauled in trucks full of their fancy foods, but so long as it stayed empty, Andrew didn’t seem to care.

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